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Tea Party activist: ‘Gay supremacy is becoming worse than white supremacy’

  • Phil

    The ridiculous thing is she’s talking about the likes of herself, not ‘gay supremacists’ and she can’t even see it.

    • Carl

      They have been truly brainwashed, so much that they are absolutely blind to reality. That’s the only way one can explain their words.

  • Derek Northcote

    Assuming this woman is using a bible as her authority, it is clear that she does not understand it.

    1: Timothy 2:12

    “Suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in …. They are not allowed to speak, but must be in submission, as the law says.”

    I really wish people would read the bloody book and realize that its a load of crap written by uneducated idiots that knew nothing about anything and if this woman understood her “Christianity” she would get back in her kitchen and make her man some soup.

    • nzchicago

      I love soup.

      • Derek Northcote

        But not that cold stuff….

        • nzchicago


  • Jones

    It’s quite strange to see that some black people that are against equality and claim ridiculous things such as this woman. Not long ago it was black people subject to this sort of ridicule but now the tables are turned, some are happy to join in alongside the other religious whackos.

    • Valksy

      Indeed – And the same putrid dogmatic nonsense was used to excuse it.

    • James!

      You could also say some women you could also say the same about racist gay men. One does not speak for all unless you’re a bigot

      • Steven Gregory

        He wrote “some black people,’ not all. Put your finger back in it.

        • James!

          You defend that pig? Go fûck yourself

          • Steven Gregory

            You’re cheap and stupid.

          • Rumbelow

            James behaves like an unsocialised attack dog, you can’t communicate with him, he just wants to attack.

            We have been through a major human rights milestone with the introduction of marriage equality and it has come as a surprise and shock to those people who until very recently had the luxury and privilege of never having to seriously consider the rights of gay people.

          • Steven Gregory

            James is also stuck on accusing people of blanket statements, where none exists except his twisted interpretation.

            The best take on the growing adoption of equal marriage and the increasingly shrill response from religious conservatives is that they are losing their last major fundraising topic. All the decades of effort against homosexuals and now people are finding out gays and lesbians are not some unknowable exotic, but are their relatives, friends, co-workers, neighbors, celebrities and sports figures.

          • Jones

            I never used all black people so what is the hoo-ha all about? I know that the majority of black people are kind and considerate but some, a small minority, like to forget about the persecution of people from their race in the past and commit vile acts against other innocent groups e.g the Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni

          • Steven Gregory

            James has made the same complaint throughout this thread against comments that did not include “all.” He’s a classic troll: time waster and attack dog.

      • bermeir

        Spot on.

    • bermeir

      This is insulting to black people. Don’t misunderstand me -as an atheist, I believe this woman’s bible-based views are wrong- but that is not the point.
      Black people aren’t some homogenous group with same views on everything. How would you like it if I assumed you were promiscuous because you were gay? Or said something like, ‘gay men should not be allowed to get married because they won’t be monogamous’? All stereotypical.

      • Rehan

        I’m as opposed to casual racism as you are but I don’t see a fault in Jones’s post, which makes clear use of the word ‘some’.

      • Steven Gregory

        You do realize that you just addressed Black people as a homogeneous group.

        Apparently SOME Black people are not insulted, they even perceive the problem of widespread religion-based homophobia within the Black community. A Black filmmaker addresses it in ‘The New Black:’

      • angellgirl

        Yeah, kinda kills your credibility when you suggest it’s insulting to black people as if they’re a homogeneous group, then go on to posit that they’re not a homogeneous group. . .

      • Jean-Marc in Canada

        What part of the word SOME do you not understand? Jones never said ALL nor did he imply ALL, you chose to read ALL into his post. As a fellow atheist, I expect better reading comprehension.

      • Jones

        It’s the same as me saying some white people are murderers. Nothing I said was racist.

      • Cal

        I will go further than Jones and say that as a black person she ought to know better. Idiots like Linda Harvey can exist in an enclave of right-wing ignorance but what is this awful turd’s excuse?

  • Marc Webster

    “Their (sic) is no searching of the heart or consideration of God’s principles.”……so we can go back to slavery then and then you couldn’t spout your stupid bile and of course you would lose your comfortable lifestyle…..

  • David H

    Aside from the woman being clearly illiterate, who on earth is calling for gay “supremacy?” Everyone I know is fighting for equality (another concept the Bible is somewhat averse to recognising).

    • In their eyes, anyone wanting equality is wanting more than they are entitled to. Remember, organized religion is built on the domination of others. People generally join such cults so they have permission to subjugate and attack others to make themselves feel “superior”.

      She’s a sick and twisted woman, and from the things she’s been saying she really should seek psychiatric help.

