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Canada: Taxpayer-funded school warns children that gays will end up in ‘lake of fire’

  • Jones

    No school that indoctrines children into thinking that some people are wrong based on a piece of literature written thousands of years ago that is ignoring of scientific evidence, should ever be taxpayer funded.

    • Steven Gregory

      No organization with a history of child abuse and sexual horrors should be allowed anywhere near children.

  • Nualaan

    The only “lake of fire” I am destined for is that hot tub out on my deck.

    • Steven Gregory

      Will there be “writhing and gnashing of teeth?”

      • Nualaan

        Every time Sugar, every time…

  • Geoff McLarney

    According to the school’s website they are a “non-denominational Christian school.”

    • Ra

      According to reality, they are religious nuts needing therapy for their delusions.

    • Steven Gregory

      When did “Christian” cease to be a religious denomination?
      That’s like saying that even though I’m homosexual, I do not exclude women as long as they have a penis, produce more testosterone than estrogen, and have no female organs.

      • Geoff McLarney

        Christianity is a religion, not a religious denomination. “Non-denominational” means it’s not formally affiliated with any one Christian denomination (in practice, it usually means vaguely generically evangelical). Anyway, my point was that it is certainly not a Roman (or Greek, or Old … ) Catholic school, as the still-uncorrected lede continues to suggest.

        • Steven Gregory

          That hair has been thoroughly split.

          • Geoff McLarney

            No hair-splitting about it: PN misidentified as a “Catholic school” an institution which was not. Since this isn’t the first time they’ve done this, I don’t quite follow your confusion. If you simply don’t care, then fair enough, but then why comment?

  • Neil Rhodes

    I’m quite looking forward to this alleged lake of fire. I hope it lives up to my expectations.

    If possible, I’ll post pictures on Facebook and Twitter.

    • Presumably, given the heat, the beach around this lake of fire will be nudist.

      • Neil Rhodes

        Now I’m *really* looking forward to it!

      • Steven Gregory

        Great place to “roast weenies” and “toast marshmallows!”

    • Steven Gregory

      You can reach the Lake of Fire by climbing over Chutes and Ladders, then passing over the Ribbon Candy bridge to the giant Beanstalk. Then take a left and it’s nestled in the Gumdrop Mountains. Peter Pan has a place on the shore and Narcissus likes to gaze upon his reflection in its fiery waters. I’ve heard Persephone visits there when she’s released from Hades each year, but became really upset when someone asked if her burgundy swimsuit was “pomegranate” in color.

      Isn’t it magical how all the fantasies, myths and children’s fables meld so easily?

      Speaking of pictures, I really enjoy looking at the one you’ve posted of yourself.

      • Neil Rhodes

        Um … golly …. *blush*

        Heh heh.

  • TampaZeke

    Why is the government funding ANY religious school? Do Canada have a massive surplus of funds after funding their secular public schools?

    • kore

      There are still remnants of the old church school system around the country which are the only option for some areas – which is why they are public and funded publicly. It doesn’t help that our PM is a evangelical Christian from this particular part of the country.

      • kenthomes

        How the hell did Canada ever allow Harper to be elected?

        • Ra

          It was a vote to punishment the Liberals over paying advertising companies huge pay-outs to not promote the separation of Quebec during the last separatist referendum. Harper is a religious nutter.

          • Clay Poupart

            No he isn’t, though he is right-wing. He has consistently opposed even having party policies on private moral issues like abortion. His staff and Cabinet both have multiple gay members, by the way, most notably the Foreign Minister.

      • Clay Poupart

        PM Stephen Harper is not an evangelical Christian (he’s Catholic, nominally), and education is not under jurisdiction of the Federal gov’t in Canada.

    • Hue-Man

      Some provinces are required by the Constitution to maintain separate catholic public school boards (Ontario has 4 public school systems, catholic/secular, English/French). Other provinces, including British Columbia were pressured by super-wealthy citizens who themselves went to private schools, to provide government funding to those schools. “Why should we pay taxes for K-12 education when our kids aren’t going to public schools?” The trade-off has been greater control by the B.C. government over curriculum, teacher qualifications, and school policies. B.C. funds private schools at approx 50% of the per-student rate as public schools. (History and brief explanation of government funding. Page 14: 7.2% of students attended non-public schools in 1990)

      The system is now broken because the student population is declining – blame the Boomers, public schools are being closed and the provincial government is cutting spending as the number of students decreases. Meanwhile, private schools have waiting lists AND receive 50% government funding.

