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Bill O’Reilly: Gay marriage winning because of ‘threats and demonisation’

  • Robert W. Pierce

    Says the twice married loon who was involved in a sexual harassment case several years ago. The threats and demonisation are coming from the right wing religious nutters, not gay people..

  • Valksy

    Before you even consider giving this imbecile any serious thought just remember – He said on his show that we (he) don’t understand how the tide works.

    In short – He’s a mouth for hire, and a particularly stupid one.

  • Brian Martenis

    Guys like him are hilarious! They say anything to try to be current and controversial just for ratings and pleasing an audience of people who take joy in judging others just to feel superior. I’d rather be Gay than someone like him. God loves honest, genuine, kind people who don’t judge, love their neighbors and treat others as they wish to be treated. I don’t think Mr. O’Reilly gets this basic Christian fundemntal. I’ll prey for him and others like him.

  • Well, he’s partly right, the reason POPULAR SUPPORT for same sex marriage has dramatically increased in America is partly due to the demonisation and hate campaigns by his right wing nutty group against others.

    Reasonable and rational people hate seeing others attacked by his rabid bunch of intellectually challenged bigots, and that has assisted in encouraging change.

    No one wants to be associated to a group of deranged people with him as a member.

  • Midnighter

    *in spite of

  • Keith Patrick Murphy

    This is the same guy who compared homosexuals to al Qaeda, in response to a pro gay McDonnalds advertisement . Even Fox News shouldn’t be letting the man keep his job.

  • Kaz

    What a moron, the threats, demonisation and intimidation normally come from the religious right. How many womens clinics have been attacked? How many doctors have had their lives and the lives of their families threatened because the religious right don’t like the procedures that they perform or that they provide reproductive healthcare to poor women and post all of their personal information for other wackos to find? How many gays quietly going about their lives have been brutalised and/or murdered just because someone else had a problem with them?
    Those same kinds of people oppose marriage equality. And they often seem to run for office as Republicans.
    I must say I can recall very few incidents of pro-equality supporters threatening peoples lives.
    Until he considers the extremists on his side of the fence (such as the fine chap in Oklahoma who wants to nullify all marriages so gays can’t marry) I shall continue to consider him to be deliberately dishonest. Actually, I think you can include everyone at Fox in this. They can shove their opinions up their arses.

    • Luke James

      It needs to be stated that right wing anti choice bigots have killed at least 2 doctors I am aware of . so it is way past threats .They have blood on there hands , no question .

      • Kaz

        Exactly, makes the odd threat of a boycott seem totally reasonable.
        And I heard last week that since 9/11 Islamic extremists have killed 24 people in America, whereas the Christian fundamentalists have killed 41. And I’m sure you can guess which group are being investigated. For a country that’s meant to have a separation of church and state it doesn’t look to separate to me.

    • It has to be mentioned that Fox is a corporation that has created Christmas cards depicting their viewers as sheep, pulling carriages with American news brands on them, or being an audience at a horse race etc

      That says more about their mindset than anything else I have seen, it also says something about the people who continue to watch.

  • Jase

    Right from the lips of the “Head Demon” at FoxNews… and that quite an accomplishment as there is serious competition for that title, from other FoxNews employees.

  • Cal

    Yeah, well, threats and demonisation worked on the KKK. What’s the problem?

  • Chris in LA

    Yet another Fox News fool.

  • Steven Gregory

    Bill O’Reilly: “I’m still stupid and so is my audience.”

  • Teresa Jean

    As Christ said, it’s not what goes into your mouth that makes you unclean but what comes out. Something to think about, Mr O’Reilly.

  • wadeisin1971

    Aren’t threats and demonization how gay people were oppressed for centuries?
    I don’t care if an angry bigot feels intimidated by LGBT equality, and I will not affirm any legitimacy to the claims of victimization because people like Bill O’Reilly are unjustified with that false conviction.

  • Buffalo Gough

    God I want to intimidate the hell out of the man, but have no idea (I’m the other side of the pond) who he is. Is he anyone to worry about, really he is a second rate host on a second rate tv channel – who really cares. Ps love the tripe chin so 2013.

  • Truth

    “Now there are threats and demonization. And that unfortunately, has put gay marriage over the top. That is the technique that turned the tide – intimidation and harm. That’s what won it.”
    And, of course, the right wing religious faction has never been guilty of threats and intimidation has it? These god-bothering, homophobic bigots have such selective and amnesiac minds.

  • Marco Luxe

    Don’t give this clown any publicity and he’ll soon follow Glenn Beck into oblivion where he belongs. Bill who?

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