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UK: Nursery worker, fired for refusing to read ‘gay stories’ to children, sues for religious discrimination

  • Dennis

    Sarah should find an another line of work….Because of homophobic views point! She is a danger to anyone!

    • Alan

      So its OK to force your abnormal views on children because you view truth as homophobic

      • Melissa

        The Bible is just a book, and not a truth. It only represents the churches views, not that of any other beleive system. The abnormal comes from the church by not accepting everyone the way they are

        • saintlaw

          Alan has so much faith in the Good Book he felt it necessary to thumb his own post up six times.

          • Midnighter

            For much the same reason Churches have lightning conductors on their steeples ;-)

      • davidbyrden

        Alan; I challenge you to explain why strange tales and opinions, written by dead people we cannot investigate, not supported by evidence, should be described as ‘truth’?

      • Derek Northcote

        What “truth” would this be then.

        “Truth” that an almighty angry being who watches everyone’s every move exists.

        “Truth” that the earth is 6000 years old and the baby Jesus rode into Galilee on a Triceratops.

        Or is it the “truth” that if you are good you will float up to an eternal life of well being and contentment and if you are bad you will burn for all eternity in a lake of fire.

        Please take your ignorant uneducated childish notions elsewhere.

        There are adults in this forum.

      • David H

        Like everyone else. I don’t know whether what’s stated in the Bible is true or not; but it’s not nearly as homophobic as the so-called “Christian” bigots would have people believe (and let’s not fall into the trap of portraying all Christians as bigots).

        Indeed there are several same sex relationships portrayed very positively in the Bible (except, of course those who oppose gay equality and who say that the word of the Bible must be followed to the letter happily gloss over those bits).

      • Homosexuality exists, accept it or keep making yourself sound increasingly delusional in your beliefs.

        The fact that homosexual activity is witnessed in thousands of species on this planet, while religious belief only exists in Humans, is all any rational person needs to know.

        • nvidiasucks

          Homosexuality doesn’t exist in thousands of species, and if it did they would most certainly be extinct.

          • David H

            How do you work that out? Homosexuality would only cause extinction if it was exclusive. That has to be one of the most fatuous comments I’ve seen on here (and, boy, there are plenty of contenders)

          • Thanks for displaying your own ignorance and intellectual limitations.

            Like I said, it seems that one needs to be intellectually challenged to be so religious.

            Homosexuality has been observed in thousands of species on this planet. I know you folks love to reject science and reality in favour of your nonsense, but this has been proven again and again, independently, through peer reviewed studies by biologists in every field of research.

            And you think it would render the species extinct? Ha! If that were the case the Human Race would be extinct. The sexual acts of a group within a species have NO BEARING on the species itself, but then if you were capable of intelligent thought you would have understood this.

          • saintlaw

            Like intelligence among Christians you mean?

          • Truth

            You are increasingly sounding like one of those desperate closet cases ….. full of self hatred because of the religious brainwashing you have undergone which tells you you are a ‘sinner’ for harbouring gay thoughts. Just accept yourself for who you are. If, as you must believe if you are truly religious, you are ‘made in God’s image’… then God is gay too.

          • Psychologist

            NVIDIASUCKS – You are factually WRONG ! –
            Homosexual activity has been observed by researchers in thousands of species, which clearly proves beyond ANY doubt that same-sex attraction/behaviour is entirely NATURAL, by the very definition that it occurs in NATURE !
            A colleague of mine was a participant in some of the research !
            However, what I would be more concerned with, as a psychotherapist, is why you feel the need to go to the extent of attempting to use blatantly factually incorrect claims, in order to somehow legitimise your OWN homophobia ?
            Are you not aware that homophobia (such as you clearly display) is manifested as a direct result of suppressing your OWN homosexuality ?
            ALL PHOBIAS (including homo-PHOBIA – from which you clearly suffer) are a psychological disorder – I can fix your homophobia for you, by simply undoing your anti-gay conditioning, which would allow you to accept and embrace your true gay sexual orientation.
            However, I’m not aware of any cure for your stupidity ! Sorry !

  • Cal

    “liberating good news of the Gospel”? Not sure which version you’ve been reading, dear. The one I’ve seen is full of spite and silliness.

  • Sparkyu1

    Apparently Christians now have the right to foist unwanted religious material on us and decide to keep our existence secret from children… uh-huh

    • nvidiasucks

      And what is that so called existence “Theory”? The children have a right to be free from all religions, which now should also include Religion of Atheism. gays and lesbians.

      • Sparkyu1

        Is this supposed to make sense?

        The idea that atheism is a religion? Uh-huh and baldness is a hair colour

        And that atheism = gays and lesbians? Or are gays and lesbians a religion? Should children be free from straight people as well? Asexuals for everyone?

        “so-called existence” what does that even mean? We exist. This isn’t a “theory” really.

        Is this a response or a madlib?

        • Midnighter

          I’m starting to think its a Poe. I’d hate to think anyone was quite this incapable of rational thought.

          • Sparkyu1

            I would think so – but then how else would we explain UKIP councillors?

          • Midnighter

            Excellent point. We could both be right, of course : have you considered that UKIP themselves might in fact a puppet of the Tory party?

          • Sparkyu1

            Potentially in that they allow the Tory party to express all the views they still hold but their rebranding doesn’t allow them to mention – and maybe a stalking horse to push the political discourse to the right without having those views attached to the party. But I suspect it’s more a refuge for Tory bigots who are unable to uses coded language to make their opinions seem less hateful.

      • Being gay or lesbian is not a “religion”, it is a natural aspect of Human existence whether you like it or not.

        You cannot discuss Human relationships and sexuality without including all variants of sexual and romantic relations. Just as you can’t talk about religion without discussing all aspects of all religions and the positive and negative impacts of them.

        Your problem is that you refuse to accept the reality of Human sexual diversity, but that suits you well in your crusade to brainwash kids.

        • nvidiasucks

          “Being gay or lesbian is not a “religion”, it is a natural aspect of Human existence whether you like it or not.”

          Really? Had your mother and father been gay or lesbian you wouldn’t be here, and the same goes to many other people. Just imagine if we all started thinking like You people. What would became of mankind? Extinction – so you have the normal people to thank for your relationship/partner etc.