      • Steven Gregory

        White heterosexual Christian men warned women: “If we give you equal rights, everyone will want them.

    • Steven Gregory

      It’s another scare tactic.
      You know that pesky term “gay marriage?” It was coined by the same religious conservatives to inflame their easily spooked sheep.

  • Mumbo Jumbo

    If you click through to Right Wing Watch and then through to the original source at Tea Party Nation she has posted the following remarkable comment below her article:

    “…….I have know many gays as well, my son is homosexual, but he comes over an lays on his moms lap as he did when he was a child he is 28 years old. He knows how his dad and I feel about his lifestyle, but our role is to show him grace and mercy, because God showed us grace and mercy when we were in darkness, but if my son tells me I have to accept him and his partner or he will not have fellowship with us anymore, then we won’t have fellowship. We don’t try and force him out of his choice and he has no right to force us out of ours……”


    • The emotional abuse she is inflicting on her own son makes me want to buy a ticket, fly over there and knock that bi*ch on her ignorant ass.

    • Steven Gregory

      The first guy I dated was the only one of four siblings with a high school diploma, college education, steady job, and no prison record. The other three, all older, lived at home — except for his brother who was in jail. He drove his mom and two sisters and niece and nephew to church every Sunday, until the preacher decided to target him from the pulpit. He stood up, told the preacher he was a hateful hypocrite, and walked out. Told his family if they wanted a ride they would need to leave with him and they did.

      Nobody from the church contacted his mom or sisters, so they dropped it. Now we all get together on weekends, often we baby sit for his sisters. It was religion that was the entire issue. His mom loves to cook for me and was shocked that I knew how to pin-up her hair in rollers. I told her my uncle’s wife is Black and I learned by pinning-up the hair of my cousins.

      I have encountered people who in every other situation seemed educated, accomplished and aware; but clinging to religion made them defy much of what they knew to be correct socially and politically. Superstition had them in its grip.

      • ThetruthshaIIsetyoufree

        Since our country was founded on religion, social and political correctness takes a back seat to it. It is the main driving force of America, and it is the reason you’re able to be alive today to enjoy it.

        • Steven Gregory

          You keep telling yourself that, nothing can change the religious mind other than education. Quit stalking me while you’re at it.

        • funkinwolf

          The USA was founded on secularism, you know. Separation of Church and State. Which was revolutionary for its day. It’s just after hundreds of years, what was once very radical secularism is mistaken for acceptance of state religion.

          • Steven Gregory

            Thetruth-blah-blah-blah arrives on this site, spouts rote right wing baloney, and then moves from article-to-article doing the same. Always stupid, always part of the right wing echo chamber.

        • Derek Northcote

          Go read your constitution, idiot.

        • Jean-Marc in Canada

          Sweety, I’m not even American and even I know you full of it.

          Read what you founding fathers actually thought of religion before making such asinine remarks.

          The founding fathers were, at best, theists but they certainly were not Dominionists, Christian Reconstructionists or Evangelical.

          Sorry sweets, but they were (warning, I’m going use fowl language) Intellectuals (GASP!), Philosophers (SHOCK!) and Men of Letters (FAINT). I know, using words that are anathema to the reich-wing tea party is unsavoury, but I just had to tell you the truth.

          Reality is, they would find the current state of American politics and its mingling of religious fervor quite disgusting.

          Now……flame away as only an impotent rage troll can.

    • Cal

      This may seem harsh but the son needs to pull his head out of her lap and tell that cvnt where to go.

  • Rumbelow

    Will reasonable black people please stand up to this abnormal homophobe who is trying to mix and sow anti-gay discord and racism, filthy cow.

    • kane

      because all black people are guilty by association

      • Steven Gregory

        You’re the only one writing “all black people.” You are twisting his comment.

        • kane

          i think you are being petty, nevertheless i will rephrase my comment

          because all or just some reasonable black people are guilty by association


          • Steven Gregory

            Of course you think I’m being petty: you are the one who misinterpreted Rumbelow’s comment and got called out.

          • kane

            such inconsistency in pettiness when it comes to calling out idiocy of rumbelow’s comment

          • Lion in Winter

            Don’t harass Steven – he’ll start thinking you’re stalking him when all you’re doing is trying to clarify your point. I’ve seen his posts elsewhere – his word is the be-all and end-all – it’s not a debate he wants; it’s just agreement. Usually he’s of sound opinion, but his fuse is short.

          • Cal


    • James!

      So does one black person speak for all of them? Stupid racist pig.

      • Steven Gregory

        Your idiocy continues. WHERE does he write “all?” You really have a small mind and a short fuse.

