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UK: Gay teacher resigns after parents complain children ‘might learn it’s OK to be gay’

  • @Mike-uk2011

    Another school in Birmingham. Can’t say I’m surprised They seem to be having quite a few problems with schools and religious, bigoted parents down there, lately.

  • Jones

    Birmingham has a large population of Muslims so this doesn’t surprise me at all. Where there’s religion, there’s persecution. It’s madness for them to think that a gay teacher would ‘transfer their gayness’ onto children.

    • Ignorance and religion go hand in hand

      • Jones

        Islam in particular seems to be incompatible with Western ideas of liberty, equality and fairness.

        • Stev84

          So is fundamentalist religion of any kind. Radical Christianity isn’t any better.

        • Staircase2

          That’s rubbish

          • Jones

            Which bit? The bit where they charge people ‘guilty’ of homosexual acts and send them off to be publicly hung.

          • Staircase2

            You really need to get out more (and I don’t mean to your regular EDL meetings…)

            If you think the West is the font of all ‘liberty, equality and fairness’ then you clearly know NOTHING about history

          • Jones

            I’m being compared to an English nationalist for wanting the deaths of hundreds of people because of their sexuality to be stopped. Okay then. I know the West isn’t always the bastion of liberty or equality but I’d say it’s a darn sight better than the situation in Iran.

          • MJ

            That’s how silly they are, Jones. And why the Muslims ARE taking over. (Who cares if the EDL points that out? In THAT case the EDL is correct).

          • Staircase2

            You do realise we’re talking about BIRMINGHAM right…?

            I’m not ‘comparing you’ to an EDL person, I’m saying it’s pretty clear you’re on their wavelength

          • Staircase2

            You seem to be completely ignorant of the role that the West has played in CREATING and fuelling the fascism around the world…

            You also seem to be conflating the outcome of the West’s efforts in that regard to a situation that was BADLY DEALT WITH BY A SCHOOL IN BIRMINGHAM (and instead going off on a rant about Iran etc rather than lay the blame where it deserves to be; at the feet of those responsible for the management of the SCHOOL)

            Shoddy thinking and lame EDL racism…

            The EDL has long been targeting these pages in an effort to get more gay men (in particular) into their cosy little club of fascists.

        • MJ

          They’re still not ready on blogs like this to admit which religion is the REAL concrete danger here, Jones. And Muslims just laugh at their “weakness.”

          • Staircase2

            …like I said…EDL
            bloody idiots

          • MJ

            You’ll probably still be repeating that, like a gaybot, when the Muslims put a noose around your neck.

  • It is so ironic that certain people base their lifestyle on religious texts that are thousands of years old and yet they go to a modern doctor. NOT a porn site.

  • Patrick

    I am surprised that the LA doesn’t have a view on this. Did PN check for one?

    Sounds like he wasn’t protected properly by leadership. Possible discrimination and homophobia not addressed by those that are there to protect him. Perhaps they were too busy polishing their ‘Single equality policy’ to actually act upon it.

    Poor reflection on what happens to gay people for those children who may identify as gay at some point in the future.

    These people need to be put back in their box. Religious mafia strikes again.

  • GothBoyUK

    The school should have done all it could to refuse his resignation. Unfortunately, as it’s an ‘Academy’ school they are allowed to enforce their own perspective on things almost to the point of discrimination.

  • arcoiris

    Sad that he felt it necessary to resign when he seems to be doing something so positive. Maybe shows lack of adequate support from school leadership/governance and what was his union doing? We need more details to understand – but what is clear is that ignorant and intolerant religious bigots have won; a poor example to show children.

  • Bikerman

    Sad but not surprising having taught in Birmingham.

  • Cal

    Very sad that the school did not fight to keep him. Rather lose the bigoted families than the honest teacher. I’m happy that he has found another position.

  • lit per

    This is clear discrimination, school has to pay for it!

    • Colin

      I bet he is a good teacher and wants his career not short term money. I know teachers, they moan but love what they do really.

      • Abi

        He’s a brilliant teacher and a lovely bloke. He helped my daughter with problems she had and has been nothing but nice to everyone I’ve seen him talk to, always smiling.

  • Karl smith

    Seems to me it’s the narrow minded parents that need educating not the children – sad ,really sad they should hang their heads in shame

  • Colin

    I find it very sad that the teacher felt he had to leave the school. I am pleased he has found another teaching post and I wish him every happiness. To me Sir you did the right thing but I’ll bet your self esteem has had a bash. Onwards and upwards eh.

    I really would like to know how his was handled at the school and what is the schools policy on both gay teaching staff and the recognition of alternative family groups and sexuality. Does the academy have a policy and did it adhear to it. Did the head teacher support the teacher?

    What is the education Ministers take on this? Does it comply to current policies.

    What protection do teachers have is situations where a minority of Parents object?

