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TV host Bill Maher: Firefox CEO got ‘whacked’ by the gay mafia

  • Sparkyu1

    Yes, because our protesting, our tweeting, our petitions are totally on par with a mafia hit.

    Amazing how hyperbolic straight people can get when we refuse to stay silent

  • “Maher said: “I think there is a gay mafia. I think if you cross them, you do get whacked.””
    Indeed he did. And why not?
    If it had been an anti-Islam cause they would have been much more militant that us!

  • nikkih777

    If there was a gay mafia, we would have ENDA. The LGBT Community is discriminated on so many levels that unless we organize and speak out against unfairness and oppression, things will never change. Call it a mafia if you want but I call it a demand for fairness.

  • At last there is consequences for homophobia. These religious bigots have been able to carry with their campaign of hate without sanction for far too long. The consumer has a right to choose which companies to support as he has the right to be a hateful bigot.

  • And yet again, they’re incapable of understanding the difference between having an OPINION, and abusing the notion of democracy to INFLICT your religious opinion on others.

    Maher deliberately warped the question. This was not about Eich’s opinions or beliefs, this was about his ACTIONS. Eich can believe in segregation if he wants, but if he donated to the KKK he would rightly be attacked for it.

    Yet again, it appears that it’s one thing when it’s racism, antisemitism and sexism, and something else if it’s an attack on LGBT people. Somehow, it’s still okay and less of an offence to arbitrarily attack LGBT people based on “belief”, when if the same were applied to any othger group it would right be called hatred and bigotry.

    I wonder if Maher would feel the same way if Eich had donated to the KKK instead of a hateful religious group wanting to inflict unjust laws on black people? Would he agree that there’s a “black mafia” if that was fought against?

    • colonelkira

      Enough already with the black analogy! FFS……give it a rest! Anybody with half a brain wod say the same thing about BOTH issues! It is YOU who is warping what people are saying! When will people like you get it througj their thick, stupid heads. People are allowed to think what tbey want, contribute to what they want! We have NO right to stop them and we shouldnt be looking to!

      What we can do is boycott, educate, call people dickheads or whatever for their beliefs and we shouldnt be stopped from doing that either! Enough of this one sided, hate filled fanaticism already!


      • Nope, people have the right to think what they want, but when they are lobbying to remove the rights of others when those rights have no bearing on their own lives, it’s extremism.

        It’s no different to the KKK lobbying to remove the rights of black people, no different to a Nazi group lobbying to close down Synagogues, no different to people donating to the Taliban to lobby for the removal of eduction for girls.

        If Eich had donated to a group for any of these purposes, he would not be being defended in the way that he is under this delusional belief of “freedom of opinion”.

        This is NOT about his opinions, this is about his actions and how they reflect on him as an individual when it comes to ethics and trust. If he had done any one of those other things, the people working for him would rightly not be comfortable knowing he held such views.

        • colonelkira


          • Yes, you are wrong, very obviously wrong.

            You seem to believe that any group can come along and start lobbying for the removal of your rights, regardless of their motivations or religious beliefs. Or, is it only okay when it’s a belief you also support?

            Once again, would you suggest that it would be okay for the Taliban to start lobbying to remove the rights of girls to be educated, or women to drive, or for the implementation of Islamic teaching in schools?

            Come on, you know the answer to this, you just don’t want to say it because it will show you up as a hypocrite.

        • James Lovelace

          ‘If Eich had donated to a group for any of these purposes, he would not be being defended in the way that he is under this delusional belief of “freedom of opinion”.’

          Spot on. Eich & Mozilla are in a peculiarly vulnerable situation – Mozilla is utterly dependent on voluntary programming/technical work. So it is stupidity of the highest order for the CEO to get involved in any kind of moral/political controversy.

      • David Loehmann

        And that will be about enough out of you! Since you’ve indicated in your last paragraph of what we can do, I’ll take you up on that advice and say this You are an ass!

      • Dermot Mac Flannchaidh

        Even the NAACP in the United States – the foremost African American civil rights group – endorses LGBT equal rights as morally equivalent to equal rights for ethnic minorities. The NAACP has expanded as an LGBT rights organisation as a result.

    • Robespierre92

      You’re equating a group that is pro-traditional marriage with the KKK? Really?

      • Liam

        Pro traditional marriage =/= anti equal marriage. Allowing gay couples to get married stops nobody from having a traditional marriage.

