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US: Oklahoma trans policewoman runs for State House

  • ThetruthshaIIsetyoufree

    Yeah right. That’ll never happen. Our congress is already enough of a circus without you in it.

    • Dee

      It’s her democratic right as it is yours. She’s exercising it so as to change things instead of moaning.

    • Angela

      Nice attitude……!
      I really hope you are not from somewhere under the LGBTQI umbrella, as we simply can do without people like you!

  • Janet Wall

    Good on her, I hope she succeeds. Although sometimes I doubt America’s ability to be tolerant to anyone different

  • Maryland Kid

    Not a snowball’s chance in Hell. Even Oklahoma City is fairly conservative politically. In fact, up until that joker in San Diego lost his seat to the Republicans, I believe that Oklahoma City was the only large city in the U.S. with a Republican Mayor. Hopefully, though, she can raise awareness of LGBT awareness in that area.

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