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Britain’s first openly lesbian MP Angela Eagle: I can’t believe the minister for women is anti-gay rights

  • RJB

    and Ms Eagle, I can’t believe that thanks to Labour we didn’t get an equal age of consent when Edwina Currie submitted the bill – get over it – look how it changed the viewpoint of Teresa May and Maria Miller.

  • Stephen

    Nicky Morgan’s extremist bigotry makes her a perfect fit for the BNP.
    Actually that’s not true – it makes her a perfect fit for the Tory Party – a majority of Tory MPs are homophobic bigots.

    • Robert W. Pierce

      She might also feel very comfortable in UKIP too!

  • Robert W. Pierce

    It makes no sense why Cameron would have picked someone who voted against SSM at every stage of its passage. She said the majority of her constituents (probably religious) voiced opposition while a minority of supporters contacted her. So, given her statement that she respected the wishes of her constituents and the fact that she did not support SSM allowing her Anglican beliefs to take precedence (she’s a regular churchgoer by the way), would she vote to repeal benefits cuts, the bedroom tax, increase taxes on the wealthy, support mandatory sex education in schools, onshore wind farms, ban the badger cull and a whole list of items the Tory party opposes? Of course she wouldn’t. Hypocritical bigot!

    • Stephen

      She also supports limiting women’s autonomy over their own bodies – she wants a reduction in the upper time limit for abortions.
      She truly is a disgusting human being.

  • vversatile

    “I can’t believe we have an anti-gay rights minister for women”
    Yes Angela, Labour would never do that.
    Oh hang on. They did! Her name was Ruth Kelly.
    She was a staunch catholic and a member of Opus Dei.

    • Stephen

      When was she last an MP.
      Nicky Morgan – the recently promoted Minster for Women openly hates women of the non-het variety, and actively attempted to discriminate against them by voting to keep them second class citizens.
      David Cameron needs to sack her immediately. She is an utterly appalling choice – a hate-filled, extremist monster.

      • RJ

        That is what was said when Maria Miller was appointed because she was against equal / same sex marriage. Yet thanks to Lynne Featherstone’s efforts she then became an advocate and voted in our favour. All I’m saying is judge her from now. She’ll be mixing with Jenny Willott (and Jo Swinson when back from maternity leave) who are both VERY MUCH in favour of equality and the LGBT community.

        • Stephen

          Nicky Morgan has stated that in her belief marriage is between a man and a woman and she has taken action to try to reduce our rights.
          She does not deserve a pass. She deserves condemnation and sacking for her sickeningly evil bigotry.
          (As for Miller – well she was a thieving, opportunistic slimeball who ONLY supported equality for the sake of her career – I hope her criminal ass is jailed for her crimes.)

          • RJBrown

            Simon Hughes said the same and he’s bi-sexual. He’s also in the Ministry of Justice, which I’m against because I personally believe that Lorely Burt MP (ex Prison Governor) should be in that portfolio.

      • vversatile

        I agree that she is an “utterly appalling choice – a hate-filled, extremist monster.”
        I’m just pointing out that in Angela Eagle’s party are quite capable of making bigoted decisions as well.
        Thankfully Maria Miller changed her mind re: gay equality. Ruth Kelly never did.
        (Ruth kelly stopped being an MP at the last election – 2010)
        Both Kelly and Miller over-claimed on their expenses.

  • damnedfilth

    A picture of Maria Eagle smiling, Jesus, wonders will never cease. Too much to ask for a bit of lippy and some high heels?

    • PantoHorse

      Why should she do either?

  • Nicki

    Since when is she ‘Britain’s first openly lesbian MP’. Maureen Colquhoun MPwas out in the1970s.

  • Serkan M

    There all the same!!! A bunch of elite, controlling us by our pockets, stealing our money and lining the pockets of the rich!! They all have their own agenda.

  • Gerry

    Who is the Minister for Men?

    Oh wait, men aren’t allowed to be equal !

    • Tiger Lily

      In that case, you believe cisphobia, heterophobia exist and there should be straight pride and cisgender pride?

      • Gerry

        If anyone has any concerns about cisphobia or heterophobia and wants to set up straight pride or cisgender pride, there’s absolutely nothing to stop them !

    • Roku

      When are men discriminated against? are you having a laugh?

      • Gerry

        If there’s a Minster for Women, then there should also be a Minister for Men. It’s called Equality !

        • Tayo

          actually there shouldn’t even be a minister for men or women

        • Roku

          The point is women are under represented & under paid. You know this, you’re just being daft.

  • qv

    Have to put in another word for first openly lesbian MP Maureen Colquhoun back in the 70s.

  • RJBrown

    Pink News also need to check their facts first as there was an openly lesbian Labour MP before Ms Eagle:

  • jazatw

    1. As has been pointed out she isn’t the first openly lesbian MP

    2. Labour’s Ruth Kelly was no better – she missed votes on age of consent, gay adoption and civil partnerships.

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