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US: Arizona trans woman convicted of ‘manifesting prostitution’ charge

  • Halou

    “Vice reported last year that she was arrested as part of Project ROSE and taken to Bethany Bible Church, which runs a religious rehabilitation programme that aims to ‘save’ sex workers.
    Those that successfully complete the programme, some 30%, are not charged, but those who refuse to do so, or who do not complete the programme, are prosecuted.”

    That’s rather a scary statistic, the Arizona state’s legal system requires people to choose between either attending church, or going to jail. And here was me thinking that America had rules against the imposing criminal sanctions against people who do not observe certain religious practices.

    • Silly Old Bastard

      What’s the problem. Church once a week or jail seven days a week.

      • DuhMaster

        Right. The problem is that church and state are supposed to separate, so legal decisions like this should never be “state imposed sanction or church” because they put church and state into the same legal equation, which the constitution has specific measures to block. This is also so that someone who is not Christian can attend a rehabilitation program that does not impose someone else’s beliefs, which can be just as harmful as abuse in some cases. This is a multi-faith nation, not a secular nation who absolves crimes based on church attendance. Know your law. Know your history.

  • Angela_K

    We see this sort of thing happening in the UK where Prisoners are “encouraged” to do the christian brain-washing Alpha course [Cameron is promoting this] so they can plead they have found jebus to gain early release. I’m pissed off with religious crypto-fascists sticking their stupid beliefs into other peoples business; it shows how desperate they are to get new new recruits into their cult. If you commit a crime, you do the time, but not in church.

  • Craig Young

    This is exactly why LGBTI individuals need to support sex workers rights and oppose Christian Right “faith-based initiatives’ whereever they exist. Monica’s human rights and civil liberties are being subjected to disgusting abrogation in this context. I have signed the petition and encourage the rest of you to do the same.

  • LGBT-Person

    Where are Lambda and the ACLU? There is nothing about this law that is legal from beginning to end. Asking if someone is an undercover cop is a punishable crime? What country are we living in?

  • Christine Akers

    Where’s the article here? I would like more than just comments to read…

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