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This former Republican Senator has a moving message about same-sex marriage

  • Colin

    Thank you Sir.
    Simple, clear, message. We need to copy this style and find ways to get media attention and TV presence. New Zealand have simple and very thought provoking campaignes covering road safety, drink driving etc.
    Copy, adapt, learn. EDUCATE

  • Johnny

    it is just a pity he is a former Senator.The Republicans desperately need people like this in their ranks to bring them back to reality, However, given the current mentality of the GOP he probably wouldn’t last long. This ad must really p*ss them off.

  • This kind of thinking was pushed out of the Republican party in favor of radical religious fundamentalism, and it’s what is tearing the party apart from within.

    I support his notions of government out of your business, and that’s what the Republican party should stand for, but that’s not what it stands for now and it hasn’t for a long time. They still claim this, but their actions in office prove that they want anything but less government – they want more it, with more control of the population.

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