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Radio host: ‘If gays aren’t stopped, US Christians will be killed like Jewish people in Nazi Germany’

  • Nualaan

    Apparently he thinks the Pink Triangles were imaginary?

    • Valksy

      Re-writing reality is a common trick for the magic-boggled idiocracy.

    • JD

      I think we can conclude this A hole doesn’t think!

  • Valksy

    Never ending tedium of christians playing the faux-victim card – I suppose we should be grateful that christians have stopped butchering everyone who disagrees with their hocus pocus hogwash (unlike his paranoid fantasies, the christian establishment DOES have a history of bloodshed, carnage and outright murder).

    This is just more carnival barking but it’s dangerous and irresponsible – not that I expect christians to act up and shout these fools down. These behaviours do not exist in a vacuum and they are not the demented fringe out in the wilderness, no matter what so-called “moderates” might claim. As far as I am concerned, those who are not swivel-eyed hysterics like this fool have a nasty habit of being apathetic, complacent or outright craven.

    • Guest

      I am sure that there are those who would revert to the butchering of ‘unbelievers’ amongst the pseudo-christians, given the chance.

    • slightlyamused

      I am sure that there are those amongst the pseudo-christians who would revert to the butchering of ‘unbelievers’, given the chance.

  • Brett Gibson

    Nothing makes me more glad than to see the tables turning….down with religion!

  • YYC Doug

    Wow, how insane – can’t believe people like this exist….talk about loony

  • Helen Wilson

    Hitler liked to have women pee over him… That was his particular kink and a very heterosexual orientated sadomasochistic one!

  • Steven Gregory

    And why does he believe Jews were killed by the Nazis? That is what is not explained in his bizarre screed. I know why homosexuals might kill Christians: start with fashion crimes and then work our way down to lack of culture and boring sexual habits.

    His fearmongering is unfounded: there are many cases of Christians killing homosexuals, but I haven’t read a single instance of the reverse.

  • Forceslad

    I’m 24, in the forces and I’m a Christian. Anyone that spurts offensive bile like this can’t call themselves a Christian. Rule No1: love thy neighbour as thyself. This guy is off his rocker!

    • sJames6621

      He’s just another embodiement of the right wing xtian extremists who in the past hated black people and Jews, and prob another minority.

      Be glad this A hole extremist is around – he shows up the nut jobs as nuts

    • Eduard

      But what if a Christian is a self-hater, would it mean he is allowed to hate his neighbour as well? This isn’t a rhetorical question, since Christianity always tends to force people to find faults in themselves.

    • michael anthony

      I wish Pink News would stop giving these extreme fringe groups press! They are virtually ignored in the US. They thrive on press and like nothing better to get printed onto gay news sites. They then turn it around and use examples from the gay sites to prove their points. Just ignore them. As long as you give them press, you are feeding right into their hands.

      • Jesus_Mohammed

        You don’t eradicate such delusions by allowing them to be spread. You have to counter them. You have to make people aware that the deluded loons are out there – possibly living in your very own street!

  • Colin

    Now who’s having a hissy fit….

  • Ali Cat

    There are so many lies in what this man says, he clearly is intellectually challenged. Hitler was married to a woman. The Nazis persecuted gay people, they were in the concentration camps with the Jews, the gypsies, the communists. The reason that Jewish and gay people etc were allowed to be treated this way was because they were in a minority, i.e. the majority of the people who were neither gay nor Jewish, persecuted those numerically in a minority. Straight people account for the majority of the population of the world, therefore, even if for some bizarre, unfathomable reason we as gay people decided we wanted to persecute straight people, there are more of them than us (which accounts for why we’ve been persecuted over the years, because they’re in the majority and feel they can safely treat us this way). Throughout history christians (deliberate small c) have persecuted gay people, for him to make these remarks is taking the bleeding biscuit.

  • Liam

    Gays will kill christians like the gay nazis killed gays.. Wut?

  • David Greensmith

    The problem is, of course, that if you’re prepared to believe any old nonsense, you’re prepared to believe ANY old nonsense.

  • It’s pointless even trying to ridicule his obviously insane rantings, the problem is that there are thousands of equally insane religious American’s who ACTUALLY BELIEVE this bullsh*t.

    I’ve said a few times that the Republican/Christian extremism is getting worse in the USA, and this is yet more proof of that.

    The Mozilla story has opened a can of worms, and I have absolutely no doubt at all that we’re going to see a rise in Christian extremism in America in the coming couple of years.

  • Chris B

    People like this are Christianity’s very own equivalent of the Taliban.

  • Lee Hobson

    He’s seen through us guys,our master plan has been thwarted.
    Back to the boring day job.