    • ThetruthshaIIsetyoufree

      She’s actually trying to disregard racism, and sow the blanket of hatred the lgtb portrays on a daily basis.

      • Steven Gregory

        So writes the homophobe who can’t stay off the gay news site.

      • Rehan

        I’m glad you can at least admit that she’s trying to sow the blanket of hatred.

    • bermeir

      What are you talking about? She speaks for herself NOT all black people! How would you like it if people started talking about the ‘gays’ as if gay people were some separate species all of like mind?! I bet you took offence at the Borg comment made by some nutjob a few days ago, too. How ironic that would be if you did.

      • Steven Gregory

        Can you read? Nowhere does he write that she speaks for “all black people,” but calls for REASONABLE BLACK PEOPLE to stand up to her efforts.

      • ChrisInLA

        “How would you like it if people started talking about the ‘gays’ as if gay people were some separate species all of like mind?!”

        This is what anti-LGBT people do every day. It is exactly what this Baker woman is doing.

  • Brett Gibson

    “Any person who disagrees with their evil beliefs will be viciously attacked and destroyed” Ring a bell anyone?! Hahaha, laughable, absolutely laughable.

    • Jean-Marc in Canada

      Oh Irony… I love thee. Yeah, I read that and literally said out loud “What the f**k?!?” 2000 years of their “love” and we’re the hateful ones…… indeed.

  • jlvnv

    It must be quite comfortable in that delusional, one-dimensional world she inhabits. Her comments regarding white supremacists and her acceptance of their methods is, quite frankly, impossible to categorize. Does she not realize that those very same supremacists are active today and their goal is to complete what they have begun: elimination of Jews, Blacks, and Gays? The question is rhetorical.

  • Rehan

    There really isn’t a bottom limit to stupidity, is there?

  • It’s hilarious because I spent about 5 minutes trying to work out whether she was for or against by that statement as it was written exactly as if talking about anti-gay activists!

    • Remember, the Republican extremists believe that constitutional rights are only for them, equality is only for them, freedom is only for the Christian fundamentalists.

  • I just wrote in response to another article that there is a clear link between low intelligence and bigotry, but I would just like to repeat that again.

    Just look at her failure to comprehend the stupidity of her argument, look at her terrible use of English, look at her bizarre twisting of facts and reality.

    It’s clear that this woman has no real intelligence to speak of, she’s just another ignorant right wing loon who was probably brainwashed as a child to believe Biblical nonsense rather reality.

    Yet again the growing extremism of the Tea Party is coming to the fore. Time for the NSA to shift their focus and start monitoring more of the “patriot” extremists before they have an opportunity to act violently towards other Americans.

  • Craig Young

    Does this woman not realise that her lily white fundie American mates were goosestepping around the Deep South burning crosses, lynching African-Americans, defending bans against interracial marriage, dressed in ridiculous hooded white outfits and oh yes, propping up the South African apartheid obscenity? Newsflash, dearie- most African-Americans voted for pro-marriage President Obama back in 2012.

  • George Penfold

    I hate FAT American women too!

  • Steven Gregory

    If only she knew what the other Tea Party parents said about her when she leaves the room.

    • Jean-Marc in Canada

      Oh, you know it.

  • ThetruthshaIIsetyoufree

    That’s one of the most accurate and unbelievably true things I’ve ever heard a black person say. She needs a medal of honor for having the guts to speak the truth about such a sensitive subject. Most gays are like that because they only have two main emotions that drive them, love and hate. Their chemical imbalance is way out of whack, and you only need to look at BSA, the Boston Parade, Jan Brewer and Arizona, The Grammy’s, and especially the Olympics to see. Oh and don’t forget the mockery they made of the parade that Rob Ford wouldn’t join. Adults were walking by naked in front of kids. Talk about weird. It’s sad they’re all too shallow and self centered to ever admit it though.

    • Ali Cat

      “That’s one of the most accurate and unbelievably true things I’ve ever heard a black person say.”
      – So you’re racist, you’re homophobic, why not have a go at Jewish people whilst you’re at it? Moron!

    • Derek Northcote

      The “stupid” is strong in this one.

    • Let me be the one to break this to you…

      You and your kind have already lost. You lost years ago. Gay marriage is passing all across the USA, equality laws are growing, religious control is collapsing, the Republican party is being rejected, liberal-minded decent kids are going to take your country forward and make people like you redundant.

      I know it hurts for you to contemplate this, but the fact that it does makes me smile ;)

    • Rehan

      ‘Most gays are like that’ – well done, you know most gays, do you? I can’t say I can come even close to matching that astonishing achievement.

      The truth shall indeed set you free, my pet, but you’ve got a long, long way to go before you get to it. Keep trying, though.

