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Canada: Court challenge over proposed BC law school that bans gays

  • Maryland Kid

    I’m assuming that the arguments of these lawyers are centered on concerns about the Separation of Church and State. This is all well and good, and I do hope that the courts find in favor of the challengers, but why hasn’t anybody challenged the school directly? I’m not entirely certain whether or not Canada has some version of the Equal Protection clause, but it seems like a fairly safe assumption to make. Isn’t the policy of the school to exclude LGBT people a fairly obvious breach of that legal doctrine?

    • JB

      Unfortunately the BC Human Rights code potentially allows for this type of discrimination through a clause that more or less permits discrimination based on religious observance. However, it is debatable whether this would apply to TWU, as a University and not a church/temple/etc.

    • Jase

      The Canadian Human Rights Acts is not a legally enforceable document, it is a recommended policy. Governments or Corporations, local and national can choose to obey the Act or ignore it.

      The real issue comes down to who is running the Country/Province/Company. Ottawa is currently under the governance of the Socially Conservative (read anti-gay) right wing, BC is not.

      This is all a shady Legal/Political arena. Another reason to vote Liberal Nationally in 2015.

    • Steven Gregory

      It would seem just as blatant for a school to establish policies excluding women or “dark-skinned people” or left-handed people. What in the HELL does a person’s sexuality or lawful sexual activity have to do with LAW SCHOOL?

  • Jase

    The Globe and Mail (Canada’s right wing newspaper) Wente, is supporting the School, against the gay community, on their front page this morning. No counter balance opinion was published.

    The Globe and Mail and their parent company, by Bell Globe Media, are/were the biggest supporters for the election of Stephen Harper as PM in 2006. After Harper was elected PM, he immediately tried, in Parliament, to take away gay equality in Canada. He failed, as he only had a minority government at the time.

    Note: The reporter, Margaret Wente, is an American born Conservative who writes for the Canadian owned, Globe and Mail.

    • Steven Gregory

      Thanks for the information. I live in the U.S., and such important background isn’t well known here.

  • Steven Gregory

    Question: How does homosexuality comprise “sexual intimacy that violates the sacredness of marriage between a man and a woman?” Homosexuality actually PRESERVES such sacredness by not defiling it. I know gay men who are still VIRGINS when it comes to having sex with a woman.

    If that seems like a twist of reasoning, I was merely using Christian patterns which they employ to justify nearly everything else.

  • Allan

    There are many gay and Lesbian students at TWU. This is a biased article that is based on fanning the flames and not on the actual facts. It is a Christian school that espouses Christian values, yes, but it doesn’t prevent or ban anyone from going to the school regardless of sexual orientation, gender, race, religion.

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