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UN condemns Brunei over new law allowing gays to be stoned to death

  • gingerlycolors


  • Cue the lines of politicians from around the world itching to make placating and meaningless statements while continuing to do business with this disgusting country.

    All business ties with this nation should be immediately halted, all trade should stop, all recognition on the international stage should be on hold, until this is rectified. If a country cannot work in compliance with international laws they should immediately be rejected from all international dealings, discussions and groups.

    There can be absolutely no excuse for any government maintaining any relationships with these gross despots.

    • Rehan

      The trouble is that too many countries rely on Brunei’s exports of oil and natural gas. Also, the country’s (= the ruling family’s) obscene wealth means they have worldwide concerns, Asprey’s and the Plaza Athénée among them – so you could be supporting them (depending no disposable income) without even realising it.

    • Jesus_Mohammed

      My thoughts are with the 25,000 or so LGBTs in Brunei. Knowing you could actually be stoned to death must be horrifying, paralysing. Here’s wishing those 25,000 the strength to survive!

      I didn’t know until today that Labi Siffre, who wrote this wonderful song and who sings it here, is a British gay man.

  • Cal

    Despite all the money they have and the opportunities it brings they are still a bunch of backward savages. Where is the condemnation from all the “moderate” Muslims? Don’t hold your breath.

    • CHBrighton

      And where is the criticism from the sultan’s big buddy, prince charles?

    • RedDevil9

      The lawmakers are. Don’t call an entire country or group of people ‘savages’. Do all the people in Brunei support this legislation? What about gay people in Brunei, their family and friends and anyone else who believes in equality?

      • Cal

        Did I say specify that I meant every citizen rather than the bunch of rich savages who made the law? No. But while we are on the subject, an opinion poll on homosexuality in Brunei, or indeed any Muslim country, would be unlikely to support the point you are trying to make.

        • RedDevil9

          I just don’t like the term ‘savages’ being thrown around like that, is all. The same term ‘savages’, in reference to Muslims, was used on the New York Subway not so long ago.

          Homosexuality in Turkey has been legal for over 150 years. There is still homophobia in Turkey, just as there is here in Britain, and Turkey still has to include LGBT protections into civil law, which it is slowly doing. Not all Muslims are the same.

          You didn’t say you meant ‘every citizen’, but you went onto attack what you call ‘moderate Muslims’ too, so you kind of threw most people in there in a roundabout way.

          And no, I’m not a Muslim. I was Christened as a baby, but had no choice in that did I. I’m not religious in any way. It’s all myth and nonsense as far as I’m concerned.

          • Cal

            Members of any faith are complicit in its excesses unless they make a stand against. We have to expect this from people. The silent majority legitimise the extremes.
            BTW, I am fond of the word savage and have used it often to describe certain Muslims, Africans, Caribbeans, Russians and Ulster Unionists among others.

        • connorlarkin

          Let’s remember all the Imperial ‘rich savages’, that left Sub-continent, Ireland slavery, Africa, USA full of chaos, raging historical evangelical persecution.
          Puritans and Oxford dons live on!

      • Isa Kocher

        he didn’t say all brunei or all muslims. he specifically referred to the topic which is specifically this sultan who as an autocrat is the law giver. and yes, where is prince charles, and all the other super rich who live above the law. don’t hang by your thumbs waiting for them to disinvest from brunei’s oil profits.

    • Connor Larkin

      Economic success (or accident of birth) is NOT a measure of character or even intelligence. Just look at professional sports, hedge fund mangers, and entertainers.

      • Cal

        professional sports, hedge fund mangers, and entertainers. Despite all the money they have and the opportunities it brings some are still backward savages.

        Thanks for helping me make my point. What was yours?

    • Dermot Mac Flannchaidh

      I’m sure moderate Muslims are there, but are afraid of being fatwaed or being killed by vigilantes.

      • Cal

        What about “moderate” Muslims here in Europe and the US? Will they gather in their thousands outside Bruneian Embassies? Will millions of them sign a petition? Will they insist what is happening in Brunei is un-Islamic? Will they organise a protest march?

        • Dermot Mac Flannchaidh

          Most won’t. Some do. As with all human beings, it depends.

  • Ian_in_England

    Barbaric. I am sickened and appalled. And where ARE the voices condemning this affront to human rights? SPEAK UP … and don’t deal with this country in any way shape or form.

  • Jock S.Trap

    Absolutely disgusting.

    Yet again over inflated male egos (well They call it religion) rule to hate and go against humanity.

    Shockingly vile and shows them up for who They truly are.

    • Isa Kocher

      their religion is inside their underwear.

  • allan

    Evil barbaric man – who is so vulgar in his wealth he cares little for anyone else.
    The Sultan of Brunei Spent $27 Million On His 50th Birthday Party

    Read more:
    He spends the money of his country like it was his own and uses religion to control the people.
    His ‘family’ are well known for their excesses in Europe and America and I mean excesses in it’s widest sense.
    The royals and celebrates who he buys as friends should hang their heads in utter shame that by letting this despot believe he is anything more than the cruel evil man he is they are allowing and promoting wickedness against his people including LGBTs.

  • Mike

    Just when you thought homophobia in these religious manic nations could not get any worse, it does! Excuse me but I thought this was the 21st century. Stoning people?
    For any criminal reason this would be barbaric but using it on innocent people? The UN should impose the highest sanctions! Totally immoral!

  • Jones

    Condemn all you want but they won’t listen. Actions speak louder than words as the saying goes.

  • Brett Gibson

    I know a lot of people from Brunei and it’s actually quite a tolerant place believe it or not, especially among the younger 15-25 generation. This Sultan dude is just a complete arsehole who’s gone totally crazy with power.

    • Isa Kocher

      that’s what happens when you think you have cornered the market on god. the devil is nothing if not smart.

      christians in central, west and east africa. hindus in south asia. rabbis in occupied palestine. muftis too. pentecostals and even politicians in the USA. skinheads and orthodox priests in east europe. all singing from the same page in the hymnal.

  • This makes me absolutely sick to my stomach.

  • patricklt

    I don’t see the Commonwealth falling over itself to condemn similarly. But then it’s rather a mish-mash of contradictions isn’t it? Its Charter purports to bring together the “values and aspirations which unite the Commonwealth – democracy, human rights and the rule of law” into a single document – while being quite happy for member countries such as Nigeria and Uganda, not to mention Brunei Darussalam (to accord its correct name) to continue as members. If it took any notice of its own charter it would have ejected these countries long ago. Why Britain can’t take a firm lead is beyond me – unless, perhaps, politics and royal influence have something to do with this …

    • ChrisInLA

      The Commonwealth has no value any more. Time to kiss it goodbye.

