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Tory MP Sajid Javid replaces Maria Miller and becomes new Equalities Secretary

  • D.McCabe

    I have just had a read about him on Wikipedia.

    A Muslim who is now a Christian as his wife is a Christian too.

    Will be interesting to see how things now progress on the issue of changing CP’s to marriage. I couldn’t find what his voting record on LGBT issues are though.

    • Jesus_Mohammed

      Interesting. So he has the ability to “shape-shift”, i.e. switch his religious delusions! Let’s hope he doesn’t so easily switch his thoughts in other areas, like LGBT rights!

      • joe

        People are free to explore you moron

    • Philip Breen

      Voted ‘moderately’ for gay rights.

  • RJ

    Surely Helen Grant would have been a good ‘female’ replacement.

    • Robert W. Pierce

      I agree. There is such a lack of women on the front bench in the Tory party as it is. Surrprises me that Cameron chose him given the accusations of sexism from Labour recently.

      • Jesus_Mohammed

        Yes, but on the other hand at least he’s not the usual white Tory of Anglo-Saxon lineage, is he.

        • p

          But it still seems on the front of this that Mr Cameron comes across as a bit of a misogynist and a job for the boys specialist.

  • Cal

    He’s an apostate? Better be careful.

    “Freedom of religious belief is as important to me as equality for all.”

    We must agree to differ on that.

    • Jesus_Mohammed

      Yes, but quite something that an ex-Muslim, a “vile apostate” as strict Islam has it, is now the Equalities Minister! That COULD provide some inspiration for some Muslims perhaps.

      • Cal

        Yes, Moderate Muslims can add so much to the discussion. But as he has committed the ‘crime’ of changing his faith I wonder will he now just be hated for his stance on equal marriage AND his apostasy.

        • Traveller_23

          Just FYI – there are lots of Muslims around, myself included, who don’t really care about his ‘vile apostasy’. Whatever works for him…

  • damnedfilth

    Go Sajid, now get after those artie farties who have imposed those “public art” monstrosities in seamingly every town or city costing the taxpayer billions.

  • @Mike-uk2011

    ” I think we should recognise that Christianity is the religion of our country.”
    That’s funny, I wasn’t aware that nations had religions too. I thought they were lumps of unconscious land.
    I am aware that Christianity is now a minority religion in the UK. More people don’t practice Christianity – or any other religion, than those who do. And the so called official state church (the church of England) represents less than 20% of the entire population. It’s a joke.
    The UK is a secular nation. Lets get that out there.

  • Jones

    Secretary of State for Culture, Media, Sport and Equalities.

    How many more titles do you want to cram in there? Secretary of State for Culture, Media, Sport, Homophobes, Religion and Inequality.

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