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Robert Mugabe: I pity the Queen over Britain’s gay habits

  • @Mike-uk2011

    You know you’re doing something right when that vile man objects to what you’re doing.

    • Steven Gregory

      If it gets a stamp of disapproval from a despot that means the people are winning.



  • Brett Gibson

    When the president of one of the biggest societal cesspits on earth pities a 1st world, fair and peaceful country……mega lolz

    • Halou

      “President”. The term is used in Zimbabwe to describe a for-life dictator who marries into wealth and sees to it that one of his sons inherits power from him in the event of his death. Many other African countries also mistranslate the word in this way.

      Whereas in pitied old England, we actually stoop so low as to call our monarchs monarchs.

      • tom_beauchamparnold

        And you also, somehow, elect a representative government that appears to work far better than the one in Zimbabwe.

  • Bikerman

    Just go die already and do the world a favour

    • Madgeographer

      He is one of the world’s worst crooks but we shouldn’t write that. It’s really hostile, agressive and truist. It is truist because everybody dies

      • Brett Gibson

        Yeah but some people don’t die soon enough, that was his point, I think.

      • Bikerman

        Don’t tell me what I should and shouldn’t write. It’s not your prerogative. The longer this piece of crap lives the more damage he does to that country and the longer it will take to reconstruct it. I know that I will not live long enough to see Zimbabwe as a thriving, free, successful democracy.

        • Madgeographer

          I will tell you bacause this is not a think we write. This is the thing we think.

          • Jesus_Mohammed

            I think it diminishes us to even think it. But to think and to say that Mugabe’s behaviour is totally wrong is acceptable. We have a responsibility to make such a judgement.

          • Bikerman

            I will say precisely what I wish to say and I will not be ‘policed’ by you. You may not agree with what I write, as is your right, but I have the right to express myself however I wish to. I reserve the right to offend.

          • Madgeographer

            That obviously serves everyone right

          • John Nwosa

            Die Bikerman die. You know you will die before Mugabe.You fork your asses and don’t try to globalize the legality as you have done in your country.

          • Bikerman

            Tell you what mate, go get your best friend to f*ck your ass. You may like it.
            Mugabe will die long before me and I will have a gay party and drink champagne.
            Mugabe will burn in hell for all eternity (if you believe in religion) because he is an evil, murderous piece of crap. He has completely shafted Zimbabwe which will never recover.

        • Jesus_Mohammed

          Bikerman, as ridiculous and evil as a person may behave, none of us have the right to tell that person to die. We lose our own dignity when we do that.

  • Truth

    He really is OBSESSED with homosexuality. In my experience, that means only one thing…..he’s the absolute epitome of a closet case.

    • Rumbelow

      He certainly gets himself all excited and aroused over the topic of homosexuality, I can think of bigger problems in Zimbabwe that he could be fretting over instead.

    • Barry Scarfe

      Indeed. The fact is no truely straight person gives a flying one about what homosexual or bisexual people may or may not get up to in bed. WHY EXACTLY would they? It is simply beyond any form of logic or rationality to be that interested in the private lives of others UNLESS, of course, you were hiding something about yourself and were envious of others ‘getting in on the action’.

      • Jesus_Mohammed

        Lots of truly straight people “give a flying one” about LGBTs. Lots of truly straight people are deluded by religion, or deluded by societal bigotry.

    • Jesus_Mohammed

      A homophobe who is obsessed with the wrongness or the evil of homosexuality is not necessarily a closet case. Such a person can simply believe that they are an agent of righteousness. They are extremists.

  • Cal

    I don’t think Mugabe would approve of this amusing Churchillian anecdote told by Stephen Fry

    • Rumbelow

      Lovely, a great Churchill impression too, thanks for posting the link.

  • Tom (Winnipeg)

    The gorillas are learning to talk, I see.

    • saintlaw


    • Rumbelow

      You are being unkind to gorilla’s, though I have to say it would be better for Zimbabwe and all Zimbabweans if Mugabe was put in a cage and I think that is where he belongs… behind bars in solitary confinement.

    • Steven Gregory

      I don’t for a moment think you are being racist, but the comment could be construed that way. President Obama is often referred to as a monkey or ape by racist detractors.

      • Tom (Winnipeg)

        I have much respect and admiration for Obama. He is one of the greatest!

  • Joe McDougall

    “That wisdom which the likes of Churchill had. Where is it? You don’t see it at all.”

    Obviously nobody told him that Churchill was said to have dabbled (and found gay sex wasn’t to his taste)

    • Halou

      Quite willing to overlook a person’s sexuality when it wasn’t important, Churchill hired Alan Turing to do the computers for him in WW2.
      Contrast to Mugabe who destroyed his country’s agriculture to satisfy a sort of reverse-racism, giving all the farmlands not to actual farmers who knew what to do but to his cronies as a payment for their loyalty.

      • Ionic Column

        What’s “reverse”-racism?

        • lukefromcanada

          blacks going after whites, when its usually whites going after blacks

          • Ionic Column

            Isn’t that just racism? What would it be if Native Americans went after Arabs?

          • lukefromcanada

            yeah it is its much like calling it gay marriage when its just marriage

          • Ionic Column


  • █ █ █ €ώąɲ█ █ █

    I find it funny how he accuses us of being small in intellect.

    He sees the world as racial, its the bottom of the cesspit that sees the world that way

  • ASocialFlutterby

    Oh, one knows. One feels the pressure. The good tailoring, the well co-ordinated outfits, the immaculate grooming. And then those constant rainbows outdoing one’s own brightly hued outfits. It’s just so hard to keep up with the gay habits of one’s citizens. As I keep telling Philip, “You’ve got to smarten up, dear. Oh, do turn up the volume. (Tell him to turn up the volume!) Yes! Smarten up! The Gays are outdoing you. One cannot be upstaged by one’s subjects. One really can’t.”