        • Robespierre92

          That’s not my point. he’s equating a Christian affiliated organization whose views on homosexuality are very explicit and equating them to a segregationist group who routinely beat and murdered blacks. I fail to see how they’re similar.

          • Dermot Mac Flannchaidh

            Because being gay and being African are both immutable characteristics that people do not choose to be. This is the overwhelming consensus of mainstream, accredited, peer-reviewed science and psychology. As a question of rights, they are equivalent. A bigot usually chooses to be a bigot.

            There is no categorical opposition to people by sexual orientation that is justifiable on these grounds, no matter how much tradition may argue otherwise. It is wrong to categorically oppose people for their sexual orientation, and it was always wrong, both today and in the Middle Ages. The only difference is that now we know better.

          • David Loehmann

            And are you now going to say that gay people haven’t been murdered for being who they are? Let me assure you they have. Just because Christians believe what they do does not mean they have the right to deny others their rights. If you fail to see the similarities, then maybe you should do what John Howard Griffin did when he wrote ‘Black Like me’. You could call it ‘Gay Like Me.’ Try it, buddy, see how it goes. I dare ya! Be openly gay, then walk over to the Westboro Baptist Church, open the front door and say: “Hey! I’m gay!” Let us know how things work out for you.

          • Robespierre92

            I don’t argue the fact that gay men and women have been beaten, and murdered for their orientation. That goes without saying. But being pro-traditional marriage, and in line with one’s faith and 2000 years of moral law is not the same as targeting homosexuals for persecution, segregating them, or denying them a living.

            Actually a homosexual group opened up shop right across the street from Westboro and to this day, no matter how deplorable they might be, they have no history of violence against members of the gay community. The same could be said for most Christian groups. From what I’ve noticed is that most aggression against homosexuals comes from straight, non-affiliated males. What this comes down to is that someone has lost their ability to make a living over his perfectly reasonable religious views. What Christians believe, and I don’t disagree, is that Christianity and homosexuality are incompatible, and this situations does little to dispel that notion.

          • James Lovelace

            “being pro-traditional marriage, and in line with one’s faith and 2000 years of moral law is not the same as targeting homosexuals for persecution, segregating them,”

            Yes, it is. You can make it not so, if you stop atheists/agnostics/non-churchgoers from getting married. While you are at it, you can ban all non-christians from being recognised as married too.

            You just seek excuses to justify your bigotry.

          • David H

            Actually the KKK promote themselves as a “Christian” group

          • James Lovelace

            The KKK was originally an arm of the Democratic Party in the US.

          • ChrisInLA

            They are not being”equated”. All groups that espouse attitudes that condemn other people so indeed have something in common in their effect on society. It does not matter if the condemnation is God inspired or the result of human thought. The “anti” is out there making victims of certain people. The rest of us react differently to each group, depending on the cultural values with which we grew up. Bloke Toys appears to be suggesting (to me, at any rate) is that we should be reacting in much the same way to all “anti” ideas and, because we do not, that we should think about why we do not. There are many reasons for equating ideas; that does not mean the ideas are assumed to be equivalent in all respects.

      • Steven Gregory

        The first thing wrong with your question is characterizing those supporting Proposition 8 as “pro-traditional marriage.” The legislation was purely ANTI marriage equality. The second willful misunderstanding in your question is that the groups aren’t being equated, but the act of supporting one or the other.

        • Robespierre92

          Semantics much? No, groups that are against same sex marriage are “pro-traditional marriage” due to their religious beliefs. The second part of your comment is babbling crap. he made a very explicit connection between opposing homosexual marriage and being a murdering, racist, segregationist.

          • Steven Gregory

            You’re a boring dumbass. You know what’s wrong with your comment, you just choose ignorant bigotry, hidden behind religious mythology. You get the last word, I’m not wasting any more time on you.

          • Robespierre92

            Waaaaaaahhhhh! You dont agree with me! One, Im not religious, dummy, two, I’m actually in favor of gay marriage, and three, and because you’re unable to make a nuanced argument, this is a matter of free speech, and someone, due to their long held religious beliefs, opposing same sex marriage as is his right to, and not losing their job, or being censored over it. You PC Bolshevik twits want uniformity of thought otherwise you throw a snit, but it’s never going to happen. Now grow up, child, and live in the real world.

          • No one demands uniformity of thought. This is something you and others keep choosing to ignore.

