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Chile: Pastor blames deadly forest fire on same-sex unions bill

  • Valksy

    The “god” that they imagine really is a small-minded, petty, petulant, malevolent monster …oh… wait….that’s what it is like in the Bible….

  • ^GAY-ΠΑΟΚ^ Dark Horse*28*

    What can you expect from these FOOL monkeys…STUPIDITY and IGNORANCE all the way..! Thank god that how many of us save it for the human race…But its definitely not enough..

  • Don_Harrison

    He should be De-frocked. If he really thinks that anyone can cause trees to burn

    • Isn’t it remarkable that in most organizations someone like this man preaching such utter lunacy would be removed from the group to prevent embarrassment. Yet, when it comes to religion, these nutters are overlooked and generally left to cause more damage.

      I think it’s probably better to leave him in place, encourage these rantings, let people see just how crazy these fundamentalists are and let them continue to destroy their cult from the inside out.

      It’s really a win-win, we get a good laugh at the lunatics and their rantings, and they push another few hundred people away from their cult every time they utter nonsense that no sane person can possibly believe. It’s like these idiots are distilling their religion down until there’s no one left but the crazies. ;)

      • Jones

        Isn’t it remarkable that in most organizations someone like this man preaching such utter lunacy would be removed from the group to prevent embarrassment. Yet, when it comes to religion, these nutters are overlooked and generally left to cause more damage.

        Spot on. I’ve always wondered this but it’s the same with other elements of society too. People look down on people for having benefits but yet the royal family are state funded and live in a huge mansion(s). Someone would be fired for overclaiming their expenses, while politicians can keep their job over it. Just highlights that the battle for equality expands further.

  • Neil Rhodes

    A meteor shower in his general vicinity would be nice. If God wants to prove His existence to me, this is what needs to happen.

  • Joe McDougall

    Has he commented on why he would love a god that chose to do something so mean spirited?

  • Robert

    Same-sex marriage controling the elements again, Is he also a member of the Partido de la Independencia de Chile?

  • one.second

    What a horrible, disgusting and stupid person. Deluded and sad.

  • St Sebastian, the Humanist

    Of course he did, but he didn’t need to to prove he is a moron.

  • kenthomes

    So where was “God” when his countries’ democratically elected government was toppled by the good ole USA, and thousands of people were killed and tortured? Also, where is “God” when thousands of children are dying of starvation every day? Nowhere….because “God” is fiction!! These charlatans of religion make me puke.

    • Nono, you don’t get it. God only punishes. Be sure that the Afghans and the Iraqis had a same-sex movement to, that’s why God sent the Americans….. :(

  • “It is evident that the forest fires in the Valparaíso Region of Chile, as with any other natural catastrophe, have nothing to do with the legalization of marriage between people of the same sex.” – You don’t say.

  • Cal

    Pastor, that god of yours seems to be a right cuñt. Not sure why you like him so much. Maybe you are a cuñt too.

  • █ █ █ €ώąɲ█ █ █

    From the Chilean friends of UKIP it seems….

  • JohnnyBoi

    its going to rain – blame the gay’s, there are floods – blame the gay’s, there is a fire – blame the gay’s! Wow the power we obviously have is amazing!!!

  • allan

    Can’t wait to see what they make of the series ‘blood moons’ due in N & S America this year. Should be some crackers.

    “Some Christians are worried the event could have catastrophic consequences, referring to a passage in the Bible that states: “The Sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and the terrible day of the Lord comes.”

    • Someone should start a cult and persuade them all to give up all their Earthly possessions in preparation for their Judgment Day. That’s capitalism after all, and so many “Christians” seem to have as much faith in capitalism as they do their own God.

  • Rehan

    This fool could just as easily have said it was “God’s punishment” for another recent homophobic murder of one His people. But these god-botherers never seem to think like that, do they?

  • Mike

    Oh come on we can do better than that. On the news the other day they said we were going to have a plague of frogs (honest!) due to the wet weather and of course we have already had the worst floods in centuries and there’s an outbreak of chicken pox(!) SO maybe allowing Gay marriage this year……..:-)

  • Fordicus

    Shame that they are legislating for civil unions instead of going straight to full equality.

  • CHBrighton

    How daft can you get?

    • Rehan

      Sadly, there really doesn’t appear to be a bottom limit to stupidity.

      • Jones

        It’s whatever they can think of next.

  • ian

    Gods punishment for not introducing
    full marriage!

  • lee

    I agree with him, let not blame the bankers for this one. His a pastor, yeah and have a 17 inch ******

  • Scoutdubna

    Gosh UKIP members in South America. I suppose its one way they can get of the EU if they all go and live in Chile.

    What utter stupidity.

  • Craig Young

    This really is disgusting. Do these people ever stop to think about the grieving people who have lost loved ones in such tragedies? It is reprehensible to exploit a tragedy like this for cheap political point scoring. Soto should be ashamed of himself!

  • Steven Gregory

    What a stupid petty “God” this pastor worships.

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