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Tory councillor ‘disturbed’ over Ian McKellen school visit withdraws mayoral nomination

  • si

    For what it is worth, to those who have unfairly judged me or contrived to foment controversy, I must leave it to them to live with this victory on their own conscience.

    So, again, its alright for him to unfairly judge people but not for others to fairly judge him based on his own poisonous words? Hypocrisy is alive and well

  • Ken

    There is price to be paid for homophobia

  • Suddenly Last Bummer

    Would the kids even know who Serena was? Unless he rocked up in his Gandalf costume.

    • Joanne Gregory

      He is much more than Gandalf for children you have his roles as Magneto in X men. He was the Voice of the Great Intelligence in Dr Who, He also has done voice work in Flushed away, The golden Compass and The magic roundabout movie. So yes he has done a lot that children would know.

  • Jones

    I can see the gay mafia comments coming already.

  • Rumbelow

    Homophobes are not normal as this disturbed individual illustrates, glad he’s out of the running.

  • Rumbelow

    “The unpleasant and slanderous attack upon my character…” (Windows)

    He’s really trying it on though isn’t he after his slanderous insinuations about Ian McKellen and Stonewall, what does he take the public for… idiots like himself?
    Good riddance to a vile homophobic hypocrite.

  • Ray

    “You Shall Not Pass” as Gandalf said to the beast from the dark ages; eventually smiting the latter on the mountain..

  • Cal

    “portray me as some kind of controversial figure”

    It’s not controversial at all to complain about a well-loved knight of the theatre who is trying to decrease bullying of vulnerable youngsters. I can’t imagine why you were suspended by your party!
    I’d have suspended you by your balls, you nasty old man.
    I hope your wife recovers from the terrible trauma.

  • RedDevil9

    Ian McKellen is an excellent role model actually. I’d have loved to have had him visit my school when I was a kid.

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