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Canada: Anti-gay activist detained at border for spreading ‘hate propaganda’

  • Bikerman

    That’s a good start. Next time arrest him and prosecute him for hate crimes. Then give him a very long prison sentence, where he will get a good seeing to every day, which should sort him out.

    • Lawerence Collins

      If only! Don’t people in foreign places disappear all the time?! Sigh… Just to bad, Canada won’t keep him! He and his kind are beyond repulsive and odious.
      He and his ilk have the blood of Zachary Dutro and all the others killed by fear, hate and homophobia!

  • It’s a good move, this kind of religious extremism should not be accepted any more than Islamic extremism, he’s absolutely no different to a radical Taliban nutter and should be rejected.

    I love how this fu*king hypocrite thinks his freedom to attack others is absolute, but the freedom for others to simply be with who they want to be with is not acceptable to him – he’s the very epitome of a mentally ill fascist.

    • Rumbelow

      Yes, he is a radical extremist and as such poses a very real danger. He should be detained and questioned whenever he tries to cross into Canada in future too.

      • Aleksander Aarnes

        He shouldn’t be allowed in the country at all.

  • si

    Please if you use public libraries check their filters and if his AFTAH site gets through ask them to block it. Peter LaBarbera makes it his goal to take facts and twist them in a horrendously biased way to try to curtail the rights of LGBT people. Even using a 21 year old statement from a gay man to state that this is what all gay people are like now.

  • Halou

    The guy has toured foreign countries asking for their governments to either write in new anti-gay laws or make existing ones harsher, the laws he speaks up for are those criminalizing homosexuality itself. To say nothing of the LGBT homelessness crisis that hit Jamaica after his visit, he wouldn’t mind seeing us dying out cold and starved in the streets. Peter LaBarbera has absolutely no problem with having gay men and lesbians sent to prison cells for 10 years or more to suffer who knows what, he applauds discriminatory legislation whenever it appears and he stands in the way of any efforts to undo the damage.
    The sole purpose of his organization, AFTAH (I wont even lower myself to saying it’s full name), is to advance the notion that homosexuals are pedophiles by default. As that was the foundation on which it was first built.

    • Louis

      Lets keep him out of Britain then

  • Robert W. Pierce

    Friends of mine in the U.S. tell me he goes by the nickname of ‘Porno Pete’. Apparently, he frequented many gay venues to observe gay men having sex. I wonder what his wife has to say about that? When asked why he kept so much pornographic material in his home he said he used it for research purposes and used it as evidence to support his claims, i.e. that gay people have a dangerous lifestyle based on perverse sexual practices as well as spreading HIV. The list is endless. Too bad Canada didn’t bar him. I hope he never tries to set foot in the UK. He’s as bad as Scott Lively, another who should be banned from the UK having had a hand in the Uganda hate law.

  • shifty61

    What I find most shocking about him and so many more in the USA is that in a country with so much going for it why it can continually produce such bigots. No doubt a new generation is being moulded in religious institutions throughout America, many of whom will be shipped off to Africa to peddle further bigoted views that will directly result in deaths to both gays and those “accused” of being gay. The struggle continues. Let’s squash these bigots.

    • Louis

      We can’t pick on just the US though, we have Nigel Farage, Nick Griffin, “Christian” Voice and Anne Widdecombe. France has the National Front and Australia’s new PM seems like a massive bigot too. There is hate everywhere, American bigots are just a lot louder

  • James!

    I mean really that man has a gay face.

  • one.second

    A heterosexual man that devotes his life to speaking about homosexuality and gay sex life, painting grim pictures of anal intercourse on a daily bases, pointing out the sin of the homosexual lust day after day.
    I really wonder where his motivation is coming from. *rolls eyes*

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