            1. Eich was not fired, he quit.
            2. Eich was not attacked for being Chrsitian.
            3. Eich was not attacked for not being accepting of gay marriage.
            4. Eich was (correctly) attacked for financially supporting a hate group which attacked the freedoms and rights of others when those freedoms and rights had absolutely no impact on their own lives.

            He did the equivalent of financially donating to the KKK, a Nazi group, a religious extremist crusade. No matter how hard you try to paint this as “freedom of opinion and religion”, it goes beyond that when financially donating to a group attempting to subjugate others.

            Again, if this were a Taliban group campaigning to prevent girls from being educated, would you still be saying it’s just “freedom” of opinion and religion?

            No one seems to want to answer this uncomfortable question, because they know what the answer is and it makes them look at their own hypocrisy square in the eye.

          • Robespierre92

            1. Eich was not fired, he quit.
            2. Eich was not attacked for being Chrsitian.
            3. Eich was not attacked for not being accepting of gay marriage.
            4. Eich was (correctly) attacked for financially supporting a hate group which attacked the freedoms and rights of others when those freedoms and rights had absolutely no impact on their own lives.

            Eich was pushed out of his job due, and was FORCED to resign. In other words he was fired.

            He wasn’t attacked for being Christian? Of course he was! He was pushed out of his job for his Christian beliefs!

            Look, your other two points(3,4)are the same as the first two, and they’re both bs, and semantics.

            Being a Christian is not being part of a hate group, you despicable, irrational, Marxist, turd. No one is seeking to “take away your rights”, either.

          • Dermot Mac Flannchaidh

            Don’t make personal attacks against other users.

            Also, what’s to say none of us are religious Christians ourselves? We just may believe differently or were raised differently than you were. Christian traditions that embrace LGBT rights are common among both moderate Christians and among the Christian left.

          • Dermot Mac Flannchaidh

            Your argument is one against conventional wisdom. Those groups are part of the same flavour of organisation.

          • Robespierre92

            No, they really aren’t. Only in your mind they are. One is based on thousands of years of moral law, and the other was strictly a primal fear of the other. No one is seeking to segregate homosexuals.

          • Dermot Mac Flannchaidh

            Tradition alone is not an argument in favor of what human rights people deserve. Tradition is fickle, and is strongly associated with the fear of the other.

            And, here in Utah, gay people are routinely fired and evicted for being gay, and the law lets it happen. Segregation and repression have long been the status quo in these circumstances, which is why “gay villages” have evolved in urban environments the way they have, as sanctuaries of tolerance amidst societal disapproval and persecution. In Utah, Salt Lake City has funnelled a huge local gay community, which now comprises at least 7% of the city’s population and a major segment of the city’s culture. In rural Utah, gay people face still face fierce discrimination with impunity.

          • Thousands of years of “moral law”?

            What about the thousands of years before that? What about the thousands of years of moral law OUTSIDE of the religious faiths?

            Why is it that Christians claim ownership of a marriage ceremony as being what THEY define it as, ignoring the traditions that came before? Why does the Christian translation of marriage automatically reign supreme over Pagan, Native American and non-religious marriage that existed prior to the invasion of Christianity?

            Once again, the willful ignorance is obvious. Selective history is applied. Unfounded “seizure” of marriage is granted to one religious group to enforce dominance over others.

            On the one hand Christians claim ownership of a word that they never owned, preaching that it’s theirs simply because it has been that way for a window of Human history.

          • David Greensmith

            “One is based on thousands of years of moral law” – which people are free to follow should they wish, and free not to follow, should they wish. Those of us who choose not to follow Abrahamic law shouldn’t be forced to do so, or prevented from living our lives in a way we find fulfilling just because someone else wants to live their life in the way they wish. “No one is seeking to segregate homosexuals” . What the anti marriage equality people want is to prevent gay people from being able to marry. A large number attempt to deflect anti-equality accusations by proposing that gay people should be allowed to have civil unions, but that “marriage” should be between one man and one woman. So we can either be denied official recognition of our relationships as being equal to a heterosexual marriage, or we can have something that is separate but equal. Ring any bells?

          • David Loehmann

            Well, you ought to know all about babbling crap. You seem to be quite full of it.

      • Oh I do love the term “traditional marriage”.

        The Pagans of Europe were practicing same sex marriages long before Christianity came along, as were the Native Americans long before North America was stolen from them.