      • Steven Gregory

        Thank you for explaining the system.
        In the U.S., parents who send their children to religious schools make the same argument against paying for public schools, and believe a “voucher system” is fair, because it allows them to take their tax dollars to where their children are educated.

        But the arguments against such a system are great: public schools are maintained for EVERYONE and do not choose and select who can attend. A vast majority of private schools are not accessible for children with physical disabilities and have no provisions for students with learning difficulties.

        Such arguments are like choosing to pay for maintenance of the roads you use, but not other streets or highways in the system. Paying for religious schools is state establishment of religion.

        • Hue-Man

          Private schools recruit students with the highest marks, with parents who can afford to buy their kids laptops, and students who speak English as their mother tongue. One B.C. private school has a Mandarin immersion course…

          • Steven Gregory

            Same in the U.S., but most private schools here try to evade state interference and remain privately funded by those same parents. Private school is considered an OPTION, not a right. Perhaps if Canada’s government became more involved such schools would forgo state funding.

            A big problem with private schools in the U.S. is that many religious “schools” are severely substandard, as are many home schools. Students “graduate” without the prerequisites for state colleges and universities. They end up in unaccredited religious schools.

    • CHBrighton

      Same problem in the UK – plus we have a fat controller announcing the Britain is a christian country when the evidence points the other way.

      • Steven Gregory

        The outcry that christianity is a cult of incest and blood worship needs to be made often.

  • ragged clown

    The usual arrogance from sky pixie fanciers, the most self-centred, solipsistic people on the planet. The same self-importance that makes them think that they can just wish away the laws of science and that the configuration of the universe is subject to their personal whims leads them to believe they can help themselves to public money — including from atheist and gay taxpayers — and just carry on with their own sweet thing.

  • kenthomes

    I thought Canada had hate speech laws? It is time that we go after religion for their hate speech. They are the worst offenders and get away with it because people say it is a sincerely held belief. That is not washing anymore.

    • But it changes depending on religion.
      If this were a Muslim school there would be outrage, but because it’s a Christian school preaching a “different kind” of hatred they are allowed to get away with it.

      The hypocrisy here is astounding, but thankfully things are changing and society is starting to reject all religious dogma no matter what brand of idiocy it falls under.

      • Steven Gregory

        I think as extremists achieve power and incidents like this occur, turning a blind eye to the situation becomes more difficult, WHICH IS GOOD!

        Imagine a child of homosexual parents or with a homosexual sibling or relative or neighbor hearing such drivel? It reminds me of a scene present in many Holocaust documentaries, where survivors remember friends and neighbors suddenly shunning them because they were Jewish, and they couldn’t understand what had changed.

  • misterAmuses

    For the sake of some accuracy, I can state categorically that this school is NOT a Catholic school. It is a part of the Golden Hills School Division 75. The rest of the arguments presented here are mostly being made out of ignorance as to the status of this alternative school within the Public School system. The press in this case, and the politicians being quoted, and the comments being offered are mostly doing knee jerk responses without getting the full story.
    One might consider though when the subject of taxpayers support is raised that the parents of these student who attend PCA ARE themselves taxpayers. No teacher has ever been forced to apply to this or any other position against their will. Likewise no student has ever been enrolled without their indicating they want to be here. (as much as any student ‘wants’ to be in school.) When you join a club, whatever it is, you usually join because you agree with the basic principles of that club. Rather than holding forth on the unfairness of the hiring practices (if they are true) one should question the ethics or morality or common sense judgement of someone who would WANT to apply to a club whose very existence they object to.

    • Derek Northcote

      “When you join a club, whatever it is, you usually join because you agree with the basic principles of that club.”

      NOT when that club is receiving public funds from general taxation.

    • Rehan

      no student has ever been enrolled without their indicating they want to be here

      How do they do that, do they sign a disclaimer? To what extent are minors able to make a wholly independent choice?

      And, as Derek Northcote has pointed out, club rules alone can’t apply if public funding is relied upon.

    • The citizens are paying taxes to fund this “school” (and I use that term loosely because there cannot be real education in a biased system which rejects the natural world and science in favor of a book of stories).

      Therefore, when receiving tax payer funding, the school HAS NO CHOICE but to comply with the laws and legislation the state has enacted.

