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Gay X-Men director Bryan Singer denies raping 17-year-old boy

  • fagburn

    ’17 year old man’ surely?

    • Keir

      I’m 17, would never call myself a man.

    • Rehan

      Most UK papers and sites would only refer to a male 18 or over as a man.

  • Fjalur

    He’s definitely a creep but that’s far away from being a rapist.

    • Casually_Observant

      We will see what evidence is brought forward. Until then, we cannot say for sure who is telling the truth here.

    • Steven Gregory

      Singer is “definitely” a creep?
      I interviewed writer Dan Harris, a young writer who worked with Singer on ‘X-Men 2,’ and he spoke very highly of the director and that experience a couple of years after. Then Harris went on to work with Singer on ‘Superman Returns’ and I landed another interview. Harris’ publicist just released that he is slated to work with Singer on another installment of ‘X-Men’ in 2016. Please share what you know. Dan certainly doesn’t seem put off.

      • Casually_Observant

        Speaking about someone’s professional work demeanor has nothing to do with their private, sexual behavior, now does it? I doubt that Dan would want to bite the hand that feeds him, anyway.

    • speedgeek

      Creep? Sir Ian and Sir Patrick seem to be ok with him…..enough to work with him on several occasions, forgoing the many other offers which we can safely assume they had.

      • Casually_Observant

        Yes, well this reminds me of the Catholic Church who protected their own and allowed terrible abuse to continue and looked the other way for years and years, destroying the lives of thousands of young men in the process! Two notable gay actors are not going to turn in one of their own, now are they? Especially if they didn’t see it. (Or more especially if they attended some of these “fun” parties.) No – not if he’ll give them more paying work!
        Here’s what I’m seeing here guys – this is just like a big political party where no one will take to task the wrong doings of their fellow men, but they would scream to high heaven if it was the opposing party’s man.
        All people need to be analytical and take the high road here and weigh all evidence and if it shows improper, illegal, or damaging behavior you should not support it, period. This is how people get the wrong idea about the gay community. Put your foot down people! Stand for something and be accountable. That is all.

        • speedgeek

          Sir Patrick Stewart is not gay, he has been married, the last time quite recently, and his son has appeared in Star Trek: TNG with him. You may find it hard to believe, but some straight people, like Sir Patrick, are open-minded and secure enough to have gay friends, and he has several, Sir Ian McKellen, Sir Derek Jacobi, Singer….

  • darzan

    ..this does nothing to me—if it’s the young mans word against his then I’m afraid I don’t buy it. Where’s the proof anyway? Just because a Hollywood director has loads of money why should he go along and pay this…

    • Casually_Observant

      So, what proof could he provide to satisfy you? Hmm?
      How about this: a 33 year-old gay Hollywood producer is inviting young male teenagers (how flattering to them) to come to his amazing parties. Perhaps he also used proven techniques to lure them such as saying that he saw “potential” in them and maybe could offer a small part in one of his next movies. Oh – and also that they would “get to meet other Hollywood producers and stars, too.”
      I’m guessing he also paid for them to fly to Hawaii, also, otherwise how would these teenagers be able to afford that? Once these boys arrived, alcohol and cocaine were provided to them. How many naïve young persons (male or female) would not be excited to be invited to one of these parties? I doubt, though, that they would expect to be drugged into unconsciousness and raped, afterwards.
      Does none of this raise any red flags with you?

      • Paul J

        It doesn’t raise any red flags with me, other than it seems hazardous to be successful and openly gay. However, your attempts to fill in the details with fantasies about naïve young men being drugged and raped and your tales of gay paedophiles operating everywhere are mildly amusing in their ridiculousness.

        • Steven Gregory

          I won’t defend Singer, because I don’t know heck about him. I do know he dated a college fratboy-type porn model from Sean Cody or Corbin Fisher, but if I could, so would I. I also won’t accuse or defend Egan, but the press conference and all seems extremely seedy.

      • Steven Gregory

        According to Egan’s willing tales of the multiple times he was “passed around” and raped, the parties weren’t of Singer’s concoction, but Singer was a guest.

        • Freddy

          Would you happen to be Singers paid apologist? , I read all your comments, it would appears you are an expert on all the youth that goes to find work in Hollywood.

          • speedgeek

            Bryan Singer is a very good-looking man, imo, and a charming one in interviews, and according to those who have worked with him. I doubt that the likes of Sir Ian McKellan and Sir Patrick Stewart would work repeatedly with him if they had any doubts about his morality……they do not need the work that desperately!