        You should also know that same sex marriage even existed IN THE CATHOLIC FAITH.

        St. Serge and St. Bacchus were described in texts as lovers, and MARRIED as saints in the Catholic church.

        Regardless of the meaninglessness of the word “traditional” in this context, there really is not any difference between these religious groups and any other extremist organization attempting to inflict their views on a population.

        The KKK believe in white supremacy.
        The Christian cults believe in their religious supremacy over non-religious people.
        The Taliban believe in their supremacy over women.
        Neo Nazis believe in their supremacy over “non-Aryan” people.

        It all comes down to exactly the same thing – one group of people attempting to subjugate another and make people submit to their will. Some use violence, some use law, some abuse democracy and the freedom of opinion… it doesn’t matter what the goal is, or what the method is, when one group is attempting to remove the rights and freedoms of another group for nothing other than dominance and control for their religious or moralistic crusade, it is extremism.

        • Robespierre92

          Funny, but Christian groups are claiming that LGBT groups are attempting to impose their will on them, and getting Mozilla’s CEO fired doesnt do much to dispel that, now does it?

          • Dermot Mac Flannchaidh

            He was not fired. He quit. It was his decision to make, and he could have remained CEO if he had so chosen. But it was painfully obvious to everyone that he had become such a liability to Mozilla that it was provoking boycotts, resignations, threats of resignations, and alienation of their software partners. This was damaging to Mozilla’s central mission. Mozilla could not continue to function effectively with Eich still at the helm, and this is a reality of business and public relations. The only one who robbed Eich of anything, was Eich himself, by being in such a public position and doing things that alienated the user base Mozilla relied upon.

          • Robespierre92

            Semantics. He was pressured by the board over his beliefs and then resigned. Happy?

          • Dermot Mac Flannchaidh

            What Eich did in resigning was for the good of Mozilla. Mozilla was in a rapid downward spiral because of this backlash from their users and partners. Even if the board had continued to support him 100%, that did not insulate him or Mozilla from the effects of public backlash and boycott against the things he has done.

          • CHBrighton

            I understood he resigned (was pushed, if you like) when the company realised the dissonance between Eich’s position on equal marriage and the company’s equality policies.

          • What will are LGBT people trying to “impose”?

            Do you think straight people are going to be forced gay? That religious groups will be forced to perform same sex marriages?

            There is nothing being forced on straight people or Christians by allowing gay people to marry!

            This is what Christians don’t seem to want to understand, gay people marrying HAS ABSOLUTELY NO IMPACT ON YOU!

      • Dazzer

        Yes, REALLY. If you look at the South Poverty Law Centre – the organisation that designated the KKK a hate organisation – you’ll discover that they’ve also designated many anti-equal marriage groupings as hate organisations because they actively try to promote disharmony between different racial groups.

        • Robespierre92

          The SPLC is a leftist organization that paints anyone who doesnt agree with their secular, progressive agenda, as an “extremist”.

          • Dermot Mac Flannchaidh

            Actually, it’s not “leftist” to recognize what a hate group is – the SPLC defines a hate group as a group that vilifies entire categories of people for their immutable (unchanging) characteristics. Being of African descent is immutable, and being gay is immutable – these are the overwhelming conclusions of accredited, peer-reviewed scientific consensus. Being a bigot is a choice, unless the bigot can prove he’s genuinely pathologically mentally ill with some kind of brain disease.

          • Robespierre92

            No, actually there is ZERO accredited science to show that homosexuality is immutable, like race is. It’s never been found. And the SPLC is most definitely a leftist organization.

          • Dermot Mac Flannchaidh

            So your position is one of denialism?

            In the United States alone, this position is the resounding consensus of the American Medical Association, the American Psychiatric Association, the American Psychological Association, the American Psychoanalytic Association, and the American Academy of Pediatrics. In particular, the American Psychological Association came to a unanimous resolution (with no dissents) recommending same-sex marriage as stabilising force in gay people’s lives.

            And this is not only true of consensus in the United States, but among the cream of similar organisations in most of the developed world, and even in Lebanon where being gay is actually illegal. As it turns out, people can argue politics and religion as much as they please, but science uses a more stringent standard of empiricism and consensus. People who claim to be scientists and whose theories do not withstand the overall scientific community’s critical peer review, are on the fringe.

            The orthodox consensus is that homosexuality is not a choice. If sexual orientation can change, it changes subtly and gradually and not by force of anyone’s will, which still makes it not a choice.