          BTW Atheism has became like a religion (Its actually worse), and most gays and lesbians support Atheism for some reason. Maybe for rebellious reasons, I don’t know for sure. But I do know one can be hanged politicly messing with gays, lesbians and Atheists than with any religion e.g. Firefox CEO

          • David H

            Gay people have never got married and had kids??? You really have led a VERY sheltered life and have a very narrow and, somewhat ignorant, viewpoint.

            As for the Firefox CEO, he stood down when his position became untenable. It’s virtually impossible to maintain a multinational post while opposing large sections of your client base. Far from being the result of tangling with a fictitious “gay mafia” it was simple boardroom suicide from someone who didn’t understand international politics.

          • Meek

            Say what? I’m gay and have a daughter. Your post is the funniest thing I have ever read in my entire life. Hahahaha.

          • “Just imagine if we all started thinking like You people. What would became of mankind? Extinction – so you have the normal people to thank for your relationship/partner etc.”

            What on Earth are you talking about? lol

            Do you seriously think that being gay is a conscious decision, and that if enough people “decide” to be gay the Human Race would die out?

            “Atheism has became like a religion (Its actually worse), and most gays and lesbians support Atheism for some reason. Maybe for rebellious reasons, I don’t know for sure. But I do know one can be hanged politicly messing with gays, lesbians and Atheists than with any religion e.g. Firefox CEO”

            Yet more utter nonsense, but I would expect nothing less. I haven’t seen any statistics on what the majority of LGBT people describe themselves as when it comes to religious belief, but if you have that data please share it.

            I am personally inclined to believe that atheists in general are more intelligent than those who believe in a God. It certainly seems that the most intellectually remarkable people on the planet all reject the notion of an invisible omnipotent being.

            This makes sense too, because intelligent people base their beliefs on the evidence around them, they form logical opinions and explore avenues of scientific interest. These are not generally people who believe in a story because they are told to. They have inquisitive minds and analytical capability that clearly goes beyond those who read a book and believe everything in it even when it defies what they can physically see, touch and experience.

          • saintlaw

            If everybody bred the human race would become extinct due to food shortages and environmental damage. If it does we’ll all have mankind’s rapacious fertility to blame.

            The former CEO of Firefox got canned. This does not equate as ‘hanging’ – not even metaphorically.

            It’s great that it upsets you so much though. It should. You’re a stupid shitbag.

          • JohnM

            Can you imagine if all 6 billion humans procreated? Your 2.4 children would starve in a world of limited resources. Now let me hear you say ‘Thank You’ from the bottom of your heart to gays and lesbians who decide not to have children.

          • Sister Mary Clarence

            “Had your mother and father been gay or lesbian you wouldn’t be here, and
            the same goes to many other people. Just imagine if we all started
            thinking like You people.”

            But of course we don’t need to worry about that do we because, nature continues to, as it has for many thousands of years, ensure that there is balance and proportion. Not too many born straight, not too many born gay.

            Religion on the other hand isn’t product of nature. Its artificial. It is a tool created for control. A crutch for the weak. A tool for the strong.

            I’m guessing its a crutch in your case.

          • Truth

            “Had your mother and father been gay or lesbian you wouldn’t be here”. And had your mother or father been Jewish, you wouldn’t be on here spouting your Christianity. Why are you so incapable of accepting a simple truth? EVERY religion is man-made …. in exactly the same way that Peter Pan is man-made. Would you try to force that silly, childish nonsense down people’s throats as ‘the word of god’? Grow-up, FFS.

          • Yesh U R

            Are you also on drugs?

          • davidbyrden

            So now you’re backing down, retreating, admitting that Atheism is NOT a religion and you were wrong.
            But, you still hold a position that it’s LIKE a religion. Because it’s dangerous to attack it.
            Well, it’s dangerous to attack my cat, but that doesn’t make my cat “like a religion”.

            Tell us please, have you opened a dictionary yet to see what the word ‘religion’ actually means? Wouldn’t it be a good idea?

          • Robert J Brown

            What utter crap and I feel sorry that you don’t understand the basic nature of what it is like to be gay. I don’t ‘choose’ to be discriminated against, to be vilified and to have most of the faiths / religions of the world speak out against me. I am lucky, my SGI Nichiren Buddhist faith has no issues with me being openly gay. Yes I have my mother and father to thank for my birth, however, many same sex couples have children. The human race is making other species extinct by their behaviour, surely you must agree that there are too many of us on this planet already. Most of us who are LGBorT would not want to change as this is part of us and part of us which makes us slightly more compassionate to others – something you obviously seem to be lacking.

          • Victor Mattsson

            I don’t think you even understand how “being gay” even works.

      • Jesus_Mohammed

        nvidasucks, there is no such thing as a “Religion of Atheism”. Atheism is rationality. It is freedom from belief in supernatural nonsense.

        • Paula2

          Atheism is rationality except of course those Atheists who believe that all their opinions must be rights and anyone who has views that differ to theirs should be horrifically mudered. Or perhaps you buy into that version of “rational” Atheism as well.

          • James Orpin

            Please enlighten us as to where atheism was used as a justification to “horrifically murder”

          • JD

            James I think that’s called ‘poking the dullard’

          • JD

            JM is absolutely right when he writes – ”It is freedom from belief in supernatural” –

            P2 change Athiest to Muslim and you’ve describe yet another out dated superstition than promotes murder –

            ”Muslims who believe that all their opinions must be rights and anyone who has views that differ to theirs should be horrifically mudered”

          • There is a fundamental problem with your argument… there is actual evidence of homosexuality throughout the world, throughout various species.
            There is NO EVIDENCE AT ALL of your God existing.

            One is reality, the other is “belief”.

            An intelligent and rational mind looks at the reality around them and bases their opinions on scientifically proven realities. An irrational mind believes in unfounded beliefs and suggestions written by men purporting to be the will of an invisible sky wizard.

            And where have you developed this nonsense about Atheists wanting to “murder” people? I have never met an extremist Atheist.

          • saintlaw

            I hope you’re horrifically murdered – and I’m religious!

          • Truth

            ….. But it’s okay for Christians to force their nonsense down peoples throats …..?

          • Yesh U R

            Are you on drugs?

