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Brunei delays introducing law allowing gays to be stoned to death

  • Truth

    What the f**k is the matter with people? Why do these imbeciles get so hot under the collar about what people do with their OWN bodies? To me, it is bizarre in the extreme to even want to get involved in legislation which prevents consenting adults behaving how they wish. It’s mindless, ridiculous and solely attributable to the brainwashing and controlling nature of religion.

    • Sister Mary Clarence

      Unfortunately what is wrong with a lot of them is that certain beliefs were introduced into their cultures during our time of colonial rule, as with many of the countries in Africa who have introduced extreme homophobic laws.

      We taught them parrot fashion that things were wrong. We did not allow them to formulate and grow their own ideas and views. We superimposed our own, but at the time they were at a different point in their development, so ideas were planted at the wrong point and the wrong place.

      What we didn’t teach them was charity, compassion, tolerance and understanding towards others. Its little wonder then that those attributes seem all but absent.

      I’m sure not everyone will agree, but the same pattern is evident in country after country that we held responsibility over.

      This is the point at which I trot out, ‘you reap what you sow’, but unfortunately its the poor gay people living their that reap what we so rather than us.

      • Rehan

        Yes, that’s all very well, but in this instance it’s an Islamic state seeking to bring its laws in line with the more extreme interpretations of Sharia law, and I don’t think that impulse can be blamed on colonialism.

        • moderate brunei

          Hahaha…. It is never like that in reality, what a crazy bunch of islamophobes and trolls, I’d rather watch old re runs like hickey and boggs now and you probably too young to know these movies, peace!

          • Amir

            There are countless other former colonies in the world who do not start stoning gays to death. Enforcing Sharia law cannot be blamed on colonialism especially not in a wealthy country like Brunei.

      • JD

        Don’t make excuse for these animals posing as men – it the 21st Century over the whole planet -not just in the west – If they behave like animals – we should treat hem as such.

        Outdated Bullying superstition is indoctrinated into these people – IT MUST STOP!

        • Rehan

          Unfortunately, Brunei – like the Gulf Emirates and Saudi – is so rich and self-contained that it simply won’t give a damn whether we choose to treat its people as animals or vegetables. If you think Western nations are going to stop buying its oil and gas because of homophobic laws, I admire your optimism but I suggest you look to Saudi’s recent history.

      • Jesus_Mohammed

        Sister, Brunei is possessed of the demonic Islam that has migrated from Mecca. Nothing whatsoever to do with white European missionaries.

      • Amir

        SMC political Islam has been around since Mohammed created Islam 1400 years ago. Yes all three desert Abrahamic religions are homophobic. But Brunei did not make up these Sharia laws today, nor were they a European colonial left over. These are the Islamic laws that have been around for centuries. Brunei is becoming more Islamic. Google political Islam and learn more about it.

  • Lee

    Why does the EU not banned the king and other travelling into the relevant countries ? Oh silly me money. They are vile and disgusting , I bet the very people who are responsible for these laws have skeletons in the cupboard they make me sick

  • Cal

    Hard to believe it’s the 21st century. They are still in the world of Ali baba ad the 40 thieves. Please, Arabs, never complain about being stereotyped!

    • Guest

      Brunai men are not Arabs

      • Cal

        Quite right. I have now educated myself. Culturally they are Malay. I got confused with the Islam and Sultan thing. Sounds very Arabic.

        • moderate brunei

          By the way, not all of us are malays. I am mixed indian and chinese. But well done for educating yourself.

  • Robert W. Pierce

    Maybe it’s not relevant but why is it the mainstream so called ‘Christian’ denominations do not condemn it? What are they afraid of? I thought ‘Christians’ were supposed to lay their lives down for their fellow man.

    • Rehan

      They’re probably afraid of reprisals against Christians in this and other Islamic state/s, and if that’s the case they’re probably wiser to not say anything.

  • Brett Gibson

    There is a big underworld of gay people in Brunei and you get a lot of lesbians marrying gay men. The younger generation are very tolerant towards gays etc and this is just a classic case of elders thinking they know best, when they simply don’t.

  • JD

    Backward Scum of the earth – Especially given that ALL ‘so called’ muslim men bum each other! YES I said it!

    and even being Non muslim will be met with ‘violent punishment’ – A commonly held opinion of ALL muslim –


    • Jesus_Mohammed

      Wrong. Few Muslim men “bum” each other. Some Muslim men use other men, but usually those men are non-Muslims. Most Muslim men are deeply frustrated. They have no access to women until they marry one, and till then they must make do with non-Muslim women, or, if they can’t get hold of any of them, they’ll settle for non-Muslim men.

  • Pete

    Let us hope that UK business does not have anything to do with this law of stoning Gay people in that country, am thinking of Rolls Royce and Bentley amongst others, whom will face a backlash, as these companies will not wish to be associated of human rights against humanity.

    • Amir

      They do business with many Islamic states where stoning is the law. Brunei is just the latest Islamic state to fully enact Islamic Sharia Law.

  • Jesus_Mohammed

    This vile deluded rich little Muslim state ought to be so choked of all trade and ALL other links until it’s driven to its senses. But that would take some gumption from world leaders.

    • Amir

      Doubt that will happen when the world does business with also oil rich Saudi Arabia where stoning and death to gays is also the law. And it is not the only Islamic state with Sharia punishment in place for homosexuality that the world does business with. When it comes to Islamic states no one does much about the suffering of gays and women. Islamic religious rights and not to offend Muslims trump all gay rights, women rights, minority rights, etc. Not only abroad but also in the Western world.

  • Guest

    Burn that Nazi savage’s hotels to the ground.

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