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UKIP Chairman defends ‘abnormal gays are ramming it down my throat’ candidate

  • Lee W Dalgleish

    I don’t really understand how the media can “manipulate” his comments… I mean they speak for themselves! How could you possibly spin it to be even more negative?

    Another reason why UKIP should never get power. Just a party full of idiots who come out with a load of BS then wonder why they get criticised. It’s nothing to do with “aggressive homosexuals”… They are the ones being offensive! How can they be surprised when they get backlash from gay people?

    Also, why is it that they always think we all have anal sex? Why is it that it’s only not ok if gay people have anal? I mean what about all the straight people who engage in it?

    He’s “not homophobic” yet everything he’s described us as or talked about in regards to homosexuality is highly offensive/prejudiced.

    Just sack him! Get rid! No place for people like him.

    • Barry Scarfe

      The ‘normal’ Conservative Party is full of ‘fruitcakes’ so what does that make UKIP? I would say UKIP is the REALLY BATSHIT INSANE wing of the Tory Party in exile and these comments just confirm that. So, he doesn’t like anal sex! That is his perogative and its a view to which he is entitled but I wonder if his evident disgust of it is limited to just gay couples or applies to the many straight couples who engage in it as well.? I mean, you only have to put anal sex into google’s search engine and literally THOUSANDS of different anal sex websites devoted to those of the straight sexual orientation are listed.

      • Lee W Dalgleish

        They like to ignore/forget that straight people do it too. Somehow it’s “only a gay person sex act” in their eyes

        • Barry Scarfe

          Indeed. This ignoramous needs to get out more! I’ve just been over to the netdoctor uk website and it says there that only a third of gay male couples engage in anal sex and about a third of HETEROSEXUAL couples are not averse to trying (in the immortal words of Dafydd Thomas ‘the only gay in the village’ Little Britain fame) a bit of the old ‘bum fun’.

      • This is what happens when a right wing party is forced to become more moderate as the public evolves. The Tory party did this, almost removing morality and religion, racism and sexism, and it spawned parties like the BNP who wanted to maintain that extreme right.

        The same will eventually happen in the USA. The Tea Party will be rejected from the Republican party as the American public becomes increasingly liberal and left-leaning, and it will create a minority right wing third party determined to cling to outdated and irrelevant opinions and bigotries.

        This is actually a good thing, because it sucks up all the funding of the Christian right wingers and Fascists and wastes it on pointless political campaigns they could never have a chance of winning.

        The problem we have in the UK is that UKIP has suckered-in the tabloid trash readers who are incapable of actually thinking logically for themselves. They read a Daily Heil headlines and think it’s absolutely true, and there are few alternative opinions here to challenge or question that in the mainstream.

        Our press has done this through constant scaremongering and bullsh*t about immigration, crime, and this notion of “Broken Britain”. I fear too many are being duped by a right wing party masquerading as something else.

    • saintlaw

      The Tories, UKIP and BNP = the warped, the thwarted and the stunted.

  • Sparkyu1

    The terrible trick of… quoting him? How is that a smear campaign? He said bigoted things, they are being repeated. That’s reporting

    • speedgeek

      Ukip are becoming a little desperate, they are ahead in the useless Euro polls (useful as cash cows for UKIP, expenses being less regulated than the UK). but way behind in the main event, 1 year today…….becoming a little paranoid

  • Rehan

    I’m afraid, Mr Denny, if anyone sounds shrill here it’s you.

  • Robert W. Pierce

    His obsession with gay sex speaks volumes. Shut your trap, Denny…you’re giving yourself away, closeted self-loather.

    • Barry Scarfe

      Indeed. Anybody who is truely straight doesn’t give a flying one about the sexuality of others and certainly they don’t obsess themselves with the mechanics of what gays and bisexuals do or may not do in bed. So, he finds anal sex disgusting. That is a valid opinion but does his disgust at it extend to the NUMEROUS straight couples who engage in it or is his disgust only limited to gay couples?

      • Robert W. Pierce

        I strongly recommend he rents some hetero porn. It’s replete with anal and other sexual practices. Obviously, there is a market for it.

        • Barry Scarfe

          Indeed so but he has no need to even do that. If he is intelligent enough (a doubtful proposition admittedly) to use a computer, go online and just put in the words ‘anal sex sites’ the search will come-up with about 44,900,000 results and many of them will be free sites showing anal intercourse between straights.

