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Islamic preacher who says gays should be thrown off mountains for ‘evil sin’ banned from London uni

  • Robert W. Pierce

    A good decision, but what is our Home Office doing about U.S. hate mongers, Scott Lively and ‘Porno Pete’ LaBarbera? To date, NOTHING!

    • rapture

      yeah , it would be wise to ban these fascists from even entering the country, However, with the now established british islamofascist speakers , there definitely needs to be a ban on their invitation to events.

      • Robert W. Pierce

        Scott Lively was invited to the Oxford debates last year but didn’t turn up. Will be interesting to see if they extend another invitation.

  • dave

    Did he say “abdominal action which goes against humanity” or was it “abominable action which goes against humanity?”

  • Jones

    As it should be. He should also be banned from speaking in public or at any educational establishment.

    • I mentioned this on another post, but I believe we need to have a new system in place where the historical statements of radicals like this (regardless of their religious affiliation) should be used as evidence to decide whether their appearance is acceptable in such a venue.

      The problem we have is that Universities should be a place of free expression and learning, but these individuals are against that while also using it in their favour. Like most radicals, they believe in THEIR rights to preach, and they preach about REMOVING the rights of others. The contradiction is completely lost on them.

      This is a fundamental flaw in the debate and a good enough reason to reject them entirely from public discussion.

      If a case can be put that such a person has expressed extremist views in the past, there should be a law in place to prevent them from speaking in the future. Basically, the right to free expression should be upheld, as long as that right is not being used and abused by radicals to attack others. If someone has made such statements in the past, groups should be able to present this evidence of historical extremism to the state and authorities to block them from appearing at any venue or to any audience.

  • Brett Gibson

    He should be thrown out the country and returned to whatever cesspool he came from.

    • Paula Thomas

      Hate to be the one to point this out but I think at one of these two is British born.

      • Brett Gibson

        Well then they should be thrown in jail to rot for the rest of their lives.

        • If we start locking people up for having disgusting views then are we any better than other countries who lock people up for political reasons?
          We can’t just start punishing people based on public mood. There has to be a law broken and charges made.

          However abhorrent their views are, they have presumably not broken any laws in preaching their nonsense. So, locking them up would be criminal.

          We’re taking the right action here, these people are being rejected, their views are clearly not acceptable to the vast majority of people.

          We don’t need to lock them up, we just need to make sure that they are not given a platform from which to preach their bullsh*t.

          • Derek Northcote

            I’m pretty sure if I were to go around calling for a specific group of people to be thrown off mountains, I would be swiftly locked up.

            Why is this freak any different just because of his silly “faith”.

          • gutaitas

            Whilst I agree that people should be free to speak their opinions freely, there are laws against enticement to violence. Surely when a preacher, who speaks to people who follow his advice, says gay people should be murdered, it falls within that category, right?

          • He is inciting people to through gays from a mountain top. How much more do you need before you say enough?

          • kane

            gosh, some of drag queens are equally cringey

          • Rumbelow

            You are so smug in your dhimmitude kane.

          • kane

            i see what you just did there, god you are good

          • Hugh Vincelette

            Additionally, his incitement is not far fetched, as in some Muslim countries the punishment for being gay can be to be pushed off a rooftop. Disagreement based on preposterous religious beliefs is one thing; suggesting a lethal punishment for same; must be illegal.

          • James Lovelace

            “they are not given a platform from which to preach their bullsh*t.”

            There are 1000s of mosques in the UK where they can preach this stuff. Don’t you remember that Panorama showed in 2010 that in the UK 5,000 muslim kids a week were being taught to kill gay people? All the so-called “moderate muslims” did was tut-tut about all the “BNP schools” in Britain (which do not exist at all).

            The koran is a book of hatred. Chapter 9 of the koran is the last words supposedly given to Mohammed. Chapter 9 contains the verses which command muslims to “kill the unbelievers wherever you find them”.

            The koran must be banned.

          • kane

            edl much?