          • Jesus_Mohammed

            Paula2, please point us to evidence that rationalists, humanists, secularist, sceptics, freethinkers, and atheists wish that “anyone who has views that differ to theirs should be horrifically murdered”.

      • saintlaw

        News for you, deary. Atheism isn’t a religion. Nor are “gays and lesbians”.

        But then you’re so thick it’s a wonder you can breathe and bang your trotters on the keyboard at the same time.

    • John

      are you serious!!?!?!?! why do kids need to know any sort of religion or sexual preference? honestly are you stupid? they’re kids the only thing they should be learning is how to write, read and have fun they don’t need to know the existence of gay/lesbians because they wont understand any of that until they are way older ITS A NURSERY NOT A LECTURE ON GAY RIGHTS!

      • Sparkyu1

        Kids are presented with both religion AND sexuality from a very young age. The vast majority of Disney films aimed at children contain sexuality. As a small child I remember reading books which had men and women marrying. Television shows aimed at children had straight couples all over them

        We already teach children sexuality, we already show them “sexual preference”. What you mean is “we should only show kids straight sexuality”.

        I am saddened that the children in your life have been raised that love would be a difficult thing to understand. I was brought up knowing that couples and spouses loved each other. I thought that was a given.

        • John

          The straight couples all over them were more than likely easy to understand as they have a mother and father who love each other, changing that (unless you are being brought up in a same sex marriage of course) would confuse them and there is no place at all for any sort of information to do with either subject (religion and gay/lesbians) leave it to the parents as i’m sure your parents taught you differently from mine, mine told me “there was nothing wrong with either preference as long as you are happy.” reading that comment back i apologise for insulting you that was out of line.

          • Sparkyu1

            Not every family has a mother and father who love each other. Some have 2 fathers. Some 2 mothers. Some only 1 father or 1 mother. Some have neither. Yet all these children understand love – it’s an easy concept. 2 people love each other, it isn’t complex. Why is it confusing? Kids have shown time and again that they understand it – kids raised by us, kids raised without opposite sex parents and without parents in general.

            2 people love each other. That’s not hard.

            And when it comes to leave it to parents – does that mean not including any books with straight sexuality as well? After all, if we’re “leaving it to parents” shouldn’t we not include any couples when presenting to children and let the parents decide – based on their beliefs and prejudices – what couple is worthy as being taught as loving to their children?

            It’s also nice if parents teach you that there’s nothing wrong with either sexuality. That’s a wonderful thing. Mine didn’t. Mine presented one and only one way to love and anything else was wrong. Eventually I tried to kill myself

            Maybe if someone had shown me that love between 2 men could exist, I wouldn’t have.

          • John

            Then that was down to your parents, again it should be left up to the ones bringing them into this world, not the government public schools or nursery’s shouldn’t any any sort of political, anti gay or pro gay education at all, its just as bad as forcing religion on others

          • Sparkyu1

            Which leaves gay kids to suffer and die. Because it’s not politics for us – it’s survival

            And do you really want nurseries and schools to remove all references to sexuality?

          • John

            not just sexuality, religion anything political, this is assuming parents are open minded enough of course (i would hope they are nowadays) and gay kids don’t exist, gay teenagers yeah but not kids (kids being 4 – 10 younger i would refer to toddlers or babies)

          • Sparkyu1

            So no mention of any marriages, no presentation of relationships, no stories with love, or couples etc, very very few fairy tales and be careful how we teach any kind of history that we don’t say anyone was married… That could be awkward

            Certainly remove the school system from the CofE influences

            And yes, gay kids I exist. I was a gay kid. I was born gay, I have always been gay.

          • John

            You’ve missed my point completely there should be no social engineering or politics in eduction, kids are not stupid they know or would ask their parents these questions, mention of marriage isn’t an issue either it doesn’t matter, but again it should be left to the parents no one else, and no you were not a gay kid you didn’t even feel attracted to other males until you were a teenager, no one is born gay sexual desires/preference doesn’t appear until you are older.

          • Sparkyu1

            I haven’t missed your point, I’m exposing it. You take my life and existence as “social engineering” but yours as obviously superior and normal.

            Why is mention of marriage not an issue? If you’re mentioning a marriage between a man and a woman, you’re mentioning sexuality. You are continuing the social engineering practiced every day that forces the idea that only one sexuality is valid and healthy.

            Sexuality is inherent and I certainly know what my childhood was like and how I was different from straight children. I was a gay kid, you exhibit a rather typical straight arrogance to assume you know my childhood better than I myself.

          • John

            A typical straight arrogance, i better go tell my husband about that, i never said mine was superior, i just don’t see why kids have to be brought into something they don’t need to know, if they are gay they’ll figure it out, you did without any guidance and you’re here today, i don’t go around flaunting my sexual preference neither should you, nor should you agree with it being forced on minor’s you disagree with a R.E teacher doing that so why is it so different for you? the reason i said mentioning a man and woman would be normal because again their parents would be male and female they could relate that doesn’t mean the child wont one day grow up to be gay.

          • Sparkyu1

            You are displaying an arrogance that is common with straight people, presuming to know other people’s lives

            Why is it flaunting when our existence is acknowledged but not when straight people are acknowledged?

            The suicide rate among our youth shows they very much need more help than just being left to figure it out in a heteronormative society. Why shouldn’t kids learn there’s more than one kind of normal?

            And why don’t kids need to know LGBT people exist? Why is it so hard? That’s not forcing things on minors – that’s basic knowledged, not a belief. LGBT people exist – to say telling kids this is “forcing it” on them is akin to saying teaching kids maths or history is forcing it on them.

          • John

            as my last comment i typed up awhile ago was removed i shall say no more, i mean god forbid i say something someone doesnt like right?

          • saintlaw

            Or something pertinent, witty, true or interesting.

          • You’ve already said plenty that others don’t like, but more importantly you’ve said plenty that is scientifically and factually wrong, and that is far more disappointing than merely disagreeing.

          • saintlaw

            Did you stop to breathe when you typed that? Please don’t.

          • saintlaw

            The evidence: both anecdotal and scientific that sexuality is decided in the womb is overwhelming.

            You dried up old hag.

          • kenthomes

            Thanks for enlightening us with you bullcrap. I was born gay and have been gay for as young as I can remember.

          • “You’ve missed my point completely there should be no social engineering or politics in eduction,”

            It’s not “social engineering” to tell kids about REALITY!

