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Blondie icon Debbie Harry comes out as bisexual

  • Steve

    A little late (but aren’t they usually?), but thank you! That mad summer of leaping around to Denis, soddit, like most gay men my age I’ve got most of the back catalogue on my iPod! And a little bit extra pride in Blondie.

  • Barry Scarfe

    It’s good she has come out as bisexual. There needs to be many more bisexuals willing to be open about their sexuality though as biphobic prejudice is still very prevalent in our society. Too many still don’t think genuine bisexuals exist and that they are are all ‘gays in denial’ ect. Being a man, I would like to see more people from my gender declaring their bisexuality as bisexual men are virtually invisible and it seems as if the worst biphobic bigotry is directed at bisexual men more than towards bisexual women.

    • ChocoBetty

      I have this theory that men seem to be more either straight or gay because they need more of a “straight line” – no pun intended – while women seem to be more able to juggle being attracted to both genders. It’s not proven in any way, this theory, but if you look on life more men are making decision, e.g. either having a career or being a stay-at-home parent while women, once again, are doing both (and getting the “guilt treatment” (sometimes) and paid less).

      I have also realized that I personally don’t like to choose – neither when it comes to my (sexual) partners or for example food. When I’m at a restaurant I usually settle on two dishes and decide when the waiter asks what I want by pure gut feeling. I also like having short hair as much as long hair – again, just making a momentary decision, that I can change (quicker in one direction than the other).

      I would love to see a study on this. It’s just a personal theory of mine, but I still have this nagging feeling that maybe in the beginning we are all bisexual – and then certain influences (including the world population, in my opinion) determine our sexuality.

      I’m still not sure about it changing during our life – but then the things we enjoy, not only sexually, can change over the years. Also what us attracts us can change – so maybe this is it again, some kind of evolution. Sometimes I’m really sad that I am not scientist – so many of my theories will never get proven nor disproven.

      Oh, and just to get back to the topic of the article: I have not been surprised when I read this!

      • kim

        I can agree with the observation that there seems to be more strictly homosexual men than homosexual women, and more bisexual women than bisexual men. I also saw someone who thought bisexual men were more often 90/10 bisexual, one way or the other, than women. But this is only a feeling, based on the limited number of people I know or have heard about, and who are open about what they prefer. I’m glad you make the distinction about feeling and science, way too few do that today, even though I believe social sciences also have great problems finding out the true facts, there are too many unknown factors to take into the equation, and it wouldn’t be very ethical to do a strictly scientific experiment on human beings. I also think we are too busy finding out solutions that will explain it all, put all and everyone in one of a few select boxes, instead of accepting that we might all be a little different, all be part of a continuum.
        What do worry me a bit is your thoughts about desicion making, because you make it seem like it would be something ‘natural’, that men are meant to make more decisions. I’m not sure if that is what you meant, I hope not, I have to admit that I’m a bit allergic to all talk about natural purposes, in my opinion when people start to use the word natural they either want to sell you something, or they want to sell in a political idea without having to use any arguments.
        Please continue to be happily curious about what you see around you, and please be open to that there might be a overwhelming multitude of explanations to what you see.

        • ChocoBetty

          Thanks for your reply!

          About the decision part: I think it is a part of how people got raised – we are still a male dominated society. I know that in most households the women are making the decisions, but when it comes to the big money most of it is a) owned or b) administrated by men. I tried to point out that women might be more comfortable with not taking a side. That’s all.

          Thanks for not jumping to conclusions. English isn’t my first language, and even in my native tongue I sometimes can’t make myself as clear as I would like to.

  • SURPRISE! Debby Harry is a wonderful human being and everything she does is at least interesting. Many of the most interesting and creative people have been bisexual. I won’t go into names. Many others seem to have been afraid that homophobes would say they could have been heterosexual if they had so decided and they would be open to discrimination or attempts at conversion, but whether people can choose or not they still deserve respect for the way they live their lives, within the limits of common decency (you know what I mean. You DO know what I mean!) as Buster Bloodvessel would have said in Magical Mystery Tour.

