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Wyoming Governor: I believe marriage is between one man and one woman

  • David_in_Houston

    Wyoming doesn’t ban non-religious couples from getting married. (Strike 1)
    The state provides marriage licenses, not the church. (Strike 2)
    If the governor believes that marriage is a religious sacrament, why hasn’t he banned city hall from performing civil marriages? (Strike 3)
    You lose, governor. Very soon, every state that has discriminatory amendments will also be losing. Enjoy your bigotry while it lasts.

    • Steven Gregory

      FAN/FAVORITE… oops, wrong site
      You nailed it in three easy steps. Why don’t these morons have the honesty to say “one man and one woman AT A TIME?” Heterosexuals claim marriage is sacred, until they become bored and want something else.

  • Joe McDougall

    Nobody is telling him he can’t believe that. The objection is that he wants everyone else to believe that (or at least, to be impacted by that).

    What a bellend

    • David H

      Very true. And at least by setting out his stall as he has, it enables his electorate to make an informed choice when they next cast their votes.

  • Yesh U R

    I may try on belief that all Christian’s who marry should be not have the legal right to divorce or annulment of their marriage, moreover, I might give it a spin and believe that they should only be allowed one wife or husband in a lifetime. So no more divorces and remarrying for them ever. Let me guess how many seconds it would be before countless of them abandoned their “deeply held beliefs” so that they could swap out to another warm body. Their belief is a matter of convention and convenience and personal to them only.

    • Steven Gregory

      I have read many times that the key to blowing this “sacred marriage” bulloney out of the water is to make “traditional marriage” legally strict: the woman must be a virgin, if divorced there may not be a surviving former spouse, women who are widowed may only marry the brother of their deceased husband, a husband may beat his wife into submission.

      • Yesh U R

        With a ‘glorious’ myopia to the hypocrisy bursting out of the many and often reported adulteries, serial vow breaking the worst of them are usually to be found in the elite leadership of the Republican Party in the USA. These creatures are joined by the multi-millionaires created by the mega-churches who also have a long list of notables having many divorces and even more out of marriage sex partners. ‘Traditional’ means for millions of heterosexuals, marry at leisure and divorce in haste, and it’s just too bad about the children who are the spectators to the fight in the Divorce Courts. Not being able to make the fantasy work very often themselves they want to punish us for even considering that we might make a better job of it than they ever have.

        • Steven Gregory

          You have a lovely grasp of language: it sounds classic, almost poetic, and yet the meaning is clear.

          Just touching upon children of divorce: author Nora Ephron was on a panel show and hit upon a solution I still think reigns supreme: “The children get everything and the parents can visit the kids at their house.”

  • Rumbelow

    He can also believe he has a 12″ uncut disc but simply believing won’t make it so.

    • Lion in Winter

      What is a “disc”? Is this a new computer slang that won’t be censored? I can’t keep up…

      I have a lot of 12″ discs that were issued in the 70”s and 80’s… back when you acutally purchased recorded music…

      • Rumbelow

        Yes, your first guess was correct.

    • JCF

      Isn’t than a line from “Rapper’s Delight”? “Excitement comes in a 12 Inch Disk!”

  • Lawerence Collins

    One more state, I’ll never step foot in for now.. Let’s put his life under a microscope and tell him how he’s sinned! He is the definition of DSSRZS. Demonic, soulless sociopathic, Rethuglican zombie sheeple!

    • BudClark

      Unfortunately, Wyoming encompasses some of the most gorgeous natural wonders in the entire world.

      • Steven Gregory

        Just take a camper full of supplies and fuel, so you don’t have to spend a penny more than necessary.

  • Truth

    Why? Because it’s ‘traditional’? Slavery was traditional. Apartheid was traditional. Is this religious bigot proposing we bring THEM back? When are these people going to give up their blatant homophobic discrimination ….

    • Steven Gregory

      I just listed some other traits of “traditional marriage,” but pardon me for stating them once more, they are important in this issue: the woman must be a virgin, if divorced there may not be a surviving
      former spouse, women who are widowed may only marry the brother of their
      deceased husband, a husband may beat his wife into submission.