    A lovely thing is happening in New Zealand where I am at the moment. Parents are demanding religion is an after hours subject and not being taught during normal school hours. Now there is a progressive model to copy. A number of schools here have introduced it.

    I had the honour to attend a fish and chip night run by my nephews nursery. I took him along and had a great night in the park. meeting Parents and kids, playing on the swings. Two gay dad’s with their two gorgeous children a boy and girl. They were just part of the whole group. We had christians and muslims there as well. Everyone joined in and looked after all the kids.

    Progress. NZ could teach the UK a lot isn so many ways but you have to want to be open to change.

    Teachers I know this is tough for some but do your duty to the next generation. Don’t let them come up the way we were forced.

    • St Sebastian, the Humanist

      Excellent stuff Kiwis

  • Paul J

    Whatever laws might say, I can understand why vocal opposition from parents would make this man believe that it was better to move on from this school. Nevertheless, the Department for Education must urgently consider sanctions against schools and/or parents who hound teachers from their posts for any discriminatory reasons, plus compensation for the victims. This is simply not good enough. If parents can be fined for taking kids out of school, they can be fined for abuse and discriminatory behaviour which adversely affects the education of all in the school.

    • Colin

      I think if the Parents object about national educational campaigns then take it up with the minister. Else your option is take your kid out of school and you home school them.
      If we want teachers to teach they need protected from this type of behaviour.

  • St Sebastian, the Humanist

    Perhaps homosexuality should be put in the context of race, both are not choices anyone makes. Just as you cannot ‘catch’ or ‘transform’ to a different race, your sexual orientation cannot ‘caught’ or be ‘transformed’. Many of those protesting are likely to have been on the receiving end of race hate, they should understand the cancer of hate, whether it be hate towards a race or a sexual orientation.

    • Kinsey6

      This is EXACTLY what should happen! Being born gay is no different than being born white, black, brown, tall, short, skinny or fat. Hopefully one day people will understand this.

  • Pet

    Would Mahery and Sullly say this is anti-gay mafia or is it just joyous love on earth for them? I guess on that straight guy’s and shamefully on that of gay guy’s books this is beautiful blossoming free expression of rational and straight-foreward people.

    All my respect to this teacher.

  • Not Telling

    What the hell? This is the kind of nonsense you hear coming out of America, not Britain.

    Utterly unacceptable.

    • I think you hear it often from Britain lately, I don’t know why

      • I think we hear it more often because it’s more controversial when things like this happen; I’m not sure it’s happening more often.

        • Jesus_Mohammed

          It’s probably happening just as much as it was before, Tom. The point is that before it was happening A GREAT DEAL and it is STILL happening a GREAT DEAL, and that is totally unacceptable, particularly in view of all the legislation that’s been passed in the last decade or so.

        • Yeah, bad news is interesting news, so you can’t really say in which ratio bad things happen. But anyway, such news come often from the U.K. lately.

          • Kinsey6

            Do you all in the UK feel this is happening more now because of more Muslims trying to force Sharia law on you? Or is it coming more from native Christians?

          • I can’t answer that…

    • MJ

      No, the Muslims can not push American schools around like that.

  • Jase

    Bad School admin. It is better to leave.

    Isn’t there something about come to this country and respect the laws?

  • █ █ █ €ώąɲ█ █ █

    I am not surprised in the slightest this happens in Birmingham. A load of Islamist idiots tried to hijack a couple of schools which has recently come out in the press.

    Why do UK Muslims become so extreme.

    Easy way around this, secularise all the schools like they do in France.

    • Andrew Button

      The school was secular though

  • Rumbelow

    We see once again where all the homophobia originates from, pushy religious bigots not willing to make any room for gay people to co-exist.

    • MJ


  • George Penfold

    Why the devil did he resign, he has let down those children he was teaching. He didn’t need to resign, as he broke no rules and if he was pushed out by the school, they were breaking the law so he would have a case. Those children needed to see he was there fighting bigotry, not wimping out and leaving them to the religious wolves.

    • Basically, you’re right but sometimes, pressure just gets too much and you can’t stand it anymore. Even though what you said would’ve been the “right” thing to do, I can understand him

      • Jesus_Mohammed

        Well said. When your school’s board of governors, and possibly the teaching faculty too, is peopled by bigots or people who haven’t the guts to stand up against the bigots then you’re up against it in a very bad and demoralising way. There’s no through-road.

  • Mark Y

    I wouldn’t want my kids growing up to think its okay to be muslim.

  • Sarah Wrightwell

    Bullshit, the school got rid of him and did nothing to stop it pfffft ‘had problems with the literacy’ be honest bigamists they were homophobic end of….assholes.