          • saintlaw

            It really really isn’t. Now STFU.

          • So where do you draw the line on what is the state’s responsibility and what is the parents?

            If you truly believe this, then there should be no state education at all and every parent should be charged with educating their own child in every respect as they see fit.

            You can’t have it both ways, either kids are educated about society with truth and reality or we destroy the entire education system and let every parent raise their own kids with their own knowledge and beliefs.

            Gay people exist, denying this to kids is like denying that other races exist. Would you agree that education about other countries and other races should also be “left to the parents”?

          • “changing that (unless you are being brought up in a same sex marriage of
            course) would confuse them and there is no place at all for any sort of
            information to do with either subject”

            The fundamental flaw in this is that kids are pretty capable of understanding things, it’s the way it is delivered to them (or not) that “confuses” them.

            Do kids have difficulty understanding anything else? How about interracial couples? How about unmarried couples? How about people separating? How about the arrival of a new father figure or mother figure?

            People often use this argument that kids “can’t understand” gay relationships and that therefore it should be ignored, but kids are not born with the knowledge of how society works, with homosexual relationships somehow anathema to their inbuilt knowledge – everything is taught, including awareness of religions, races, same sex relationships…

            I have several nieces and nephews, and my relationships have never been “hidden” from them. Their parents have always been honest and open with them. When their child asks a question, they answer it. These kids have grown up to be loving, intelligent, interesting, honest people. They were never “confused” about my sexuality in the slightest, they were told that just as mum or dad love the other, their uncle loves his friend.

            What is so “difficult” or “confusing” about that? The kids didn’t shriek in horror, they didn’t start preaching Bible verses as though a program had gone buggy, they didn’t find any problem with understanding a basic aspect of Human relationships at all.

            As I said, the adults thinking this is some kind of “taboo” are the real problem here, not “confused” kids.

        • Truth

          I was sent to a boarding school when I was six. We were taught religion day in day out. When I was nine, I realised it was a lot of nonsense and refused pointblank to be made to conform. I had to learn for myself about sex. You should stop being such a self hater. You have obviously bought in to religion’s homophobic brainwashing. Once you can get it into your brain that organised religion is just man-made rubbish, you’re on the road to recovery ….

          • Sparkyu1

            I suspect you’ve replied to the wrong comment

      • saintlaw

        Are you having an aneurysm? Or are you just a shrieky hysteric with poor punctuation and awful prose?

    • dave

      Nursery worker, fired for refusing to read ‘gay stories’ to children, sues for religious discrimination”

      Strange, because the nursery worker is the one who’s discriminating here

  • JackAlison

    ohhhhh dear.
    poor thing
    the discriminator and her ilk are sooooo persecuted
    tisk tisk
    had she made that book a gift to me i woulda used it as a door stop or emergency ass wipe paper except it might chaff

    • I have been offered books from the religious before, and I politely decline and tell them that I’m a Humanist with beliefs based in Pagan faith. Some of them are okay, many have screamed about Paganism being “satanism” lol

      Discourse over religious belief in itself is fine, when it’s invited. Thrusting of religious opinion onto others as though you are superior and others inferior to you is not okay. That’s what these religious nutters just don’t seem to understand.

      • nvidiasucks

        The thing is you people are just as bad if not worse. Show me one debate where an Atheist, Satanist, gay and lesbians (Combined = Atheism) have won one debate against religion?

        You people can go around and act like you are superior when in reality you are just as bad if not more ignorant than your so called enemies. The irony is in the mirror if only you can see through all that ignorance you people have and cherish, a product of Atheism.

        • First of all, you’re making very little sense (is this a result of being religious, or does religion naturally attract the intellectually challenged?)

          Second, Atheism is already “winning”. Religious belief is falling, numbers attending religious services are declining dramatically, churches are closing all over the UK, US, Europe and Australia. It’s been widely stated several times that the only people keeping many UK churches open are the arriving citizens from African countries and Eastern Europe.

          Finally, if you want to see a “win” in this argument… prove to me that your “God” exists.
          I can prove that the Earth exists, that Humanity exists, that Homosexuality exists throughout the world.

          Go on, prove to me that your mythical sky wizard is real, then you’ll “win” this debate.

          • “Finally, if you want to see a “win” in this argument… prove to me that your “God” exists”
            If God existed then every argument regarding him would be won

          • Truth

            If you are seeking rationality… you will not find it in blind faith.

        • Midnighter

          Further to BlokeToy’s reply, if we reminded you that there are gay Christians who are thus by definition neither atheists nor Satanists, would your head explode, or will you rely on the fallacious argument that they are not “true” Christians?

          PS: we’re also able to go around and act superior if we are, in fact, superior. Just saying.

          • Derek Northcote

            Only in your own head.

        • “The irony is in the mirror if only you can see through all that ignorance you people have and cherish, a product of Atheism.”
          How can you cherish a product of something that doesn’t exist?
          Atheism is not a religion it is just truth as opposed to fairy stories

        • Jesus_Mohammed

          nvidiasucks, Atheists don’t have to win any “debate against religion”.

          It’s religionists who make the claims that there’s some kind of big spirituous being that’s hanging around in the air and listening to and watching everything we do.

          It’s religionists who claims that there are other worlds called “Heaven” and “Hell”.

          It’s religionists who make these claims but who, in over 2000 years, have yet to come up with single shred of proof for their claims!

          And day by day, religionists are looking more and more daft as science explains every aspect of our universe.

        • saintlaw

          But you’re a fanatic – so how could you judge one way or the other.

      • I just tell them to go peddle their fairy stories to someone who cares

        • Jesus_Mohammed

          I say to them, with a look of complete puzzlement and incredulity upon my clock, “How on earth can you believe such utter nonsense? This planet is a wondrous thing and there’s absolutely no need to attribute it to some kind of invisible ghost! Just be amazed and savour it!”

          I enjoy saying the above to those Christian evangelicals who appear on my doorstep with rictus grins on their faces – grins which convey the message: “We’re in possession of The Secret, and we’re superior to you!”

      • Derek Northcote

        I tend to thank them as I have just run out of bog roll.

      • Truth

        Most Christian myths are based on pagan belief ….. the concept of ‘resurrection on the third day’ was around well before the time of Jesus.