  • Wingby

    Album coming out?

  • Cal

    I believe in bisexuals. But I don’t believe everyone who claims to be one is one. I believe everyone who claims to be Gay is so (unless they are looking for asylum).

    • A Bisexual

      Why are people who ‘claim’ to be bisexual harder to believe than people who ‘claim’ to be gay? There have been many cases of people who were previously out as gay coming out as bi, so why believe anyone?

      • Cal

        Not sure I follow you about the many cases previously Gay, now bi. There are some, for sure. The reasons for claiming to be bi when you are actually gay are pretty clear. Aren’t they, Tom Daley? I was the same myself. I had some intense sexual relationships with a few women but I am not bi. I am Gay.

        • Another bisexual

          The reasons why bisexuals sometimes identify as gay first before realizing that are bi are also clear.

          The gay community is more established and more neatly defined than they bi community, so it provides a ready-made support system.

          And sometimes it’s easier to come out as gay because few challenge that homosexuality exists these days, and because you can use the “born this way” argument when someone challenges you.

          Using gay as a stepping stone to bi is more common than you think.

          • ChocoBetty

            I guess you point out one thing that I have been very vocal about in the last year:

            The bisexual community.

            It is hardly there.

          • Cal

            The Gay man’s “I’m only a little bit Gay” is very common for those when they first come out. I do accept that some men attracted to both sexes may find it difficult to confide in their Gay male friends about attraction to women but these would be the exceptions, not the rule.

    • Interestingly, many of the people I know who identify as gay in public are happy to admit in private that they’re also attracted to, and sleep with, the “other team”. But they feel comfortable in the gay scene, see how much crap bi people can get in the gay scene, and are scared of getting stick if they openly admitted to their feelings.

      We’ve known since Klein, if not since Kinsey, that identity, attraction and behaviour are different things. Why in 2014 are we still pretending they’re not?

    • Omar

      How come a guy calls himself gay and sleeps with women? My question is not towards bisexuals at all. My first bf was gay guy not bisexual at. He confess to me he did sleep with women before. I am gay and I never had sex with women.

  • Barry Scarfe

    Re ChocoBetty. It does seem as if bisexuality is very rare indeed in men and more common in women. Some scientists have recently speculated that the reason why is because same-sex behaviour allowed women who had been raped or fathered children with absentee or deceased dads which may have made it easier to raise children together.

    • ChocoBetty

      Interesting theory – but then there are also purely platonic friendships that share a home or raise children together.

      Just don’t forget that there are also men that gut sexualy assaulted (by women) or even raped, although it’s rarer that way around. There are also men that raise children on their own, because either the mother has died or they split up.

      I think some women claim to be bi or bi-curious due to the fact that their partners dream about having a threesome with two women. I believe that the fact that women are usually more open about physical is partially responsible for this. There’s also the cultural background. I observed that women and men in our culture – I felt proud when in my small town I saw two men holding hands! When women hold hands in public hardly anyone things about it. In tenage years it’s often a sign of a close friendship. Men hardly ever do so.

      I consider myself as bisexual – although I never had a sexual relationship with a woman. Yes, shocker. But I have fallen for women, I have kissed women – and done some more. But then I have always been a sensual and sexual being.

      What I will probably never get is how some lesbian women would never have a relationship with a bisexual women. I think it’s the same with men, while it seems as if no men would ever not consider a relationship with a bisexual woman. Some women might have issues about having a bisexual male partner. But then there are statistics that both male and female cheat. It’s just that women get caught less.

  • keith'[‘

    She is an ex drug addict. Her immoral views are irrelevant!

    • Anna

      Keith, if you think being bisexual is immoral what are you doing on an LGBT website? Get lost, we don’t need your kind around here.

  • Jo Marsh

    I don’t think anyone has the right to claim that one way or another is the definitive right way. Perhaps live and let live is a better way to live, rather than judging everyone else. Good for Deborah, we need more role models.

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