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US: Store owner puts up sign with anti-gay slurs to discourage customers wearing baggy trousers

  • Cal

    No fags in the P@ki shop, then.

  • Administrator

    This gentleman is using the well known bigotry that many in society embrace, to not only gain compliance, but to establish his own bigoted position on homosexuality. Not to mention any free advertisement that might come his way. I’m sure he’d rather generate a large heterosexual customer base anyway!

  • Derek Northcote

    Soon to be “EX shop owner, welfare benefitee…”

  • kane

    ‘…However, Mr Patel told WSB the response to his message has been so positive that he’s considering getting bumper stickers made to sell in the store…’

    well, at least you have to admire his business acumen

  • anon

    I thought the stereotype was skinny jeans. Honestly I can’t keep up.

  • Aaron Rosenberg

    So much wrong. Not just his homophobia, but his obvious disgust with sex in general and his malicious character. His problem is so much bigger than his alleged aversion to the sight of boxer-shorted butts.

  • chuck

    Post the address and name of the store so we can shut this place down. Yep, it’s payback time for all of the hatred we’ve endured for years, if you don’t like it too effin bad, move to nigeria, ghana, back to that armpit you and your predecessors come from.

    • kore

      He already lives in Georgia – the population there is just about as primitive. He’s probably a hero in his community for this.

    • CareerLt

      In no way do I condone what this shop owner has done. But is there any level of hated you displayed any worse than his? I think not

  • Brett Gibson

    Only in America….god they’re so dumb.

    • de Villiers

      Yes. There has never been a problem with homophobic language in England.

      • Brett Gibson

        You misinterpret me, or you’re actually just putting words in my mouth.

        “Only in America” if you’re not already aware is a well-established phrase and I don’t feel like THIS kind of homophobia would happen in England. Simples, stop making mountains of of molehills

    • Corpseman57

      You’re right; how many Americans voted for the man without a past? How many incorrectly use the word ‘racist’ when others complain about the president’s Constitutional abuses? And how many are ignorant of what a ‘phobia’ is?

      But I’ll tell you what 1/2 the country is good at–being parasites and knowing how to scam the system.

      • saintlaw

        You won’t be aware of this but you’re insane.

    • Maryland Kid

      As much as I can’t stand Georgia, what you’re saying is just plain dumb. I’ve seen what gets said at British football matches. Not just the homophobic slurs, but the ethnic ones too. It’s absolutely shameful.

      • Brett Gibson

        Society in Britain is strides ahead of the US matey.

        I was also referring to this kind of thing, you would never find this in Britain because we retain a tad more decorum than our wild cousins over the pond.

        And I’m sure the word ‘f*ggot’ etc are NEVER uttered at Basketball/ baseball/ hand egg games in the US.

        • Maryland Kid

          I don’t deny that there are significant sociocultural inequities in my country, and I think that is important that we find a way to reconcile these differences if we are ever to progress. Though you might be a little bit surprised about American sports games. I’m not a huge basketball fan, but in my experience going to American Football, European Football and Baseball games, the fans here are far better behaved here than what you see over in Britain. Much more of a family atmosphere.

          Then again, you do have to admit that this issue is slightly more nuanced than playground insults like, “God, they’re so dumb” would seem to suggest. Take, for instance, the issue of ethnic slurs, which I brought up in my comment. The first time in my life that I ever heard one of those used was actually in London, and I have to say that I was absolutely shocked. I’d like to be able to tell you that I handled it gracefully, but it would be more accurate to say that I ended up gaping like a fish! See, here in Maryland, where I was born and raised, people just don’t say stuff like that. It simply isn’t done. I was never even taught how to respond in situations like that! Evidently, this isn’t the same case over there, where I even heard things like the n word used in public settings!

          Of course, that’s not to say that Marylanders or other Americans are not racist. You’re an idiot if you believe that there are no lingering racial divisions in this country, or that our history of racial conflict does not have an effect our actions today. Then again, you’re equally foolish if you believe Europe to be free of racial conflict and intolerance. The truth is that both Europe and the United States are highly complicated and extremely diverse societies that each face a wide range of very complicated issues. These range across the spectrum from race relations to, yes, homophobia.