      • speedgeek

        None at all, if the accuser told all concerned he was over 18. After all, Tom Daley was 19 when he was invited to the party where he met DLB. Tom did the running, there. How do we know the boy did not ask for an invite, saying he was 18?

  • Mark Y

    ‘boy’ – really? 17 years olds are boys? Sort your headlines out pink news.

    How dreadful that he was forced to take cocaine at Hollywood parties. ‘sarcasm’.

    • Casually_Observant

      I have a son who is a very handsome, fit, athlete. He was shaving at 14 and was 6ft and 190 lbs. of muscular fitness at 15. He also was very bright and analytical, so I can say for certain he was fairly aware – at least as much as he could be at that age. Before he could drive, I would drop him and his football buddies off at the gym for a workout or at the mall to meet kids from high school. On numerous occasions, he would happily recount how some adult male had approached him, asking him if he would like to “model” or attend some event or come to some “church party”. Then, they would say, “You are 18 aren’t you?” When he said no, they said, “Well, here’s my card. Call me when you turn 18.” (wink, wink) These business cards always had a P.O. box for an address and had some title such as “Photographer” or “Youth minister”. One time an older woman approached him and his buddies at the gym and wanted to invite them to her church so she could help them in their religious training. She wrote down her phone number and gave it to my son.
      I recognized exactly what these people were up to and told him what had just occurred. He was shocked. He had no idea that they were predatory adults as he had never experienced that before. He had simply been flattered by their attention.
      My point to this is that the young man who has come forward may not have had an adult in his life to protect him from this and he fell victim to all the flattery and didn’t know what he had gotten himself into until it was too late.

      • Suddenly Last Bummer

        Pics please.

        • Casually_Observant

          Ha, ha, you wish!

      • Steven Gregory

        There is also the possibility that the “boy” in this case wasn’t a victim, but an opportunist.

        • Steven Gregory

          This thumbnail has shown up for several video posts, but the posts have been taken down. If that is Singer in the plaid (it looks like his lips, which are very distinctive in color) and “the boy” Egan, perhaps one can see how an error in estimating his age could be made. Egan confesses being at the parties and being naked as he was “passed around.” At his press conference today, Egan is wearing a wrist cuff similar to the one being worn by the shirtless person in this photo.

      • Mark Y

        He was 17. At 17, if you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s because you have learning difficulties – in which case, it would be wrong. But this young man wasn’t some vulnerable little ‘boy’. He’d moved to LA to get into the movie business, he went to sex parties to try and get roles, took drugs, lived the life. Then regretted it. Oh well, tough. He made bad decisions, he should take responsibility, and not blame others for it – and attempt to make money in the process and try and ruin someone else’s life.

  • Andy Millan

    The poor love was so traumatised he waited 15 years to tell anyone. If he was raped why not report it at the time? There were several parties why did he keep going back? How do you force someone to go to a party? Now i know that the age of consent in several states is 18 but to call a 17 year old a boy is stretching it a bit don’t you think?

    • Casually_Observant

      Perhaps you should read a little more about the psychological trauma that happens when a rape occurs, particularly when it is male on male. Often the victim never reports it because of the humiliation and ridicule they will endure when they do come forward, such as your comment above.
      I am against false accusations, and if they are false, he should be held accountable for them. But, I cannot see why any male would want to suffer the indignities, humiliation and public shame for a few bucks, if it is not true.
      And, frankly it looks like he is not asking for much, considering. Time will tell.

      • Steven Gregory

        “for a few bucks”
        If it seems like he’s not asking much, consider that his complaint was accompanied by a press conference at which Egan appeared and answered reporter’s questions: which may bring cause him difficulty as inconsistencies in his answers are already being parsed by reporters and media analysts.

        Perhaps you haven’t been in gay strip clubs or bath houses where dancers strip nude and invite being handled for dollars.

      • speedgeek

        You cannot say “I was too traumatised and ashamed to come forward” when you have called a very public press conference to make your charges! I think he knows the case will crash and burn, but too often in these cases the complainant becomes a “celeb” in their own right…..

  • Casually_Observant

    The young man was a teenager under the age of consent. If these allegations are true, the victim was 17 and the offender was 33 years old. This constitutes a number of crimes including rape. There have been many actors and celebrities who have stated publicly that Hollywood is full of gay pedophiles. Some of the members of a well-known “boy band” have stated publicly that they were constantly sexually harassed, intimidated and manipulated by their older male managers, producers, etc., and that it was a serious problem that needed to be stopped.
    Don’t you wonder why this teenager (and others) were invited to these adult parties over and over and allowed to partake in alcohol, drugs, etc.? Why? Well, it’s pretty clear to me. If it isn’t to you, then you need to examine why not.
    Frankly, I don’t doubt it’s taken the victim this long to come forward. He most likely has been suffering for years privately with shame, humiliation, anger, confusion, and now is finally able to deal with it and decided to punish the person(s) who committed these crimes against him.

