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Mugabe: ‘Any diplomat who talks about homosexuality will be kicked out’ of Zimbabwe

  • Clive

    This is our fault really, we introduced the cult that is Christianity to Africa. I’m not at all surprised that they hold this opinion

    • Cal

      That must take some but not all of the blame.

    • Mark Y

      Right yeah, all our fault. Africans shouldn’t take any responsibility for their hate – its all to do with the white man. Not to mention that many of the african countries that are homophobic are predominantly muslim – I guess that’s the west’s fault too. And then there are those who do not follow monotheism, they’re are also homophobic – is that our fault?

      Maybe we should trace the root of christianity and blame the africans homophobia on the Romans for bringing christianity to the UK in the first place, but then we could go further back and blame the reformed Jews for taking christianity to Rome, I guess it’s all the Jews fault? Nothing to do with the people in the african nations free will. They’re obviously all stupid with no mind of their own. ‘sarcasm’

      • ^GAY-Π.Α.Ο.Κ^Dark Horse^28^

        @ He just tried to claim in other words that our so called Christian ”missionaries” made a damage as well influencing them definitely to end up such atrocious homophobic monsters with their own self destructive nature too of course…We can’t deny this fact that we Christians played a significant role as well..

      • Steven Gregory

        You continue to exhibit spectacular talent for mangling simple statements into imaginary tirades.

    • Steven Gregory

      Large religious organizations in the U.S. are having difficulties with their African membership: at first the numbers were exciting, then it turns out those numbers worked against them when they became a driving force in forming policies.

      For instance: Methodists and Lutherans in the U.S. overwhelmingly approve of equal marriage and the church’s support of G/L families; but because of vast member organizations across Africa, the vote always comes down to quash affirmative recognition.

      This came to a head this year when two different occasions of ministers marrying their homosexual children became issues of church policy. One minister was defrocked, causing huge uproar. The other minister was excused to avoid a similar situation.

      When I read about the Anglican priest who married his longtime gay partner, I thought of those situations: this is going to force the church to make good on its threats or shut up.

  • Marc Webster

    It is you Mugabe that doesnt want anybody else other than yourself to talk about homosexuality as YOUR lies will be found out…..I really hope this evil bastard dies soon to give the Zimbabwe people some hope to move on and better themselves….thats if the person replacing him isnt the same

    • Steven Gregory

      I agree: he’s reprehensible and his overthrow or demise would be celebrated, whether or not the following government is an improvement. According to the pendulum effect, those who follow extremists tend to be more extreme — or if that won’t be tolerated, the pendulum begins to swing the other way.

      • medocadvikian

        Mugabe will die on a holiday. Any day he dies will be declared a holiday!

        • Steven Gregory

          Brilliant circular reasoning.
          I will certainly be willing to raise an ale or TEN.

    • Viscount_Adam

      There is bound to be a violent civil war when the old fart dies. I might even enjoy watching it. Zimbabwe destroyed itself decades ago.

      • Steven Gregory

        He has done nothing to forge a society that feels cared for or that it has anything worth preserving. That is where patriotism usually arises. In Mugabe’s wake, it will be every person grabbing what they can for themselves. Often the family members are slain or exiled to prevent political dynasty. If he hasn’t has kept power all to himself, it shows there is nobody in his family he deems worth grooming to take over.

  • Arr U. Gaetü

    I find it fascinating how being a 12 year old boy “wrestling” with your best friend, naked in your uncle’s barn, will make most people to become enlightened adults, while other people become hateful and bitter.

    Putting a large obvious lock on your closet door only makes people aware you have a closet. Isn’t that right, Putin?

    • Truth

      Some people so fear rejection by their friends, family and society that they will deeply suppress their homosexuality. Some will then turn that suppressed emotion into homophobia and project it outwardly. Personally speaking, I didn’t give a flyong f**k whether I was rejected or not. If my family couldn’t accept me for who I am, f**k ’em. Sadly, society brainwashes people into believing that ‘the family’ is all important. It isn’t. As the old cliche says, ‘you can choose your friends: you can’t choose your family”.

  • Jones

    Margaret Thatcher supported this scum during her premiership even installing him in office. Chief antagonist to the gay community.

    • docMfan

      Oh, come on. He started out pretty popular and democratic. Remember the regime that came before. Everyone thought he was a good thing at the time. Enough of the revisionism – whatever you may think of Maggie.

      • Jones

        Robert Mugabe. Democratic?!?

        • Viscount_Adam

          His party pretended to be before independence and the overthrow of ‘Rhodesia’

  • Daniel

    In exchange, Europe can keep all of its aid money and foreign investment (besides, Mugabe seizes foreign-owned assets regularly anyway). Let Zimbabwe survive entirely on their own and with whatever trade they can wring out of their equally-messed up neighbors.

    • Steven Gregory

      Mugabe already seizes all foreign aid and NGO funds, allowing his people to live in squalor and starve to death. Too bad Zimbabwe doesn’t have oil or gas resources or the United States would have invaded in the name of humanitarianism.

