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US: Mother sentenced to life in prison for murdering 4-year-old she thought was gay

  • Junior

    W T actual F?!

  • Homo Demon

    The USA often have some of the most disproportionate sentences in the ‘developed’ world. But 25 years for murderering a defenceless and vulnerable child is somewhat lenient, in my view. I think 30 years would be more proportionate and would reflect what someone would get sentenced for in the UK for a hate crime murder.

    Whilst I don’t belong to the flog them and hang them brigade, I genuinely hope that she gets a hard time in prison and that karma slaps her very hard in the face.

    • Maryland Kid

      You appear to misunderstand the article. She received a life sentence, with eligibility for parole after 25 years. Also, criminal law in the United States is established at the State level. So if you’re going to criticize anybody, then it ought to be the State of Oregon. Though personally, I think that this is a relatively reasonable sentence. I agree that the crime is unforgivable, but people can change a lot in twenty-five years. It seems logical to reassess the case at that point.

      • Homo Demon

        I didn’t misunderstand the article.

        The principle of a ‘life sentence’ appears to be very similar to the UK: someone gets sentenced to life imprisonment and the Judge sets how many years the person should serve.

        Whilst a ‘typical’ murder may attract a sentence (a ‘tariff’) of 20 years, an offence that has more aggravating factors (such as the person being vulnerable or being motivated by racism or homophobia) may attract a sentence of around 30 years.

        You are quiet right to correct me that sentencing is set at state level. I was just remarking that the sentence seems lenient compared to other murderers convicted in the USA. I just wondered whether she was treated ‘leniently’ because she of the child’s perceived sexuality.

        • Maryland Kid

          To be entirely honest, I don’t know very much about criminal law in the United Kingdom. Therefore, I can’t give an informed assessment about how it compares to the United States. However, I do understand how sentencing works in Oregon, because they use a criminal code that is very similar to the one we have in Maryland.

          In this specific case, the defendant was sentenced to life imprisonment with eligibility for parole at twenty-five years. What this means is that twenty-five years from now, a judicial panel will reassess the sentence based on the original ruling and the defendant’s behavior while in prison. At that point, they will have the option of granting the defendant parole, which means that she will be released early. However, they are in no way obligated or even expected to exercise this option, and the review process is very rigorous. If the prisoner is denied parole, they will have to serve out the remainder of the original sentence, which is life imprisonment.

          Also, I don’t think that the sentence seems particularly lenient. Again, all of this differs depending on the State, but generally speaking, what she received is fairly standard for murder as a first-time offense. Not to mention the fact that since she didn’t intend to kill the boy, technically she’s only guilty of criminal negligence and manslaughter in the first degree. It was probably because of the heinous and homophobic nature of her crimes that the prosecution asked for Murder in the First Degree. So if anything, she was probably actually treated much harsher because of the child’s perceived sexuality. As well she should be; what she did was absolutely repulsive.

  • Cal

    No prison sentence would be enough for this monster. She’s no good to anyone.

  • Ropey Wyla

    burn the c*nt at the steak

  • PatrickTheRed

    She beat him because he was gay yet when them big lesbians in prison are finished with her she will be too.

    • crozzy2211

      Right, becasue we all know that a straight person can be converted to being gay, just like gay people can be converted to being straight !

      • Tommy T

        If a bull dyke decides she wants her she WILL be the female dog to her

      • PatrickTheRed

        Being raped every day can definitely change a persons sexuality. Just like how children are abused and then they grow up and go on and abuse others.

  • Maryland Kid

    To me, there is no doubt in my mind that this woman deserves a life sentence. Her crime was unforgivable, and it’s time for her to pay her debt to society.

    I don’t believe in killing her, though, no matter how tempting that might seem. In the end, that’s what separates people like her from people from us. Even if in our case, our reasons would be more just, it’s the fact that we are guided by ethics and not blind emotion that gives us the moral authority to condemn acts like that.

  • Riondo

    Sounds like her scumbag boyfriend copped a plea and ratted on her so she would get the jackpot and he would get off a lot more lightly when he ought to be banged up for good as well. Disgusting but common in such cases, I imagine.

    • Maryland Kid

      I wouldn’t be surprised. Either way, he definitely ought to have gotten more time.

  • Jones

    May she never walk free for as long as she lives.

    • Steven Gregory

      May she soon never walk

  • Steven Gregory

    Good riddance, murderer.
    Too bad this wretch is too ignorant to realize that “nature” or “nurture,” it’s totally her fault her son might be gay. She should have killed herself.

  • Steven Gregory

    Best comment I’ve heard is from my favorite bartender: “This sentence means she won’t have any more kids and no children will be exposed to her.” So sad for her little boy.

    • Joeoz

      My sentiments exactly… I had put up a post a few days ago, saying how it was a good thing that she was now not able to contribute to the gene pool.
      However her boyfriend might still be able to breed? For some reason, Pink News didn’t allow my post on this board…

      • Steven Gregory

        Maybe the boyfriend will “think twice” about harming a child after 25 years of learning there is always someone bigger and meaner than you prison-style.

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