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UK: Church claims blind bisexual asylum seeker was beaten and assaulted by deportation staff

  • TomSatsuma

    I don’t understand, why did they even try to deport him if he has an ongoing case?

    • Because every single person in this country who was not born here is another number on a balance sheet and the government wants to reduce those numbers at all cost to placate the ignorant tabloid readers and UKIP followers.

      Politicians make nice and friendly statements, measured and fair, when the mic is in their face, but they know that UKIP and the tabloids will always make a mountain out of a molehill – our politicians pretend to care about the individuals seeking asylum here, but in reality they are sh*tting themselves that the numbers will forever be used as a method of attacking them by parties like UKIP.

      We should be PROUD that we have a country where people want to live. We should be WELCOMING when people come here to flee the desperate situation in their own country. Instead, too many Brits are ignorant and xenophobic and couldn’t give a rats behind about these people, they just see numbers and think these people are “stealing” something from them.

      • TomSatsuma

        Sure, and I agree… Just not sure on what legal basis they could do it

    • Peter Nkosi

      Mr Tchatchue protested that he had a legal right to remain in the UK.

      A clearer picture of this asylum case can be found at this link:


      Unfortunately, it is still not clear what is his claimed, legal right to remain in the
      UK. There is mention of a Judicial Review, but I have the impression that an application was not submitted. Possibly, the alleged right is because of a fresh claim for asylum being made at the last minute, a previous fresh claim having been rejected.

      Pink News are resorting to hyperbole in describing Mr Tchatchue as “blind”. He is visually impaired but is not completely sightless.

  • Halou

    And the UK authorities are so nice to LGBT British folk, I can’t understand why they are so hostile towards those from other countries.

    • Jones

      It’s for the government statistics so they can look nice. This government is contempt in deporting people back to their country when they face certain death or imprisonment.

  • With the disgusting stories being exposed about how our immigration staff treat people in their custody, I have absolutely no reason to trust that this mans treatment was in any way justified or fair.

    I believe there is a significant problem with the immigration services of this country, in that they hire ignorant and xenophobic fools who spend their time reading tabloid bullsh*t, then we expect them to go and treat “foreigners” with respect and decency.

    It is a proven fact that sadistic people seek out employment where they are given authority and control of others, it is also proven fact that even moderate people can become extremely sadistic and violent towards others when there is little or no oversight.

    The fact that Theresa May didn’t know what was happening shows that there is little or no oversight of the standards in these agencies, and that should scare many.

    Anyone can pick up a book by any leading psychologist who has studied the behavior of Humans in authority and see the wealth of evidence for themselves – people with authority and control of others need to be CONSTANTLY watched like HAWKS to ensure they are not becoming sadistic.

  • Silly Old Bastard

    I’m confused. How is it that a lorry driver can be fined thousands for bringing in benefits seeking migrating chancers, yet airlines don’t pay a penny?

  • Silly Old Bastard

    It would make sense for an African bi-sexual man to confine his search for a life partner to just women. Or are we about to hear of a ‘human right’ to have sex with anyone you fancy on any number of occasions and without caring about any of the consequences. If HIV is picked up during it all, will there be the ‘human right’ to expect the very best in treatment, and three meals a day as you relax in your recliner outside the hospital in the warm African sun.

    • Dermot Mac Flannchaidh

      You know it’s not your decision to tell a bisexual man which gender he should love.

      • Silly Old Bastard

        It isn’t Derry. But we don’t want him flying back here after being booted out. It’s because I deeply care.

  • Peter Nkosi


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