          Obviously, as you say, there is market for this amongst straight people and as porn sites usually have to be paid for no business person worth their salt would set-up a business on the web catering for anal straight sex if no one was willing to pay to watch it.

    • Anon

      The other day I learned that this effect has name: Reaction formation.

      “The tendency of a repressed wish or feeling to be expressed at a conscious level in a contrasting form.”

      Well it was new to me :/

      • Psychologist

        You’re quite correct – “Reaction Formation”, Denial, delusion, and “projection” are ALL elements contained in homophobia – where the homophobia is generated as a result of someone denying their OWN (suppressed) homosexuality.

    • gutaitas

      Every time I see his face, it creeps me out.

  • Beelzeebub

    Very strange.

    Usually the act of back pedalling is designed to get you out of a hole, not dig you further into it.

  • jazatw

    I now find myself in the horrible position of having to defend UKIP – something I never imagined would be possible.
    People have a right to hold views, however unpleasant they may be. People have a right to express them as long as to do so is not to incite violence etc.
    His use and interpretation of the word “normal” is facile.
    As hideous as I find this person’s views we can’t call for the resignation of everyone who thinks anal sex is not their cup of tea (maybe if they tried it they might find a whole new world of pleasure).
    To say he dislikes aggressive promotion of gay rights is not *of itself* homophobic any more than saying aggressive promotion of the rights of ramblers (or Muslims, or women, or birdwatchers, or Asians, or trainspotters or any other group you can think of) is to make you an opponent of their view – he may just not like aggressive promotions.
    Lest there be any doubt, I find his views abhorrent and as much as he has the right to hold his views, I have the right to judge him for holding them. But this is a bit of a Voltaire job.
    He is a politician (a very, very minor one – and with luck soon not even to be that) let the voters decide.

    • Bobbleobble

      He goes much further than saying that anal sex isn’t his cup of tea and that he dislikes aggressive campaigning. The language he uses to describe gay campaigners is I think homophobic in nature. He has a right to hold those views but we have a right to protest those views to the point of wishing him removed from office. If he had said that black people or Muslims etc are abnormal then he’d have been gone in seconds.

      Also If by Voltaire you’re referring to the ‘I do not agree but I defend to the death’ quote then he never actually said that.

    • Cal

      But surely those who have expressed disappointment or anger at his comments are just using THEIR right to free speech. His tone is aggressive and insulting and, I believe, crosses the line. Saying that you don’t mind homos but what they might do in bed disgusts you is intolerable. Why doesn’t he bother himself about all the women who like taking it up the arse on occasion?

      “I do not discriminate against black people in any malicious way whatever. I never have and never will as that is not my mind-set about coloureds at all. I do have personal opinions however, regarding inter-racial sex – opinions which I do not think unreasonable. I also have opinions about and deprecate some particularly vociferous and aggressive ethics trying to promote their preferences to the rest of white society as ‘normal’ when by any ordinary use of the word ‘normal’ – their skin tone – when considered in the context of the rest of British society as a whole – to be abnormal. I also do not like their proslytising their demands in a shrill manner on the rest of society who don’t care what their demands are and who want to just get on with their lives.”

      Doesn’t sound so reasonable when directed at another minority, does it? Do we want this person as a councillor???

      • jazatw

        Indeed they are using their right of free speech – and I certainly don’t seek to deny anyone that right but I fear that the gay community (a phrase I am uneasy with – do I become a member by having sex with guys?) is in danger of becoming very shrill and appearing very intolerant. (And yes, I understand the paradox of tolerance).

        My fear is that this, the Brendan Eich episode, and a number of others, gay protestors are starting to look very intolerant. It troubles me.

        “Saying you don’t mind homos but what they might do in bed disgusts you is intolerable”. Is it? Why. There are plenty of things that straight people get up to in bed which I find pretty hard to stomach – Coprophilia for one – but that doesn’t affect my ability to interact. I am not discriminating against them.

        The answer to your last question is most assuredly no — and I hope the voters in his ward have no time for this person and his views.

        • Derek Northcote

          One questions why you feel the need to spend so much time thinking about other people having sex!

          • jazatw

            It passes the time …

            I can’t tell you how uncomfortable I feel defending UKIP – not while I have breath in my body could I ever support such a party – but I greatly fear a growing intolerance of people who hold opposing views.

          • Derek Northcote

            I think you will find that most of us have no objection to people holding opposing views.

            Its when they act on those views and attempt to either strip us of our rights or prevent us gaining rights that they themselves enjoy.

            This was the case with Brendan Eich.