    • shmaesh

      I KNOW! The human body is so gross, isn’t it!
      It’s so much worse than the shootings, oil spills, murders, fires, explosions and nuclear disasters we let our kids look at every day, right!
      Nipples are the WORST!

    • ChrisInLA

      “That’s one of the most accurate and unbelievably true things I’ve ever
      heard a black person say. She needs a medal of honor for having the guts
      to speak the truth about such a sensitive subject.”

      You really must hate black people.

  • funkinwolf

    So black gay people like myself are more evil towards black people than white racists? Basically, according to this kind and smart lady I really hate myself.

    Damn and I thought reading Greek philosophy was confusing.

  • Ted

    Ain’t nobody got time for that!

    • Cal


  • Rumbelow

    If she had to choose to attend either a KKK rally or a gay pride event, I think I know which she would feel safer in choosing.
    Obviously from what she says, she’d be going to the KKK rally, she really is that stupid.

    • ChrisInLA

      …she’d be going to the KKK rally …

      Interesting. She’d be aiming for a Darwin award.

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    Gay Supremacy?!? That’s a new one……I would love to ask Ms. Baker from what bodily orifice did youshe pull this exquisite piece of bovine fecal matter? I know the answer but I felt the need to ask.

    Listen, Ms. Baker, here’s the problem with your supposition: for supremacy to be attained, one must have the numbers, which we don’t. I mean really, assuming even 10% of the population is gay, how is supremacy supposed to come about? Now, here’s the thing, it’s not just us, it’s our allies……of which there are many. And it’s not supremacy we seek, it’s an end to the nastiness and cruelty that your beliefs have wrought.

    Homosexuals can, and do, live side by side with many different people in peace. The problem is people like yourself, people who CHOOSE to believe in a god and who CHOOSE to be selective about biblical admonitions. Christians, Jews and Muslims have all attacked, beaten and murdered homosexuals over 2000 years and yet, we survive. Isn’t it time to consider that, if your god hated us as much as you say, he would’ve gotten rid of us by now? What’ he waiting for?

    No, the truth is far less divine and far more vile. This isn’t about gay supremacy, it’s about those who were in power no longer having carte blanche to dictate how we live. Heterosexuals will always be supreme, numbers bare that out, so again, I ask: from whence does this bit of bovine fecal matter come from?…….the answer?


  • ChrisInLA

    Brilliant woman — like all others of like mind. Create a non-existent concept out of thin air, such as “gay supremacy”, and then attack it as though it were real. It is an example of right wing extremist shadow boxing that happens even in the absence of shadows.

  • Eugene

    Anyone want to join me tonight? I am going to put burning crosses on the lawns of heterosexuals. I am starting off at my parents’ house.

    • jason

      and we can wear pink hoods while we are at it!

  • Daniel

    Ah Ms Baker… for someone to be “supreme” they have to have more than the other person… As someone who is obviously old enough to have lived through the troubles, you should be rather more understanding of what it is to be discriminated against, both for your origins and gender.

  • Christopher in Canada

    If she only knew of the wall of black goddesses I have in my record collection, she wouldn’t say that!

  • sean

    Strange, I must have read Alice in wonderland 10 times and I remember the tea party had the March hare, the Door mouse and the Mad hatter but I dont remember Mary Baker, Tea Party activist and leader of Conservative Moms for America at all.

  • D.McCabe

    We are not the ones who are terrorizing neighborhoods with burning effigies on the lawns of straight families. Nor are we going around in large groups, beating several colours of crap out of straight people just because they are straight.

    Her reasoning, like any Bible munching, nut job, it completely out there and away with the fairies!

  • W Jam

    1 If we are all created in gods image than that includes gay people
    2 We are exposing bigotry, the hatred you feel is a result of projection of your feelings on gays.
    3 Jesus gave one commandment love your neighbor as you love yourself

  • fldpwrman

    She’s obviously an idiot. There’s a huge difference between “supremacy” and “equality”. And, no one’s getting killed by gays looking for equality.

  • King Neptune

    I look at this person… and ponder her age. I’m old enough to recall
    the “whites” only signs and services, the unpaved streets on “that side
    of town” and the separate, but equal policies. When I was
    younger, my parents payed additional property taxes to ensure I attended
    an “independent” public school district.

    Now, if my expectations to be treated like a contributing and law-abiding member of society– fairly, equally and without prejudice make me a supremacist– then so be it.

    However, Ms. Baker… I do recommend a candid conversation with some elders about the “good ol’ days.” Maybe, a visit to your local library for a history refresher on what living in a white supremeicist world was truly like would be helpful. Oh, and while you’re ‘their,’ you can locate and use a dictionary.

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