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Boy Scouts of America tells church it can’t host troop for keeping gay scout leader

  • Cal

    Bloody Hell, can’t the BSA see that they are losing this battle. Time to roll over and concede defeat. This is petty.

    • Steven Gregory

      The BSA could have saved themselves all this grief by simply shutting up and not raising the issue.

  • Steven Gregory

    The BSA once again exhibits that they operate on prejudice and bias, not knowledge and intellect. The church, its pastor, the parents of BSA members and the city’s mayor all support this Scout leader, but BSA has a blanket policy to uphold.

    BSA shame.

  • Guest


  • stef

    Check out http://www.usanavigators.org for an alternative form of scouting in America that is open to ALL

  • Steven Gregory

    The United Methodist organization is giant. It would be nice if the head organization said “Take all of us or none of us,” and let BSA decide the next move.

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