          I guess we could each just go about trying to over-simplify each others problems for use as ammunition in some kind of mud-slinging, nationalistic game of trying to prove who is better than who. But I object to that, because all you’re doing is reducing the actual suffering of real people to something that you can use to make yourself feel better. It’s just another, slightly more sophisticated form of objectification. You could go about using this guy in Georgia, and the suffering that he is causing, an an excuse to say things like, “Americans are dumb,” but that doesn’t take into consideration the people who he is hurting, who are, after all, American too.

          I probably shouldn’t have insulted people at British football matches. That was very rude of me, and I do sincerely apologize for that. However, I hope that you can appreciate my frustration with the kind of close-minded and rigid thinking that you are espousing. Sorry for the long post, and thank you for taking the time to hear me out.

          • Brett Gibson

            Don’t apologise for the British football thing, you’re right for the most part because football in the UK is mainly a ‘lads’ spectator sport and not at all family oriented.

            In regards to racism (I assume you’re black, forgive me if I’m wrong) you have to remember that the USA has had a large population of Africans since day dot, the same cannot be said of Britain. Britain was an almost completely all white country (same with most of Western Europe) until the last 60 years, with the majority of immigrants arriving in the UK since 1997. Even today our country is still 92% white compared to 79% in the US. (I believe). The US has always been a melting pot of different cultures and that’s what made the US the way it is. Britain has always been British, with British people.

            I also think racism in the UK (which 90% of the time is directed towards South Asians) stems from the fact that the immigrants (especially muslims) just have either made no effort to or simply just haven’t managed to integrate themselves into British society at all. I always say it’s not the colour of their skin but rather their alien culture.

            Multiculturalism was handled completely wrong in the UK, I’m still not entirely sure of the reasons behind it but it was a total cock up and we’ve ended up with different races making parts of the cities their ghettos, which feel like they’ll never become part of the greater society.

            I hope that one day the UK will fully harmonise with different races and cultures, and let’s face it, mixed race babies are the cutest!

          • Maryland Kid

            I’m mixed race. In the U.S., I don’t get categorized very much, because I look kind of ethnically ambiguous. I do have the South Asian skin tone, though, which is probably what was causing problems.

            According to the last census records, the Unites States is 64% European White. I just did a paper on modern demographics trends, and fortunately I still had the census data lying around!

            I do think that people, especially in the United States, are a little bit unfair towards Europe over some of the racial issues that you are experiencing. I know a lot of people who are very upset over what’s happening over there. I think what happens is that we just get these news stories about how Muslim dress has been banned in France, or headscarves are not permitted in UK public spaces like schools or courts. Then we see the rise of these radical groups like the Front Nacional and UKIP. Ever since the Civil Rights Movement, there has kind of been an implicit agreement in the United States to avoid overt racism. That’s not to say that groups like the religious right are any better than the hard-line conservatives in Europe, but they tend to rely on coded racial metaphors (i.e. welfare queens and the like).

            I don’t condone what’s happening in Europe right now, but I also think that people here need to gain some perspective. After all, we’ve had over two centuries to come to terms with our racial conflicts, and let’s be honest, a lot of it really wasn’t pretty. Britain and France have gone from being ethnically homogeneous to relatively multicultural in a very short period of time, and things could have ended up a lot worse than they did. And I’m confident that the existing problems right now in Europe will be worked out, especially with open-minded people like you to help the process along. I also think that homophobia and intolerance of that nature in the United States will die out soon enough as well, as long as people like me keep pushing for equality and tolerance. So thank you very much for sharing your perspectives and your unique viewpoint. I really do appreciate it!

  • Silly Old Bastard

    Dress sense is so important. I’m never seen without my top hat.

  • Jessie

    Cupid Stunt!!!!!!

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    Oh the irony…….a man who is probably called “paki” is using “fag” to make a point…….as I say, the irony.

