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US: Virginia school board to consider banning ‘Two Boys Kissing’ book

  • Chaz

    Honestly, it’s like the 20th century never happened in the American South! The mentality is so provincial – it’s ridiculous. They’re anti-gay, pro-life, pro-gun, pro-death penalty (does anyone else see a contradiction?) – hell, they’d probably bring back slavery and lynching if they could! It’s time they dragged their backwards asses into the 21st century and stop being narrow-minded bigots.

    • 2hats

      Virginia isn’t in the south. And this review is only happening as a matter of policy, thanks to the efforts of one bigoted parent kicking up a fuss and trying to impose their prejudices on everyone else; Fauquier County is in the more liberal northern part of the state, support for LGBT rights is pretty high there and I suspect the chances of the book actually being banned as a result of this are extremely low.

      • arcoiris

        Well said! It’s ignorant to stigmatise everyone living in a particular area/region as narrow-minded bigots. Let’s attack the individuals or (usually religious) organisations who think they have the right to impose their ignorant and bigoted views upon others. The sooner religion and state/provincial/local governance are fully separated the better.

      • Dermot Mac Flannchaidh

        Virginia was traditionally part of the South, and much of it still is. But Northern Virginia is arguably no longer part of the South.

    • Lana

      Hello, I did the original article in the Falconer, Fauquier High School’s student newspaper.

      That was quite the stereotype-based generalization you made there – believe me, the book isn’t going to get banned. The book was well-received by the initial council that reviewed it, with the only voter against it being the parent who filed the complaint.

      Slavery and lynching? Please.

  • Truth

    Ah yes… the land of free speech and freedom of expression – unless you are gay. When is religious homophobia going to end? It is highly schizophrenic for extremely violent films on TV to be totally acceptable… while people become outraged at a book like this. For f**ks sakes people … let’s get our priorities right and grow up!

  • Cal

    Pure Nazi.

  • Pi Orionis

    All these people who are calling people who want the book banned bigots and saying, “if you don’t like it, don’t read it” are the same people who would flip out if a book titled, “Gay is Not the Right Way” were put on the school shelves. These are the same people who preach diversity but if someone says, “I do not believe in the gay lifestyle because I am a Christian”, they are automatically attacked because they are a “bigot”, “closed-minded”, or a “hater”. If you truly believe in the Coexist / Equally movement, then by calling one a “bigot” means that you are also a “bigot” because we all completely equal and are coexisting. Diversity means respecting an array of cultural beliefs. It does not mean agreeing with, or submitting to everyone’s cultural beliefs. As far as banning a book. I am against it regardless of the subject because I believe in freedom of speech, and ideas. But I just wanted to point out that its funny how Jesus is pretty much banned from public schools, and teaching about traditional family values is also out the window, and in its place we are teaching children skewed definitions of what “marriage”, “sex”, “diversity”, “family”, “religion”, etc… is. We are basically teaching the future generations to be so opened minded that they will have no grasp of what reality actually is because every opinion is truth. We are teaching children that it is bad to disagree with something and therefore it is bad to have an opinion. They will be a blob of collective flesh with one collective opinion rather than free thinking individuals with individual opinions. – A. Dohm

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