            He is free to hold whatever opinion he wants about us, but when he acted on that opinion and financially supported Prop 8, which if successful would have legally divorced hundreds of couples, then a line had to be drawn.

        • Cal

          I share your concern about the “shrill voices” but every civil rights movement has these elements. Many embrace violence and terrorism. Outrage did as much (or more) for GLBT rights than the moderate Stonewall, who were initially against marriage equality in case it upset people!
          Re the Gay community, there most certainly is one. Even if some feel little in common with others, we face the same prejudice. When religious cults attack us do you feel no solidarity? “Having sex with guys” is not the only thing that defines you as gay. You are contributing to a Gay website. You may have a boyfriend that you would like to hold hands with in the street. You may go for an occasional drink in a Gay bar here or on vacation. You have benefitted financially from CPs and marriage equality. You may even like musicals! The Gay community has come about because of the brutal treatment of Gay individuals and because of the mutual support in the darkest days of the AIDS epidemic. The Jewish community are just as disparate as we are. Yet who would argue it didn’t exist.

          • Rehan

            “Community”: actually I think this is a really interesting point (and apologies for going off at a real tangent). I think one can speak of “the gay community” in a very few instances – in the reaction to the Admiral Duncan bombing, say – but otherwise I’m with jazatw, and I think the word “community” is best avoided if at all possible. I even once heard a newscaster on TV refer to “the Asian community” (what, everyone whose origins lie anywhere between Istanbul and Vladivostok?), which I think explains my discomfort with the overuse of the word. (And if I were a secular Jew I think I’d very much object to being lumped in with the Hassidic ones!)

          • Cal

            OK Rehan, What is your definition of community? In this context mine is ‘People united by common interest”.
            Secular and Orthodox Jews have many differences but there are political and cultural matters that concern them both.

          • Rehan

            As I said, Cal, as the parameters can shift so much, and the term is so often overused (“the Asian community”), I prefer to avoid it altogether. ‘People united by common interest’ is good, but for example even when it came to equal marriage all gay people evidently didn’t feel the same.

          • Cal

            I agree that “Asian community” doesn’t describe anything tangible.
            Not everyone saw the sense of equal marriage at first but disagreements within a community are normal.
            We are disagreeing on a community website.

          • Rehan

            Just as an aside, rather appositely on another thread a cruising area is referred to (by the BBC) as ‘a known meeting place for the gay community’ – !

          • jazatw

            I can’t pretend to have a well-thought out, killer argument here that is impervious to attack. And maybe I am guilty of being complacent, but I fear the pendulum is swinging too far the other way.

          • Wingby

            I don’t think it’s complacency, it’s appeasement.

          • Wingby

            Well put, Cal!

      • jmjoyce

        Actually, for some people what you wrote would sound perfectly reasonable. Different people hold different views on just about everything under the sun. Free speech means just that speech that is totally free. Voting in a free democracy, if our system can be said to be that, is what determines just what the general public finds acceptable – and you might be surprised by just what the general public does find to be acceptable and just what it rejects as left-wing cant and dictatorial haranguing.

        • Cal

          Agreed, but my point was not about what the public find acceptable. Of course there are many racists about.
          Civilisation has pulled us away from a situation where political leaders are allowed to make blatantly racist statements without consequences. Even the BNP are so careful now about how they phrase their bigotry. I believe in free speech but I do want the same protections enjoyed by other minority groups. Football organisations are taking measures to curb homophobic chanting. Is this an attack on free speech?

  • Pablo

    Sorry Denny, the majority of British support gay people, so your definition if abnormal does not ring true here. I understand you’re old and bitter with no life, but if you really want something to complain about, try gender inequality, racism, poverty, child abuse, the list goes on really.

  • @Mike-uk2011

    And yet his views are in the minority, since most people do not share his opinion and are indifferent to homosexuality. Thus that would make his opinions “abnormal.”
    Under that same definition, his Christian religion is “abnormal” since most people are not Christians, either in the UK or in the wider world.
    He’s “abnormal” on many different levels.

  • Cal

    Denials are usually more effective when they do not contain a total repetition of the original offence. Silly old duffer.

    • Barry Scarfe

      Indeed, they do. I find it utterly bizarre why homophobes think ALL gays engage in anal sex or for that matter NO straight couples do. These people must be so thick and/or plainly ignorant that the mind simply boggles at them. I mean, it only takes a few seconds on the google search engine to find THOUSANDS of sites devoted to straight anal sex which you have to pay for and also quite a few free ones.