  • Barry Scarfe

    Muslims are some of the world’s most vile people. It is no accident that some of the most backward places on this planet have a majority of their people proclaiming this ‘faith’. It is a ‘religion’ that is still stuck in the mdidle-ages.

  • Mohammad Shafiee

    I am a Bruneian Muslim. You all who criticize our laws are disgusting, sick people. Gays are a pollution to this world and must be annihilated in its entirely, preferably by gas. Say whatever you want, we are the richest country in Southeast Asia and we certainly don’t need you gays at all. Allah has made it clear that all of you will enter hell and this is what you will get for being homosexual.

    We Bruneians are the most morally upright people in Asia, and therefore it is necessary that we defend our children from the moral erosion that is happening throughout the globe today. Our Sultan is right when he says we need to build a firewall against globalization, because most people out there, such as the Europeans, Americans, Chinese, Japanese and Indians, are proven to be immoral people.

    Insyallah, with the new Syariah laws Allah will bless us and hopefully our country will grow to be more powerful than China.

    • Lee W Dalgleish

      Well stay in Brunei then… Wouldn’t want any of us to lob rocks at your skull would you?… I love how you think you are moral yet condone the death of innocent people via archaic and barbaric methods. Your country may have money but that doesn’t equate to intelligence or even morals. Some of your politicians are pig ignorant and clearly uneducated idiots. People like you make me sick.

    • Neville

      You are a primitive savage who would not be welcome in the civilised world.

    • GutesBuchBrenner

      Mohammad, could you please explain why we are disgusting and sick. Are you basing your facts on actual people that you know or are your facts based on hearsay?

    • GutesBuchBrenner

      Mohammed, I will ask you that you try substituting the word “gay” for muslim or jew, or black, or brown, hutu, tutsi. This is why there is protest and criticism. Whenever there is a sweeping generalization about a group of people we have to ask ourselves why this is. Is it because of false beliefs, is it because of a lack of awareness, is it because of poltiics? You need to be more of a scientist to find the truth.

    • Neville

      Allah is an arsehole!

      • Barry Scarfe

        And a notorious paedophile! He was having sex with 9 year old girls for god’s sake and Islamists have the sheer nerve to say Islam is a ‘moral’ religion!

        I am not one to blow a trumpet for the EDL but they were right when they used to shout ‘Allah was a paedo’!

    • nixiotemba

      being rich and morally sick seems the norm these days

    • saintlaw

      You are a slave. The worst kind – one who is grateful for his subordinate status. The civilised world views you and your like with hearty contempt.

      Now go back to masturbating over pictures of under-age boys.

    • Mark Y

      The majority of Muslims are illiterate slaves, the only book they’ve ever read is the koran, The other minority are pig ignorant slave owners, who use their wealth, usually acquired from oil (as they’ve never had an inventive thought in their lives) to buy fast cars, gold taps for their bathrooms and tacky versace clothes for their many wives – who they hide under bin bags with a slit cut for them to look out from. Meanwhile the majority of slaves they lord if over are treated like prisoners in their own countries. Islam is the most pathetic ideology to have any power in the World. I feel sorry for the majority of muslims.

      • ChrisInLA

        “The majority of Muslims are illiterate slaves, the only book they’ve ever read is the koran”

        I’d like to agree with you, but the illiterate cannot read.

    • Brett Gibson

      Tell you what then, if you’re so f*cking fine and dandy by yourself, stop using our language, stop wearing our clothes, watching our movies, listening to our music and stop selling us oil.

      You just prove to us all that Islam is a disgusting and hateful religion that only brings pain to this world.

      The Bruneian political system is one of the biggest jokes on the planet and your country has a population of 350,000, yes you’re rich, but it doesn’t take much.

      Get over yourself, you’re nothing but a tiny, unimportant pinprick on the map that we should have never given independence to. You’re incapable of governing yourselves.

      • moderate brunei

        Stop using “our” language etc? Does that include the EPL? Where the reds merseyside scousers will triumph tHIS SEASON not just against the the black white stripes of the geordies but also against out of sorts MaN UnITeD etc? Hahaha

        SO Come on, thats akin to saying stop using arabic numerals! Lets be mature here especially since you did say you know bruneians, they are no more different from any of us.

        Peace In The Middle East. YNWA.

    • Robin Day

      Pro-tip, moron: advocating genocide by gassing millions of people is the exact opposite of being “morally upright.”

    • GulliverUK

      Mohammad – nice new shiny Disqus account – only 1 post. Are you real … or a troll ?

      • Rumbelow

        Thing is if mohammed is a poe, it is impossible to create a parody of extremism or fundamentalism that someone won’t mistake for the real thing since they seem equally insane.

    • Gary D. Sargent

      Well, Mohammad, you may just as well plan on killing off anything past your second son, cause one of them, past that second one is bound, sooner or later, to turn out gay. Whether or not you become more powerful than China is irrelevant. Gays are part of Nature’s grand design, and nothing you can do, short of global extermination, will eliminate us. And even then, your females are the ones that produce gay children so perhaps eliminating them will ultimately solve your problem. I say go for it and dispense with two problems at once. Of course, if you do that, you will find, ultimately, that you’ve hoisted yourself on your own petard but what the hell, you will have accomplished your goal and eliminated yourselves at the same time; a win/win situation for the rest of the world.

      • ChrisInLA

        The first two could turn out to be gay. I know two families in which ALL the children turned out gay and lesbian. Never know when it will happen.

    • Pete Smith

      Kindly remove your followers of the paedophile mohammed from our country. Thank you.

      • josepholeary

        But Mohammad is probably just some obscene parodist — I mean there aren’t any real-life people who are that mad (well, I suppose the clinically insane)

    • josepholeary

      Mohammad, do you not see that you are confirming the stereotype of your country as a dangerous, inhuman, fanatical place, where gays and Jews will be gassed as in Hitlerland? Or are you some prankster? If the latter, you should be doubly ashamed.

    • Barry Scarfe

      Islam is a sick, brutal, callous so-called ‘religion’ which needs to be eradicated from the earth. The moment that is achieved the sooner more people will live in peace on this earth. There is a reason why Islamic countries are normally backward slums and I certainly shouldn’t have to point it out as it is obvious!