          • Robespierre92

            There is no “gay” gene. And the APA folded to pressure by the gay lobby. Just a few decades ago homosexuality was classified as mental illness. Observation can lead one to presume that homosexuality is caused by an overbearing mother figure, and weak father. it doesnt necessarily make it so. And why do self proclaimed lesbians so often go straight after awhile?

          • Dermot Mac Flannchaidh

            Did I say anything about “gay” gene? That’s not the only conceivable way it is not a choice. In fact, homosexuality is estimated to be only about 30-40% genetic from a combination of genetic factors. The rest is mostly determined in the womb during pregnancy.

            The only reason homosexuality was previously classified as a mental illness was because of ingrained confirmation bias in an under-researched field where the very question of research was a strong, fierce social taboo at the time. This was shattered by the Kinsey Reports, which though now relatively primitive, have always survived independent accredited critical peer review and have even had their findings independently expanded upon. As the Kinsey Reports made most of their impact in the 1950s, the psychological community had plenty of time to conduct additional research and come to their consensus declassifying homosexuality as a mental illness by the 1970s.

            As for lesbians, that was actually what I was referring to when I said if sexual orientation can change. In what’s been clinically observed thus far, it affects lesbians far more than it affects gay men, if at all. Also, there’s a term for otherwise lesbians who can freely choose the gender of their partners – they’re called bisexual women. Bisexual people are attracted to both genders and can choose the gender of the people they wish to court – fully gay and lesbian have only one gender to choose from, and courting the other gender would be artificial and dishonest.

          • Ali Cat

            I’m a lesbian, I’ve met a multitude of other gay women since I came out at 16. To say that self-proclaimed lesbians go straight after a while is rather insulting and annoying, I’ve met one who went back to being with men, she is the only woman I’ve ever known who identified as gay and went straight.

          • David Greensmith

            Let’s say, for sake of argument in a thought experiment, that being gay is NOT immutable. So unlike skin colour or gender, being gay is a “lifestyle choice”. Why does that matter? Being Jewish, a Muslim, a Catholic, or other Christian denomination clearly aren’t immutable characteristics. Which political party you vote for isn’t an immutable characteristic. Yet if we had people trying to enact laws that barred Christians, or Jews from being able to marry, or allowed employers to fire employees if they voted for “the wrong” political party, I doubt you would hear many, if any, of the arguments you hear about oppressing gay people for having make a particular “lifestyle choice.” The nature versus nurture origin of sexual orientation is irrelevant. Even if it IS a conscious choice, it is that individual’s choice – something that should be protected in a free society. Here in the UK we have the concept of a “protected” characteristic that prevents one person’s bigotry from being used to oppress another person. That’s not “leftist” or “extreme” – it’s justice.

          • ChrisInLA

            there should be more leftist organizations. there are too many, well-funded ones on the right. That is why we are in all kinds of crap the world over.

      • Dermot Mac Flannchaidh

        Actually, back in the 1960s at the height of the Civil Rights movement in the United States, the KKK enjoyed broad political and societal support in certain parts of the country. They rallied and protested for “traditional values” and such. And some of their supporters were committing grisly hate crimes all the while. Sound familiar?

        • Robespierre92

          No. There’s no equating a violent, segregationist group with Christians who oppose same sex marriage. It’s your propaganda that tries to equate them to give sympathy to your cause, but anyone that lives in reality, and not a left wing media bubble, know they are not the same. No one is seeking to put homosexuals in ghettos, or segregate them from society. Most opponents of same sex marriage are perfectly fine with civil unions too, but “marriage” is a religious distinction and homosexuality violates the moral laws of Judeo/Christianity. Sorry, you cant have everything you want.

          • Dermot Mac Flannchaidh

            Never been to Utah, have you? Here in Utah, one can be fired or evicted for being gay, and it happens frequently. This is true in many U.S. states. And in the modern world, people who resort to violence usually find it harder to operate as a public organisation, because of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organisations (RICO) Act of 1970. So movements that still favour violent elements have to create the public appearance of unrelation between the public organisation and the violent groups. But it still makes them look awkward; anti-gay organisations keep bending over backwards to keep their member lists and donor lists secret for this reason, even fighting state laws that require them to disclose.

          • Bikerman

            No. You’re mistaken we CAN have everything we want and we will. You’re on the wrong side of history. We WILL have full equality.

