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Christian Concern: David Cameron’s support for equal marriage represents a ‘huge breach of trust’

  • I would like to say this: I am a Christian and I wholeheartedly support equal marriage. In fact, my Christian faith fuels this support because it fires a passion for justice and humanity. It pains me when groups like this claim to speak for the ‘Christian community’ – they don’t speak for me. Hopefully this comment can, in a small way, redress the balance. I’m over the moon that gay people can express lifelong fidelity to each other through marriage. I say ‘Hooray – indeed, hallelujah! – for equal marriage’.

    • Robert W. Pierce

      She’s a member of the CofE Synod and thinks what she says represents the Church. She is what is wrong with the institution, holding it back. She needs to get a life and move on, do some good by helping the poor or better yet, selling everything she has if she’s truly a believer.

      • Derek Northcote

        This is a very interesting article on Christian Concern.

      • Agreed.

      • liquafruta

        In no way does she represent the feelings of most members of the General Synod and definitely not those in the pews on Sundays of whom I am one. She and her organisation are nothing but a damn nuisance to the rest of us who are trying to show how inclusive the church really is. Take no notice of her. She got herself elected on the synod by doggedly going to Deanery Synod meetings and is on there by default as no one wants to attend them and you have to go to them to be elected a synod representative so these types can infiltrate the synod with their warped agendas.

        • Russ T

          Agreed – and this is exactly the reason the legislation for Women Bishops was scuppered. The busybody evangelistic loons (Williams is one of them) held just enough seats on the Synod to wreck the legislation.

          • liquafruta

            You are right.

        • Dazzer

          James Stacey and liquafruta, please don’t take this as a criticism. But while you deplore this woman’s opinions and actions here, would you be prepared to go public in deploring her opinions in the church generally?. Would you put as much work into opposing her publicly as she does in opposing us?

          There are a tremendous number of wonderful Christian people who support equality, but do it quietly. The anti-equality Christians scream, shout and hold a barn dance to celebrate their obnoxiousness. The pro-equality Christians tend to pull the duvet over their ears and pretend they’ve not heard anything nasty.

          If you are a gay Christian and support equality, what are you doing?

    • Truth

      How can you support an organisation that hates your guts …..?

  • Robert W. Pierce

    Harpie Williams needs to understand that we do NOT live in a theocracy. It’s bad enough having state religion, an anachronism whose time has come to consignment to the dustbin of history. Who does she think she is? Nobody is preventing her from practicing her faith or anyone else for that matter. I’m so sick and tired of these loons playing the victim card. If Justin Welby has accepted the fact that equal marriage is the law of the land, so should she. If she can’t, the I suggest she finds another church to promote her hatred and intolerance. Perhaps she should become a Catholic?

  • Derek Northcote

    I think it was patently obvious that once Cameroon gave his little evangelical speech that this harpie would pounce on it as a means to further her discriminatory agenda.

    Sorry love. That boat has sailed.


  • Stephen

    How many members does Christian Concern have?

    Is is 100?
    Is it 1000?
    Is it 10000?
    Is it 100,000?

    It is a very pertinent fact omitted from the article.

    If they have a membership of less than 10,000 then effectively Pink News is colluding with homophobic bigotry by giving this group free advertising.

    • Bikerman

      That is an excellent point. I would very much like to know how many members she has

      • Yesh U R

        She has 3 including herself.

    • David Beadle

      I’m not sure Christian Concern have a body of members, as such. It is possible, via their website, to donate to them or sign up to their mailing list, but not to join. It seems that just the handful of people listed on their website act as self-appointed representatives of the millions of Christians in the UK:

    • Yesh U R

      They have a membership of 3. Stephen Green wanted to join but he is too crazy even for them so they pretended that the membership was full. They did invite some Jewish bloke called Jesus but he hasn’t replied to the invitation, yet.

    • Dazzer

      Christian Concern is a commercial company. It’s not a charity and it’s not a membership organisation. Supposedly, it makes its money by ‘consulting’ on two issues – abortion and same-sex equality.

      As far as I can see from its accounts, Christian Concern exists because of money it receives from a charity (the Charity Commissioners need to look into this – BIG TIME) and money it receives from American sponsors that have close links to a variety of hate groups in the US.

      The concepts ‘Christian’ and ‘Concern’ are misleading because you don’t immediately look at those words together and think of them as a commercial, for-profit company (this applies to the Core Issues Trust, as well). But this is what it is.

      We’re not being attacked by a grass-roots religious gathering or even a specific anti-gay political/philosophical movement. Our rights in the UK are being opposed by a for-profit commercial entity.

      Yes, boys and girls, this smacked the hell out off my gob, too.

      In Britain, we’re not fighting religion or grass-roots organisations, we’re fighting people who get a salary for trying to oppress us from 9am to 5pm weekdays. People actually get paid money to say we don’t deserve the same rights as any other British citizen. It’s horrifically mundane.