    • Jan van Oort

      Ill fares the land, to hastening ills a prey,
      Where wealth accumulates, and men decay

      ( Oliver Goldsmith, 1770 )

    • ChrisInLA

      And when climate change gets into its stride, Allah will collect all of you into his mythical bosom. You tropical chaps are most likely to be the first suffer the changes.

    • cBuoy 晨星

      Not gonna happen, we’ll probably do alright economically but we’ll never eclipse the Great Powers. I’m fine with that. And we’re not the richest state in Southeast Asia. Singapore is. Been like that for the past decade.

      I don’t hate people from other countries, neither am I afraid of them. I’m very confident in my Bruneianness. You don’t seem to be. I certainly don’t think Bruneians are more moral than anyone else, we’re all human. We’re just small enough to have a sense of community.

      I’m not going to rage against the people here. Syariah won’t change that much in our country, the death penalty has been on the books in Brunei for decades but the last known execution was in 1957. After syariah law comes in, that will continue, the burden of proof is too high.

      See if we calm down and engage people civilly, we can prove that Bruneians are decent people trying to find our way in the world. Ok that way may not be agreeable to some but there’s no need to rage, that’s not in our culture. What is in our culture is the ability to listen politely and state our views firmly. Oh I don’t hate gays, I still think we can engage them. Am I wrong in your eyes maybe. But I won’t let stoning happen to them, the burden of proof is too high and unless sodomy happens in public (which it won’t) I for one will not let supposed homosexuals be stoned. Syariah law depends that level of proof. So it won’t happen.

      • Moderate brunei

        Ok thats pretty much sounds like the majority of us in brunei… Pls understand God’s law before condemning it… Are you saying that the system will allow innocent ppl to be sentenced? It is 100% impossible, ask any syariah law expert.

        • atheistcable

          First of all, there’s no “god”. Secondly, homosexuality is natural, and it’s a shame that your religion–just as is the case with Judaism and Christianity–condemns love between two people as “sin” and an “abomination” punishable by stoning to death. Or at the least, discrimination in housing, employment and prompting families to kick their gay children out of the house and disowning them.

          Question: When was the last time Rev Scott Lively visited Brunei?

          Yes, I understand the law of ‘god’ or ‘allah’–and it’s completely irrational and barbaric. If two men who love one another and express that love in whatever way they wish, and are stoned to death, that’s killing of innocent people for the “crime” of love.

          A nation with high moral standards allows people of the same sex, different races and religions to marry one another. Brunei is an immoral country.

          The law of stoning gays shouldn’t be on the books. That DOES lead to ‘mob justice’ against gay people.

          You write: “Are you saying that the system will allow innocent ppl to be sentenced?” Well, it does in Iran, Nigeria, Pakistan and many other Muslim countries. Why wouldn’t it in Brunei?

      • homera.simpson

        >not in our culture

        >2 videos released yesterday showing how angry we are(nurse and fish market incident, and these are just RECORDED INSTANCES)

        Drop your no true scotsman/just world fallacy. We arent the saints we like say we are.

    • Rebecccaaaa

      If you don’t want gays/non-muslims/whoever in your country, exile them or something. There’s no excuse for killing people. I can’t believe you think anyone should respect a religion that would say that there is. Revolting.

  • Lee W Dalgleish

    Awful, law that should not even be considered. It’s quite sickening to think that some countries are bringing in such archaic brutal laws. How can they even think of themselves as a civilised country with such laws being implemented? Maybe if these lawmakers ever pop to the UK, we should all line up and pelt them with rocks? See how they like it

  • war_blur

    It sounds like an American christianist’s dream law!

  • Steven Gregory

    Wherever civil rights are violated and people are murdered for non-crimes, religion can be found at the root.

  • Ålfonso Magaña

    This is so weird, all my muslim friends accept me as gay, we have wonderful relationship full of love, support, fun, etc. and is so sad that just the radicals and intolerants are the ones that make the politics. And is the same with almost all religions….

  • RBrunei

    This news is sadly true.
    On the 22/4/2014, I personally don’t know what is going to happen.
    It’s not a good feeling for certain.
    I’m scared
    I’m shocked
    Grew my whole life here
    And the whole country is against people like me
    We want freedom and acceptance too..
    But they just don’t understand.
    If we speak out or go against the “law” – We will be prisoned or even dead
    I can’t believe that loving and caring for someone is a crime.
    22/4/2014 is a day Brunei becomes a prison to us here.

    • Ali.Zainuddin

      You foolish man. The laws is intended to protect us Bruneians from outside harms. Allah hates gays, so they must all be destroyed. This is the command from Allah, it cannot be challenged.

      His Majesty the Sultan already mentioned that liberalism is poisonous. You should not listen to what the liberals said. They are satan worshipper who want to poison your minds and stray you away from Allah.

      I have a dream. I hope that we Brunei can send our military to China, Japan, South Korea, India and Australia to clean out their filth. Just imagine… Asia would be a far better place if all these countries adopt Syariah laws. Three-quarter of humanity will enjoy peace.

      • Lloyd

        Allah, the paedophile Prophet? I wouldn’t worry too much what an imaginary being thinks. Bring your military here to Australia we will be happy to laugh them out of our country. It would be great to maroon all the Muslim extremists like yourself on an island where you can be in your utopia; no women, no gays, no non believers so you can just die out.

      • saintlaw

        I have a dream. That the Brueian ‘army’ attempts to impose your insanity on China, Japan, South Korea, India and Australia, precipitating its rout, the invasion of your shithole country, the execution of its ‘Sultan’, imprisonment and exile of its ruling class and suppression of futile loons such as yourself.

        I know which is more likely of becoming reality.

        • josepholeary

          I have a dream. I hope that China, Japan, South Korea, India and Australia can send their military to Brunei to punish the inhuman madness of its leaders and re-educate its fundamentalist population.

      • Rehan

        You want to kill people to enjoy peace? Can you even see what you’re writing, you idiot?

        Your dear Sultan and his brother – what was his yacht called again? (Four letters, starts with a T) – are such examples of probity, aren’t they? Fool.

      • ChrisInLA

        Your lot imposed peace on the Middle East and North Africa by military means, killing those who did not convert to Islam. Looks like Islam is moving in that direction again. I hope it will, because you won’t get away with it this time. You’ll be hammered back under the desert stones from which you crept. There would indeed be a chance of peace without religious view like yours.