          • That There Other David

            Marriage is not a religious distinction. You’re confusing it with Holy Matrimony.

          • “but “marriage” is a religious distinction and homosexuality violates the
            moral laws of Judeo/Christianity. Sorry, you cant have everything you

            First of all, Marriage is NOT a religious institution. This is a fundamental flaw in the pro-Christian argument.

            As I have pointed out several times, marriage (same sex marriage no less) existed BEFORE Christianity. So, how does Christianity claim ownership of the pairing of two people?

            Just because Christians perform marriages does not automatically make marriage a purely Christian invention!

            Why do Christians get to force their definition of the meaning of marriage onto society, ignoring all other historical examples of variations on their claimed ownership?

            Can you seriously not think beyond what Christians DEMAND as theirs?

            Oh, and I feel I should point out that same sex MARRIAGE is passing all over the USA, and in several other countries. You are losing, so saying we can’t have equality under marriage is actually not true.

      • Erica Cook

        The KKK thing they are just pro-tradition. And you notice they only care about the traditions that raise them up?

      • David Loehmann

        You bet we are!

      • James Lovelace

        “You’re equating a group that is pro-traditional marriage with the KKK? Really?”

        In many American states it was ILLEGAL only 60 years ago for a black man and a white woman to marry. So, yes, the comparison is very relevant. The KKK and other white supremacists would still to this day argue that such inter-racial marriages should be illegal.

  • Bobbleobble

    Yet more hand wringing nonsense from dunces who don’t really get it.

    Oh and to the clown who mentioned Obama. Sure he was against same sex marriage back then and guess what, every gay person in the US had the option of speaking out on that, not voting for him and of telling their friends not to vote for him. In a similar way we can get angry about Eich, refuse to use Mozilla’s products and encourage others not to do so.

    Another difference of course is that despite not believing in SSM Obama encouraged people not to vote for proposition 8, he didn’t donate money to make sure it passed. He has also changed his views since then, it’s very unclear whether Eich has and extremely possible that he would donate again given the chance.

    Apparently freedom is only something available to homophobes.

  • snoopsister

    Go Bill! Hey get ready for the new AIDS, meningitis outbreak is killing gay men

    • Bikerman

      It’s also killing straight people you piece of sh*t

    • HermeticallySealed

      You aren’t very bright, are you? Not surprising that you can’t even get facts right.

  • snoopsister

    People are turning on you limp wristers! We are tired of you

    • Bikerman

      Oh dear. I’m pissing myself with fear. We are turning on you after decades of discrimination and oppression and we ain’t going back in the closet so get used to it ‘sister’.

    • Aw, you followed me here? ;)

      F*ck you bigot, you’re on our turf now and not some right wing circle jerk.

    • colonelkira

      No one is “turning on us” you halfwit! Bill Maher has ALWAYS been an amazing ally to our community and thinks people like you who call us these kinds of names are morons! He was simply voicing an opinion on how sometimes peoe take things too far.

  • David Greensmith

    If someone made an anti-Semitic remark or a racist remark and people decided to boycott their product , then any accusations of Jewish mafia or “black” mafia would be laughed off as ridiculous. We can do exactly the same here.

    • But of course, the Republitards are regular screechers for boycotts themselves, but when we do it it’s “fascism!” lol

      You have to admire one thing about those nutters, somehow they manage to function with such small an intellect. It’s really pretty remarkable the right wing even know how to tie their own laces.

      • snoopsister

        Give it up you aids infested poo f

      • snoopsister

        If gays are so smart, why do they continue to bareback and get HIV ?

        • James Orpin

          You don’t appear to be able to read properly. He said republicans are dumb, non-republican =/= gay. Also straights catch HIV too.

          • Steven Gregory

            snoopsister is a classic troll, trying to hijack the conversation in the wrong direction.

            The GOP rely upon stupidity and fear among their base. To that end, opposition to educational investment and development, as well as religious emphasis, work perfectly.

        • Steven Gregory

          I’m gay and I don’t bareback and get HIV. Try to stay on topic.

        • Bikerman

          You’re quite clearly feeling depressed and anxious having giving up smoking weed for fifteen days now. I think you should go roll yourself a joint and go and lie down in a darkened room.

        • Dazzer

          If straights are so smart, why do they continue to bareback and create gay children?

  • Matt

    Just look at his face and you can’t take anything he says seriously.