  • PaulBrownsey

    “A UKIP chairman has defended a prospective councillor who describes anal sex as “sodomy” ”

    Er–well, isn’t it?

    Shock horror–man describes grilled bread as “toast”.

    • Lee W Dalgleish

      Yes but look at the whole comment. Look at everything that was said. Funny how they only tend to label it sodomy when it involves gay people. In fact they only seem to think of it as an act between two men, rather than the reality of it being between a straight couple too. I have never seen it referenced to sodomy unless it’s used as an insult to gay people and their sex lives/relationships.

    • Rehan

      It’s more akin to someone referring to sex as ‘fornication.’ The loaded aspect of his choice of archaic word is obviously not accidental.

    • Bobbleobble

      Well yes but then any kind of sex between anybody that isn’t vaginal penetration by a penis is sodomy. He’s deliberately singling out anal sex between two men and using a fairly archaic term with hugely negative connotations deliberately to say something nasty about gay men.

    • PaulBrownsey

      Okay. You think “sodomy” has emotive overtones that “anal sex” doesn’t. You may be right. On the other hand “anal sex” is so clinical as to have a touch-this-subject-only-with-tongs air of its own, rather undercutting any contrast between a supposedly neutral description and the boo-word, “sodomy”.

  • Rumbelow

    Funny that, because I’m against aggressive homophobes who pretend they are normal.

  • masteradrian

    It is clear that the Chairman of the UKIP acknowledges the fact that the candidate of the UKIP actually has said what was quoted as having been said, even the candidate can now not backtrack on what he was accused of having said, his own UKIP-chairman has confirmed what he (the candidate) has said, the homophobe!

    Of course, some can find the thought of anal-intercourse disgusting, as some can find vaginal-intercourse disgusting, BUT…. the statements as done are offending, discriminatory and homophobic!
    Personally I am disgusted by viewing a heterosexual intercourse being performed, were I am also feeling disgust when I see a heterosexual couple kiss in public (other then a simple goodbye kiss that is….), knowing that probably the same couple would be disgusted when I would kiss my homosexual partner in the same way and manner, BUT having said so, the assumption that that statement is degrading to heterosexual intercourse is wrong, were the statements by the candidate at hand are degrading!
    And by affirming and not distancing himself from the statements the UKIP-Chairman degrades homosexual people! As Chairman of the UKIP he makes the UKIP therewith anti-gay and thus……. indeed, homophobic!
    My opinion!

  • So basically, an ignorant bigot is caught being an ignorant bigot in semi-public statements as a prospective civic leader, and in turn he’s desperately trying to attack those who called him out on it.

    I would like to know how these statements were “selective” or “taken out of context” as this man seems to want to claim, because unless he preceded his statements with “some people believe” or “I am against the bigoted beliefs that…” there is no opportunity for this to be misrepresented.

    The guy needs to understand that he’s not a politician well versed in manipulation of truth, and he clearly doesn’t have a professional PR team behind him. Even if he were, and even if he did, we are not all dribbling idiots like his fellow UKIP tabloid trash readers easily duped with political spin and back peddling.

    This man has made absolutely clear in his statements that he is NOT CAPABLE of representing the entirety of the public, which is something fundamental to the job of being an elected representative.

    It really comes down to this simple fact – if you believe that others are less worthy than you, based on religious ideology, political hatred and intolerance, or basic lack of ethics and morality, you CANNOT lead any group of the public.

    Just as Brendan Eich could not remain in a position of corporate leadership with his clearly biased views which threatened the fair treatment and equality of people working for that company, this idiot cannot be trusted to operate in government for all of those in his electorate.

    He is not up to the job, and none of those involved with UKIP are. These people all seem to be racists, sexists, homophobes and religious bigots to varying degrees, and I have not seen any evidence to suggest anything contrary. These people are not capable of representing the public and they should be rejected absolutely and outright.

  • Pete

    Douglas Denny is from the homosceptic wing of UKIP

  • Rob in Newcastle

    “I do not discriminate against homosexuals in any malicious way whatever.

    Glad he’s not a malicious bigot

    • Guillermo3

      Yes, but compassionate consideration is ever important: Perhaps Mr.Denny has a tender throat.

  • ItchycooMark

    just make sure you and your friends/family/colleagues etc dont vote for this party. They have no purchase in Scotland, we don’t want them and I don’t understand why they have so much clout in England with so little representation. So, to shut them up make sure they don’t get elected

    • Barry Scarfe

      I am a Eurosceptic but even though UKIP is apparantly the only anti-EU party in Britain (although that is clearly a lie) I have an aversion to voting for them as ultra-Thatcherite globalist Tories with mad ideas about tax rates simply don’t float my boat.

