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US: Illinois House rejects bill to ban gay conversion therapy

  • Dermot Mac Flannchaidh

    “This is not stuff we should be legislating on at all. Let people decide for themselves what they need to have for themselves.”

    That’s just the point – people under 18 don’t opt for this for themselves. Their abusively homophobic parents do.

    • Steven Gregory

      Precisely. What does Ives think should be legislated, the human qualities of corporations and whether money equals speech? She’s a stupid person and this blather doesn’t mask her homophobia.

  • Psychologist

    These bogus “so-called cures” should be banned totally, and outlawed!
    They not only DON’T WORK, but they cause much damage to the recipient.
    Young people under 18 are often NOT the ones who decide they want to be subjected to this abusive form of “therapy” – it is more often their homophobic parents or religion.
    Plus, there is nothing in “being gay” to cure in the first place …. it’s NOT an illness ! So no “cure” is required !
    This “so-called cure”, is driven by religious homophobia.
    One’s sexual orientation is fixed at (or just prior to) our birth. it can NOT be changed or “converted” !

  • one.second

    I always wonder if you can sue these conversion therapy people for fraud. They promise a result which they can’t deliver.

    • Or prosecute them for child abuse.

    • Rumbelow

      They usually make their victims sign a disclaimer I think.

  • johnflondon

    Gay Conversion Therapy? Anyone interested in setting up a gay Conversion Therapy course with me? We could market straight people and tell them we can convert them to gay at a very reasonable cost !!

    • Steven Gregory

      Set up a program appears to offer what homophobic parents think they want to happen, get these kids into thoughtful care, and teach them there is nothing wrong with them, there are many other kids like them, and where they can find reputable help if they need to escape.

  • Lawerence Collins

    Doesn’t surprise me at all. I live in central Illinois. It’s very red here.

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