          • James Lovelace

            EDL are far too tame. They think there are moderate muslims, when the penultimate chapter of the koran which “allah” gave to Mohammed was chapter 9. Koran 9:5 commands muslims to “kill the unbelievers wherever you find them”.

            If you are happy to support a genocidal ideology, have a nice life.




          • kostas.lacon

            Soon Europe will be an islamic territory and the gays will be victims of their simplicity and ignorance .

    • Bilal

      Why thrown out of the country? Because he’s brown? The guy was born here. Probably his parents were too.

      Should Peter Tatchell, Nick Griffin, and EDL members be thrown out of this country? Tatchell is from Australia. Yes, that’s right – a white men is the foreign immigrant, not the brown Muslim.

      • Peter Finn

        Tatchell is not asking to kill anyone! He is welcome!!!

  • James!

    Silly man trying to hide his true desires. It’s so obvious he want a fat cock up his backside. I hate football and never pass comment on it I move on. Why what I do should bother his is jealously.

  • rapture

    He probably has an invite to speak at soas or lse or another english university where extremists are being radicalised. All public institutions and private should ban all islamo/Christo fascist hate speakers and radicalised terrorists from performing at any event.

    • James Lovelace

      ” All public institutions and private should ban all ”

      You mean like the 25 schools in Birmingham currently under investigation?

      Or the 20 national islamo-nazi organisations in the UK, saying things like “implement full sharia law” (i.e. kill gays).

      Organisations like Hizb ut Tahrir (who Tatchell condemned as Nazis) used to be able to get 10,000 muslims to a conference. Labour and Tories cannot get that many people to a conference.

      Islamo-nazism is now endemic among British muslims. One survey in 2007 found that 61% to 70% of British muslims want gay people “criminalised” and “punished” (probably they want us dead). And the young adult muslims were worse Nazis than their parents).

      • rapture

        Islamofascism is endemic , but most people appear to be completely unaware of this, as they exist/live/associate within their own monoculture or are in denial, or just accepting because they are more fearful of being called a racist,( as a weapon of silencing critics from the islamofascists) than protecting their children from a very bleak future.
        In some way,it’s better that more outspoken british Nazis like this are growing in number, than those using the agenda of demographic birth rate growth and other forms of stealth and lies to promote their ultimate agenda of a sharia state. There will have to come a point where people can no longer bury their head in the sand, so much better actually a fascist like this who spews his evil openly than those who operate insidiously and go undetected using manipulatively the race/religion/culture cards.

  • Davey Baalmann

    These clerics need to be put in jail for preaching hate crimes! How dare they cram that dogma down our throats? If they want to preach hate lock them up..

    • kane

      thats not gonna happen, init?

    • Davey Baalmann

      You are entitled to your opinion. The only way to stop the idiots who preach hate and violence against people is to bring consequences to their actions. If you preach it, teach it or do it, lock em up!

  • Go watch the Youtube video linked in the article and then report it for homophobia and inciting muder.
    Take away these people’s lifeblood. An audience

    • James Lovelace

      Like they don’t have 1000 mosques where they can preach this.

      I’m all for closing down each and every mosque. And banning that book of genocide, known as “the koran”.

      • kane

        so james, how does it feel to be a fascist ?

        • Rumbelow

          Tell us how it feels to be a Dhimmi kane.

          • kane

            im sure you would know

          • Bilal

            What are EDL posters doing on here?

        • James Lovelace

          You are the typical hypocrite. You would demand that any school in Britain which indoctrinated children in fascism/nazism should be closed immediately. Yet in 2010 Panorama disclosed there were 5000 muslim kids a week in Britain being taught to kill gays. Where were your calls to close down those schools?

          Now it is coming out that there are 25 such schools in Birmingham alone.

          Islam has been responsible for more deaths in the history of the world than any other ideology. Mohammed ended his life telling muslims to kill all non-muslims. And you support this??

          Go and look at 009.005 of that, the penultimate chapter of the koran. Where did Mussolini even say something so evil?

