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Crimea: Gay woman ‘fearful’ of life under Russia

  • Madgeographer

    I find it very interesting. If we look in the the media, we hear about Crimea as a faraway land, where people are just imaginary, faceless, far away. We need to remember that these people are real, perhaps poor and homophobic, living in a country in “eastern Europe”, as we call all countries we don’t care about, even if some of them are deep in western Europe, or in central Europe.

    Vile annexation of Crimea affects people who did not even support it, including the LGBT community. Also, it seems the girls were out so they must have felt comfortable enough to be out, and to have children, which puts Ukraine in a better light than most people may think.

    I think Crimea remain a part of Ukraine. Russia promised not to touch it in exchange for nuclear weapons, although maybe Putin shot himself in the foot, because many Crimeans would vote for pro-Russian rule.

    Still, many promises were made by the rest of Europe, and the US. And now? Now Ukrainians are not even invited for the conference where the future of the country is being discussed.

    We must fight for Ukraine.

    • Ivan

      Yes. You must go fight for their LGBT rights. These poor oppressed people need America and Europe to stand up for their rights to bugger people of the same sex and hold parades where degenerates dance around in ass-less chaps, the epitome of civilized western behavior. Don’t forget to bring your feces smeared combat dildos, I heard the Russian army doesn’t do biological warfare anymore. Good luck to you and your fellow HIV commandos.

      • So you gonna come dancing Ivan or are you just playing hard to get?

      • Beelzeebub

        Go F/ck yourself, you backward bigot.

  • The former USSR nations are all pretty backward, this is due to the Orthodox cult and its continued influence in the daily lives of people who should be free from such nonsense. Russia might have lost control of these many nations in theory, but not when it comes to exerting pressure on them through subversive means.

    Ukraine does have a problem with the far right, and it’s significant. Just a couple of days ago we saw their parliament turn into a brawl as members of the far right party physically attacked other members of parliament. This should not be acceptable in any country.

    However, the existence of the far right there is not an excuse for a neighbor to illegally invade and steal land.

    I don’t think anyone here is naive enough to believe that the referendum was fair, of course it wasn’t. There’s plenty of evidence that Russia shipped in provocateurs to cause scenes and protests, and to vote in favour of Russian rule. Just look at any of the TV footage – where are all the teenagers and people in their 20’s? There were none, it was all men and women in their 50’s and up blockading the Ukrainian military and regional government.

    As I’ve said on this subject many times before, Russia doesn’t give a f*ck about the people of Crimea, it wants expansion, and it will not stop there. It’s going to cost Russia an estimated $30 bil a year to manage that peninsula, and that is not a cost Russia can afford. Infrastructure will crumble, tourism (something the region relied on) has ended, the youth will flee for greater rights and opportunities in West Ukraine, and Crimea will become nothing more than an old people’s home with a military base.

    This is why many believe that Putin has a plan beyond taking back just Crimea. He’s wasted the Olympics, he’s lost trust with numerous former Soviet countries who are now making deals for greater protection against Russia, Europe will now have no choice but to look at alternative energy supplies, partnership with the West has been severely damaged… and all for a piece of land he already had under Russian influence. Putin did not need to invade Crimea, the fact that he did suggests that there is a much bigger plan.

    The man is delusional, he wants to rebuild some ridiculous vision of the USSR, and he’s not going to stop at Crimea.

    If I were this woman, I would be getting my family as far away from there as possible. Putin has lost his mind, he’s a nut case, he’s going to attempt to take back several regions and this is going to lead to war. As we all know, Russia is hateful of difference, whether that’s sexuality, race or religion.

    Unless I was a white, heterosexual, Orthodox Russian I would be getting out of that region faster than you could say “Hitler 2.0”.

    • Madgeographer

      Well, it’s easy to brand Ukraine as a backward country, while forgetting what was hapening in the UK or the US a generation ago.

      I have been to Ukraine. Most flags there are just Ukrainian flags, mostly with the EU flag. Only a few of them are black. That surprised me, because I was expecting the opposite. Then I realised how stupid I was, overlooking British UKIP and BNP, or National Front in France or Germany’s Neo-Nazi party, or Sweden Democrats, or Dutch… The list is infinite. Of course there is some support for far right, but this is the charm of democracy. Everybody can raise their hand and share a view. Even Ukrainians. Saying that Ukrainians are far right is like saying that Brits are BNP fans. This is called exagerration.

      Least but not last, it’s easy to say that she should go as far away as pssible, while the UK’s Immigration and Asylum Office is doing things like asking gay people to provide photos of them having sex to prove they are gay. ALSO, in the UK we have far more disposable income to decide if we can move elsewhere. In Ukraine people have little money and they rely on their jobs a lot more.

    • Halou

      The thing with the far-right in Ukraine is that it’s position in society has been inflated by none other than Putin’s boot lickers. By molesting, arresting, and closing down the more moderate and center-right parties in the country the previous government has attempted (failed) to manufacture a situation in which the far-right is more or less the only realistic alternative for right-wing citizens. Their hope being that Europe would tolerate the government’s abusive behavior for fear of Nazis on their borders.
      Of course that big lie is precisely the one that was put out by the Kremlin even before Yanukovych crossed the border into Russia.

      • Madgeographer

        I have been in Ukraine, in Lviv, where all these protests started. There is some support for radical right, but it is not different from other European nation, like UKIP in the UK, NAtional Front in France and so on. I would even argue that it is lower. People just want a real change. They are tired of Russia and its influences.

        The thing that annoys me most is that Russians accuse Ukraine of being Nazi, just to discredit its political change of allegiation and justify violent actions towards it, including but not limiting to annexing parts of it. So they throw these words like “Nazi” out of random at Ukrainians and Ukraine.

        What they should to, is to look into a mirror. Russia is quite close to Nazi Germany and Putin does similar things to what Hitler did. Not to mention its sick society who would attack anyone “who weren’t to the taste of these grey masses”:

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