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UK: Health Minister warns doctors against referring gay parents for ‘cure’ therapy

  • Gerry

    Stop pussyfooting around with meaningless ‘assurances’, ‘signals’, ‘codes of practice’, etc – they’re all a waste of time. Just BAN it now.

  • Robert W. Pierce

    What useless exercise that is. Does he really believe a doctor with strong religious beliefs against being gay is going to comply? Delusional loon. Take the bull by the horns, Mr. Lamb and ban it outright.

  • Psychologist

    This outrageous and highly damaging practice should be banned and outlawed by the Government !
    There are already many “guidelines” and “codes of ethics” already in place (by psychotherapy governing bodies such as BACP), which therapists are SUPPOSED to abide by, but many “Christian” therapists seem to think none of it applies to them !
    Parents suffering from their OWN homophobic attitudes from highly damaging religious conditioning, will often attempt to subject their child to these highly damaging “so-called” “cures” for being gay ! This is nothing short of ABUSE, and should be a criminal offence, in just the same way any other medical malpractice is.

  • atalanta

    “Gay parents” – is that headline in error, PN? Surely it’s “patients”.

  • beenzrgud

    Stumbled onto this article via google news, but as a straight male I’m amazed this is even an issue. I’m gobsmacked that there appears to be doctors who would refer gay parents for “cure” therapy. I thought we’d got past all this type of nonsense.

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