  • doug

    “…it won’t be the Jews that will be slaughtered, it will be the Christians.”

    They’re dropping like flies already according to Justin Welby!

  • Julian Clark

    Only in America! Obviously Christians around the rest of the world are safe! What a c***!

  • Ivan

    Once again – groups who have been preaching hate are tying to paint themselves as victims when they are challenged.

  • GR

    Godwin’s law strikes again!

  • Jason Baker

    What you just said…… is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard….. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response, were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought…… Everyone on this site is now dumber for reading it.

  • Rumbelow

    That’s right we are a race of super gay male soldiers created by Hitler.
    Now bring on the hungry lions, there are Christians demanding to be made into martyrs out there… it’s a tough job but someone has to do it.

  • Adam Joseph Crickett

    ok, this has to be the most obsurd thing i’ve heard from the god worshipping loonies … ever, even the westboro nutjobs are marginally less stupid than that. I have never once heard of the LGBT persecuting anyone, but christians have a history of persecuting minorities. All these Christian Fundelmentilists really need to read their own book more carefully, Matthew 7:2,3,4 is particually apt.

    • Beelzeebub

      “I have never once heard of the LGBT persecuting anyone”

      Oh but you are persecuting them by not letting them discriminate against you.

      That seems to be their “logic”.

  • saintlaw

    The Christo-fascists keep screaming they’re being persecuted – yet it’s always gay people who are imprisoned or murdered.

    Funny dat.

  • Daniel

    Eva Braun was, of course, either a fag hag or a drag queen, as opposed to Hitler’s girlfriend/wife. And all those homosexuals they threw into the camps were just the discards from their gay super-soldier breeding program I suppose.I mean, the Hugo Boss gear WAS kind of suspicious. But I’m trying to imagine what exactly a gay super-soldier would be like (in more ways than one).

    • Rumbelow

      What exactly would a gay super-soldier be like?
      Just go look in the mirror Daniel … I guess.
      Well, that’s what I did. (lol)

      • Daniel

        My bodyfat percentage is way too high! I’m sure gay Nazis would prefer a more streamlined look.

        • Pat

          woohoo a chubby guy :D lol

  • labman57

    Only thing scarier than a gay Gestapo goon squad marching in goose-step — GAY ZOMBIES!
    They’re out there, and they crave the flesh of righteous Christian pundits.

    So I encourage all of these potential victims to hurry home, lock their doors, turn off the lights, and never come out again … and the rest of society will be better for it.

  • sJames6621

    he’s just another nut case likely tied to Scott lively. Bet his past hatred is racism etc

  • Radgal

    The man should be commited, he’s clearly lost his mind.

  • Wingby


  • jlvnv

    My stock comment in the face of this ridiculous hatred and bigotry:
    Too many christians, too few lions.

    • JD

      my sentiments exactly

  • Paul Johnson

    That’s why Hitler made gays wear a pink triangle (which we now wear with pride to honour those who died and display our defiance to oppression) and murdered them in death camps, as do the Jewish nation with their star of David.

  • JD

    I favour throwing them to the lions! …much more biblical.

  • CHBrighton

    Hmm. Seems as if he’s been reading Scott Lively’s nasty piece of work ‘The Pink Swastika’.

  • Cal

    I have always wondered what the holocaust was all about. Now I know that in an effort to obliterate heterosexual Christians, Hitler Killed Jews, Gays and Gay Jews. Now it is clear.

    • to_tell_the_truth

      And gypsies. And the disabled. And the mentally handicapped.
      Seems he had a rather broad target.
      Information can be YOUR friend too.

      • Cal

        I’m well aware of who went into the camps. Didn’t think I would need the whole list to make my jovial point. Thanks for your pedantry. I’m sure you have helped many people today less fortunate than you.

        • to_tell_the_truth

          Sorry to have offended you so.

          • Cal

            Not at all. Thanks for removing the patronising part of your message. Feel free to leave a comment if you must have the last word.

  • mike

    What a pathetic idiot! Gays were exterminated as well as jews and gypsies. Pink Triangles! A typical example of someone nutty yank who does not know any history!!!

  • deev

    So were these nazi creations:

    a) gay super soldiers
    b) super gay soldiers

    Because there’s quite a difference in potential outcomes.

  • Rumbelow

    Anni-Frid the red haired singer in ABBA was the result of one of the Nazi eugenics experiment’s to breed super babies…

    (Anni-Frid “Frida” Lyngstad ,one of the singers of the former pop cult band ABBA is probably one of the most famous Lebensborn-children. Born to a German Nazi officer and a Norwegian mother during the German occupation of Norway

    “Lebensborn” was a special Aryan breeding Programm established in 1935, the brainchild of Heinrich Himmler, head of the SS. He wanted to breed what he considered racially “superior children”.