    • Steven Gregory

      I don’t for a second doubt there are plenty of pedophiles in Hollywood, but there are also a lot of teenage opportunists.

      • Casually_Observant

        Yes, these “teenage opportunists” as you say, are too young to vote, smoke cigarettes or enter into a legally binding contract, but certainly O.K. in your mind to be fully responsible and accountable for knowing that their attendance at a party would mean they were in agreement to being plied with cocaine and alcohol, stripped naked and sexually used by much older, much more seasoned and intelligent men for their own pleasure, with no consequences for the older men, right?
        Egad! Do none of you have any moral conscience left?

        • Steven Gregory

          And you got all of that from my comment.
          You have a fertile mind and a huge psychological flaw.

          • Casually_Observant

            I got all of that from your MULTIPLE comments.
            And the only flaw I suffer from is years of experience and responsibility that comes from choosing to raise and protect two children in a world that has become very full of debauchery and self-interest, where doing the right thing and putting someone else’s needs above your own seems to have been forgotten by many.

          • Steven Gregory

            And where in my comments did I state or suggest that attendance at a party would mean they were in agreement to being plied with cocaine and alcohol, stripped naked and sexually used with no consequences for older men? Nowhere, only in your wild summation based on NONE of my writings.

            You, meanwhile, offer up a description of your own son as if you’re auctioning him for gay slave night at a leather bar.

            You’re a creep, a time-waster, you twist people’s comments, and you a liar.

    • speedgeek

      Lot of “if”s there. Before wrecking a brilliant man’s stellar career, I would need more evidence…..

      • Steven Gregory

        Well said.
        You should see what he made out of my comments. “Casually_Observant” is actually an active mangler of misinformation.

        Speaking of information, have you seen the numerous articles where Singer’s production company is prepared to produce evidence that Singer was in Canada working on X-MEN II on the dates of the allegations? They claim to have travel tickets, hotel accommodations, a stamped passport, production schedules, script changes, and production stills (used for continuity) with Singer in the frame.

  • Steven Gregory

    In most of the United States, the age of consent is still 18, and courts interpret this with great latitude. There have even been statutory rape convictions of a 18-yo male and 17-yo female, even though the pair had been dating since their early teens.

    I don’t doubt the “boy” in this case did cocaine or had sex with men — maybe even Singer. I’ve seen many teens who are remarkably mature physically, or who wheedle their way into parties where they think the guests could benefit them.

    This just reeks of a golddigger digging.

  • JackAlison

    Im sorry this is not the shire
    and this guy is not a hobbit
    this is hollywood
    and every1 who aspires to get to the top knows EXACTLY all the cliched ways to do it
    “the casting couch”
    “my producer is taking an interest in my career”
    “were heading out of LA for a quiet weekend with a few friends…wanna come?”
    “here take this …itll make u feel better”

    you would be surprised how many straight guys will suck d*ck to get a part.
    it is a cut throat business and people will do anything to get a break.
    so please…..

  • tex2

    Rape is terrible, and Amway has financially raped millions of people:

    • Steven Gregory

      Amway = Evangelical Bullsht

      • tex2

        Not only that, but Amway is both an illegal pyramid and a RICO fraudulent scam.

  • jamestornto

    Teenagers seem to throw the word “rape” around these days like confetti at a wedding. There are far, far too many cases of REAL rape of young males and females that NEVER even get reported. And and I am talking about full physical rape of the most brutal kind. I cannot say whether this young man was raped or not but I am just disturbed by so many young people just blurting out the word “rape” for convenience. This is a super serious charge that can destroy the lives of those named but have little, if any, consequence on the the accuser.

    I, a completely gay man with absolutely no interest in women (sexually), was accused of rape for simply holding a young girl’s hand across a table to assure her she would be all right if she thought about rehab. Thanks to video surveillance and on hand witnesses (this did not happen in a closed room) , she was charged for false accusations, found guilty, then released. She did it three more times with others until finally sentenced to jail.

    Being raped is horrific! Being falsely accused of it is just as much a nightmare.

    Anyone who has monitored my posts in the past might know that I was a victim of both. This is a horrific charge that the innocent should never have to bear B UT that the guilty should carry for the rest of their lives. (They do not rehabilitate, they only shift their crime elsewhere).

