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Blue singer Lee Ryan has slept with ‘multiple men’, claims ex-girlfriend

  • lee

    go and do your dirty washing elsewhere no cares

    • Liam

      Clearly they do. You’re here aren’t you?

    • Midnighter

      Agree 100% lee. Really couldn’t give a fig who he is or who he slept with.

      • lee

        hands up those that haven’t had Lee Ryan :)

        • Midnighter


        • David H

          Sadly I have to put my hands up!!! Seriously, what sort of person tells everyone theirs or anyone else’s sexual history? Especially as she’s no doubt been paid for it – it’s just one step away from prostitution.

      • Steven Gregory

        I wouldn’t mind a bit of firsthand knowledge in that area.

        • Yesh U R

          He can take a ride on my bike anytime he feels the need of a bit of exercise.

  • Tom (Winnipeg)

    So what? Are you jealous? Your life pretty dull? Go have a drink or something.

  • Shame on you Pink News, this is tabloid gossip, not news.

    I expect this from sh*tty celeb gossip mags, not “Europe’s largest gay news service”.

    It’s embarrassing.

  • Suddenly Last Bummer

    Who’s she to judge? The dumb trollop began a relationship within days of clapping eyes on him in a reality tv show.

    • Steven Gregory

      She’s nobody and has revealed herself as someone to avoid.

  • allan

    and how is this any of our business

  • bumi

    Lee Ryan is publicly bi. Next is she going to make out water is wet? Or maybe that I have ‘oral tendencies’ because I like to breathe through my mouth sometimes instead of my nose

  • Tristan

    Isn’t this the same woman who had an affair with David Arquette? Isnt that “worse”? Sounds like someone is just after attention!?

  • jamestornto

    Some more shocking news!! Winnipeg MB will be cold next winter and Miami FL will be warm this summer; there will be rain in North America and Europe……… who cares who his partners are!!! This is gossip.

  • one.second

    Lee Ryan responded perfectly to this. It is his sexuality and nobody elses and he is not lying about it, so why on earth should anybody including his ex-girlfriend discuss that publicly in a newspaper? It would be a different story if he were a hypocrite but he isn’t. He seems to be a decent man and I wish the community would give him more support.

    • Steven Gregory

      Has he encountered push-back? That’s too bad. I would expect that in the U.S., but most of what I’ve read here and on YouTube — I went to find out more about him — has been positive, verging on adoring.

  • Cal

    Waltz is trash. Lee Ryan seems a nice guy, if a little immature. I saw him at the Attitude 20th anniversary party last month. Seemed to be having fun.

  • Steven Gregory

    What has she accomplished? Everybody now knows she’s poison and noisy.

    I didn’t know who he is, quite an impressive voice and a very handsome fella. She wants to dent his mainstream appeal, but he has come out shining: is responses are mature and admirable. I’m sure plenty of young gay, lesbian and bisexual people have benefited from his strength of character in the face of her attempted subterfuge.

  • Truth

    It has always been my experience that those who were most obnoxious to me were exactly the same people who would proposition me when drunk. When is the world going to wake up to the fact that rabid homophobia – particularly among male youths (and some middle-aged African and Russian dictators) is driven by inner-desires and self-loathing – a toxic mix of psychological emotions. I would say to Lee Ryan … the twitter trolls who take the time and trouble to abuse you are the most likely to want to sleep with you. Ignore the vile closet cases …!

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