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Tom Daley’s boyfriend Dustin Lance Black furious after college bans him from event over sex photos

  • Philip Marks

    I’d have to examine the photos to see how I feel about this. In detail.

    Seriously, they are really saying he cannot represent because someone found some old private porn including him? In the USA this entitles him to his own reality show! And Tom Daily in the mix… sigh!

    • James!

      He bare backed some twink and filmed it. Yeah he’s a keeper

      • Bobbleobble

        He had unprotected sex with his boyfriend and presumably they made a mutual decision to record that. Stupid maybe but you’ve got him painted as some kind of evil lech with no scruples. I wonder why.

        • James!

          Seen too many good people die for people to normalise or fetishise HIV transmission. It’s true that what he does in his private life is none of my business. When it got in the rags I am allowed to have an opinion. Maybe I’m wrong but if your older and wiser you should set an example.

      • Why is this mans private decisions any of your business? Are you now a self proclaimed authority on gay sex?

        It’s amazing, it really is. In a world where we are attacked by so many others for what we have a right to do in our bedrooms, people like you are attacking others for the PERSONAL DECISIONS THEY MAKE IN THEIR BEDROOMS!

        You do know you are are a complete hypocrite, right?

        Let me try to drum this into your skull… what other people do in their own bedroom is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. Just as it is none of the Christian rights business that you are having sex with other men. Why do you think you get to attack others for going bareback when it’s nothing to do with you?

        • allan

          Well said – – to many people feel they have the right to judge others – it is nobody other than the those involved business.

        • James!

          Nothing says I AM AN IDIOT like caps. Obviously it’s was leaked by him for some reason like kardashian. If gay people in the closet can keep their identity hidden then his pr could have pulled this. It certainly raised his profile.

          • Steven Gregory

            You obviously didn’t read the article, idiot.

        • saintlaw

          “Why do you think you get to attack others for going bareback when it’s nothing to do with you?”

          Because of course gay men have no duty of care toward each other.

          An older gay man has no responsibility toward a younger.

          None toward the wider gay community, let alone toward the community at large.

          Except some dim part of your saurian brain knows they do – hence the hissy fit.

          Let me try and drum this in to your skull: the Christian right’s opposition to homosexuality is not equivalent to the opposition I – and many others – have to selfish sociopaths knowingly putting themselves and others at risk of what is still a life threatening disease simply because it feels good.

          • Philip Marks

            Actually I agree with you, but I have no way of knowing what ACTUALLY happened. Nor do you.

      • Palto

        We’d all probably lose our lunch if your sexual habits got out.

  • James!

    He was barebacking someone young enough to be his son. He lived through the aids crisis and should know better. And he filmed it! The man is a creep

    • G.corr

      Sorry I voted for this by mistake, but while I’m here I might as well ask, is it the age thing you have a problem with or the unprotected sex? As far as I underhand it this wasn’t a casual one night stand they were in a relationship so perhaps the lack of condom was down to trust. And regards the age what’s wrong with that?

      • Serkan M

        20 years. really? I think Toms going to have to start advising him on his pension.

        • allan

          Stupid fuc*** he’s a great looking man and I don’t think after more that year Tom has any problem with his age – you should be so lucky.

          • Serkan M

            You will see. Mark my words. This will not last. And when it ends, I will send you a message to say told ya so.

          • Why do you feel as though you have any right or authority to make such statements about someone elses relationship, motives, actions and sex life?

            What makes you any different to the religious moralists screaming about YOUR life and decisions?

            So what if it doesn’t last, what fuc*king business is it of yours to cast some imagined judgment on the relationships of other people?

            I think you’re on the wrong site, you need to be one some celeb gossip site instead.

          • Serkan M

            Have you really resorted to such profanity really…

          • You don’t know me very well do you?

            It makes me angry to see people being hypocrites, I don’t hide my opinions.

          • Serkan M

            Having an opinions one thing, but being rude and vindictive is another.

            From the way you have spoken, I am glad I don’t know you to be honest.

          • Steven Gregory

            F-cough troll

          • Steven Gregory

            Serkan is a troll. Ignore his goading.

    • Bobbleobble

      Are we allowed to make stuff up now? Cool!

      You seem to have read the article and then created your own little scenario where Black took advantage of a child, forced him to have bareback sex and filmed it without that person’s knowledge none if which appears to be true. Also apparently he should have been psychic and known the pictures would be stolen and released to the press.

      • Cal

        James! is a troll. Ignore.

    • Mark Y

      He had unprotected sex with someone he was in a relationship with – what’s wrong with that? He filmed it – what’s wrong with that? His boyfriend was younger than him – what’s wrong with that?