  • Brett Gibson

    This should be thrown out of court.
    Absolutely ridiculous, hateful behaviour so often displayed by religious people.

  • Carl

    The days when Bible thumpers were able to make us all feel inferior and in that way control us are soon to be over. Can’t wait…

  • rcdcr

    Heterosexuals are f’ing HILARIOUS.

    Like we need them to tell us if God ‘approves.’

    Hilarious. Of COURSE he approves. He DID give us anal sex, after all.

    Get over yourselves, straight folks. You’re embarrassing yourselves.


    • Liam

      Generalize much?

    • Paul E

      He gave u control over ur own bodies!
      Get over it!

      • Liam

        Some people don’t believe that backward desert nonsense, get over it.

        • Paul E

          So u dont believe u have control over ur body, that explains it!

          • Liam

            No… I don’t believe that your imaginary friend a. exists or b. gave anybody anything.

          • Liam

            And btw, thumbing up your own posts is pathetic.

          • Jesus_Mohammed

            Paul E, I’m a homosexual citizen. I have “control over my own body”. I choose when to eat and when to excrete. I can’t control cancer. I need medical science to do that. No god can do it. No amount of praying to a god can do it. I also can’t alter the fact that I am a homosexual person, just like a heterosexual person can’t alter the fact that they are heterosexual.

            What YOU can control is your hatred, your homophobia, towards people who are not heterosexual.

            What you NEED to control is your mind. Your mind has been programmed, or indoctrinated, with religious mumbo-jumbo, written on old parchments by primitive, simple, and ignorant peoples.

            The nonsense written on those old parchments may sound certain, and their “certainty” may grant you a sense of safety and comfort, but life isn’t safe and comfortable, Paul.

            Pick up a reputable newspaper and read the news. The world isn’t safe and comfortable.

            Learn to accept and embrace the uncertainty and the diversity of life on this planet.

            Burn the silly old books.

          • Truth

            I believe you’re a brainwashed religious loon. It’s a pity you can’t get over it ….

      • Truth

        Sorry – who is this ‘he’. Priscilla – Queen of the heavens – told me only yesterday she’s pissed off with everyone keep referring to her as ‘he’. She says if it doesn’t stop, she’s going to curse the world with incurable infant diseases and natural disasters and famine. I think she is suffering from alzheimer’s. I had to remind her that she’s already been pretty successful in these areas.

    • nvidiasucks

      You’ve been brain washed if you think being gay is normal or natural in anyway.

      • David H

        So religious teachings/indoctrination etc isn’t a form of brainwashing and being gay isn’t normal or natural? nvidiasucks you REALLY need to get yourself a new dictionary.

        Brainwashing: A form of indoctrination that forces people to abandon their beliefs in favour of another set of beliefs by conditioning through various forms of pressure or torture.
        FACT – no-one is born religious – it is always taught/indoctrinated and (sadly) sometimes beaten into people.

        Natural: Without, or prior to, modification or adjustment.
        FACT – people are born homosexual. I knew I was gay before I even knew what sexuality or sex or anything like that was (which is primarily the reason why people like the venomous woman in this story need addressing – no young child should ever feel stigmatised simply because they know they’re different in a way they can’t define).

        • Psychologist

          Indeed ! NO ONE is born with religious beliefs – they are CONDITIONED into people (more often at a young age BEFORE the child has reached an age where they could make a choice to NOT be exposed to that conditioning.
          However, one’s sexual orientation (whichever that is) is fixed at (or just prior to) our birth.
          This is why someone’s religious beliefs should NEVER be allowed to over ride the BIRTH RIGHT of someone’s sexual orientation.
          The arrogance of some religious people who think that THEIR beliefs somehow are more important than someone’s basic human rights of equality, is quite staggering !
          Anyone attempting to use some religious beliefs in order to “legitimise” their own homophobia should always be challenged and exposed for what it really is !

      • Here’s a little education for you…

        Homosexuality exists throughout thousands of species.
        Religion only exists in one; Humans.

        Now, which of the two is more “normal”? Ignore your religious education and your bias, think logically (assuming you are capable of simple logic).

        Your use of the word “natural” again displays your lack of basic intelligence. Something which exists in nature cannot be “unnatural”.

      • saintlaw

        I’ll bet you get lots of dates! Your posts don’t read as the embittered whining of some timid middle-aged virgin, no not at all.

      • Truth

        You’ve been brainwashed if you believe there are such things as sky fairies ….

  • She will loose, and rightly so. If any one of us was preaching to colleagues and refusing to carry out aspects of our employment based on religious nonsense we would also be fired.

    She was not fired because of her religious beliefs, she was fired because she was abusing her position and employment in an effort to “preach” to others and inflict her religious notions onto other people.

    This is no acceptable in a secular country where numerous opinions and faiths are supported. Keep your religion inside your own head and home, and leave the rest of society alone – it’s really that simple.

    • Derek Northcote

      Of course the “religious freedom” and “victim” nonsense will be wheeled out yet again,

      Why don’t they just get the fact that they are free to “believe” in their silly notions, just not proselytize them onto others especially in an employment environment.

      • Indeed.
        What they can’t get their heads round is that, unlike them, we do not go around trying to convert everyone to our belief that gay is natural

  • SmellyFingers

    If the headline is correct then she should get her job back. Who on earth wants to read gay stories to kids and who would want their kids read gay stories?

    Answer = nobody.

    • But the headline is NOT correct
      She was asked if, hypotheically, she would read gay stories. Of course nursery children should not be read any stories that have any sort of sexual content

      • Jesus_Mohammed

        Yes, and the important “gay stories” which have been published for nursery and primary school children most certainly do not contain sexual content. They simply acknowledge the existence of homosexual people alongside all the other kinds of people who make up the diverse people of this planet.

        • SmellyFingers

          Important gay stories? Nursery and primary school children are supposed to read biff, kip and chipper magic key books not books about straight or gay couples regardless of the plot.

          • saintlaw

            What century do you live in?

          • SmellyFingers

            Nice try but you know that retort doesn’t wash. It’s not like i’m a muslim or owt.

