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Students at this university found the best way to show how accepting they are

  • Paul Haresnape

    Heartening to see, especially in a conservative state, good work

  • Colin

    Fantastic. Thanks boys. That message needs to be out there. Loud and proud.

  • Jesus_Mohammed

    Touching. Good work. This kind of easy positive action needs to catch on.

  • While there’s so much bile and hatred coming from the extremist religious Republican guard in the USA, it’s great to see positive examples such as this one.

    This is the future, and no matter how hard the bigots try to roll the clocks back, they won’t succeed.

  • Lee Hobson

    Well done lads.Your partner will be a very lucky man/woman

  • mike

    What a great bunch of (very attractive too) guys!

  • Namakaokona

    The Old Dominion is changing folks. Maybe it can drag the rest of the South with it.
    Of course, Utah will always be a bigoted backwater, but at least its not humid and has great National Parks, if you can just manage to ignore the Mormons.

  • Rehan

    Nicely done, guys – an excellent way forward.

  • Suddenly Last Bummer

    Would plough them all. Very nice.

    • Garry


  • APS

    I LOVE the last one… “don’t judge”, as if this person isn’t judging the “worst one” being a white male? Maybe it was the guy, not the color of his skin.

  • Steven Gregory

    I was getting all misty and then I read “…But I’m pretty sure the only reason Parker asked to hold the sign was to hide how fat he’s become since our season ended!” CRACKED ME UP! I’m happy for young folks who can step up and be their own person, choose their friends without bias, and not be ruled by meaningless issues.

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