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South and North Carolina gay rights groups join up in same-sex marriage effort

  • Maryland Kid

    To be brutally honest, no informed person believes that the States of the Old Confederacy will pass such a law any time soon. I’m all in support for filing suit against same-sex marriage bans in the Federal Courts and taking the fight to State Legislatures where we stand a chance of winning. But trying to get States like the Carolinas to pass marriage equality laws is simply a waste of energy. It would be a lot more efficient to focus those kinds of efforts on a Federal Solution.

    • Guest

      @shaiyon:disqus , you must not of read the news story because that’s exactly what SC Equality and Equality NC did, our organizations filed a legal brief in Federal court to try and secure marriage equality that way. We know that legislative path is not the best solution which is why we are focused on the Fourth Circuit ruling in Virginia.

      • Maryland Kid

        I’m so sorry, you’re completely right. I honestly have no idea why I thought that it was a legislative effort. My brain must have just clocked out for a moment. This is kind of embarrassing! I promise that I’m normally much better informed than this, though. Good luck with your efforts, and thank you for all your hard work.

  • Jen Jones

    Thanks so much for covering this important story about progress for LGBT people living in the American South.

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