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David Cameron: I’m doing Jesus’s work and Christians are the most persecuted group

  • Beelzeebub

    That’s all we need. Another holy roller….

  • Emily

    The most persecuted religion? Where does he get that from? From what I see, the vast majority of people would have no problem with anything Christians did, if they weren’t always trying to force non-Christians to act and think like Christians themselves. None of the current movements stop Christians being Christians, they are trying to stop Christians walking all over other people’s rights!

    If you want to stop feeling persecuted, it’s easy, just follow Jesus’ own words: “Judge not, that ye be not judged”! Those you might disagree with just want the right to be who they are and to enjoy the same secular rights as you!

  • Lady Tanya

    as a people we do not need religion any more and we do not need a mp who compares himself to a god,, we need an mp who will not bow down to religion

  • Cal

    Come off it, Dave. I know you may be scraping around for support but Government should be clearly distancing itself from intolerant and superstitious cults. He’s trying to claw back some voters he lost over equal marriage.

  • John


    • Ra

      Ha, ha, ha… Good one. You hold his limbs, and I’ll drive in the nails. Or we can use no-more-nails glue.

  • Rehan

    PN, could you please stop presenting paraphrased comments as though they’re quotes in your headlines? For all his faults and absurdities, I don’t believe the PM actually said “I’m doing Jesus’s work.”

    • Gerry

      Nor did Tom Daley say “I’m definitely gay” on ITV2 as Scott recently (mis) reported.

  • Wingby

    I think you’ll find atheists the most persecuted group when it comes to issues of faith, Dave.

  • Stephen

    David Cameron clearly uses botox.
    Or perhaps he is wrinkle free because of his utter stupidity.
    There is no ‘god’.

    • Rehan

      All the more reason 26 bishops shouldn’t sit in the House of Lords by virtue of their priestly status alone.

  • p

    Always knew this guy was creepy……..Besides The Big Society is a load of guff

    • Stephen

      It’s just his way of saying ‘If you are poor and vulnerable then tough luck for you.’

  • Tom

    Could we please just crucify him before he gets any worse.

  • That There Other David

    Cameron needs an Alistair Campbell behind him telling him when to shut up about this stuff. We have an embarrassing evangelist ex-PM strutting around the world already, we don’t need another one still in office.

  • ItchycooMark

    another reason to vote YES in September 18th if you live north of the border. We have a great opportunity to stop idiots like this from interfering in our lives, don’t waste it. We can have a society with church and state totally separated
    To my friends in England, sorry, but it looks like you’re gonna be stuck with these idiots for quite a while

    • VP

      Well that’s awfully selfish of you. Without the Scots and the Welsh it’s unlikely we’re ever going to have a non-Tory government down here again. We need Scotland’s MPs in Westminster as a bulwark against odious tories like this!

      • ItchycooMark

        I know it is selfish for a nation to want to stop being a colony of the Empire like all the other nations that became independent, like America, Australia, India etc but Scotland’s MPs really don’t have much influence in Westminster, hence one of the reasons for voting YES.
        We would like a government that we actually voted for, saying ta ta to the House of Lords is a bonus too.
        So please don’t feel bad about us wanting to leave, its just our time. You can always come and visit, maybe you’d like it, maybe you’d stay

        • funkinwolf

          What utter nonsense. Scotland had an imperial empire before it voluntary joined England to help form the British Empire.

  • TomSatsuma

    I hate Cameron more than most – but these misleading headlines are inexcusable… deliberately replacing ‘religion’ with ‘group’ so that gay people will think it includes them.

    It’s just cheap.

  • Jones

    Has he lost the plot? I mean seriously.

    1) Defending someone who had robbed the public
    2) Sacking the Tory Vice-Chairman for telling the truth
    3) Comparing himself to Jesus

  • Jordan Thomas

    I actually agree one of the most persecuted groups in the UK at the moment are Christians. With our multi-religious country and ever growing population of atheists, Christians are quite thoroughly ridiculed at every turn and people roll their eyes if the subject comes up. However in a nation that is known for it’s benefits scandals, the disabled and homeless are probably more thoroughly discriminated against. And in places like Africa homosexuals or anyone in support of them are right now criminally pursued merely for existing. Also Jesus’ work was about loving God and your fellow man. Despite intentions any politician can’t claim they are doing that work because they have to be far more pragmatic than most religion allows.

    • Rehan

      “Persecuted”? What, thrown out of their places of living, expelled from their jobs, prevented from getting an education, unable to meet in groups? I think not. You shouldn’t confuse ridicule with persecution.

      In any event, I believe Cameron was speaking in terms of global, not local, persecution.

    • @Mike-uk2011

      Which UK is this?
      Clearly not the United Kingdom.

    • ChrisInLA

      “…Christians are quite thoroughly ridiculed at every turn and people roll their eyes if the subject comes up”. Not surprising, really, because the only Christians who make sure we hear about them are the ones talking absolute rubbish. It does not matter if they are talking God or social issues; it is always rubbish. I am a Christian and I cannot stand that bunch. In fact, I object to their claiming to be Christians at all.