      More importantly, what has his private life got to do with you?

      • James!

        Well I must be on another planet. In my day spreading HIV was seen as a pretty c()ntish thing to do and not using condoms was unthinkable. Black lived through that but he’s will to let the next generation think HIV is like diabetics or something. It’s just mean and selfish. And if their act was so private how did the world get to see it? Stop being so naive it’s like kim kardashian or Paris Hilton. These things don’t just happen and I have no idea what his motive is.

        • Steven Gregory

          The planet you’re on is YOURANUS, and you’re in headfirst.

          • James!

            What a delightfully piquant wit!

        • sam

          seriously just because you are gay doesn’t automatically give you hiv/aids! if he wasnt in a serious relationship he probably would have used a condom but when you are in a serious relationship, and neither of you have HIV/AIDS then whats the point in using a condom?

    • allan

      Lance Black is quite charming and his sexual partners are none of your business. I also lived through the ‘aids crisis’ even had a partner die in my arms. But what I’ve done in bed since is nobody but the people involved business and it doesn’t make me a creep. So fuc* off.

    • Steven Gregory

      You self-righteous idiot. Black has answered for the barebacking, publicly, and has worked on behalf of safe sex efforts before and since that scandal. Black was 35 when that video was made, how old was the man he was with? He was 27. So Black was an 8-year-old “daddy.” F-cough loser.

    • No, he was bottoming for someone who appears older than him.

  • Bev

    … and yet still, i don’t care.

    • Bobbleobble

      And you don’t care so much that you read the article and took the time to tell us how little you care. Hmm.

      • PK

        Can someone please pop this guy’s bobble… ? Please?

      • Bev

        *slow claps*

  • G.corr

    So what if he has photos out there? He is entitled to have a personal life and to do what he wants so long as he is not harming anyone else. Banning him from speaking is discrimination and passing judgement. Who wants to live in such a Puritan society

  • NigFagNow

    Terms like “personal life” and “private porn” stand out to me here. I think that he made some bad choices and is now dealing with the consequences. ‘Personal’ and ‘private’ things should remain just that. If you’re going to film or take pictures of something like that, you really ought to take responsibility for what might happen. I don’t feel sorry for the man, he should have protected his reputation and himself better… literally.

    • Way to blame the victim.
      I suppose victims of other crimes are also guilty for having “invited it” or “allowed it” to happen?

      How is this any different to blaming a victim of rape for wearing a short skirt or flirting?

      It’s disgusting to see such double standards. He did not break the law, someone else invaded his privacy and broke the law.

      Anyone blaming him for this needs to take a good hard look at themselves, and the University should be utterly ashamed for attacking a victim.

      • NigFagNow

        Oh BlokeToys – calm down. Why do you have to bring rape into it?
        What a ridiculous comparison.

        My personal beliefs would stop me from filming or taking a photo of anything like this.
        I don’t see him as a victim, nor do I anyone else who has videos or images ‘leaked’.
        I think that private lives should stay private and that you should protect yourself and your loved ones.

        This isn’t a debate, it’s a comments thread. Attack everyone who you disagree with but some people have different views than yours. Try respecting that.

        • PK

          OK, Nig Fag Now… You should really sit down when adults talk about respect. Because that “username” of yours says everything we need to know about what your perception of right and wrong is.

          • NigFagNow

            You don’t know how old I am, what my race is or what my sexuality is… Perhaps you should sit down next to me, I’ve saved a space just for someone like you, respectfully of course.

          • PK

            It doesn’t matter how old you are or what race you are. Because 2/3 of your username consists of derogatory terms. You can be a Black Gay (Now) but the rest of us don’t have to look at your “clever” interpretation of that. And then you judge others. Just sayin’

      • Serkan M

        How did someone else invade his privacy? He was happily recorded. If your going to be recorded (by a man who has a jerking website may I add), then be prepared for the consequences.

  • Stephen

    I think the college might simply be trying to be careful.
    Dustin Lance Black has long has a reputation for being an exploitative and predatory chicken hawk. Tom Daley was 18 when 38 year old Dustin Lance Black started dating him.
    But thanks to DLB’s close friendship with Bryan Singer; Singer’s notorious reputation for favouring barely legal teens, and DLB’s own reputation for liking VERY young boyfriends, maybe the college are simply concerned.

    • Stephen

      There’s nothing illegal or immoral about a 40 year old dating an 18 year old, but perhaps in light of the Bryan Singer allegations they are worried that DLB did not age ID the previous teenagers he has been linked to?

