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US: Nevada Republicans drop opposition to same-sex marriage from platform

  • Valksy

    Keep in mind that there is an ideological schism within the Republican party – There are the corporate kind who want low taxes and no regulation, and there are the evangelical-inspired kind who want to crawl into every woman’s uterus and everyone’s bedroom, and enforce their theocracy.

    Problem is that the former, who do not serve the best interests of the majority, got into bed with the latter to try and consolidate power – on the delusional assumption that they would be able to control them, or that they would understand the mechanisms of politics and rein in the rhetoric.

    Problem is, they (the Tea Party) did nothing of the sort and are now causing what amounts of conflicts of ideological “purity” within the party. I don’t suppose this action in Nevada will amount to anything much – except, perhaps Tea Party Republicans threatening to take on the more Washington Beltway inclined sort.

    Practically speaking, the GOP has relied on its trifecta of “guns, gays and abortions” for years – it is their primary means (beyond the obvious regarding President Obama) for whipping up emotionally-driven rhetoric to get idiots to vote against their own best interest. They won’t be giving up any of these weapons without a fight.

    • Bikerman

      Thank you. Cogently stated.

    • Very well put, and an accurate analysis of the Republican party.

      However, I think this change in Nevada is an indication of what I have believed would happen for quite a while now; many in the Republican party have looked at the numbers, they’re watching how the country is evolving, and they know that if they are to remain relevant they have no choice but to become more liberal in their thinking.

      There is indeed a crisis within the party, but it’s one they are refusing to deal with in any concrete way. When the Tea Party crowd was enveloped by the party it brought with it a certain breed of extremism that took the whole party back, through a nostalgic reenactment of 1950’s bigotries. The Tea Party was somewhat of a Trojan Horse, promising notions of “libertarianism” on the outside, but bringing with it bigoted ideologies the party had been trying to distance itself from for years.

      I remember when the TP movement started, and how it was so easily co-opted by the Koch brothers. I recall the racism, the homophobia and the far-right element displayed at many of their rallies, and I remember them claiming that this was all a smear campaign and propaganda. The problem is, of course, that it’s been proven that this was not propaganda at all. Many of these people are fascists, they are extremists, they are racists and sexists who would recreate all kinds of horrors should they be given the chance.

      Some in the party now know that if the Republicans want to remain in the running they have to oust these groups from their party.

      I’m still certain that we’ll see a continuing softening of the Republican party, to focus on fiscal conservatism, and that they’ll abandon the theocratic and extremist sentiments in the party. These people will leave to form their own party, and America will have a far-right group making noise for at least a few years.

  • jlvnv

    It’s a great day for those of us who call Nevada home. I’ve known Mr. McDonald for a number of years and he kept his promise in spite of resistance from what we call the “cow” counties which are extremely conservative.

  • Liam

    You know it’s over when even the GOP starts being pragmatic.

  • Giselle

    Wasn’t Nevada the last time a marriage ban was upheld? And with horrendously awful and bigotted arguments to boot. It’s been a while, there were about 15 pro LGBT equality judgments since then. But that Nevada decision just read terrible, really, really awful.

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