          • Jesus_Mohammed

            SmellyFingers, you really owe it to yourself to familiarise yourself with progressive children’s literature. Some of the stories written for children which feature gay or lesbian characters in addition to the usual range of people are heartwarming and sometimes touchingly heartrending. Please understand that the focus is not on sex, or even on the intimacies shared by the adult characters, but upon who they are as valuable and valued members of society.

          • Truth

            But it’s okay to read them stories about men being nailedl to crosses and coming back from the dead….?

          • SmellyFingers

            Oh come off it you know kids are read through the peaceful messages as i remember it all that way when i was a child.

      • There are several stories that reflect the reality of same sex couples for kids to understand, just as there are stories explaining heterosexual relationships. I think this is the type of story the title refers to.

        The thing that the Christians cant get their heads around is that SAME SEX COUPLES EXIST, and therefore it is right that this reality be taught to children, in the same way that interracial couples are accepted in education.

        If we start to selectively pick and choose what truths about society and relationships we educate kids about we end up going backwards.

        Christians cannot stand that kids might be taught reality and truth, instead of being taught their brand of religious delusion.

        Education about same sex relationships deserves more attention in schools than religions do, with one being a natural reality throughout society, and the other being a man made voodoo nonsense ;)

    • Jesus_Mohammed

      Smellyfingers, you have been, or are being, disingenuous. You are avoiding the truth. You know damn well what the “gay stories” are. And if you don’t, then you should keep your mouth shut until you read some of them. I own a good number of them. They are simply charming children’s stories which include people who are homosexual as well as heterosexual. In other words, they are stories which reflect the real world. Or, in other words, they are not ridiculous fairy stories about a world of unreality.

      • SmellyFingers

        No i won’t keep my mouth shut, they are not charming children’s stories at all are they be honest. Kids at nursery and primary do not need to be reading such stories. I remember reading stories about the magic key where kids go on crazy adventures. I see no need for any focus on sexuality when it comes to children’s books.

        • This IS NOT ABOUT SEX!

          Can you not get this through your thick skull?

          This is about educating kids about the natural world around them, relationships, society, the way people interact and form friendships and loving partnerships.

          You want to make this all about sex because you have this delusional belief that that’s what being LGBT is all about. You are wrong on so many levels, all this does is reinforce our beliefs that the majority of Christians (and other religious individuals) are significantly lacking in basic intelligence.

          • SmellyFingers

            You know as well as the next person that kids don’t want to read up about gays. They will all grow up and realise gays exist for themselves. Also it’s not just religious people who oppose these silly gay stories, it’s practically everybody else other than yourself. You queens really ought to stop assuming all the counter comments are from religious people as if they are the only group to not agree with homos.

          • “You know as well as the next person that kids don’t want to read up about gays”

            Kids are not born racists, bigots and homophobes, they learn this from people like you.

            “They will all grow up and realise gays exist for themselves”

            Indeed, and that is why we end up with people like Tracy Morgan who can’t function properly in society because they were never educated as a child to understand the diversity of Humanity. These people grow up to be racists, homophobes and bigots just like you, incapable of functioning in a decent society and losing out in the long term as they are fired from jobs, limited in their ambitions and rejected by those who WERE EDUCATED about our diverse society.

            “Also it’s not just religious people who oppose these silly gay stories, it’s practically everybody else other than yourself”

            You see, this is again where you’re wrong. Every straight person I know has no problem with their kids knowing about loving couples and families. This is YOUR delusional attitude, not the attitudes of many millions of people. Most decent people understand that in order for their kids to function well in society they should be aware of the diverse society we live in. Lying to kids and omitting the truth is NOT a way to educate.

            “You queens really ought to stop assuming all the counter comments are from religious people as if they are the only group to not agree with homos”

            It’s an easy generalization to make, given that lack of intelligence, racism, homophobia and zealous hatred of other people is usually found in only a select group of people. These people are usually the religious, or the far right.

            It makes no difference to me whether you’re religious or not, you are still a bigot of limited intelligence.

    • JohnM

      The headline is not correct. If you read the Guardian or Sky News you’ll see that she was sacked for harrassing a colleague. PN has gone for the Telegraph headline which is wrong.

  • Paul E

    Where did this silly word “homophobic” come from, it never existed yrs ago, its a madeup word to “justify” the crude, immoral, reprobate behaviour and liefestyle of certain individuals!

    • “crude, immoral, reprobate behaviour and liefestyle of certain individuals!”

      Interesting to see the religious being called that. I wouldn’t go that far though. ;)

    • Derek Northcote

      It came from the need to apply it to people like you.

      Funny that!

    • David H

      Actually, homophobia/homophobic – as a word – dates back to the 1960s and it’s hardly “made up” and, by its nature, it doesn’t “justify” anything – simply highlights the bigotry of one portion of society against another.

      Grammar is another interesting word. It’s knowing the difference between there, they’re, their etc.

      I guess that demonstrates your ignorance on two counts?

      • shhh

        Grammar is another interesting word. It’s knowing the difference between there, they’re, their etc

        Spelling errors are not grammar

        • David H

          True – but I wouldn’t class not knowing the correct usage of there/they’re or their as a spello – but perhaps that’s just me being pedantic? ;-)

    • THEY??
      Are we to assume that you are straight and crusing gay forums just for fun?

    • Jesus_Mohammed

      Paul E, you prove the existence of homophobia when you demonstrate that you are prepared to accept the multiple meanings of countless words in the English lexicon but that you won’t accept two meanings for the word “gay”.

      You are a homophobe. Get yourself into therapy, Paul. Seek out a psychiatrist, or a mental health councellor. Go to your GP, tell him or her your problem, and then ask him or her to refer you to an appropriate counsellor.

      You’ll be a happier bunny when you are free of your hatred for people.

  • Homo Demon

    There are certain public sector jobs and others roles involving the provision of education, care or health where the human rights of the recipient of those services outweigh the rights of the person delivering them.

    If you have discriminatory views and you wish to practice those in the provision of services to others then eff off to a country where they tolerate such intolerance.

    This is Britain and bible thumping is not an acceptable.

    Sometimes I do wonder if the French have taken the right approach in their pursuit of a secular state?

  • The story, as reported here, doesn’t make sense. It seems to be an huge storm in a teacup

    • David Greensmith

      The headline would have been more appropriate appearing in the Heil given that she wasn’t sacked for refusing to read “gay stories” but for harassing a co-worker.