  • Joeoz

    All I can say about this, hateful old man is…
    Robert Mugabe is proof… that there is life after death!

    • Steven Gregory

      But it reeks so…

  • Steven Gregory

    Upon his death the world will probably discover his sexual proclivities didn’t exactly match his boistrous bellowing.

    • Truth

      Precisely! The bigger the homophobe – the bigger the closet case. This man is allegedly a devout Catholic. As such, he will have been brainwashed to believe that being gay is ‘an abomination’. If, as seems obvious to me, he has same-sex attraction, he has become a rabid self-hater. He hates his own homosexuality so much that he can no longer even tolerate any discussion of the subject.

      • Steven Gregory

        Catholics have no room to talk until they clean up their own sordid affairs. What kind of cognitive dissonance must one endure in embracing the strictest policies of the RCC while turning a blind eye to its sex crimes and shielding of sex criminals?

    • JD

      Quite right – ‘He doth protest too much!’

  • Halou

    He seems to like “Europe of yesterday” and it’s principles. I say we go over there and give it all back to Zimbabwe, occupation and all.

    Oh, and let us not also forget that “Europe of yesterday” had that delightful habit of using force to depose the rulers that came before them, another principle that I am sure Mugabe would thank us for going back to.

  • lee

    you still alive you scum bag hopefully not for much longer – its shame countries including the UK have failed to refuse him entry – you are total filth mugabe

    • Steven Gregory

      Beautifully stated

  • Jaramogi

    U do not have to be gay or lesbian or homosexual. But that does not mean that others should not talk about their sexuality. Homosexuality is by nature. So it is prudent to accept it as a nature creation.

  • Dermot Mac Flannchaidh

    Mugabe is a ginormous closet case.

    • Viscount_Adam

      That’s a cruel thing to attribute to the gay community as a whole!

      • Dermot Mac Flannchaidh

        Why? We’re out and proud. There are two kinds of people who know they’re gay who are in the closet – those who merely haven’t come out yet, and those who hate gay people and being gay. Mugabe is the latter.

      • Cpt_Justice

        I think, rather, that it’s an incitement of bigotry; that it twists everything, even the targets of it. Normal gay people are not like this, only those who are sick with self-loathing. Mugabe is the extreme equivalent of all those virulently anti-gay American politicians who end up being found with gay men.

  • Cal

    I’m guessing that some people from the civilised world who work in Zimbabwe on government appointments can think of better places to be. Now they have your way out. Just say “Gay people should be treated fairly” and off they go.

    • drew lewis

      “Let Europe keep their homosexual nonsense there and live with it. We will never have it here”

      Mugabe ignores the fact that Zimbabwe has already ‘had it there’ in the person of his predecessor in office, Canaan Banana, who had to resign the presidency after a sexual abuse scandal involving his presidential guard. He used to have them drugged and then proceeded, in his own words, to ‘help myself’!

  • JD

    That gives me an idea – Any Homophobic Diplomat will be kicked out of the UK –

    • Viscount_Adam

      You’d decimate the Lords and the Commons, too, doing that! Hahaha!

  • Mike

    I would like this dreadful excuse for a human being to drop dead….!

  • VeggieTart

    Meanwhile, American evangelicals promoting “kill the gays” laws are perfectly welcome in sub-Saharan African nations. I guess THEIR “Western influence” is okay?

  • Viscount_Adam

    I just wish that this old codger would hurry up and die – then just watch is cult of personality Party implode and disintegrate!



  • medocadvikian

    Why would any country send a diplomat to this country? Zimbabwe isn’t worth the expense to keep an office open, much less a consulate or an embassy.

  • Einstein

    Getting thrown out of Zimbabwe is like being refused admission to hell. Bummer!

  • Todd Bridges

    Just Mugabe being Mugabe. Here’s to hoping he is on borrowed time.

  • Si

    How is getting thrown out of that toilet bowl of a nation a punishment? He might find everyone’s talking about it now, although I don’t know of any African who’s so obsessed with homosexuality as Mugabe.

  • Lee Hoyle

    But Mugabe himself is GAY

    • Si

      I hope not. That would be terrible PR for LGBTQ. I wouldn’t defend him if he was. He could go to the lions with the homophobic Christian missionaries.

  • Hugh Vincelette

    In addition to his barbaric attitudes towards gays, he took the country from being an export country for agricultural products to a needy country seeking handouts. Regrettably, I don’t remember the website, but I was shown , a couple of years ago, a site with photos of his residences & personal holdings , which are incredibly sumptuous. He seized land from white farmers who had successfully farmed the land for generations , to give to black farmers with no knowledge of how to farm productively, & often gave a nod to killing these former land owners. I’d like to see maps return to calling the country Rhodesia.

  • soapbubblequeen

    Someone should kick your face in till you die, you PIECE Of FILTH!!

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