  • colonelkira

    That is NOT what he said at all! Your header and article are untrue and misleading! His statement about the gay mafia was a separate point from the discussion on Eich.

    Anyone who thinks Bill Maher is out of line is an idiot! He is a true friend and great ally to our community. Always has been!

    • David H

      I agree. In all honesty, I’d never even heard of him before this report (he’s clearly famous in the US but not here), so without knowing his delivery style or anything about him I’ve watched the clip and his comment is very tongue in cheek and, I would say, clearly not intended to be taken seriously.

  • ian123

    Bill Maher has always been very supportive of LGBT and vehemently opposed to the various cultists who really have given us a hard time over the centuries. Catch some of his youtube clips.

  • Ali Cat

    I’ve never seen christians who protest and demonstrate against gay causes being called a ‘christian mafia’. We’re supposed to just quietly take whatever is given to us, yet the religious loons can protest all they want.

  • snoopsister

    Ha ha phags

    • Bikerman

      You’re quite clearly feeling depressed and anxious having giving up smoking weed for fifteen days now. I think you should go roll yourself a joint and go and lie down in a darkened room.

  • snoopsister

    Google gay men and meningitis outbreak. It’s deadly and killing gay men

    • Derek Northcote

      Google cancer and humanity. Its deadly and killing people.

      Your point is as stupid as you are.

      4 consecutive posts in a row when there is no one else posting clearly shows a poor trolling sad mind.

    • Bikerman

      It’s also killing straight people you ignorant piece of sh*t.

  • snoopsister

    This clip is going viral! Ha ha and it’s backfiring on you degenerates

  • snoopsister

    Andrew Sullivan is a normal gay


    I respect Bill and his ways… he pretty much has to address this issue. He deals in current affairs!

    In this case he may be a bit misguided. His job is to sell his show.

    What everyone is getting bent out of shape about is this is a Fagwa that has worked again. As we get stronger, our voices get louder and our actions are noticed more. Money (or no money in this case) speaks volumes. The extremist religious right in the US is totally bent out of shape because OUR actions are workin, while theirs are not.

    Worth noting, the dude still works for Mozilla. LIkely just lost his title but won’t have lost any pay or perks in this negotiated deal.

  • Steven Gregory

    If you watch the clip, Maher says it out of the side of his face with bogeyman eyes. His conservative panelists were trying to tag this onto Obama’s anti-gay-marriage stance, which has since “evolved,” so he made the statement facetiously. He’s a comedian, supporter of equal rights, and confessed he didn’t know this issue well. He was not issuing a serious statement.

    As for the “gay mafia,” how do I join? The reason GLBT are trashed so cavalierly is because there is no fear. I like the idea of a “perceived” gay mafia so people will become careful around such issues and not feel freedom to abuse.

    • snoopsister

      I am shaking in my boots you pansy!!! This is backfiring BIG TIME on you poofs

      • Steven Gregory

        Your hyperbole is stupid.

      • Dermot Mac Flannchaidh

        Defaming troll. Flag and ignore.

      • Bikerman

        Oh go roll yourself a joint and chill out b*tch

  • Dermot Mac Flannchaidh

    I think Bill Maher was selling satire. The fact that a lot of people couldn’t tell if he was joking or not, is just an invocation of Poe’s Law.

  • Pet

    Just wondering, because of the generalised confusion, especially among the gays, Were there some blacks known as the blacks from the establishment during the fight for civil rights? Because there sure is a couple of gays who haven’t understood it. Who can blame this billy boy trying to get some hits from NOM when the Sully guy, gay himself, so desperately sought that.

    Let’s put it simple, if this guy (from firefox, I won’t write his name) would have said he was against interracial marriage, Would it have been to be considered just as another opinion? If Maher had called mafia the blacks and jews against Hitler, would he be hailed as a hereo of free speech? No, of course, not. But we are used to be bashed by our own and others, which doesn’t mean we are going to continue to endure it.

    I respect Anderson Cooper, but I would like to know what he’s going to do with his sully friend who first called the gay trying to save younger gays’ lives mafia.

    Don’t worry billy, straight kids are protected againt bullying when possible by gay teachers. We have never called you and all the organisation against us mafia, even if you are killing young and not so young people.

    • Dermot Mac Flannchaidh

      There were always at least a few African Americans supporting the white supremacist power structure. They’re generally called “uncle toms.”