          I despise Mussolini and all the forms of fascism which followed him. Just like we should close down any fascist, nazi meeting place, so I would close down any muslim meeting place..

          I expect your ignorance of fascism (a form of socialism) is only surpassed by your ignorance of islam.

          • Bilal

            I recall that a mere 70 years ago, so-called civilised white Christians were responsible for two world wars and a holocaust, not to mention colonialism.

            Your bias is only surpassed by your racism. Of course, by Islam and Muslims you mean brown people you don’t agree with, as this is what Muslims are in this country.

    • rapture

      I’ve seen enough of those type vids on youtube, it’s intimidating and frightening to think some of these monsters live in our areas. And it’s also depressing to read the overwhelming support from british muslims in the comments section of such hatred.

  • wadeisin1971

    God doesn’t preach hate for his children through self-righteous, self-promoting jerks like this Muslim Taliban.

  • Rumbelow

    It’s not really enough, he should be arrested and charged with inciting hatred and murder, just how do they get away with it?

  • Joanne Cooper

    Why doesn’t someone throw him off a cliff and see how he likes it and everyone else who supports him.

    • Lamia

      Absolutely. It is a disgrace that the police fail to arrest any of the numerous Islamist preachers who opnely advocate our murder. The police officers who fail to act should be sacked without a pension. Useless bastards.

  • ian123

    Clowns like this make a better argument for secularism than an army of Richard Dawkins could manage.

  • ChrisInLA

    Britain, like most Western countries, accords respect and tolerance to religion and to clerics, because they are supposed to be in the business of love and peace. It is time to withdraw tolerance from religions and clerics whose main emphasis is on hate and division. These people are openly espousing crimes of violence against other people. They should be treated as the criminals they are. Their use of religion to incite crime should be publicly condemned by Parliament and religious leaders.

    • Hugh Vincelette

      As a Canadian, I could not agree more! I have always wondered what criteria is used for admission to Canada, & I feel that some Commonwealth countries should be ejected from the Commonwealth.

  • Robert W. Pierce

    Do any of you find it interesting that not one religious leader of the two other mainstream faiths, Christianity and Judaism haven’t condemned this? By their silence, do they give consent?

    • Rumbelow

      The major religions like to support each other in their intrinsic homophobia, they are quite happy for either their own extremists or extremists linked with another religion to do their dirty work for them. Anti-gay sentiment is pretty much the only thing they have in common.

  • guy

    There should be a law passed that says if you incite people to commit a crime .
    You go to prison or if your not British born your out of country forever .

    • speedgeek

      I thought it already existed “conspiracy to commit an offense” or something….

  • kane

    another self appointed guru, that is morally bankrupted

  • Rumbelow

    “Be a little fairy preacher for Islam”
    Alan Carr’s pink wings and fairy wand would suit Murtaza Khan.

    • Psychologist

      Yes, Indeed !

  • Omar

    It’s time they banned Muslim hate preacher. Muslim LGBT are very happy to hear this news. I prefer all Muslim preachers banned from every university in England.

    • Bilal

      I’m Muslim and I’m gay, and I’m not happy to ban people just because they are Muslim. So you certainly don’t speak for me.

  • Mike

    I seem to remember the devil told Jesus to throw himself off the top of a mountain so the angels could catch him. If we Gays are to thrown off the tops of mountains, I hope the fairies catch us(!!!!)

  • soapbubb

    Send every damn one of them back to the desert where they belong. Arrest them, revoke their visas and frogmarch them to Heathrow. No exceptions. If they wail about their families, send them with them. Bunch of cu6nts.

  • davidbyrden

    Would somebody please take Mr. Khan’s rants and hatred to the Prime Minister and tell him Look, this is what you eventually get if you “do god”.

  • Bilal

    I’m gay and Muslim. I have no truck for people who promote homophobia, but they digust me less than some of the quite openly racist commentary here. Who the hell do you people think you are? Muslims are British, born in this country and if you don’t like it, then get the hell out of my country.

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