    • Mark Y


      • Stephen

        Jealous of what?
        Why would I be jealous of a middle-aged man who only dates teenagers?
        There’s nothing illegal about dating people over 18 but if you are middle aged and someone aged 20 is too old for you to date then it is a matter of curiosity.

        • Bobbleobble

          Why is it a matter of curiosity? So long as he’s not doing anything illegal then why should it interest you at all?

          Sounds more like a matter of prurient gossip and nosiness to me.

        • Serkan M

          What one earth has a 40 year old man dating an 18 year old who has never had a boyfriend for? What on earth could they have in common.

          Not to mention Justin does not have the best of reputations lets be honest.

          • Bobbleobble

            Why is that any of your business? No laws are being broken and both Tom and Dustin seem perfectly happy so why so quick to judge?

          • Serkan M

            Well it is my business when they make this public.

          • Ben

            This ridiculous moral outrage over relationships with age differences is just as ridiculous as the fundamentalist outrage over gays. Just shut up and mind your own business, worry about your own damn relationship.

          • Serkan M

            Why should I shut up. this is a place to post your opinions. If you can’t handle that then don’t comment.

          • And others are posting their well constructed opinions about yours. Welcome to the notion of debate and discussion.

          • Serkan M

            Are you that unintelligent? His comment was

            ‘ Just shut up and mind your own business’

            This is a post to enjoy discussion and debate. Not to tell someone to shut up and restrict others from having an opinion.

          • My personal opinion is that he’s absolutely right. No one has the right to attack others for the personal choices they make with a partner, and to claim some kind of hypocritical moral authority on this is reeks of double standards.

            As for intelligence, I’m not the one claiming to have some form of authority over the sex lives of others, while being a victim of the same from the right wing.

          • Ben

            Why do you care so much about who goes into a relationship with who? The only other people who seem to have this obsession are the crazy right-wingers this site makes fun of constantly.

          • Serkan M

            Still trying to silence me eh ben.

  • I’m pretty stunned at the attitudes here, it’s totally hypocritical of many commenting.

    1. He did not break the law.
    2. He was in a relationship with the person he was with.
    3. The person he was with was of legal age.
    4. He won a court case in which it was indeed made clear that he was a victim and those perpetrating this gross invasion of privacy were the criminals.
    5. What he does in his bedroom is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.
    6. You are a hypocrite if you claim some kind of moral opinion over the sex life of this man.

    You scream bloody murder when others attack you for having sex, but you think you have some imagined “authority” to attack others for having the “kind of sex” you disagree with. Go take a look in the mirror and hang your heads in shame.

    It’s so disappointing to see so many people supposedly supportive of sexual freedom and their own rights turning on someone else in EXACTLY the same way, but I guess just like so many hypocrite Republicans and religious nutters people are only allowed to have the sex you PERSONALLY agree with?

    • Steven Gregory

      Beautifully observed and written.

    • Psychologist

      Very eloquently put ! A well thought through response, thank you.

    • Midnighter

      Well said. Sadly there will never be a shortage of supercilious fools in internet land.

    • Dr Norman Blumenthal

      Actually what he does in bed is our problem, considering homosexuals have been allowed to spread a filthy incurable immunodeficiency virus for 25+ years on the promise of ‘safe sex’. 40,000+ new infections every year, year on year in the USA amongst people self reporting as men who have sex with men. What he does IS a public problem. You see, if there is such a thing as ‘safe’ sex means the corollary that their activities are unsafe.

      • Natasha

        By ‘activities’ I am going to assume you mean sex. The problem is not that homosexuals ‘have been allowed’ to engage in sex at all. The problem with regards to the spreading of HIV is that there are some people with the virus who cease to wear condoms during sex- whether that be vaginal sex, anal sex between a homosexual couple, or anal sex between a heterosexual couple. What Dustin Lance Black does in the privacy of his own bedroom has no bearing on the rest of society.

        The fact that you have described HIV as filthy is just shocking, quite frankly. Devastating, debilitating- yes, but filthy? Your attitude reinforces the stigma associated with the virus that so many people have fought hard to eradicate. A person with HIV is not filthy, what a disgusting thing to imply.

        The whole situation is entirely hypocritical. PCC are so in the wrong here.

      • Sister Mary Clarence

        ‘Dr’ of what exactly? Clearly not medicine.

        The fact that you have attained a sufficient level of education to be awarded the title of doctor, makes your posting all the more shocking though.

        There are many things that could have been done differently by public health officials around the globe to reduce the impact of HIV and AIDS. It is an unwillingness to address the basics like education that have condemned so many to illness and death.