      You cannot have it both ways. Either you want funding and you work by existing laws in society, or you stop accepting funding and run the school as a private entity.

  • kane

    ‘…and warns children that the ‘unjust’ will end up in a ‘lake of fire’…’ was sensationalised by pn into headline; ‘Canada: Taxpayer-funded school warns children that gays will end up in ‘lake of fire’

  • It’s very clear, in a state funded organization there cannot be religious influence with criminal policies which contradict the laws of society.

  • I think I’m going to start a new religion, where there is only one rule – be lovely to people. I’ll include a caveat that the Bible for this new faith can never be added to nor detracted from, just to try to maintain its integrity in the future when despots try to manipulate it to enslave others.

    • Steven Gregory

      You know, that caveat exists in the present Wholly Babble, but that hasn’t stopped translators through the ages from throwing out parts and bits they didn’t like — most famously the Apocryphal books that were deleted from the King James Version, but still exist in the Catholic Babble.

      That same caveat certainly didn’t stop Mormons from using the Wholly Babble as a foundational text for their wildly lucrative bastardization. You know, the one where during the three days in the tomb, Jesus sneaked out, flew like Superman to New York and buried gold tablets upon which he had inscribed his final teachings.

      Every time some religious loon claims God spoke to him or Jesus made a revelation, they are “adding to” the scripture they obviously haven’t read.

  • Scoutdubna

    “Hehr continued: ”Either these schools stop this ludicrous behaviour or their funding should cease immediately.”

    Nowp wrong, very wrong. The school should be closed and all responsible should be banned from teaching for life. Child abuse is a very serious matter and it is so obvious it is happening in this school.

    In fact if the Roman Catholic Church is not prepared to condemn this, it should be banned from teaching children.

    • Steven Gregory

      Splendid comment. What other lies would a decent society allow to be perpetrated upon its children?

  • Clay Poupart

    Speaking as a Canadian (and a nominal Catholic), I just want to clarify something this article doesn’t. In Canada (for 19th century reasons not important right now), parents have the right to opt into the public system or the Catholic “separate” system (Protestants have the same right in Quebec). You only pay taxes to the school system you choose, you vote for the School Board you choose, etc. It sounds like this school is on the fringe and it gaming the system, but just be aware that, in general, religious schools in Canada are supported by the taxes of the religious believers themselves.

    • Steven Gregory

      That clarifies the situation, but does not explain why Canada essentially supports religion of any type, especially Christianity with a foundational text that exalts polygamy and incest, subjugation of women and captive laborers as slaves, vilification of homosexuals and unruly children, and embrace of blood sacrifice.

  • Steven Gregory

    “A taxpayer-funded Catholic school”

    Dear Canada, “WHY?”

    Would the good citizens of Canada be surprised if an academy for child laborers or child machete soldiers or sexy child models turned out to be rotten investments of tax dollars?

    Perhaps one should weigh the track record of Catholics and children:
    Education: granted, there have been many graduates who excelled.
    Abuse: honestly, there have been too many cases of mental, physical and sexual abuse to overlook any longer.

  • This is NOT a Catholic school, but a Protestant fundamentalist school. NOT a porn site

    • Liam

      I assumed the link would have something to do with the story, not a shameless plug for your blog.

      • Liam: Please don’t judge me with the words “shameless plug for your blog.” My site was set up for two reasons and not in any order: publicize my stories – and- be a second home for persecuted lesbians. Eleven months later and I have over 40,000 visitors. This may be because my goal was to present lesbians world-wide with hope and blogs revealing their proud lesbian history. I have had countless messages and emails from lesbians who have known some lesbian friends who were ‘corrective rape’ victims in South Africa; others are in the country of Nigeria and Uganda. I was able to set one lesbian in Tanzania up with a LGBT organization. She met a gay man in a cafe and now she has friends. If you took the time to visit my site rather than judging me unfairly you would see the work I have done on behalf of my lesbian rainbow sisters. I also ask my readers to be active in contacting Embassies, marching and commenting. Time and time again, I blog the statement as follows:
        “According to psychiatrists world wide, homosexuality is NOT a) disease b) a mental illness or c) perversion and it cannot be changed, hence it is NOT a choice, but people are born this way.
        Liam, my site provides this kind of scientific background against the bigotry of right wing Christians. This is the kind of help I give – I can see (the short note) why you wrote what you did – but you are so, so wrong about me and my site.

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