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Chemsex and gay men: Has the issue been overblown?

  • fagburn

    In answer to your titular question; yes, it has been overblown.
    Mainly by David Stuart, who has a vested interest in talking this up as a ‘problem’.
    Thanks for asking.

  • Peter

    Can someone please tell me how on earth a fumble with my boyfriend after an evening staying in watching TV with a couple of glasses of wine be described as “Chemsex”?

    Also please can you send a Pink News reporter on a communication of science
    course because even the Daily Mail would do a better job of reporting on
    this study. HIV/AIDS is kinda serious for us…

  • Quentin Jersey

    It only takes one “unknown HIV positive” at a chemsex orgy to spread HIV like wildfire. Basic epidemiology. HIV epidemic has been fueled by underground sex scenes since the first day it hit the gay community.

    • Peter

      And that’s a True Fact…

  • RJ

    The headline isn’t answered by the interview, in all its meandering non-sequitury nonsense. Why, oh why, does PN constantly resort to asking Mr Stuart – a man who has made a career in the past few years of hyping up “chemsex” as being a huge problem – on this topic?
    Isn’t it about time you started to write up proper interviews and studies that constitute journalism rather than propagating the verbatim ramblings of a chemsex obsessive who has apparently swallowed the Velvet Rage hook, line and sinker – and who stands to profit personally through perpetuating this gay moral panic?

    • fagburn

      I think it’s more a question of Stuart asking Pink News to propagate his shonky opinions and drugs hysteria…

    • Jesus_Mohammed

      Yes, and who is not actually seeking to instigate change which will actually cut out or dramatically reduce the commercial situations in which chemsex is encouraged.

  • Jesus_Mohammed

    PN, why have you deleted my earlier message in this thread? Would you care to explain? I suggested that the only way to deal with astounding FACTS like that quoted in the article (re. 33 gay men turning up at the clinic for PEP because they’d all been to the same chemsex party) was by regulation, by stopping the profit-driven sex-party club organizers. That is an entirely rational and sensible suggestion. But you deleted it.

    • TimmyTitSucker

      Ok, then they go underground. If you work with club organizers you can provide services such as paramedics and sexual health to people who will have that sex regardless of whether its in a club or someone’s back room.

  • fagburn

    Further, if Mr Stuart wants to be taken seriously – and not just seen as a rampant self-publicist – how about not sending out press shots of himself (!!!) with too many buttons undone on his shirt, exposing his – doubtlessly – buff body?

    I don’t think this is standard in, say, The Lancet.

    Perhaps he’s looking to get ‘peer-reviewed’?

    For once.

    Just a thought.

    PS Pink News, David Stuart is a joke – albeit a very well-funded one, curiously. Please don’t insult us with such uncritical, unquestioning coverage of this professional nonsense-machine.

    • Michael

      Sounds to me that you don’t like the message he speaks, so you’re attacking the man and not the ball.
      The fact is drugs do ruin many people’s lives, so it is not ‘anti-drugs hysteria’ to simply point this out. This is a problem which should be tackled, not ignored.

      • fagburn

        Of course some gay men have problems with drugs.
        Hardly a great insight.
        But who gains from talking this up into a fact-free moral panic?

        • Jesus_Mohammed

          Dwell on that one horrendous fact quoted in the article: 33 men turning up to voluntarily toxify their bodies with very expensive anti-HIV drugs (PEP) for a period of some months all because they had attended an organized orgy involving excessive drink and the use of drugs. You may not be aware of it, but such gatherings are happening every week now in main centres, and almost every day now in London.

  • Jesus_Mohammed

    Important questions.

    Why has PinkNews deleted comments in this thread which have suggested that controls need to be placed on the gay business people running gay clubs where “chemsex” occurs regularly?

    Is that PinkNews is willing to back any righteous cause EXCEPT those that threaten the making of money, regardless of that money being made by the exploitation of gay men?

    This is a matter that needs to be looked into. Where are PinkNews’s integrity and ethics?

  • Madgeographer

    Lots of straight people have sex after alcohol, ciggies and other drugs.

    I never used any of them, in the sexual context, and only a few times in my long life. All I can say is that it is far wider issue and demonising gay people by picking on them only is just unfair, because many people do it.

    I suppose it’s a human thing rather than a gay thing.

  • uostwiSrdewoH

    David Stuart = gay version of “son I am disappoint” guy!

  • mandybrigwell

    Am I mistaken, or is this basically scientific nonsense disguised by a whole load of Sean Lock scampering about pretending to be Madonna?

    …switch the light on, there’s just bones on the floor…

  • RabbiJon

    The rise in HIV is largely due to the easy availibility of anonymous sex thru the use of apps like Grindr and Scruff, not “chemsex”. PNP has been around since the ’70s. After the apps and the gay hookup internet sites wewre created HIV rates have steadily risen.

  • BudClark

    Speaking from near San Diego (the [US] West Coast’s Meth Capital), no, it hasn’t. I saw too many friends’ and lovers’ lives destroyed (or ended) by “dancing with Tina.”

    I narrowly escaped myself. I was addicted for a year; “all” it cost me was my teeth, a heart attack, a stroke, and a perforated stomach ulcer that nearly killed me.

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    Sorry but, I like my sex natural and uninhibited by drugs or mind-altering substances. Yes, the sex I have is trippy without having to drop a tab….I mean, look at my Husbotter….Hello! LOL.
    If it’s your thing, go for it, just don’t ask me to clean up your mess.

  • Which came first?

    Hate and Fear.


    The devices and ideologies that perpetuate, indulge, deflect, and numb the targets of Hate and Fear?

  • Dave Jannsen

    Hello from across the pond. I can confidently say I have never once had “chemsex”, unless you count being a bit drunk. The issue is overblown. Solidarity! Thank you Britain for passing gay marriage :) We won’t be far behind you!

    • mandybrigwell

      On behalf of Britain, I thank you. What a cheery message… :)

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