  • saintlaw

    The shittycunt makes Idi Amin seem sane.

  • JackAlison

    in gods waiting room..wont be long love!
    hes like Pope John paul II (going to be sainted OF COURSE)…the hand puppet of Ratzinger
    evil alziemers rant
    hes a moderrn nero
    fiddles this crap whilehis country is in shambles

  • Ken

    If I was a diplomat posted to Zimbabwe I would talk non-stop about homosexuality to get me out of that hell hole!

  • Joeoz

    Mr Mugabe… I pity the gay Zimbabweans having to put up with
    your utter insane, delusional rantings and ravings…

    At your age Mr Mugabe, have you considered taking a leaf out of
    the last Pope’s book. Have you considered going into retirement
    or perhaps you’re planning to live forever?

  • Liam

    Lol @ all the people in the Mail comment section agreeing with him.

  • roamingcat

    oh shutup Mugabe, save your shity-pity for the people of of africa you subvert with phony christian slavery which you adapted from the very people who made africans slaves. Mehtinks you spend too much time thinking about cock

  • Neil Rhodes

    I cannot make sense of what Mr. Mugabe is saying here. Must be because I, like all other inhumane homosexuals, am intellectually barren. Whoops!

    • Steven Gregory

      Which actually means you’re an intellectual BARON and this despot objects.

      • Neil Rhodes

        Yes, quite true.

  • It’s hilarious to see Mugabe, of all people, commenting on intellect! lol

    It’s also pretty funny that he mentions Churchill, when we know from record that Churchill was quite accepting of gay relationships, even if parliament and the general public were not at the time. Churchill was in favour of individuals freedoms and rights, without influence of Church and state.

    In addition, he claims homosexuality will never be accepted there, when he is factually wrong. All evidence from around the world shows that religious influence is collapsing, Human rights and individual freedoms are increasing, it’s only a matter of time before the youth have the freedom to take a country forward and compete adequately on a world stage.

    Every passing year the youth are evolving a country and a society beyond the bigotries of their parents, there is nothing this idiotic little runt can do about it.

    • fg

      never in zim

  • Mike

    I’m sure our Dear Old Queen, God Bless Her, is wringing her hands every day over her problem with queens(!!!!!)…………….;-)

  • Timmybear

    Funny how he should reference Churchill. “Winston Churchill was woken up one morning when he was Prime Minister to the news a gay scandal had broken in the media. He was told one of his backbench MP’s had been caught with a Guardsman in the bushes. His response was “Last night? It was pretty cold last night wasn’t it.” His messenger responded “yes Prime Minister it was one of the coldest nights in 30 years” to which he replied. “Well it makes you proud to be British doesn’t it.” When are the BNP going to realise Churchill would have had them imprisoned as traitors, he would not have liked their message one bit. “

    • Barry Scarfe

      Churchill was no democrat. The BNP would have been opposed to our intervening in the dispute between Nazi Germany and Poland and would as a nationalist party have advocated what Sir Oswald Mosley said we should do ie ‘Mind Britain’s Business’ and followed a policy of heavily-armed neutrality. Infact, one of the first British servicemen killed in the war was a member of Mosley’s BUF (so much for them all being traitors to the realm and therefore the policy of rounding them up and imprisoning them being right)

  • Barry Scarfe

    I truely pity the fact that Zimbabwe has become a byword for backwardness and typical African incompetence when under the rule of its former British governors and ‘racist’ Ian Smith (when it was known as Rhodesia) it was the ‘breadbasket of Africa’ and used to EXPORT food and now its people are starving!

    • Leonard Woodrow

      I pity Zimbabwe for being saddled with such a backward, bigoted president.

  • Rumbelow

    Vain Mugabe dyes his hair, eyebrows and mini-Hitler moustache, after all he was born in 1924, that makes him 90yrs old if he’s a day and not one grey hair.
    Can’t be long now.

    • Truth

      I wouldn’t bet on it! He spend millions flying all over the world in search of medical intervention – yet believes (allegedly) in god. So why is he doing so much to go against his god’s will? God has obviously given him illness. Yet he fights it, tooth and nail. Isn’t that just as bad, in god’s eyes, as men lying with men? (Get outta THAT one, Roberta!)

  • JD

    Hey mugabe – you nasty, backward neanderthal – scum like you should have died out already, do us ALL a favour and do the same….& DROP DEAD

  • Jesus_Mohammed

    Robert Mugabe appears to believe he is a great philosopher! LOL!

    Robert Mugabe does not seem to have the slightest idea that the civilised world sees him as a very simple person and a tinpot dictator.

  • Paul J

    This is one of the worst “interviews” I have ever seen. The interviewer just asked a series of questions and didn’t follow up on any of Mugabe’s answers. I wondered if the questions had been agreed beforehand as a condition of obtaining the interview. Shameful.

  • Wiaraka

    I pity the ignorance of Mugabe. I happen not to be gay but so what? Everyone has every right to be who they are. This medieval mind set only serves to fan hatred and discord.

  • lee

    we petty the people of your land that you and wide have stolen from your grey vile piece of filth -may the good lord take you very soon

  • Hugh Vincelette

    I’ve no doubt that Her Majesty has little or no respect for Robert Mugabe; dictator for 37 years in a country he has dragged into poverty & shame.

  • Jock S.Trap

    Any other racist dictatorship is rightly dealt with but it seems not a homophobic racist!

  • Chris in LA

    Her Majesty must sleep more easily now, knowing that Mugabe is concerned for her welfare.

  • Rob Oakes

    I feel sorry for the people of Zimbabwe who has to put up with having a despot in power

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