    • speedgeek

      Years before the Roach and LeVell cases, another Street star (then better known for comedy) was tried, convicted and imprisoned for rape. It was some time before the “victim” was confronted and confessed that she had lied.
      Yet if one suggests the liars should be punished, one is shouted down as “defending rapists”

  • Joeoz

    I’ve read this article twice as I wanted to be sure of what was being said…
    So Michael Egan is claiming that he was drugged and raped at several parties
    by Bryan Singer… No one here knows what really did happen…

    To get to my point, if Michael Egan was rapped and drugged at one party…
    why on earth did he attend other several parties? Surely he would have known
    what would happen at these other parties?

    Did Micheal Egan seek any medical attention after he was allegedly raped
    and drugged? If no medical attention was sought at the time, then where is
    the evidence… it all appears to be Michael Egan’s word against Bryan Singer’s

    • Vini Bhatt

      Actually, if you ‘d have read other articles in connection with this story, you’d know that this is but ONE of the allegations against Singer. This story first came out in 2000 (around the time of first x-men) when the accuser, Egan, then 17, reported him to LAPD. He claimed that the abuse had been going on since he was 13-14. The case was then brought to FBI, but buried (prolly because Egan was a nobody)

      The party where Egan was introduced to Singer was at the home of Coller(or Colter)-something (who’s prolly a PR-agent or a casting director who works with child artistes) who’s a registered sex offender, who PLEAD GUILTY to abusing MINORS in 2004 (apparently he left the country after this news got out). Egan, also, has claimed that he wasn’t the only one being used as the party favour, he was ONE of the them, and he has named a bunch of other people, but Singer’s name manages to stick out because he is the most popular.

      Also, in case you haven’t read the reports, Egan claims that when he tried refusing to attend parties, Coller-whatever threatened him, including that one time where he was assaulted at gun-point then made to attend anyhow.

      And this whole is being blown-wide open now, is because the director of West of Memphis (who also did an expose on Sex Abuse in Church) is doing an expose on sex abuse in Hollywood and Singer was ONE of the people named… [And perhaps someone from victim’s social circle (friend or family), maybe, encouraged him to finally speak up, I think.] – “The Daily Mail claims that Michael Egan, the 31-year-old man who filed the civil suit against Singer in Hawaii, has been cooperating with Berg on the documentary. Berg has been working on the doc for the past two years, though it’s unclear how long Egan has been involved or if he was interviewed for the movie. Variety was able to confirm that the documentary includes allegations about Singer, though Berg expressed surprise that Egan had come forward with his lawsuit.

      If you want more receipts, Google is your friend.

      • speedgeek

        Singer is a target for money-grabbers and opportunists, as he is a hugely successful gay man. this is not the first time he has been targeted. He was accused of filming 17 year old Brad Renfro naked in a shower scene for Apt Pupil. Of course, a film crew was present, and he was cleared.
        Very tenuous “explanation” for his allegedly repeatedly attending parties where he knew he would be raped. He could report to the police, or simply run away. He would not be pursued, I am guessing, as there would be plenty of young men to replace him….nor do I believe he was raped, for the same reason, young gay men seduced by the bright lights and promises of stardom are two a penny….

        • Steven Gregory

          And now there are numerous reports that Singer was in Canada working on X-MEN II at the time of the allegations by Egan. Singer’s production company is prepared to produce travel tickets, hotel accommodations, a stamped passport,
          production schedules, script changes, and production stills (used for
          continuity) with Singer in the frame.

          And in the past couple of days Egan has filed suit against three other individuals.

  • RedDevil9

    We don’t actually know do we. If the charges lead to a trial then let it takes its course. I’m not into this trial by media nonsense. I feel the same about anyone who’s been accused in Operation Yewtree too. Until they’ve been tried properly, had their day in court with both sides being heard, we just don’t know.

  • saintlaw

    Wow. Loads of posts of the ‘he was at the parties so he was fair game’ variety. Because of course an older gay man owes no duty of care toward a much younger and impressionable gay man does he?

    Sometimes, just sometimes the best thing said older man can do for a teenager – even a teenage admirer – is not f*ck them, you know?

    • speedgeek

      We are not talking about a quick shag between consenting parties, we are talking about drugging an under-age male and raping him. World of difference.

  • sho_uesugi

    The comments of the supposed victim have already made his story sound ludicrous! These types of career destroying, frivolous lawsuits have got to stop. George Takei…these are the types of homophobic attacks you should be standing up for, not attacking someone for giving a grand to an anti gay marriage thing 8 years ago. Disgusting attorney who is behind this and the Elmo slander mess as well. I hope Singer uses the X men to wipe the floor with these people. And who cares if he’s gay or not, or what the hell he does in a hot tub – absolutely ridiculous.

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