      As for persecutions in Africa and places, yes, it is happening and we should take action to stop it. One interesting fact I read about a few weeks ago is that some of the trouble in Nigeria is between farmers and pastoralists, with each group professing a different faith — one is Muslim and the other Christian. If that is true, it is part of the long struggle between the two ways of life. It is as old as one of the earliest biblical myths, that of Cain and Able, one of whom was a pastoralist and the other a farmer. The Bible is quite interesting when it is read correctly — as a mix of religious myth and history.

  • Robert W. Pierce

    Well now, that must be music to Andrea Minichiello-Williams’ bigoted ears. The theocratisation of the UK perhaps. Actually, if the Christians were so really concerned about the poor, austerity cuts, food banks, what it’s done to them, why hasn’t it taken the lead by doing something about it? Why not start by selling everything they have, as Jesus Christ admonished, and follow him instead? None do though, least of all the CoE and RC cults. Cameron has definitely crossed the line with this latest revelation. This makes a stronger case for disestablishment of the state cult.

  • @Mike-uk2011

    What an a_sshat. He’s similar to Jesus in only one respect. He’s deluded himself.

  • @Mike-uk2011

    What goes around comes around, as they say. Christians aren’t persecuted, at least in the west. Though if karma exists, they certainly should be.

  • Jase

    Wow!. Did somebody just call this guy and trigger a pre-programmed action word, like in the Charles Bronson movie? The community needs to be cautiously on guard now.

  • AndyAS

    So he wants to be compared to Jesus, does he??? WHEN do we get to crucify this arrogant pillock ????????

    • John

      Next Friday….its Good Friday….lol

  • Lev Raphael

    The subhead is absolutely wrong. Anyone can say they are doing Jesus’ work; that does not mean they’re saying they think they *are* Jesus.

  • ChrisInLA

    “Mr Cameron likened his Big Society policy of volunteering to that of Christ.” Strange comparison. Jesus is reported to have said that “the labourer is worthy of his hire”. Jesus knew that people need to work in order to earn money so that they might survive. There is nothing to stop all of us from volunteering and working for no income (Mr. Cameron might like to set that trend), but who will house us, feed us, and clothe us? Not the Tories.

  • qv

    It certainly is easy to think of Cameron as a “giant Dyno-Rod.”

  • Ellie

    Christians the most persecuted group…? Hmm, I don’t think so.

    • TomSatsuma

      Look outside the UK/Europe and you might be surprised

      • Ellie

        Oh yes, so persecuted in America – oh wait, not it’s not Over half the population doesn’t believe in evolution, preferring sky fairies. And Canada, no, not there either. And Brazil with it’s heavily catholic population, in fact, most of the Southern Americas are some kind of denomination of Christianity. And Australia is too. Most African countries are pretty open to Christianity seeing as they’ve had it shoved down their throats for so long in the name of “charity”.

        So really, some parts of Asia and the Middle East are the only places where Christians might be persecuted.

        So no. Christianity is rarely a persecuted group (unless you count them being told they cannot be bigots in the name of their faith and get away with it). And it’s most certainly not “the MOST persecuted” group.

        • TomSatsuma

          A) He said “The most persecuted RELIGION” not group. Pink News added that for a sensational headline.
          B) I suggest you read more world news. In many parts of Africa and Asia Christians are being slaughtered in their hundreds and dumped in mass graves.

          I don’t like the whining of Western Christians either… but that doesn’t deny the fact that in many places it’s more dangerous to be Christian than gay…

          • Ellie

            Where is it more dangerous to be a Christian than gay? Where can you be killed for being a Christian, that being gay is okay?

            It’s also worth pointing out that people choose to believe in superstitions and nonsense, people don’t pick their sexuality.

          • TomSatsuma

            I’m on your side… But you are obviously unaware of the Christian massacres going on in, say, Nigeria at the moment. Literally hundreds of people gunned down for being Christian.

          • Ellie

            – There are 196 countries in the world. Only 14 of
            them allow same sex adoption. (

            – Out of 196 countries only 16 allow same-sex couples
            to marry. (

            – 54 countries actively oppose instating LGBT rights.
            46 countries refuse to support or oppose (which is, effectively, opposing)

            – 56 countries actively ban lesbian and gay persons
            from serving in the military (

            – 152 countries out of 196 do NOT have anti
            discrimination laws or Acts preventing discrimination against LGBTQP persons on
            the basis of sexuality. This means people can be refused services, health care,
            and even fired for their sexuality – and that is perfectly legal. (

            This isn’t to mention the countries where you can be killed for being gay – most Middle Eastern countries, and many African countries come to mind.
            But I would love to see the statistics that show Christians suffering in the above areas. I have little sympathy for those who follow such hateful religions. They don’t support me, so why on earth should I feel anything for them?

          • TomSatsuma

            Fair enough… personally I tend to feel sympathy for families being slaughtered and dumped in mass graves.

  • Rickyc

    There’s a great way for people to avoid being persecuted for their religion. Simply stop following unfounded, evil and intolerant belief structures and join the real world. Idiots.

  • Anti Tory Party Lass

    David Cameron DO NOT BE A hypocrite. You know NOTHING about Christianity so how can you call yourself a christian?. Your the biggest Joker going.

  • Steven Gregory

    Cameron should have said “The most PERSECUTING religion,” because that is the world stage today: Christians and Islamists are dolling out harsh punishment and death to those who don’t adhere: mainly homosexuals.

    Shame on Cameron, I hope this earns him shame and derision. It’s nothing short of stupid.

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