        It as been known for a number of years now that medicating those with HIV would render them incapable of passing on the infection to others once the medication takes effect but only now we are being made aware of this, and armed with that knowledge, medication is still being routinely denied to those newly diagnosed.

        There are many things that have contributed to the world HIV and AIDS crisis, Dustin Lance Black and his boyfriend bumming each other really has no contribution to make.

      • DatBus

        What’s filthy is someone who wears the title “Dr” in their name spewing the kind of abusive nonsense you just did.

      • Rosa

        Would you call a patient with HIV filthy?

  • allan

    His open letter is very brave and I’m glad he has found the courage say enough at last.
    He is a gay man and was having sex with another consenting gay man – and doing it rather well – why should he feel shame and why should those who tried and continue to try humiliate and discredit him go unchallenged. In modern culture we seem to feel that those in the public eye are easy targets. He did not, nor does he now, deserve to be made a scapegoat for being a sexual loving human being.
    Good on him and I hope he now holds his head a little higher as well he should

    • jazatw

      Bravo. Very well put.

  • Homo Demon

    I actually found his comments very well constructed and quiet compelling.

    So called “revenge porn” is quiet topical in The Guardian at the moment. Whilst discussions there are very much framed by this being a heterosexual problem and women (as usual) being the victims, you don’t hear any talk there about the victims being blamed. So why do people feel the need to start judging him?

    From what very little I know about Black, it would seem that Tom Daley was fortunate to meet someone who can provide him with the genuine support, maturity and perspective. The altneative may have involved meeting a person or people that would have messed him around emotionally and lead him astray.

    Black has supported Daley and helped shape him as an emerging gay role model. He has also helped him to carry on with his career as a diver.

    I don’t see why he should be judged by this video. We all have skeletons…

  • Ullrich Braun

    Lance has spent a god deal f his personal time and fortune fighting for our rights and the rights of our children. He is asking for our support now. We need to contact this college and ask them to rectify this injustice.

  • Paul J

    Sadly, it doesn’t look like there will be any photos of DLB and Tom Daley surfacing. As to the original DLB photos, what’s the fuss? It seems as if people can’t really moan about him having consensual sex, so he’s slammed for barebacking. I doubt there are many who have a 100% record on condom use.

  • Pet

    I’m embarrassed of some of my own kind, as usual, but enormously proud of you Lance, as well as of most of my own kind. I admire you. You’re so eloquent, intelligent, self-possessed… I don’t understand why so much hatred when the only thing you have done is fight fiercely for our rights.

    Cheers man. The number of people having your back is far higher then the one of those small judging souls who have never done anything and will never do.

    I wish I had the honour to meet you someday.

  • Steven Gregory

    I have always admired Black. Sorry that PCC are being such jerks.
    Good for him, refusing to be shamed any longer by those pictures.
    “I have never lied about my sexuality. If you invade my privacy, this is what you will find.” Well said.

  • James!

    Men who like young men will lose interest when their current partner grows up it’s a fact I just hope Tom will be strong enough to get over it or dumps him first. Tom seems in love DLB has a fetish.

    • Ullrich Braun

      As does George Clooney who dates 20 year old models and yet you seem to have no problem with that. Double standard?

      • Suddenly Last Bummer

        C’mon dude. George isn’t actually dating ‘dating’ those women, he’s ‘dating’ as in parading them around at red carpet events whilst f**king the a$$ of guys in private. Like Cliff Richard, Travolta and Will Smith its pretty common knowledge.

  • Graham B.

    Dustin Lance Black spews a steady stream of self-righteous bullshit but he’s just an aging club kid and his Oscar is undeserved. PCC is smart to boot him. Respect your graduates by finding a more worthy speaker.

  • Daniel

    Before reading the article, and just from the headline; my first thought was “get over yourself, you displayed all”. Then reading the article and the letter (and a bit more across other sites), my opinion change to “he has a damned good point”.
    Personal photos of what two consenting adults in a relationship are doing together has nothing to do with anyone else. Perhaps the PCC could have bothered to ask DLB about it before arbitrarily dropping him.

  • John

    Why is every one so obsessed by gay sex…..its no big deal….well not with the guys i’ve been with….lol

  • DatBus

    This wouldn’t seem so outrageous to me if they hadn’t invited Perez Hilton in his place.

  • darzan

    ..this all stems from the opinion that Gays should make sure their affections and activities hidden which I find extremely annoying because ‘heterosexuals’ can do what they want whenever with someone of the opposite sex in public, and also pick and choose who they fancy and not have to feel scared of being met with disapproval)….It’s a crap arrangement Mr. Black but there you are…

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