  • Sarah Wrightwell

    going to a catholic school myself when i was younger especially in secondary school we had a handful of homosexual students and teachers. We had terrible sex ed even on a hetersexual note but discrimination? none from my year in the sixth form we regularly played matchmaker with all genders. no staff ever left due to a problem with sexuality we where more taught about religious opinions but where never told / taught ;gay is not ok’ in any manner this school is seriously sending the wrong message >_<

    • Colin

      Thanks for this information. Being an ex catholic myself but had attended a catholic school it was very different in my day. Nice to hear they have changed approach. Best Wishes

  • D.McCabe

    It just goes to show that kids really don’t care but it is the parents who have the issue.

  • As someone who has been looking at going in to teaching, I find stories like this very concerning.

  • JD

    The insidious take over of state schools by Muslim Scum and Christian Hypocrites continues to wreck the UK Education system by bullying good teachers into leaving – so the Stupid, ignorant superstitious can brain wash the kids with their brand of prejudice and bigotry –

    BAN Religion from the UK!

    • Steve Cheney

      I disagree, but it will piss off Eric Pickles, so, yes.

  • Jesus_Mohammed

    The website for the school, Chilwell Croft Academy, has, blazoned at the top of its home page, the following maxim:

    “It takes a world of differences
    to make a different world.”

    If these words have been sanctioned by the religiously deluded parents who have objected to their children being advised that homosexual people are not worthy of equal respect in society, then those parents are liars and hypocrites.

    If these words are entirely staff-generated, then Chilwell Croft Academy needs to rapidly begin an adult-education programme!

    The “Policies” page on their website is completely blank, with a message saying “Coming soon!” Ha! Plenty of room for change and improvement then, Chilwell! The “Governers” page also features absolutely NOTHING.

    What kind of farce is this Chilwell Croft Academy?

    • I just love those shallow “values” – just like you said, it’s often just plain hypocricy. People know that “differences” and “changes” are good, it pleases society to hear from it, so they write it down in their pretty value page and have no idea what say just said and stood for

      • Mihangel apYrs




        the bane of the modern UK

        • I don’t think it’s just the U.K., such things are a global phenomenon. You sound a bit like William S. Burroughs, by the way ;)

          • Mihangel apYrs

            xx :)

  • Omar

    Dear Muslims living in UK, If you hate gays so much then leave. I am fed up with you people promoting shariah laws in western country. Please assimilate with UK society or respect the law of the land. I am pretty sure Birmingham Muslim community force this poor teacher to resign.

    Gay Muslim

  • Kinsey6

    This is utterly outrageous. They should be teaching kids starting in kindergarten that being gay is perfectly normal (which is it). But at least I know that here in the Bible Belt of the Midwest U.S. we aren’t the only people with this wretched problem going on.

    Looking at some of the other comments in this thread it appears this could be a Muslim-inspired problem though. At least we don’t have to put up with too much of that here in the states. Yet anyway.

  • Keithh,.

    Why teach children that homosexuality is acceptable when the facts show just how vile this community is.?

    Debased unclean and dangerous behaviour is ‘highly’disproportionate amongst homosexuals. The subject of the article is logically therefore representative of the common homosexual morality.

    Just take a look in your nearest public toilet or or sauna.

  • Michael Kalusche

    I teach my students for more than 30 years like this and never, ever had any complain about it.
    Is Germany sovery different from GB.

  • The Parent Makers

    WELCOME BACK TO 1950………………………………………..!!!!

  • Chrys Clay

    You can change your religion, you can’t change the law; Somali proverb

  • Abi

    This is my daughters school, I am disgusted that this has happened.
    I am going to the school tomorrow and shall be questioning them on what is being done about the homophobiathat has been happening and what they would do if this were to go to children with gay parents being called names and stuff.
    If they won’t do anything about it I shall be removing her from the school as I am not allowing her to be in a school that does nothing about homophobia and would allow my daughter to be bullied for having same sex parents.

  • MJ

    The future of the UK, coming quicker than expected.

  • MJ

    If UK gays are not willing to fight hard against religious-fantasy barbarians (including using violence and a lot of pork if necessary) who only understand Might=Right, then……you all deserve the theocracy you wind up with.

  • Šibanje Napušavanje

    Well, ILGA has been focused too narrowly on changing the attitudes in Western Europe (and I understand it was necessary, seeing that only a so-called Western European country, albeit it is geographically more Central European, Germany, had death camps for slaughtering gay men; Italy had re-education camps and all other countries killed and continue to kill LGBT people haphazzardly, Britain at times not only because of being gay but also Irish, cf. the tortures of Oscar Wilde that led to his death upon release from gaol).

    And it (ILGA) did have some success. Western Europe now only has immigrants from other areas killing LGBTs. Granted, these immigrants are a growing segment of population, and with their average 7 children per family compared to 1.8 among original non-immigrants might be a majority in some countries in under a century.

    Now there is the backlash for all the missed opportunities to change other cultures, especially the ones transplanted to the Western Europe. Ah well…

  • writingme


  • another bear

    Statistically some of these children will be gay and the protesting parents need to be more understanding and aware and prepared for that possibility.

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