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Malta: Parliament approves civil unions and adoption for gay couples

  • That There Other David

    A great step forward for Malta, especially on the adoption front. Congrats!!

  • PeterinSydney

    WOW in very Catholic Malta, a great step forward. Now Tony Abbott what about Australia? Why do we have to live in the 15th Century?

    • MattISaTOOL

      Um.. Australia does have gay adoption and civil unions though? Well technically in Australia its called “De Facto” but it still the same as civil unions…….

  • Jesus_Mohammed

    This is very good news indeed! Malta is a substantially Catholic nation. So let’s hope Italy follows before too long. Well done, Malta!

  • Misha

    Amazing good news!!! :D Congrats Malta, thanks for bringing us some good news! :)

  • Lettice Protheroe

    My lovely Maltese partner is sitting here in our very English sitting room with a tear in his eye……………………………

  • Oliver

    that’s huge for a country that just recently approved divorce..

    • kenny

      Well, all thanks goes to the socialist party. It was the socialist party who decriminalized homosexuality, gave women vote, gave equal age of consent, divorce rights, ivf, civil unions, free education for all, equality in wages between sexes, pensions, children allowance, monetary aid for special needs and single mothers, even rights for gay adoption. However, Malta was ruled by the conservative party for the past 25 years, and hence little was made in the social aspect of Malta. They even voted against divorce. Actually they voted against or abstained in almost every situation.

  • May

    I’m from Malta and just came from the celebration, it is Fantastic to see this happening right now! I’m so thrilled equality is being recognised.

  • Lee Hobson

    Wonderful news.A giant step forward.

  • RobinP

    While this is absolutely great, it should also be mentioned that they (both parties) approved amending the Constitution to add discrimination protection for sexual orientation!

  • one.second

    Great news! Malta seems a fine place with enlightened people who care about their fellow citzens. :)
    Maybe someone could tell me, if there are any differences between these civil unions and marriages of straight people? If so, what are they and why?

    • Sean Albert Mayl

      none. the legislation implemented introduced civil unions on par with marriage. there is no difference in legislation, which is amazing because there’s no difference in love. i’m ecstatic :D

  • Jan Bridget

    Well done Malta, and to all those who fought for this.

  • Cal

    Oh dear. Sorry, Bishop Scicluna. Looks like you lost. What will your next grotesque campaign be?

  • gingerlycolors

    Although it is short of full marriages which many of us want, the fact that Malta has introduced legal recognition for same sex relationships in spite of it being a conservative Catholic country is a significant step.

  • Luke

    To those wondering: unlike civil partnerships or other similar laws in other countries, the Civil Union Bill in Malta has no differences when compared to heterosexual marriage. There’s basically no differentiation as you can see in some pictures where those out celebrating were encouraged to go dressed I wedding clothes. It’s truly a huge step. Thanks to Malta Gay Rights Movement and the Labour Government, Malta is now truly equal.

  • rapture

    Finally, some good news , no thanks to frank meddling and plotting hate from the back with the bishop in malta. When will people see past the lying mask of frank.

  • Robert W. Pierce

    What a wonderful blow to the Roman cult. Well done, Malta. You’re on your way to eventual equal marriage. The is the last place the Vatican would have thought it would be defeated. Let’s hope Italy is paying attention. Now on to Luxembourg, Finland, Ireland, hopefully Germany to introduce equal marriage.

  • Gerry

    It’s certainly great news, especially for such a strongly Roman Catholic country, but will a Maltese Civil Partnership be recognised as Marriage by other countries ?

    This was a shortcoming of British Civil Partnerships: countries such as Australia without Equal Marriage would offer various rights to married opposite-sex couples but wouldn’t recognise British Civil Partnerships.

  • Madgeographer

    Congratulations, Malta! Yet another step towards equality.

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