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US: Rhode Island school apologises after guest speaker ‘warns’ kids about homosexuality

  • It sounds to me that they are calling for the wrong thing. The principal should not be resigning if he didn’t know that this religious extremist was going to ambush and verbally abuse these kids.

    And what of the adults who were present? There were obviously teachers in the room while this verbal abuse was taking place, and yet they chose to do nothing to stop it.

    The parents need to focus their anger at the right people.

    • timhillman

      They are working on it. While calling for carradini’s resignation, there is also substantial community outrage from alumni, staff, faculty, and students. No one stopped it because the school is a respectful place undeserving of the vitriol they have received in comments on various sites.

    • ThetruthshaIIsetyoufree

      Sorry, but the truth is far from verbal abuse.

      • jlvnv

        It is presumptive to think that christianity and the RC church are the bastions of “truth.” For the majority of thinkers, religious and non-religious, what you accept as truth is merely a compilation of ideas which are consistent with mythologies known at the time, i.e., Isis = Mary, Osiris = Jesus. Nothing new. Nothing really earthshaking. Nothing more nor less spiritual than the other.

      • I notice you didn’t question my statement of him being a religious extremist.

        I suppose you would also accept it as “truth” if he were Muslim and denouncing Christianity in the same way to these kids? How about saying the same things about Jews? What if he’d said similar things about black people or women?

        Why is your version of religious indoctrination the *truth*?

        I think you need to return to the rock from under which you emerged, or better yet, go back to school and attempt to get the education needed to function properly in this world.

      • Mark

        OK: Christian fundamentalism is a grave heresy. You are worshiping the Bible as a god, instead of God.

        There, Thetruthshallsetyoufree — I told you the truth. I’m even telling you (in love, of course!) that you’re going to hell; but I love you as a sinner, despite your grave sins and your apostasy.

        Now, you just have yourself a super-duper, extra-special, Marvie-doo Gardens type of day with lemon drops and lollipops and big, bright, gay rainbows all tied up with sunshine, Thetruthshallsetyoufree!

  • Rumbelow

    I wouldn’t let that anywhere near my children.

    • Jones

      He works for “Relevent Radio”. Ironic or what.

  • ThetruthshaIIsetyoufree

    Good job Father. Someone has to tell the truth up north.

  • jlvnv

    Inviting a priest who is a member of Opus Dei should have been done with great caution. Their extremist views are no secret. This incident and the recent incident in Charlotte, NC should be a clear sign to the hierarchy that the younger generation is not going to accept views which they consider to be intolerant, bigoted, anti-gay. Of course, we all know the RC church will not consider their point of view.

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