    On a more serious note, this should serve as a reminder that, of all the ethnic and social groupings that exist, homosexuals are the only ones who are attacked from all races, religions and genders. Something to remember.

    • ChrisInLA

      He is called “Patel”. That is a Hindu name, so he cannot be Paki. However. by pushing the notion that he is Pakistani rather than Indian, we might get the angry Pakistani Muslims to exact revenge and bring a bit of subcontinental antagonism to peaceful Georgia.

    • Rehan

      Is the term ‘Paki’ used as a slur against South Asians of all origins in the US too? I thought it was a particularly British usage.

    • Corpseman57

      Oh, puleeze.

  • Jones

    He can go to prison where he’ll see more of these “fags” who have their pants down, because they have no belts to keep them up.

    • CareerLt

      Jones… you are completely wrong in your interpretation of why inmates wear their pants saggy. It has NOTHING to do with being able to afford a belt. It is a way for inmates to advertise their willingness for anal sex

  • ChrisInLA

    An Indian man being homophobic is not a new trick. He played to the anti-gay stance of many of his customers, and that was clever of him. You have to play dirty to make money He could not comment on the association of trouser slippage with jail time (the true connection), because his customers would then have beaten him up. The man is cunning enough to convert his natural cowardice into a pile of coins. We should engage him to create anti-homophobic signs. I’m sure he’d do anything for money.

    • Rehan

      An Indian man being homophobic is not a new trick

      Nor is it in relation to any other nationality or ethnicity, few if any of which have unblemished records when it comes to homophobia.

  • jlvnv

    In case anyone is wondering, the evolutionary missing link has been found to be the owner of this establishment.

  • shelairone

    Perhaps a group of like minded chaps should “shop” in Mr Patels for lots of lovely items that just can’t be bought anywhere else.
    Then start a impromtu ‘sing a long’ ; OF, I am what I am and other Classic songs.
    Bet he’d be toe tapping after awhile?

  • Brian Elmore

    I’m gay, serving currently in the US Navy. I wear my trousers properly, whether in uniform or civilian clothing. Us “fags” do NOT always wear our clothing low, and it is an insult to insinuate that we do.

    I suggest this business owner find a new way to communicate their wishes for customers to dress appropriately.

    • 24/7Top

      Ditto here

  • From the words he’s used, the terrible grammar, and the opinion itself, it’s obvious that this man has quite a low intellect.

    Yet more proof if any were needed that intolerance and bigotry usually goes hand-in-hand with low intelligence.

    I have yet to meet a person of decent intellect who is homophobic, sexist or racist.

  • Rehan

    Bizarre in the extreme since, according to the version I’ve heard, one of the reasons the ridiculous fad for wearing trousers so low-slung as to be almost slipping off arose from a reaction to tight-fitting jeans being seen as gay (or “fag”-like).

  • Corpseman57

    ‘Ophiophobia’ is the abnormal fear of snakes. It does not mean that the person disagrees with the snake’s lifestyle.

    Can’t you find a better word than ‘homophobia.’

    • Rehan

      Snakes don’t have a lifestyle. Nor do people according to their sexuality.

    • saintlaw

      Can’t you find a date?

      Thought not.

  • Maryland Kid

    I’m caught between my moral disapproval towards homophobia and my dislike for people wearing sagging pants!

    On a more serious note, though, I am sincerely concerned about the ethnic slurs and intolerant language being tossed around this forum. People ought to be judged on the content of their character as opposed to the color of their skin. In the case of Mr. Patel, his character is evidently severely lacking in some important capacities, and he ought to be criticized for that. But don’t do other Indians and Persons of Color the discourtesy of being denied their right to define themselves through their own actions by resorting to a crude and offensive racist mentality.

    • Rehan

      Well said.

  • Daniel

    Can’t say as I know a single “fag” who wears sagging pants… this man clearly has no fashion sense.

  • Rob Oakes

    Maybe this ignorant homophobe will go out out of business – I am not gay and it annoys me seeing the youth of today with trousers down their ankles!

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