    • CSI_me

      I understand you fully. I have the same thoughts as you. The way they said that to prosecute someone under hadd punishments is so improbable that I wouldnt even lift a finger worrying about it. Can you imagine that to prosecute someone for adultery witnesses have to be male and witness the incident up close. Now tell me who in their right mind will do that? If a person is mentally unsound then it is possible and due to his mental fitness, he is unable to be prosecuted by hadd punishments

      I do however, am worried with the direction we are heading.

  • Bluespiral58

    Death by stoning for just being a non Muslim?

    • Farah

      for muslims being gay

    • Catherine

      Apparently 23% of the population is non-Muslim. So they’d be legally able to kill a quarter of their population.

  • josepholeary

    How one misses the British Empire on such occasions!

    • Rehan

      Do you? You’re mistaken – the current monarchy in Brunei was kept in place by the British Empire. (And it might be worth reminding yourself of the empire’s role in introducing the Section 377 laws in India and elsewhere.)

      • Barry Scarfe

        Yes, we in Britain used to be backward on these matters and imposed our backwardness on others BUT we replaced religious mumbo jumbo with science and learnt our lessons. Islamic countries and others REFUSE to use science and STILL CONTINUE with their religious beliefs.

        • Rehan

          Quite right, but (at the risk of going off on a complete tangent) that progress didn’t happen in the time of the British Empire, which is what josepholeary was referring to.

      • ChrisInLA

        I find it interesting that former colonies like to blame the Empire for their backwardness. They never seem to blame the Empire for leaving their countries with roads, railways, schools and knowledge of what has turned out to be the most important international language.

        • Rehan

          Who’s blaming the British for the current situation in Brunei? However, there’s no point in pretending that in times of Empire it would have been that much better for LGBT people.

  • Mike

    This was not on the news on tv or radio; it should be!

  • Omar

    As gay Muslim I am not shock about this news. In Saudi Arabia gays are also stone to death. LGBT community in the Muslim world live in miserable lives. Instead of western world focus on Uganda they should also focus on Muslim world. I live in America thank God I will not be stone to death. Suicide is extremely high on gay Muslims. Nobody will ever know the reason they took their own lives but as gay Muslim I know person commuted suicide for struggling with his own sexuality.

  • Abd Karim

    To all jerks out there, don’t talk about our country as if you know Brunei so well. In case you westerners are confused, we Bruneians have a very civilised society that prioritise religion, and we aren’t shy to be the moral guidance for Asia. Do not assume we are like other backward Asian states such as Singapore and Hong Kong where prostitution and scantly-dressed women run amok. Anyone with rational minds can see that Brunei is like heaven while Singapore and Hong Kong are like hell, lairs for the devils.

    Once again, we Brunei is not Singapore or Hong Kong. We are a nation blessed by Allah and will continue to be one. Gays are mentally sick, disgusting people who cannot be cured by any amount of treatment. The best usage for them is to be stoned and their organs harvested and donated to those in needs. We will be doing the world a favor here.

    If you cannot accept our culture, don’t visit Brunei. Not as if we need your money nor did we welcome you anyway.

    • Omar

      We live in the 21st century and your preaching medieval torture. I am not visiting Brunei. Your government is hypocrite as other Muslim nations. A perfect example is Saudi gay royal family member will not get punish. I will bet your leader of your country have gay family members or relatives. They only punish powerless people. A bunch of hypocrite extremist Muslim leaders pretending to be holy.

    • Jan van Oort

      It is, actually, quite hard to “harvest” a liver, lung or kidney intact enough for medical & transplantation purposes from a stoned person. If this reflects the level of medical knowledge in the paradise of Brunei, then I would not want to get a toothache over there.

    • ChrisInLA

      “…we aren’t shy to be the moral guidance for Asia.” Really? Not sure how exactly your country and people provide moral guidance to people who have never heard of you. Muslim Asian countries might know you exist and it will be interesting to see if any of them follow your example. If they do not, then we’ll be right to surmise that even they do not know about your little country. I will confess that I never give Brunei a thought unless it appears in the news, which happens about once every ten years. There are some places in this world that are irrelevant to life in general. Your country is one such place.

    • Rehan

      Rational minds couldn’t possible speak of being “blessed by Allah”.

    • saintlaw

      Oh look the turdgobbler has another sock puppet!

      It’s great our scorn upsets you so much, you tragic, conflicted homo.

  • Renate Baramy

    Disgraceful that at this time 2014 there are still people in this world who are sub human and pass laws they should be ashamed of. The country should be isolated from the world.

  • Awangku Hassan

    All these barbaric insults directed against our country, religion and Sultan just show that it is imperative we Bruneians obtain nuclear weapons of our own. These people only understand the language of force. We will see if they still dare to insult us if we have nuclear missiles pointing at London, Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Rome, Brussels, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Washington DC, Moscow, Toronto and Sydney. Their hobby is insulting others and they must be taught a lesson.

    • ChrisInLA

      You must be too young to have enjoyed the insults that were the only “conflict” of the Cold War, or else you never knew there was a Cold War going on.

    • Omar

      Your country does not posses nuclear weapon so stop dreaming about killing population. The whole world will insult your country and nothing you can do about that. It’s called free speech or freedom of press.

    • Rehan

      Yes, murdering people who don’t agree with you is such a good way of promoting the “religion of peace”, isn’t it?

      Poor indoctrinated goat.

      • cBuoy 晨星

        That’s insulting to goats. Don’t worry he won’t get it.

        • Rehan


    • Gary D. Sargent

      Oh, please! You sound like some second rate melodrama from the Victorian age. Your country’s gross national product couldn’t cover all those missiles, nor the storage and firing facilities, let alone the trained technicians to man them. Your presence on this site, your very existence, is an insult. Go have your mummy make you a cup of tea, sit in a corner, and tape your mouth shut until you can have a proper conversation with the adults.

      • cBuoy 晨星

        That is true what you said, thank you. But mummy doesn’t make tea in our country, its usually a maid. That’s what’s wrong with us really, overprivileged dickheads expecting the world to give us our cake and cut it up for us too. But things are changing in our little nation despite what you read.

        My hope actually lies with our women. Most of Brunei’s intelligentsia are women. You only need to look at our university and see classes full of women with the occasional man. They are strong, opinionated and already make up most of the middle managers in the country. Already they control most of the NGOs and have begun to take on the top posts in government.

