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Survey: 26.5% of women are bisexual

  • Brett Gibson

    Apply this to men and you start to understand all the homophobic tension between them all. I suspect that there are more bisexual men than women.

    • Riondo

      Assuming that you are right about the prevalence of male bisexuality, I don’t think that that in itself is a sufficient or even necessary condition for the tensions you describe. Homophobia is produced by culture and history, and plenty of totally straight people exhibit such tensions. Homophobia plus denied homoerotic feelings simply add fuel to the fire.

      • Brett Gibson

        Yes, you’re absolutely right but I think the majority of homophobia in groups of men come from the ones who harbour the feelings themselves.

  • Stephen

    So a website for bisexual women does a non-scientific poll about female bisexuality and Pink News states its findings as fact.

    This is a website without any credibility.

    • Radgal

      I agree. A site for bisexual women finds an incredible amount of women are bisexual. Sounds like confirmation bias to me.

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