  • David Greensmith

    No. she wasn’t fired for refusing to read “gay” stories to children. She was fired for harassing a co-worker. This is just another attempt by religious zealots to portray themselves as victims when their unacceptable behaviour is challenged. When the “liberating good news” of the gospels is used to tell a gay person that their sexual orientation is wrong, then is very definitely is oppressive and regressive. What if a colleague who supported the BNP or a white supremacist group – who is just as entitled to their political beliefs as Myubi is to her religious belief – told her that they believed all immigrants should be repatriated, or that black people are inferior to whites? Would disciplinary actions arising from that be a restriction of “freedom of speech”? Of course not. It would be tackling behaviour that is inappropriate for the work place. No difference here.

  • Jesus_Mohammed

    Fascinating to watch Christian loons degrading respect for LGBT citizens as being an unfortunate “dominating cultural correctness“.

    “Cultural correctness” in the eyes of Christian loons is an evil!

    Christian loons are Christian loons: they have twisted minds.

  • Neil Rhodes

    The term ‘Biblical truth’ is pretty much a contradiction in terms: God exists only in the imaginations of the ‘faithful’, and religion should therefore have absolutely no bearing on any legal proceedings. Religious discrimination is invalid as far as I’m concerned.

    This, or variations thereof, may have been said a million times over now but it bears repeating. I’ll take rational over delusional any day.

    • mikeorgan1955

      The problem with he Bible is that it contains a great deal of wisdom surrounded by the most horrible and grievous atrocities. Our legal system has its basis in the Bible but across time the wisdom has prevailed. The simple man reads only the text and some believe that it is the word of God so they cannot understand how to edit. Those people are truly dangerous and usually the ones who show such intolerance to others. An idiot can use the bible to justify anything but the idiot is nothing to worry about, but beware the others those that have the intelligence to use the Bible as a club to control others and thus amass power. Churches are full of that sort.

      • The biggest problem I see is that the religious have no understanding of history. They don’t seem to understand that even if Jesus did exist and was a pretty groovy guy with interesting ideas, the Bible has been rewritten at least 20 times by those in positions of power to convince the people to do what they wanted them to do.

        Religion is all about control of the population.

        This is proven countless times by the many thousands of “relics” the Vatican recognizes as being “genuine” all around the world. There are so many instances of the “real” artifact being recognized in ten or twenty different locations that this alone proves what their “faith” is all about – lying and duping an ignorant masses to encourage devotion and obedience.

  • mikeorgan1955

    This women’s argument is quite frankly wrong. Those that use God to exclude or marginalise others have no right to claim discrimination. Futhermore God’s existence is a belief without substantial proof so like a negative it cannot be proven. As you cannot prove a negative you cannot prove Gods existence neither can you disprove it. Arguing about Gods existence is futile and quite frankly a waste of time better spent on more rewarding pursuits. The need for those who have faith to exclude some from that belief is necessary in order to justify their creed as being superior otherwise if there are no outsiders there is no one to be superior too. Most religions target gay people as they are quite easy to exclude from the creed due to historical attitudes often supported within their scriptures.

    It amazes me that any gay person can seek to belong to any of these religions but I can only put it down to cultural brainwashing that leaves no choice for those who need to belong to faith groups which so obviously hate and despise them. Best choice for all gay people is to stay well clear of these bigoted sects. By the way I am an atheist and am not gay but then I am not a bigot either and that piece of wisdom took me the best part of my life to realise.

  • Bougainvillea

    Who created sex? God did. Why did God created male and female? Because God said ……. in the Holy Bible in Gensis 1:27 to 28…. “God created man (mankind) in His own image; in the image of God, He (God) created him (mankind) male and female, He (God) created them. Then God blessed them, and God said to them, Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth” ….. So if gays or lesbians wanted to choose to do their thing which is their choice and their right to do so. But we tend to forget who gave us life in this world. If God gave us life to live, then God has the right to determine what is wrong, and what is right in sex relationship. God Said n Leviticus 20:13…… ‘If a man lies with a male as he lies with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination. They shall surely be put to death. Their blood shall be upon them.” Same apply to lesbians as well.

    • David H

      The Bible doesn’t have any issue with homosexuality. Only people who misinterpret it. It’s pointless cherry picking things from the Bible as there’s always something there to contradict it:

      Samuel 18:1-4
      As soon as he had finished speaking to Saul, the soul of Jonathan was knit to the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as his own soul. And Saul took him that day and would not let him return to his father’s house. Then Jonathan made a covenant with David, because he loved him as his own soul. And
      Jonathan stripped himself of the robe that was on him and gave it to
      David, and his armor, and even his sword and his bow and his belt.

      John 11:3-5
      So the sisters sent word to Jesus, “Lord, the one you love is sick.” When he heard this, Jesus said, “This sickness will not end in death. No, it is for God’s glory so that God’s Son may be glorified through it.” Now Jesus loved Martha and her sister and Lazarus.
      John 11:34-36
      “Where have you laid him?” he asked.
      “Come and see, Lord,” they replied.
      Jesus wept. Then the Jews said, “See how he loved him!”

    • davidbyrden

      “…If God gave us life to live, then God has the right…”


    • Answer me this…

      Do you eat Shellfish?
      Do you cut your hair?
      Do you believe in slavery?
      Do you wear clothes woven from more than one material?

      Do you believe that women should obey men?
      Do you believe that fathers have the right to sell their daughters?
      Do you believe that women should be forced to marry men who rape them?

      Now, if you answered no to ANY of those, you have no right to be preaching what the Bible says as any excuse for your ignorance and bigotry.

    • Omar

      Do I believe in fairy tale? No!

    • saintlaw

      Kill yourself. Srsly. Who’d miss you?

    • Midnighter

      “Same apply[sic] to lesbians as well.”
      That’s hilarious. So not only do you guys get to cherry pick, you can add your own addendum too until your Bible fits whatever twisted garbage you are selling that day.

      Liars and snake oil salesmen the lot of you.

    • I notice that you have refused to answer my questions about what else in the Bible you adhere to and preach.

      As is often the case with the religious, you use your book to bash others, quoting selective texts while ignoring the many other instructions within it because they are just too inconvenient for you to defend, then run away and hide when someone challenges you on the many other aspects of the Bible you selectively CHOOSE to ignore.