        What you read now in Brunei will not be the future. The most eligible candidates for ministers in the future will be women and they will bring a breath of fresh air to the country. Unlike the men, they are used to hard work and unlike the younger men, they are mostly employed.

        So I thank you for your comment and please feel free to slap this aristocrat down (Awangku denotes distant connections to the royal family). He is not the future of Brunei and that is what may be pissing him off

        • Gary D. Sargent

          Thank you so very much for your reply. You are a most refreshing breath of fresh air in this pissing contest trying to pass itself off as a debate. Any truly reasoning person talks to the people who live in whatever country to get an accurate assessment of the conditions, not the media, since it has become a profit motivated business rather than a vehicle for reporting news.
          It’s heartening that more women are capturing seats in the governments since, by nature, women are natural negotiators, compared to the testosterone intoxicated males. LOL.

          • Georgina

            You realize he is trying hard to make up stories and spin stuff around? How do I know? Worked in Brunei for 3 years and it was recently.

            Women running the country? Forget about it, only 1 woman in Brunei’s rubber-stamped parliament. Top government posts? You better ask him to name all of them and their posts in particular.

            I especially like how he praises the wisdom of his Sultan. Do google around for an article titled “singapore vs brunei – 50 years economic progress”. Just months ago his Sultan warned hos own people that questioning the government is illegal. Thanks to google you can verify all these. It ain’t the rosy picture as he tries to paint.

    • saintlaw

      Ha ha ha! Yet another sock puppet! My god, hag, you’ve got it bad.

      P.S. Your country is a shithole.

    • CSI_me

      You are simply asking for trouble.

    • cBuoy 晨星

      Eh Awangku sabar. We have Bruneian students in all those cities you mentioned (except Moscow probably) and I will stand in front of you and you will have to chop me into little bits and sweep me up before I move. I will not be a party to genocide. Besides nuclear missiles are expensive and hard to use, we will need to hire Americans and Russians to aim them properly and I rather you use that money to give our nurses a raise.

      Now then, insults on the internet is nothing. People read about our country and get the wrong idea. There’s people in this forum who know Bruneians personally and they know what we are like. No Bruneian is going to strap bombs to himself and blow himself up to take out innocent civilians. Hell, we won’t do it to blow up guilty civilians, none of us are like that.

      How do you represent? Remember who you are and where you came from and treat everyone civilly. Even those who insult us. That’s our way.

      Unless you are actually Malaysian pretending to be Bruneian, in that case you should be concentrating on finding that lost plane and leave this battle of words to us.

      • jahzin

        Hey! Your own country people extremist don’t divert attention and push to us Malaysians. You wanna play nationalist, defend the honor of your people, defend your Sultan name, or whatever it is your problem, don’t drag us in. This is very irresponsible.

        • cBuoy 晨星

          goodpoint I apologise. I’ll edit it

        • Dulcane

          Typical Bruneian, filled with arrogance. Many of them, when come to Malaysia, will act high and mighty as if they own the country. They never know how we look at them at the back. Even our third tier city Alor Setar is more developed than their capital. Their country is like Afghanistan but with the oil wealth. Only their Sultan and royals are rich most commoners are either average or poor.

          Seriously, if you ask their so-called ‘rich citizens’ to buy properties in Damansara Heights where a lot cost millions, many of them will go bankrupt. To be frank, I respect Singapore far far far more than Brunei, and I heard the same things from the Thais, Vietnamese, Indo, Pinoys. Only they themselves think we Southeast Asians look at them highly.

  • Johan Baharuddin

    We don’t care about your opinion. What matter to us is that our Syariah law implementation has gained widespread support among our Muslim brothers and sisters in the region, especially those from Malaysia and Indonesia.

    Our Sultan is a wise leader, he saw how the West attempts to stir up Muslim disunity, so he made Brunei a platform of justice and righteousness for all oppressed Muslims.

    The Daulah Islamiyah will soon be realized. We will unify Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Southern Thailand into one single Caliphate and we will help liberate the oppressed people in Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Hawaii and all other Pacific islands in between.

    Allah will help us in our vision. The Khilafah must be re-established. Philippines, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan and Hawaii must all become Muslims. There is no way around it. It will be a long journey, but we Bruneians have taken the first step.

    • GutesBuchBrenner

      Even in muslim states Johan, there will always be those opposed to the religion of their childhood. People do have freedom of choice, thought, and religion. Yours is a very unrealistic wish. Even in Christian majority countires, when education is present, people turn away from relgion in droves as is currently happening in Europe, North and South America, New Zealand Australia, the Phillipines, China, Japan and South Korea. Unfortunately there are not the same educational opportunities in Africa and the middle East.

    • Omar

      Another delusional Muslim fool. When you cure your herd mentality you will understand human rights.

      • saintlaw

        They’re the same delusional fool posting through different accounts.

    • Rehan

      You poor deluded fool.

    • saintlaw

      Yet another sock puppet!

      A word in your ear, deary. Try and foist your retarded creed on the freedom loving West and we will crush you like the insects you are.


  • Proudly Bruneian

    Get over it! So many people are jealous of us Bruneians because we are rich. The western world can never tolerate a rich Muslim country and that is why they try hard to bring us down, but Allah will always protect us from such malice.

    Just admit that you people are jealous of us. We can buy the entire Europe or USA if we want, anytime. So stop crying like a baby. Name me one country that is better than Brunei.

    So what if we start eradicating gays? It is none of your business and there is nothing you can do. Complain to your government? Protest? As if anyone would listen to you. It is better gays don’t visit or invest in our country, we don’t want sins spreading around among our people. So disgusting!

    • Bruneian

      “buy the entire Europe or USA if we want, anytime.” Stop day dreaming not in ur life time and if ur not at the receiving end of the stick of course u support it but if u are gay urself would u stone ur self to death? and if ur a true Bruneian it does not matter if ur gay white black short tall fat and so on. ( jg luan banga jadi org brunei mun ulah mu cam atu) if u cant understand that ur not a bruneian at all

      • Proudly Bruneian

        Shut up, if you do nothing wrong why afraid of the laws. A true Bruneian is loyal to his race, religion and king.

        Mana MIB tia? Kau ni pengkhianat agama, bangsa dan negara kah? jg luan banga jadi hamba org barat.

        • CSI_me

          Ko yang pengkhianat basar! Siapa kita untuk menghakimi orang lain!? Ko jgan luan kurang ajar!

        • Rehan

          Try thinking for yourself sometime. It’ll hurt, but it might be worth it in the long run.