  • Erica Cook

    Okay, do you guys really not get that this guy is a comedian and it was a joke?

    • Dermot Mac Flannchaidh


  • Peter

    While I don’t think people should lose their jobs for their personal beliefs, it is funny that no-one used the term `Christian mafia’ when boycotts were threatened against businesses that supported gay rights.

  • JackAlison

    I like Bill Maher. very funny guy and astute,sometimes obvious polictical commentry. Unfortunately like many “live and let live ” libertarians I really dont think they “get it” in terms of what it has cost to have rights that most of the world take for granted, that outside and sometimes inside the west there are life and death issues associated with sexuality that are not just about tolerance but about ones very existance ones right to be a free individual. If youre not gay you will never know what it is to be spat on, have verbal violent and murderous abuse hurled at you. to be deprived of education housing medical care marriage ….and on an on the list goes. We now see what we call extremes in Africa and Russia but this same gay baiting gay hunting to catch gay people being who they are has also and still exists in the west. It is not just about laws it is about peoples very right to breath to exist as who they are

  • █ █ █ €ώąɲ█ █ █

    Woke up this morning, Grabbed myself some lube…….

    • snoopsister

      AIDS prepper

      • Dermot Mac Flannchaidh

        Ad hominem troll. Flag and ignore.

  • Daniel

    Pink News… this is really the sort of reporting I’d expect from the Daily Heil. He doesn’t say that the Firefox CEO was whacked by the gay media at all.
    Incidentally, if you’ve ever watched Bill Maher at any length, you’d realise his “gay mafia” comments were heavily ironic. Maher has been a fantastic support of equality for years, not to mention a stronger supporter of fairness and justice.

  • Arr U. Gaetü

    When OKCupid made national news, here, in the US, it put the fear in Firefox and many other popular web-based corporations because the owners of other websites now know it is possible to filter out users of unwanted software. In short, people have discovered a power they never knew they had, and this scares yesterday’s breakfast out of CEOs and investors.

    Personally, having been fired numerous times for being Gay (an engineering career in tatters, unemployed, no references, looking at minimum wage jobs to survive at age 55), I have no sympathy when the powerful get “whacked” by the minority.

    Perhaps we have become as cold, heartless and evil as our nemeses, but damn, it feels good when a little blood is spilt on the other side of the battle lines.

    Rambo: There wouldn’t be no trouble except for that king-sh*t cop! All I wanted was something to eat. But the man kept pushing Sir.
    Trautman: Well you did some pushing on your own John.
    Rambo: They drew first blood, not me.

    [Ref.: “First Blood”; movie, 1982.]

    Hey, Firefox, your HR and marketing departments obviously need someone that is understanding and caring with LGBT experience. Call me. I know someone unemployed at the moment.

  • snoopsister

    Maher hates gays

    • Dermot Mac Flannchaidh

      He was being satirical. It’s what he does.

  • snoopsister

    This is viral and is backfiring on you lefttists

  • ChrisInLA

    Bill Maher is politically incorrect, by his own admission. That makes what he says entertaining and interesting. He also says things to outrage and amuse. He probably believes what he says less than 50% of the time. No need to get overwrought about it. What is important is that three Mozilla directors resigned in protest over Eich’s appointment and many of the firm’s employees wanted him to leave. Pressure from LGBT groups would not be powerful enough to bring about this result. If there were a powerful gay mafia, there would not be such an open backlash to equal marriage that is now so active all over the USA. Maher knows this, and so do those who write for him.

    Republicans and other right wingers like to trot out terms like “Gay Mafia” and “Gay Agenda” whenever it suits their political purposes. Maher knows this too. I’ve little doubt he used the Gay Mafia term ironically, even if he disagreed with the attacks on Eich, as do many LGBT people who believe a person should be free to hold whatever opinion they choose. Maher knows that there is no Gay Mafia.

    Maher is a comedian and an entertainer. As such, nothing he says will be taken seriously by his American audiences, even if he speaks the truth. Satire and mockery (which is often taken as satire in the USA) might delight an audience, but it does not lead anyone in the USA to question their political and social views, let alone alter them. It is all quite harmless. Hence, Washington and state houses around the country carry on with “business as usual”.

  • Cal

    Take a look at the backlash, Bill. All that hate. Dangerous. Maybe we need the mafia. As history has shown, they hate us just the same whether we are quiet or loud.

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