      The more research you do into our opponents in the UK, the more more vile they become.

  • Cal

    “…live out their faith in the workplace” = spite, judgement and discrimination.
    Go live in Uganda, dear. You’d fit right in.

  • ian123

    I presume she has been banned from holding her beliefs? Has anyone got a link? There can be no other explanation for her outbursts, unless of course she wants to impose her beliefs on everyone? Which would be absurd and medieval.

  • D.McCabe

    Someone please lock this mad woman up and throw away the key!

  • Bikerman

    Blah, blah, blah. Mad cow disease strikes again.

  • RickoP

    Interesting that these christians who claim they are being discriminated against show absolutely no signs of empathy towards other people who suffer from discrimination. Startling lack of insight or just plain old narcissism?

  • Halou

    In other words, she is mad that the UK government hasn’t taken a page out of Russia’s book and made laws to further enforce the place of christians in society making non-christian beliefs all but illegal, and isn’t forcefully exporting such beliefs to it’s neighbors or celebrating her international campaign to criminalize being gay.

  • Ssssssddddd

    I this she should be careful what she wishes for because if the UK government suddenly changed their minds and strictly followed all the Christian teachings she apparently would like them to there would be no need for Christian Concern to be concerned. Then where would she draw her large salary as director of the Ltd company and associated companies that run Christian Concern? Its a money making scam!

  • TampaZeke

    I take great joy in realizing that her gay hairdresser, make-up artist and stylist has given us all the last laugh!

    She should be more concerned about THAT breach of trust!

  • Brett Gibson

    Aww what a shame, poor Christians. You know, those people whose lives haven’t changed one bit but like to concern themselves in things which have absolutely f*ck all to do with them….

    What they don’t realise is they’re just shooting themselves in the foot by acting like useless whiny tw*ts. So, keep up the good work, crazy! :)

    • David Greensmith

      “You know, those people whose lives haven’t changed one bit ” – but, Brett, their marriages are threatened by allowing same sex couples to marry. I’m not sure how – no one has explained that yet – but they keep telling us that allowing same sex couples to marry is a very real threat to every existing marriage, any marriage that has ever happened, or any (proper heterosexual) marriage that ever will be. Oh, the children, will no one think of the children, etc.

  • David Greensmith

    It’s somewhat presumptuous of this woman to feel she can speak for the whole “Christian community”. Isn’t it striking that when people complain about their “religious freedom” being curtailed, it’s almost always their alleged “right” to oppress or discriminate against someone else? There are quite a few Christian denominations that wholeheartedly support same sex marriage. Why doesn’t “Christian Concern” seem all that concerned about the “religious freedom” to be able to perform same sex marriages if that denomination wants? Why, it’s almost as if they aren’t concerned about “freedom” of religion at all, only their own narrow, bigoted perspective.

    • Guest

      “There are quite a few Christian denominations that wholeheartedly support same sex marriage.”

      Those are minority like Lgbt and minority shouldn’t dictate to majority what to do.

      • David Greensmith

        No one if forcing the “majority” to do anything. The legislation specifically allows for any religious group not to marry same sex couples and not to be forced to do it. This is about equality and individual freedom. Freedom to marry the person you want to marry, freedom to be involved in those marriage ceremonies should you wish. Or do you believe that the will of the majority supersedes the rights of any minority?

      • Dazzer

        The minority isn’t ‘dictating’ anything to the majority. It’s a case of the same rights available to the majority being made available to the minority.

        No religion is going to be forced to do anything against its conscience.

      • ian123

        Heck, it sounds as if you are being forced into a same sex marriage? Have you contacted the police?

  • Daniel

    Perhaps Ms Williams neglected to read 1 Corinthians 14:34 and 1 Timothy 2:12. Seems she doesn’t really obey the teachings of the bible after all.

  • doug

    I liked this interview a couple of years with Andrea were Vanessa wipes the floor with her. She is no match for Vanessa.

    • Rumbelow

      Vanessa is sharp, now we know why Andrea Williams hair looks like a mop.

      • Steven Gregory


  • cw

    “Christian Concern”. Huh! More like “christian-total-lack-of-concern-for-others”.

  • Miranda Scrivener

    It actually amazes me that you’re actually suggesting that your freedom to be a bigot in the work-place is being threatened because a group of people, that do no harm to others and wish to do their job without fear of discrimination and abuse, hold a different set of values and sexual attractions to you.

    It really sets a precedent when it’s fundamentalist Christians talking about a breach of rights or trust, when what they’re essentially arguing for is the right to victimize and obfuscate the rights and freedoms of others. You talk about how it’s unfair that your group was unable to talk about human rights at the EU conference, and yet here you are hypocritically promoting the restriction of human rights.