        • saintlaw

          You’re a maggot.

    • magsmagenta

      I pity anyone who has been brought up in such a hateful environment, I don’t care how much money you have, I wouldn’t live in your country even if it meant living in luxury for the rest of my life if I had to live as a Muslim.
      You have nothing but oil to barter with that the ‘western world’ wants, what are you going to do when that runs out?

      • cBuoy 晨星

        Sigh, don’t worry, this guy doesn’t represent us, and fortunately most of us are able to string a sentence together too. Most of us aren’t hateful, we re loyalists to the monarchy to a fault though, and sure it may seem sheepish to you, most of us will be adopting a “watch and see” attitude, so far nothing’s really changed on the ground so why worry?

        And I’m not going start stoning people. Seems a bit too tiring for my liking. This guy might though. But looking at where he’s going he might on the receiving end. Unlikely as it seems most Bruneians are not extremists and we get rather put out by people who are. I doubt we are going to start chopping off hands or heads no matter what the laws say.

        Neither are we going to be pushing good investment money away, we are very well aware of the finite nature of hydrocarbons. I’ve been learning about that since primary school. All-in-all I say Bruneians will adapt and find a way to balance our religious beliefs and the modern world we live in given the chance.

        We just need to find a way to flush out the bigots: curiously this whole syariah thing has them out in the open and exposed. A clever ploy maybe? I wouldn’t put it past this Sultan, he’s outfoxed the religious right before when they tried to ban christmas in the 1990s. He may clearing the air for when his son takes over who is also quite a clever man. This is one of the oldest surviving royal families in the world predating the coming of Islam to Brunei. I would be careful how hateful I sounded if I was this guy.

    • cBuoy 晨星

      Pfft we hardly get more than a few billion US dollars a year from our diminishing oil resources. Why do you think our sultan is working hard to diversify our economy. Apple earns more than us in a month, my fellow Bruneian. I’m very comfortable in my Bruneianness and my religion and I can read all the criticism without any hate filling my heart.

      You might need to learn that too. Are you forgetting how we deal with criticism? We listen, see if we can learn anything and we refute intelligently what we don’t agree with. Kami bersopan satun, thats what we are. We ignore the obvious trolls, we engage those willing to hear us out.

      I know you are angry, but trolling back isn’t a Bruneian trait. Thats more Malaysian or perhaps Arab. We’re moderate, we always will be, even with Syariah law, we are balanced and we find a better way.

    • saintlaw

      You will die at your own hand.

      • Khairul Azmi

        This prove how evil the western world is, always seeking destruction. If you people ever declare war on us, we will wipe out our christian population before you can reach our shore. It isn’t cruelty, it is self-defense.

        • saintlaw

          Do you even read your own post/s, gobshite?

          I guess it must be hard to keep track what with all your different accounts. But it’s you who’ve been threatening our destruction.

          You – whom a child could beat up!

  • Orang kafir paloi

    Don’t bother about them. They can’t stand seeing us Brunei being so well off. This is typical of those narrow minded western extremists. That is why Allah punishes them with financial crisis. If they don’t repent, maybe diseases will wipe them out.

    Our reputation is on the rise internationally and they just cannot accept this fact so they are now conspiring to destroy us. They won’t succeed though. These
    western devils are shocked that Asia is growing so fast economically and militarily and Brunei is among the greatest country in the continent, so they will always try to devise some way to harm us. They worry our global influence will outstrip them.

    • CSI_me

      Our reputation on the rise. You are right for being infamous

    • cBuoy 晨星

      Nobody is trying to harm us. And you are not helping

    • Rehan

      ‘The greatest country in the continent’.

      Evidence, please.

      (And clearly not, given the proposed barbaric laws.)

      • Moderate brunei

        Hi, what exactly you mean by barbaric laws? The syariah law is God’s law, direct from the Al Qur’an Al Kareem.

        Have you consulted the experts in order to confirm it is barbaric? If so, we need evidence please.

        • Røskva

          Brunei’s so-called ‘moderate’ sure is different. The extreme language of some then, is unsurprising.

        • Rehan

          I note you provide no evidence for your claim.

          The barbarism is self-evident. I will provide a definition should you require it, though a decent dictionary might help.

          Where is your evidence that what you refer to is “God’s law”, or indeed that your “god” is any more real than Yahweh, Vishnu, Zeus or Elagabal?

          • moderate brunei


            Kindly refer to the above “moderate” link, which is by no means “evidence” as such but then hopefully adds more understanding on the issues discussed here.

          • Jonathan

            Rehan, there is no point arguing with them. I have tried before and it is a total frustration. Their life revolved around a 7th century book and they can’t think beyond that, which is why their civilization and economy is among the most backward in the world today. They claim we are morally inferior, yet still they want to use our technologies like Google and Facebook, how ironic is that.

            Look at their arguments, they are all directing you back 1400 years ago. We are now in 21st century and they can’t move past medieval age. Many times I can’t help but feel like we and them are 2 different species of human. I have huge respect for the Indians, Chinese, Koreans, Vietnamese, Filipino and Japanese among Asians. They are those with progressive minds, considered the model minority of America. It is very rare we have problems with them.

            But these people are just…. different. Their mentality is regressive. I’m all for open immigration but I hope we would have less of them.

          • moderate brunei

            As per harun yahya:

            All that we have seen so far shows us one clear fact: the Qur’an is such a book that all the news related in it has proved to be true. Facts about scientific subjects and the news given about the future, facts that no one could have known at the time, were announced in its verses. It is impossible for this information to have been known with the level of knowledge and technology of the day. It is clear that this provides clear evidence that the Qur’an is not the word of man. The Qur’an is the word of the Almighty Allah, the Originator of everything and the One Who encompasses everything with His knowledge. In one verse, Allah says on the Qur’an “If it had been from other than Allah, they would have found many inconsistencies in it.” (The Qur’an, 4:82) Not only are there no inconsistencies in the Qur’an, but every piece of information it contains reveals the miracle of this divine book more and more each day.

            What falls to man is to hold fast to this divine book Allah revealed, and receive it as his one and only guide. In one of the verses, Allah calls out to us:

            “And this is a Book We have sent down and blessed, so follow it and have fear of Allah so that hopefully you will gain mercy.„ (Surat al-An’am, 155)

            In His other verses, Allah remarks:

            “Say: ‘It is the truth from your Lord. Let anyone who wishes to, believe, and let anyone who wishes to, disbelieve.’ (Surat al-Kahf, 29)

            “No indeed! Truly it (the Qur’an) is a reminder, and whoever wills pays heed to it.„ (Surah ‘Abasa, 11-12) (For further information, please see The Miracles of the Qur’an by Harun Yahya, Al-Attique Publishers, October 2001)

          • moderate brunei
        • saintlaw

          syariah is excrement daubed on toilet paper.