      Come on, we’re waiting to hear your opinions on what the Bible states about women, slavery, rape, hair, clothing, diet…

  • Paul J

    Why expose young children to stories about people loving each other when we could be reading them good, wholesome stories from the bible? Like the one about Abraham, who married his sister and then her maid, or the mob who turn up to rape a pious master’s guest, so he offers his concubine and daughter instead and in gratitude they gang rape the concubine all night and then cut her into 12 pieces…

  • Corner el Dorner

    homosexuality isn’t a subgroup of humanity, it’s a disorder like retardation. They are not or could never be a naturally self-sustaining group. There is no country of homosexuals, or any significant group that could reproduce, defend and live independently from heterosexuals. They are therefore, not equal, and don’t not deserve special recognition or rights.

    • David Greensmith

      No one is demanding special recognition or rights, all we’re demanding is equality.

    • S1999

      It’s nothing like retardation – your comment is profoundly stupid, and my advice to you would be to not reproduce, no matter what. I don’t want my taxes propping up your retarded family.

    • Daniel

      heterosexuality isn’t a subgroup of humanity. They are therefore, not equal, and don’t not deserve special recognition or rights. (it works both ways)
      According to the WHO, 12% of couples are infertile, incapable of having children – should they be denied rights?
      Defining rights based on physical characteristics like sexuality is rather infantile, and shows a complete lack of understanding of equality.

    • Derek Northcote

      As the father of a mentally handicapped child I find your post deeply insulting.

      PN. What is the point of the “flag” system if you do not uphold it.

      Do you think this kind of speech acceptable?

      • Michael Bohn

        As a note, enough people have flagged it that the comment is collapsed by default (meaning you can’t read it unless you go out of your way to). It will probably be removed when a moderator gets to it.

    • David H

      To the second part of your comment, I think you’ll find that the Ancient Greeks had a number of gay communities and admired them for their fighting skills. Being gay is no different to having blond hair – it simply is, so your comment about not having equal rights is no different to saying that people with a certain eye colour or hair colour should be deemed inferior.

      I’m never normally lost for words, but I am seriously struggling to find the words to express my absolute disgust not only at the word “retardation” but in the way you clearly view people with any kind of disability. The only way that your comment can be interpreted is that you not only believe that gays are less equal to other people but that disabled people also are somehow less than others.

      You have to be one of the most contemptable utter bastards that this world has ever seen fit to produce.

      • Sacred Band of Thebes – an elite Ancient Greek military unit made up of men and their male lovers who were praised even by their enemies for their skills in battle.

        This army unit became admired and worshiped throughout Greek culture, recognized in history as being perhaps the bravest because they were willing to fight to the death to protect their comrades.

        No one fights harder than someone protecting the person they love.

    • You do realize that a certain former German leader thought the same way about several groups of people, and this is what directly led to the murders of millions of people?

      You have no place determining who is eligible for equal rights.

  • S1999

    How grotesque that this woman is claiming to be victimized. What an insult to her fellow Christians in Africa and the Middle East who are brutally murdered and devastatingly disenfranchised on a daily basis. Is THIS the cause she has chosen to fight for, instead?

  • Glasgow1975

    I look forward to the CLC suing the Government over their policies creating poverty, homelessness and hunger. You know, the actual things Jesus cared about. Funny they only represent bigots who hate gays . . .

  • Hugh Vincelette

    Sharing what they purport to be “truths” is never an act of love, but acts of deep seated hatred with the consequences being violence & bloodshed.

  • allan

    Having had to sit next to a work colleague who would tell me off for not going to church, almost every day – would have a copy of the bible, with red highlighted sections, sitting open on her desk. And would go on and on about me not being married – I had chosen not to come out at this job I understand this issue.
    She scared me as she was not only a bully you could feel the evangelical anger and I knew she’s make my life a nightmare if she ever found out as i was gay. She was part of the senior management team and rather than challenge her I left the job. Shame on me really.
    I can appreciate how staff at this nursery would have felt intimidated as people like this are relentless in their zeal and have no sense of others.
    For sure they should not be allowed to decide what is right or wrong for children as they themselves are so indoctrinated they feel it is their duty to indoctrinate others . They are so incapable of separating their ‘belief’ from day to day tasks and have so little empathy towards others that when challenged they turn really unpleasant not what most people would want from those looking after their kids.
    She will be enjoying her ‘martyrdom’ and will have so many telling her she is doing gods work and pushing her forward.
    Religion of any kind scares the crap out of me especially when it’s combined with low self worth, ignorance and a need to dominate.

  • Daniel

    When will these extremists realise that taking a personal belief system into a workplace is immoral, unethical and improper. Leave your skewed dogma at home, and treat your colleague with dignity and respect; regardless of whether you agree with their “lifestyle” or not.

  • davidbyrden

    There is a long history of incredibly brave Christians who faced death rather than renounce their faith.
    St. Peter was supposedly crucified upside down because he held fast to his Christian beliefs.
    If this nursery worker believed that reading “gay stories” was contrary to her faith, then she should have resigned. It’s a less painful price than what Peter chose.

  • spiritbody

    “The Christian Legal Centre is
    representing Sarah Mbuyi as the latest in a line of Christians who are
    being threatened by a movement to repress Christians from living out a
    genuine expression of their faith”.

    No. If you believe that being gay is ‘sinful’, then the genuine expression of that belief is no to enter into a gay relationship. That is how you observe that belief. Not by demanding that others live in accordence with that belief against their wishes. That is the ARROGANCE of the fundemental religionists. Mind blowing.

    Its absolutely right that young children are introduced to all types of relationips that exist and its right that this woman should leave this job and go and find some other job that doesnt impinge on her morality. It is her duty to make sure she is living in accordence with her morality .Its everyones duty to make sure theyre living in accordence with their moraility. Never expect others to ensure that for you.

  • RobOakes84

    What is a ‘gay story’ – all i can think about is the one with the baby penguin with two daddies? Its not as if they are trying to promote a gay lifestyle to little children. All they are trying to do is show them that you can have two daddies or two mommies. Maybe this nursery worker should move to a country where she can practice her bigotry and spread intolerance to fresh young minds

  • Victor Mattsson

    Lookie, another idiot who doesn’t understand that you leave your religion at home when you go to work.

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