    Himmler regarded the Norwegians with their blue eyes and blond hair as especially aryan and pure.

    The aim of the programme was to entrust leadership of Norway to these “Aryans” after the war, or to have them and their mothers move to Germany to bring more Nordic blood into the German Reich.)


    • to_tell_the_truth

      WTF does this have to do with the topic at hand???

      • Rumbelow

        Sweetheart, If you don’t know already there is no point trying to explain, you’ll never understand.
        But here, try to make the connection
        Hitlers alleged attempt to breed super gay soldiers…Lebensborn.

        • to_tell_the_truth

          ‘Girlfriend’, YOU seem to have mistaken Hitler for the actual person who wanted the ‘gay army’.
          Hitler himself thought of gays as “Untermenschen”. (sub-human)

          • Rumbelow

            Well Hitler didn’t in fact want a gay army that is simply the delusion of the nut-case in the article this thread is discussing. Though Hitler did in fact encourage Lebensborn or super Aryan babies, and this is what crazy guy has elaborated upon with his fantasy and lies…K?

          • to_tell_the_truth

            Thank you for finally agreeing that “Hitler didn’t in fact want a gay army”.

  • Frank Boulton

    If Rick Wiles and Jeff Allen think that they’re being marginalised, perhaps they’re right and they only need to stop and listen to their own words to see why. This is the sort of stuff that’s emptying the pews. There’s nothing like the excesses of religion for making atheists.

  • gregipoh

    Confused? So am I, but not half as much as THIS guy. I guess Hitler had all the queers killed cos he was a self-hating fag.. as well as well as being a psychopathic paranoid druggie.

    I suppose we should say to this guy: “keep taking the tablets”- not the hallucinogens; take the anti-psychotics.

    Do you think all these guys message each other? I don’t want to “bash the bishop” but Welby, the man with the silly hat and frock, does a thing about “like me or the dog dies”: or rather “don’t bash me for hating gays; all the Africans die if I don’t trash the queers”.

  • nixiotemba

    if only

  • Jones

    How can you make a race of “super gay male soldiers” when you are branding them with a pink triangle and then sending them off to slaughter?

  • Daniel

    Again I read the word “christian” and the rest just became the words hate, revolting and evil.

  • Tracey Low

    Hitler arrested roughly 100,000 men as homosexuals. Most convicted gays were sent to prison; between 5,000 and 15,000 were interned in concentration camps, where they wore pink triangles to signify their supposed crime.”[3] Gay men were singled out for cruel treatment in the concentration camps. Nazi doctors often used gay men for quasi-scientific experiments in an attempt to locate a biological basis for homosexuality, purportedly to “cure” any future Aryan children who were gay. A study by Rüdiger Lautmann found that 60% of gay men in concentration camps died, as compared to 41% of political prisoners and 35% of Jehovah’s Witnesses. The study also shows that survival rates for gay men were slightly higher for internees from the middle and upper classes and for married bisexual men and those with children.[4]

  • Danielle Mammano

    I just…I can’t…

    Reading this killed brain cells.

  • James Campbell

    Having painstakingly researched for any evidence of LGB people arresting, convicting, jailing, torturing, executing, persecuting, legislating against heterosexual ‘christians’ down the centuries, including the period of the rise of the Third Reich, I must conclude that this genius was reading a history book upside down. With the vast written, filmed and personal accounted details of the ways in which homosexual people have been used as a convenient whipping boy for failed attempts at controlling society, only a deeply paranoid delusional individual would invent such a ridiculous claim.

  • Rebelpig

    I think someone’s been watching the Producers and thought it was a documentary.

  • Jesus_Mohammed

    There are idiots in every land, but America really does “take the cake”! The USA really frightens me. It clearly contains a much higher percentage of people than other Western nations who simply believe that if they think it and if they say it then it’s true!

    America is home to so many deluded beliefs and deluded people, and, worse still, many of them are highly vocal and thereby they influence a great many other simple-minded folk.

    In an ideal nation, this man would be taken into psychiatric care and not let loose until he is well.

  • ChrisInLA

    This man must genuinely believe that LGBT people are the overwhelming majority in the US population. I wonder where he got his data.

  • Pádráig O’Gáirmléadháigh

    It is becoming increasingly obvious that the “christians” have totally lost the plot and they are now so ill that it is starting to affect the actual running of the worlds once most powerful country, now reduced to a laughing stock, because of this racist induced faux resurgence of “christianity”, which is no more christianity than the ten times table is…..

  • Rob Oakes

    WTF, is this idiot seriously suggesting that gay people are going to send US christians to Gas Chambers?????? What a f**king moron

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