  • Ed Janison

    he looks like he enjoys it :)

  • ItchycooMark

    when he talks about sodomy he gets a tingle in his pants

  • gregipoh

    Confused about his own obsession about “Sondomy” (Queensberry spelling); so was/ is Ian Paisley, who often was told by Betty Boothroyd in the HOCommons to sit down as he was “tired and emotional”, raging about the details of buggery.
    Of course, “straights” never do sondomy.

  • WayneMPLS

    Your UKIP party sounds a lot like our “Tea-baggers” here in the US.

    • Barry Scarfe

      Whilst the Tea Party is an American party and so has grown-out of your country’s political culture, UKIP would be the nearest equivalent here. I do wish people in Britain would stop voting for this media-puffed ‘party’. It is quite clear to me that even strong Eurosceptics shouldn’t vote for them as many of their other ‘policies’ are seriously insane. One of the worst is their loopy proposal for flat taxes. Whilst the tax system could be made far more simple, it still needs an element of progression in it so that those with the broadest shoulders (ie the ultra-wealthy) pay more tax than the poor.

      UKIP is an ultra-Thatcherite globalist Tory Party who if they were ever in power would do very serious damage to the British economy.

      • WayneMPLS

        Eurosceptics, I assume are against the EU? And are they always UKIP or conservatives? I guess I could do a quick Google, thanks again.

        The use of “sodomy” here, in my opinion, is how the Evangelicals use it in the States to scare the stupid people into voting or passing laws against LGBT people or voting for a particular candidate. Not to mention the old chestnut of “ramming it down their throats”, the use of the word “preference” instead of “orientation” which indicates we made a choice in our sexual orientation and the word “normal” all taken from the anti-gay right wing Christian play book, this little diatribe could easily have taken place in Mississippi.

        Thankfully, this rhetoric is not flying as much anymore in the US, recent polls show the majority of American people now support equal rights for LGBT people, which is why it being exported to Africa and Russia.

        As for taking two sentences out of context from a screenshot of his statement. Is this just more likely being caught with his pants down and not liking that his free speech has consequences?

  • Silly Old Bastard

    It’s not so much what he says, it’s the way the public will be nodding
    their head on hearing it. This due to fools saying marriage is not enough and
    the fight for equality, whatever that is, goes on. I’d say 4, maybe 5 years at
    most, and it won’t be just school kids who equate gay with crap.

  • Two Bob

    To be fair deep throating is only a niche past time….

  • Stephen MOLE

    Don’t see the story here. Anal sex is sodomy, it’s just English, surely everyone knows that. He thinks gays are disgusting, so what? Why are you giving this nerd wider publicity?

  • Chip Morgan

    Personally, I find aubergines disgusting. At least I’ve tried them before forming my opinion. That doesn’t mean that I would judge or seek to make perverts out of those who like aubergines. I would even serve aubergines to dinner guests if they requested them. I would also like to alleviate this guy’s obvious desire for anal sex by sodomising him with a (very large) aubergine.

  • Suddenly Last Bummer

    Anyone come up with a ‘gag reflex’ joke based on the headline? If not I call it.

  • Steven Gregory

    If he would SHUT HIS STUPID WORD HOLE, nobody could shove anything down his throat.

    I noticed he is featured in at least one other article, talking about how disgusting gay sex is. The hidden message: he thinks about gay sex all the time.

    • Psychologist

      Yes, Steven .. THAT is precisely the point !

  • Art Pearsonb

    I would say that the Chairman’s thoughts are just as ‘abnormal’ as the people he is talking about. ‘Normalcy’ is such a relative term eh.

  • Rob71

    Since when sodomy the exclusive pleasure for homosexuals. Many heterosexuals indulge in it while many gay men don’t…. Seriously why get hung up on consenting adults in private?

  • Frank Boulton

    If this guy’s “normal”, who wants to be “normal”? Look around and see the selfishness and aggression of human beings. That’s normality and it doesn’t look like something to be proud of. Some of us, including contributors to this site, are revolutionaries, who are trying to build a better world for tomorrow. That’s the thing that we can be proud of.

    Also not the generosity of this man in not condemning us for our actions. He merely condemns us for what he insinuates that other people might be thinking that we’re doing. But that’s normality for you.

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