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US: Teacher suspended after parents complained because she is transgender

  • Andi

    They should ask the kids, what they think she is a good teacher.

  • Pablo

    What a shithole of a country, seriously America get a grip.

  • Remember people, this is a state where they believe men have the right to control women’s bodies, where the Republican mindset is totally intolerant of difference whether it’s gender, sexuality, religion or race, and where the majority of these bigoted parents would probably inflict “creationist” teaching on their young if they had the chance.

    What these parents don’t seem to get is that they are directly impeding the lives and futures of their own children, whether or not they accept how their country is changing.

    A decent parent, if actually thinking about their own kids futures, would attempt to raise them as decent Humans with an understanding of equality and difference. Doing anything else is only going to hold them back. Many of these kids will grow up believing in a magical sky wizard, believing in Christian dominance, believing in racial bias, sexist attitudes and homophobia – these things will directly impede their employment and their success in the future, and the parents are to blame.

    Oh well, I guess it will just mean more opportunities for the decent people out there who don’t hold such archaic beliefs!

  • Gregory Phillips

    I guess what is missing in the article is important, and would be a considering factor in my opinion. Did she start out the first part of the year as Mr Man, and half way through transition. This would be as the parents suggest and maybe more than a distraction to very young children. If she had been presenting all year as female – then there sould be no issue. I am part of the alpabet soup LGBTIQQ – and I have children, so don’t dismiss my opinion as uninformed.

    • Colin

      To me that should not matter. We want people especially younger to take people as they find them. Transexual, gay, coloured, disabled etc should never be grounds for someone loosing their job.

      I only hope some good will come out of this and that the gay lawyers will make this a state issue.

      I hope Laura is strong and her family and friends look after her. It’s just wrong considering all the crap she has handled that the community make life hard for her. Wrong. Loosen up people.

    • chippa

      Not really, A persons transition should not matter even during a teaching period. Saying that “MR Man’s” transition was in some way immoral is uninformed

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