    • saintlaw

      Post all you like – from as many accounts as your demented brain can contrive; you will always be a pathetic little eunuch good only for being pointed at and mocked.

  • cBuoy 晨星

    Ladies and gentlemen, sure I’m worried. I’m worried the laws may be misused. But I live here and I know my people. The death penalty has been on the books since time forgot but the only known execution was in 1957. A third of my generation learned alongside you in fact in the UK, Australia and the States. Many of us speak English better than Malay because of it.

    My only worry was that the laws may be misused but as April has come and nearly gone, I see very little changing in the country. Now we have female only gyms, which my women colleagues are thankful for. Around me, most of my workmates are women, most of the managers in my organisation are women, 4 of the 5 highest posts are held by women. Our maternity leave is far higher than many other states in the region.

    So we have become more conservative on paper, but in reality I see very little changing. I have non-muslim relatives who basically don’t really care either way, their positions are protected, they can’t be fired just because they’re not muslim, they can’t be prosecuted because they’re not muslim. My christian cousins still wear what they like, no one gives a crap.

    Its all a big blablabla about nothing really. I know gay Bruneians, they still use grindr a lot. They know the burden of proof is too high for them to ever be prosecuted. I doubt Brunei will be in the news for this, this time next year. My irish friends are still coming over this summer and we’re still going to do our thing, running around Borneo, looking for trouble. The border still only an hour away, expats still go over and let their hair down and come back in. No one’s going to stop that happening. Its business as usual.

    And most of all, we will always welcome visitors to our kingdom. Thats just our culture and that predates Islam but Islam also demands that we be civil and treat everyone with courtesy. The great majority of us look at the loudmouths among us with disdain. But we are an open-minded tolerant people, trying to keep to what we were. If that doesn’t pan out, we’re an adaptable people, we’ll find another way.

    • Andrew

      Looks like the Sultan’s PR officer has finally arrived to salvage whatever is left.

      • cBuoy 晨星

        I’m not actually but thank you. i hope he will one day. I need a break. I actually work in health. Slaving away for an over privileged population who takes far too much for granted. I was living in Ireland happily before I felt the need to come back and try to make a difference.

        So far, meh. But I see spots of humanity that gives me hope. I rage less against people on the outside than people on the inside who should know better.

        • Moderate brunei

          Good of you to come back to join us here… As the popular saying currently floating around in whatsapp, “dont let people you hate or grudge, “live rent free in your minds” or something like that. So just think positive… Lifes too short…

      • Moderate brunei

        Hahaha… Just because he sounds like your average bruneian, he is labelled as the sultan’s PR officer… Sure cracks me up….

        • saintlaw

          You were already cracked.

    • Moderate brunei

      You sounds pretty much like the most of us here in brunei. As for your worry about the laws may be misused, then thats the more reason why we chose this path. Human makes mistake but God will never make mistakes.

  • kane

    so many delusional idiots from brunei on pink news trying to sell us plastic utopia based on medieval islamic laws. how desperate and pathetic

    • saintlaw

      Yeah so many delusional idiots with the same awful prose style.

    • Zainul

      You homo freak, stop believing in propaganda! You have to live in Brunei to understand us, and if you do, you will find that we are more free than the USA or any other nations in Europe.

      As for gays, we don’t want such phenomenon in our country. Yes we will eliminate them, but we will also do it humanely. You will be surprised that the stoning may be just on paper, it will likely never be carried out. If anything we will prefer lethal injection as it is clean and doesn’t take much resources.

      You need to be aware that we Brunei is a small country, and unity is very important to us. Unlike many in the West, we Bruneians actually admire Hitler because he turned a war ravaged nation into a powerhouse. We crave to be a strong nation. During time of Nazi Germany, they had ”One People, One Nation, One Leader”, in Brunei we have our Melayu Islam Beraja, or MIB, which we seek to emphasize on “Our Malay Race, Islam Our Religion, and Our Beloved Monarchy”. It is our system, we hope to build a Sultanate that would last a thousand year. You westerners will never understand us.

      • Rehan

        Well done. So much stupidity in one post is quite an achievement.

        (1) Have you yourself lived in the USA and “any other nations in Europe”, or have you based your burblings on propaganda?

        (2) Your admiration for Hitler speaks for itself. You might need to remind yourself of what Hitler and his supporters would have thought of you and your race. It wouldn’t have been positive, I assure you. You might also want to remind yourself – if you can stretch to actual history rather than mindless pseudo-fascist prattle – how Hitler and his regime ended.

        • saintlaw

          It’s a troll.

      • saintlaw

        What kind of inadequate little worm needs to start seven different accounts reiterating the same lame boasts?

  • Rahman Alim

    Please remind the Sultan- A) of his own brother’s misdemeanours and B) He can’t call his country “Abode of peace” if they have barbaric laws against human beings for feeling love towards each other.

    • Bruzine

      It is irrelevant. The “Darussalam” title is there because we Bruneians are the most peaceful people on earth. Nothing will change it. Our university research has found that gays are responsible for spreading 98.4% of the world’s AIDS cases, our Sultan is just taking precaution.

  • moderate brunei

    just to share this link, we americans (myself being mixed blood, half indian chinese from brunei, currently living in falls church, VA) are against islamophobia :

    • tcldavid

      Oh now in a sudden you are ‘American’?

      Your ‘race’ doesn’t matter. I’m of Chinese descent, and do you know how the minority race is being suppressed in Brunei? Such as a huge amount of them being denied citizenship despite having Brunei as their country of birth, and hence stateless.

      What Brunei is doing nowadays is very clear to us. If you are non-Muslim, get out of the country. It can’t set this as official policy because it will provoke international outrage, so it enacts directives to make life unbearable for non-Muslims until they emigrate ‘voluntarily’.

      You like to talk about how Muslims suffer in non-Muslim states. How about the non-Muslims in Muslim states? I can say they suffer 10 times more and almost everyone here knows that.

      By the way, in America? No Saudi Arabia?

      • moderate brunei

        Good morning. I just woke up. Firstly Yes, i reside here in america.

