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US: Oregon trans student denied housing by Christian college

  • Halou

    Pitch up a tent by the main exit just outside of the campus grounds so they can’t do for trespassing or whatnot, maybe even stand up a sign saying “there was no room at the inn”.
    The college staff should get the message sooner or later.

  • JackAlison

    christians again.

    What a surprise.

    Looks like a really sweet kid. Going off to college should be a high point in your life where you really become yourself and begin becoming a mature adult, meet soul mates, friends and partners.

    Sadly for this person it is anything but.

    These people really are a disgrace.

    • Helge Vladimir Tiller

      AGREE with You ! ( H. V. T. from Norway )

  • Matthew Black

    What about the rights of the other students in the dormatorys. You have to look at the whole picture and reach an acceptable compromise.

    • JackAlison

      rights from what xactly!! Hes NOT an ogre. Hes a human being. And just for the record hes PERFECTorin ur christian words made in the image of god

    • Mark

      I agree on this point actually. I do fully support this young mans right to live on campus and be given the same respect, opportunity and dignity as all other students but you do have to consider the whole picture. To share a dorm room with someone of the opposite sex, or same sex but opposite sexuality or a person of transgender or transsexual personality can be very difficult for both people. I had a similar experience with work during a residential training course, it was very hard to address. Given the same sex attraction sharing with straight guys felt to me to be as inappropriate as sharing with women and for them and their partners may have been equally as uncomfortable.

      As has been said a suitable compromise needs to be found although the offer of off-campus single person accommodation for just 1 year appears somewhat tokenistic. The offer may have been better received if it was made on the grounds of recognising his needs and respecting his dignity and not because of a policy based on Christian values.

    • Guillermo3

      Right!and perhaps even learn hoe to spell!

  • Helge Vladimir Tiller

    FASCISTIC “Christian” rules ! When will they STOP ! For decades- for generations- for hundreds of years !

    • Guillermo3

      Perhaps they will stop,Helge Tiller,only after they the Victimizers [touting Hate in the name of Love]after succeeding in portraying themselves a Victims.

  • █ █ █ €ώąɲ█ █ █

    If he walked into the office to get accommodation, never mentioned the trans bit they wouldn’t care. He IS a man and a pretty cute one if I am honest.

    Christians harp on about Love but they are its worst practitioners

  • Daniel

    Yet another example of why religion should be extracted from all state organisations. If you want to believe in your chosen mythical creature and mouldy little book, then do it on your own time; don’t bring it into the workplace.
    Your religion doesn’t teach you to be a bigot; you’re just a bigot using religion as a cover.

    • Geoff McLarney

      The irony is that this is a Quaker institution. Quakers were one of the first religious groups to perform same-gender marriages, so they’re no dinosaurs (despite the stereotype immortalized in the oatmeal logo!)

  • Steven Gregory

    This week’s reliable report of religious institutions treating gays, lesbians and transgender people with bias, as expected.

  • Crysta

    Personally, I would have said just take the womens accommodations, and wait for the screams… “Theres a man in the womens dorms! WTF?!?”

    Then he can get the womens full support in getting himself where he belongs!!!

    Its easy to shut up and ignore one person, its a might harder to shut up and ignore 40-50% of the college population!

  • Drew

    I love how Christians are always going on and on about same sex relations, and how evil they are. Except when its their own religious leaders who are caught diddling little boys… Then they do everything they can to hide it. Including transferring them to unsuspecting communities.

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