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Prince George has a playdate with gay couple’s baby in New Zealand

  • p

    Awwww he looks like his Dad

  • Wingby

    I hope the baby doesn’t catch anything off George.

    • Jesus_Mohammed

      Baby George could just “catch something off” the gay family, it might stick, and we know how early influences can have a good and profound effect on a person’s life! Experiences like this could shape George into a higher grade of royal parasite than those we’ve previously endured.

      • Wingby

        I think you may have found my irony!

      • Pádráig O’Gáirmléadháigh

        Parasite? I don’t think so. I am not a royalist ,;Republican in fact, but the British Royals bring in billions for the UK, way, way more than they cost and they also save us the wearisome spectacle of a “President” as useless an entity as ever there was one. I cannot for the life of me see millions of tourists coming to see president Rich Dude the way they flock here to see Lizzie and Co.Then there is re electing a President every so often and making sure he keeps his mouth shut when he should, etc, etc, things we don’t have to worry about with the Queen as she is the epitome of discretion, and one would assume her grandson would be just the same. Then you have all the business that comes to the UK just because of the Royals and quite a few foreign companies have the Royal Warrant. The Royals now pay taxes on their private incomes and some of the lesser royals help with the whole selling thing on overseas trade missions. So, No, the Royal Family are not Parasites, but rather net earners for the UK and the UK would be a darned sight worse off without them. I don’t think they will be getting the sack any time soon!!

  • Cal

    A pleasant sign of the times. This would have been unthinkable just a few years ago.

  • Jesus_Mohammed

    Good stuff, New Zealand! Well done! Rub their noses in it, it might just stick, and the eventual King William of England could do some really progressive things.

  • AndyAS

    …. and the sky didn’t even cloud over, never mind fall, on New Zealand !!!

  • Silly Old Bastard

    Quite touching. I’m a Silly Old Sentimental Bastard sometimes.

  • Alexander

    Good of New Zealand to stick a gay couple in there and have it out in the news, it’s a great way to highlight how forward-thinking New Zealand is.

    However for the Royals’ part, I highly doubt it will be Prince George’s first experience around gay people, the Royal Household is disproportionately staffed with gay men. My favourite quote of the late Queen Mother is still “without them we’d have to go self service”.

  • Suddenly Last Bummer

    Jared and Ryan? Sounds like they met on the set of a Bel Ami film.

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