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Trans teacher reinstated by school board following parent complaints

  • John Wright

    This is blatantly lifted from Lone Star Q without a link or credit. Please add link and credit immediately.

  • These parents wanting her removed need to go back to school themselves. They obviously don’t seem to understand that their kids are not born with bigotry and hatred of others, they LEARN this behavior from their parents and those around them.

    A child is not born confused about the world and the diversity within it, they are confused when their parents tell them that something is “wrong” or they simply refuse to be honest.

    These parents need to be decent and raise their kids properly, with honesty. If a kid asks why two men are kissing, it’s because they love each other. If a kid asks why Jimmy has two mothers, it;s because they love each other. If a kid asks why a man wants to live as a woman, it’s because this is who they are inside and how they want to live… Seriously, what is so fu*king hard about telling your kids the TRUTH?

  • Toni Massari

    I am so glad to read this. My experience of children s that, most younger children are still ‘clean’ enough to instinctively have a dim view of all and any injustice, so long as they are allowed to use their own, innate compass. It takes hateful adults to make hateful children!

  • Alex

    I have read the opening paragraph ten times and there is no way that i can make it work in my head.

    Anyway, so happy for her and to see the public are *finally* starting to come to come to their senses!

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