      • Truth

        It is the breathtaking myopia and selectivity of their stance which is vomit inducing. I just don’t understand HOW people can exercise such blatant homophobic discrimination. All I can think is that these people ARE gay and hate themselves for it. By spewing out their hatred on us, they are, in effect, beating themselves up for having same-sex attraction. It’s the ONLY thing that explains their obsession about us. I’m gay and I don’t obsess about homosexuality like these people do. Neither do truly heterosexual religious people. Why don’t they just take a chill-pill, accept who they are and try to lead their lives without hatred … as their religion’s founder bid them do?

        • Steven Gregory

          Many religious people elevate themselves by standing on the necks of others.

    • I especially love how they pick out their own version of “traditional” marriage, while ignoring that prior to Christianity is was “traditional” in Pagan faiths for same sex partners to marry. It’s also “traditional” in the Catholic faith that same sex partners were married – St Serge and St Bacchus were recognized by the Catholic church as lovers and were married in the most obvious way.
      How about the Native Americans, who “traditionally” accepted same sex marriage for centuries before their country was invaded and their land taken from them.

      These idiots have no basis for using the term “traditional”, it’s meaningless. What they actually mean is “my version of marriage” to exclude all others.

  • Maryland Kid

    Seriously, did anybody doubt that the Republican Governor of Wyoming is opposed to same-sex marriage?

    Though he really isn’t a very good Episcopal, seeing as that church is actually an advocate for marriage equality.

  • BudClark

    “Wyoming — where men are men and sheep can hear a zipper a mile away.”

    • Steven Gregory

      B-O-L! (Burst Out Laughing!)
      Okay, I got one for you…

      A young man from the city falls in love with a country gal and her country life. He sells everything, they marry and settle down on a small farm with three ewes. He asks the local vet how to multiply his herd and the vet recommends either a stud ram or he could do it himself.

      When he finds out the stud fee, he loads the ewes into the truck, takes them into the woods to “do it himself,” not quite understanding the vet meant artificial insemination.

      He does this every morning for a week, which literally drains him. On Saturday morning he decides to take a break when he hears a loud noise. Before he can look out the window, his wife rushes into the bedroom exclaiming that the sheep were in the truck with the engine running, honking the horn.

      • JCF

        The other variation on that one is that the ranch hands are all “Whoa!”, and the newbie, asking why, gets the reply “You just f#cked Big John’s girl!”

  • Steven Gregory

    Who cares what he “believes?”
    This statement is always the trumpet of ignorance.
    Why is marriage only sacred when gays and lesbians want it?

    • Truth

      Because people use religion to reinforce their own bigotry. And, one has to ask; what has CAUSED their bigotry? As I’ve said before, I believe rabid religious bigots are simply closet cases. They have been brainwashed to self-hatred believing they are ‘sinners’ for harbouring gay thoughts. They then project that inner-hatred, outwardly. “Show me a homophobe – I’ll show you a closet case”.

      • Steven Gregory

        The sentiment you write proves itself true almost seasonally, and sometimes there is a literal rush of examples.

  • JCF

    As an Episcopalian, Mead is (in his opposition to marriage equality) out of step w/ the VAST majority in the Episcopal Church (including its leadership). Frankly, I don’t know how he can live w/ himself (sez this Episcopalian, Yours Truly).

  • JD

    Really! Well, let me tell you what i believe, governor – I believe that ALL homophobic so called ‘Men’ are latent homosexuals who through brain washing by out dated superstitions and just plain old ignorance, feel compelled to object to successful proud gay men out of frustration with they own fear and self loathing –

    • Steven Gregory

      It would appear that your beliefs are founded on greater evidence than his.

  • Liam

    I believe the moon is made of cheese, but I’m not trying to get space exploration banned.

  • lukefromcanada

    hmm hmm, and yet somehow you think that your views are allowed to be forced upon others, even if you have nothing to do with them and their marriage will not affect you IN…ANY…WAY

  • Chris in LA

    I believe the governor is a complete twerp.

  • sJames6621

    bet his forbears added the word “white” to the man and woman biz

    If there was a god, since many people believe god knows all that will happen, he wouldl have been a miscarriage or an ache in his fathers crotch

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