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UK: Teen found guilty of stabbing gay man in heart

  • Rehan
  • John-UK

    Looks like the judge-as usual-is trying to suggest this murder was not homophobic. Why do these judges keep overlooking any homophobic intentions? I’ll tell you why-they all think the victim ‘asked’ for it! We really haven’t progressed from the infamous ‘Portsmouth Defence’ have we?

  • Well, what do you expect from a ginger LOL

    • Paul

      So the best way to respond to an article targeting discrimination is to discriminate. As much as you probably mean it as a joke it doesn’t really help the discrimination in this world.

      • Guillermo3

        Yes,Paul}It was a dumb joke,but a joke,nevertheless.Please lighten up.

  • Jones

    Let’s hope the courts are extremely harsh on him and justice is served as it should.

  • Martin R

    I hope this coke-head will have fun in prison or vice versa. Let’s see whether he gets a slap on the wrist or a deterrent sentence. I pray for the latter.

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