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US: Utah Attorney General says opposing same-sex marriage ‘not about hate’

  • @Mike-uk2011

    Of course not. Pushing a second class status on a group of people is all about love.

    I wonder what his views would be if everyone could marry but the Christians. That would just be secular love I suppose.

    • Stefan

      I suppose the current situation is sorta similar to allowing anyone to marry as long as at least one of the partners is atheist/agnostic.

      If both in a pairing is religious they could then “get around it” by one of them converting.

      They couldn’t be allowed back into a congregation (or their marriage would be voided), but they could marry if they wanted to.

      Then “everyone would be allowed to marry”, as long as they did it “the right way”.

  • saintlaw

    He urges opponents of gay marriage “to continue to take the high road, to continue to be respectful and empathetic.”

    Somebody ought to tell this mediocre fanatic that he aint fooling anybody, not even his target audience – thick as they are.

    Christ on a bike. Give me Old Skool homophobes any day: the ones who don’t dress up their embittered vindictiveness with soft words and a caring expression.

    • Midnighter

      Well said.

      ”I can assure you, we are not motivated by hate,”
      Hateful is as hateful does. Perhaps the bit in his Bible about the Sermon on the mount where Jesus teaches of judging false prophets by the fruits of their teachings passed him by.

      “we are not targeting out of animus or any sinister motives particular individuals or families in Utah”
      You are nevertheless targeting particular individuals and families, your targets beg to differ with your fatuous self-evaluation.

  • Bikerman

    He urges opponents of gay marriage “to continue to be respectful and empathetic.”
    I don’t know what planet this bloke is living on but I’ve heard nothing but bigoted, religion-inspired bile from opponents of equal marriage rights. There has been zero respect or empathy to date so I don’t suppose it is going to start now.

  • Valksy

    No – It’s not just about hate, it’s about forcing the opinions of magic-boggled idiots who believe the biggest crock of crap imaginable on those who couldn’t care less about it. That alone should outrage everyone – because one day it could be them subject to the tyranny of religious dogma they do not agree with. This is a fundamental freedom issue for everyone

  • Rumbelow

    Opposing gay marriage is not about hate it actually is hate.

  • jlvnv

    “Utah is spending up to $300,000 to have a team of three outside attorneys defend the law in appeals court.”

    The citizens of the State of Utah should be outraged that their highest ranking legal officer isn’t qualified to litigate this case. Instead the governor has to spend their taxpayers’ money to do so.

    Reyes is one more bigot who is pissing on our shoes and telling us it’s raining.

  • Jase

    …and officially the KKK does not consider itself a racist organization, just an organization promoting the separation of races.

    In 20 years, guys like this Attorney General are going to be the inspiration for cartoon characters.

  • Madgeographer

    It’s like a murderer saying: sorry, I don’t mean to kill you but I have to.

    WTF! Grow up, attorney!

  • Robert W. Pierce

    Now, what if a gay business were to refuse a religious nutter services and said it was not about hate? What would be his reaction I wonder?

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