    What right do you really have to judge others when you’re using an organized system to selectively discriminate and slander others? If you’re following the teachings of Leviticus (which the opposition to same-sex relations comes from) then you should also adhere to all of the passages: maybe buy a slave and beat them, Leviticus sanctions it. Kill everyone that ignores priests, it’s not like we’ve evolved as a society to recognize murder as barbaric. Women must abide by the word of men, but then again, I suppose you support equality for women? What a dichotomy that brings about.

    I’m not going to tell you that you don’t have a right to speak your mind, but as Harlan Ellison once put it: “You are not entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to your informed opinion. No one is entitled to be ignorant.”

    And the people below me in the comments are examples of how religion can function progressively. It’s fine if people carry faith, but not when it’s used as a tool to punish others for what is nothing more than nature. By the way, I’m pansexual, but according to you I’m probably an abomination that deserves to be put to death. That is, after all, what Leviticus taught you, is it not?

  • Truth

    Oh GROW THE F**K UP!!!! Religion is man-made. It has never ‘owned’ marriage. People who believe in sky fairies should be locked up – securely. What IS a huge breach of trust is one section of society trying to impose its religious will on everyone else. Please stop trying to incite hatred against gay people.

  • Riondo

    Call-me-Dave was bound to stir this sort of stuff up. He was absolutely right to promote equal marriage, of course, but he is also a cynic who can’t resist launching charm offensives at basically C(c)onservative religious voters whom he pissed off by his support for it – hence the ‘Christian Britain’ guff he has come out with. He really should have added a rider that it didn’t include a charter for God-botherers to write our laws.

    • Rumbelow

      Andrea obviously became radicalised at some point when she became involved with the US evangelical far right.

      • Yesh U R

        She may have become as she is when she understood how much easy money there is to be made out of the delusional (the faithful) simply by thumping on a bible.

  • liquafruta

    Take no notice of the warped parody of Christianity which this silly woman peddles. I am a practising Christian and no one in our church is anti-gay in any way shape or form. Ironically her mother father and brother attended one of our services once in the last year when they were on a visit to London and they were very nice and entirely normal. I was stunned when they said that she was their daughter.

  • Craig Young

    Just a thought. Does Christian Concern actually qualify to be a ‘charity’ under UK charities legislation? Comb through the relevant legislation and compare it with their actual activities…

    • Rumbelow

      I think they have set up another charity from which most of the funds are skimmed off of to run Christian Concern, plus they are assisted by US hate group the Alliance Defense Fund (which has recently changed it’s name), they are a crooked and slippery bunch.

  • Russ T

    Loving that PN keeps using that hideous photo of the silly harlot. Long may it continue!

    • Rumbelow

      She reminds me of a moray eel, a typical bottom feeder.

  • Rumbelow

    Will this vile extremist never put a sock in it? her ignorant and relentless anti-gay hatred seems to know no bounds, she is no Christian.

    • kenthomes

      I am afraid she is very much a Christian.

  • Chris in LA

    No idea what people like this woman are on about. Religion has driven her insane.

  • john

    It’s nice to hear all the Christians on her speaking out against Christian Concern but we shouldn’t forget that the official view of the large Christian orgs like the CofE and Catholic aren’t much different to her.
    Wouldn’t it be nice if all the pro gay Christians were a little bit more militant and actually did something to change the views of their churches. I’m not seeing much change at the top despite the fact the people in the pews seem to be changing with the times.

    • Guest

      There are plenty of non practising or cultural Christians in UK. Defiantly a lot more then atheists and Lgbt combined, especially that Lgbt accounts for a large chunk of atheists and humanists. Cameron is right that UK is a Christian country but I can understand where she is coming from. She is justified in thinking that Christians are forced to compromise their faith and associated with it values in the public sphere.

      • john

        I have no problem with Cameron saying that the Uk is a Christian country. I went to a comp in West Wales and got at least 15 mins of religin each day. LGBT folk go thru the same paretnting and schooling as others people. We aren’t any different. However the Christian values we are taught seem a million miles away from those of Christian Concern and what the hierachy in the church are now telling us in the newspapers.

  • Steven Gregory

    Between this article and the one of her defending gay torture “therapies,” she really needs to be told to shut up and mind her own business, and make some gay friends: JUST LOOK AT THE STATE OF HER! Why are so many religious people obsessed with trying to control the lives of others, what is their problem with honesty and truth, and why can’t they recognize bias?

  • CHBrighton

    Does the woman not realise that we live in a democracy, not a theocracy? In a true democracy there is space for everyone to live and breathe freely. There is nothing, absolutely nothing preventing Christians and others from believing whatever they wish. However, they cannot control the lives of others or bend them to their way of thinking unless, through reasoned discussion, individuals decide to join their cult. Otherwise, live and let live and allow the country’s laws to allow people to be free. But I doubt that is what Mrs Williams really wants; in which case, tough.

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