        Secondly, my race is none of your business. But come on, the minority race are the successful, look at us we are never suppressed! I am here because of parents in brunei who financially supported my education and clearly you sounded like a smart one. I am very fortunate and grateful to brunei.

        Thirdly, nobody is making anyone’s life unbearable. We can live anywhere in the world by choice regardless of citzenship, I know some of my ex school mates are working in brunei in private sector and government. I am sure we both contribute to society. My parents still live harmoniously in brunei, they love the peaceful environment, no taxes to worry about unlike myself here and they can come visit us anytime.unlike myself, the taxes here would drive me out someday, maybe i will work in malaysia.

        By the way, I never talked about muslims suffering in non-muslim state or vice versa. I am talking about islamophobia, which is clearly evident here.

        • tcldavid

          Stop diverting attention, you are the one who first mentioned about race, trying to imply the country treats its racial minority equally when it is not. Never suppressed? What a joke!

          Why stay in the US, and why to Malaysia? Why not back to Brunei since you like it so much. Because even you yourself know it is a shithole.

          People like you are a complete hypocrite. My family migrated to Canada from Brunei and we have since been grateful and pay our taxes dutifully. Unlike some people, we really appreciate what our new country provides us, and the tax burden means nothing. We aren’t rich by the way.

          And quit lying, You have an account here man, it records all your posts. Highlighting about Rohingya, Guantanamo and conveniently leaving out Afghanistan, Pakistan, Saudi, Egypt, Sudan, Nigeria? It is so typical, some people only see things one-sided.

          Islamophobia? Have you ever wonder why certain ‘peaceful people’ fight with almost every other groups around the world? Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, Jews. The ideology of those people is so rotten it needs a complete overhaul just like Christianity during times of medieval Europe.

          As someone of Chinese origin, I hope China can become a democracy as that would open up friendship with the West. Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore are a testament that Chinese can blend in pretty well with the West. On the other hand, Middle Eastern influence should stay as far as possible from us until it becomes more modern and forward looking.

          • moderate brunei

            Well, well, you are in canada? So why do you bother about brunei when the weather is so beautiful and sunny right now? Then you will say I divert attention, I imply this or that, a hypocrite and lying. Seems like a lot of accusations in one thread. Those links I provided are the ones I feel shows the most extreme cases as examples, I cant possibly quote all of them.

            By your explanation, I am more convinced you belonged to various categories of islamophobes which are rising, and as such you need to learn more on how to address your fears. Please relax buddy, you should be grateful of being in your new country. We are the same being abroad, except I bear no hatred to brunei and remain grateful, as it seems I feel so sorry for you.

            As I say, this is nothing about race. It is about religion, so there you talk about middle eastern influence and all. So please, there’s nothing in the religion that says we should be backwards.

          • moderate brunei
          • tcldavid

            Why should I care for Brunei? Because my childhood friends are still there and the country is enacting laws which rob their rights one by one.

            Yea, yea whatever, I don’t need your sympathy. Go ahead and label everyone who don’t agree with you as Islamophobes, I don’t care. There are many others who also criticize the Chinese, i.e. Communism, dogs and cats eaters, greed, unhygienic, etc. So it is Sinophobia eh?

            The point is, we accept constructive criticisms and try to improve from there, we agree that there are many imperfections within us and we need to constantly adapt to the ever-changing world. We must not stuck in mental rigidity, thinking our own ideology or culture has no fault, is perfect, is all-beautiful, etc, etc.

            Do you even see the Chinese insisting on bringing back stuff from the Ming Dynasty, when China was the world’s most powerful nation, like some people so desperately want to bring back the 7th century sharia? No. The world has changed and we must progress forward. We made a mistake in the 19th century and such mistake must never be repeated again.

            As for non-constructive criticisms, why bother? They made themselves look silly anyway, just like some of the Bruneians here. It is better to spend your time earning more money than attending to stupid people.

          • Craig Johnson

            No wonder China can move ahead so fast in just 2 decades. The Muslim world is mired in stone age, a daily entertaining laughing stock for all of us.

          • moderate brunei

            Dude, you have serious issues there. Again, this is not about being chinese or china, it is simply about religion. Even china has many highly respectable muslims there, millions more than brunei. As for caring about brunei, is it even in this discussion? China will be a great nation like america someday, so we should be proud of it especially we share the same roots from there. Of course, you are right we must take constructive criticism from others (but We don’t call them stupid) and prioritise what is important in life (yes, money plays a huge factor). SO, please look after yourself, all this anger surely can’t be healthy and it is very worrying.

          • tcldavid

            What the? I wasn’t even angry when typing the post. You think I’m like some people who went around raging and burning embassies over cartoon?

            You don’t even get my point. I’m critical towards Brunei’s policies and today’s Muslim mentality. It is not about Chinese or China is great, but the comparatively different attitude between both.

            There are certainly Chinese Muslims as there are White Muslims. But usually, when Chinese embraced Islam, they will be considered outcast among their peers. Such is not so frequent in Brunei but pervasive among Indonesian and Malaysian Chinese communities. Until recently, China also classified Chinese who converted to Islam as other ethnic group known as Hui. Sad to say it is also the same for my family, Chinese Muslims no longer viewed as Han but Hui.

            This article pretty much talked about it:

            The reason being that when Chinese convert to Islam, most of the time they will adopt Arab-Middle Eastern culture, which is so different from that of Chinese, so much so they would no longer be seen as Chinese. It is quite the same for Jews who converted to Islam. Even Singapore’s former prime minister Lee Kuan Yew says he can integrate all religions except Islam, because it is too different from others.

            It may be harsh, but rejection (but possible future reunion) is still okay as compared to the death punishment for apostasy some religion imposed. Until Islam reforms itself to be more liberal and less restrictive, this is unlikely to change.

  • Guest

    the israel broke 77 UN resolution and nothing happened.. Please read more about islam. It is because Allah swt our creator knew from beginning that these problem cannot be resolved by human logic HE had made this kind of law. The Abbasid and Ottoman becomes the greatest empire in history for almost a century using this law that comprehend human limited mind.

    • Hess

      And so? It is not only the Muslims….

      How about ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, Roman empire, Persian empires, Chinese empires, Spanish empire, French empire, British empire, Mongol empire?

      Yes, Muslims had their share of golden age, but other people did too. The Europeans touched nearly every corners of earth, the Chinese have 5,000 year unbroken civilization. They don’t use sharia. So your point?

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